Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ Water Techniques ( Chapter 19 )

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Audrey and Evelynn were completely soaked from head to toe. Why? You ask. Well, they were sparring with Kisame near a lake. He had already taught them the hand signs, and two basic water techniques. The first was the basic water clone. The girls were quick to learn this, and so he moved on to their second technique. He then instructed them to attack them. As they did so, he used that same technique, only his was a lot more powerful than theirs. Therefore, the girls not only got Kisame's attack, but their own attacks thrown back at them as well.

"You're a damn bastard." Evelynn snapped glaring at the shark-man. "You knew that was going to happen."

"This training isn't just for teaching you techniques. It's also to help you enhance your fighting skills." Kisame explained with a grin. "When you're in a battle you have to be prepared for anything. The enemy isn't going to have mercy on you, you know."

"Then we won't have any mercy on them, either!" Audrey stated fiercely. Evelynn nodded in agreement.

Currently, they were learning the snake mouth technique. This technique created a giant snake out of water that swallowed its victims, and then turned into a river, washing the enemy away. Of course, Kisame had made sure the technique dispelled before the girls were swept away. It was a good long-range technique, which was in Audrey's favor, and was perfect for taking out multiple opponents.

"Now, come at me again. Take it seriously this time!" Kisame yelled at the girls.

They nodded and performed the hand signs. Evelynn's was relatively bigger than Audrey's as she was capable of fusing her chakra into things easily. Audrey's was faster than Evelynn's, since Audrey excelled at long range fighting, and was used to having to make her weapons move quickly. Kisame created his own snake mouth, but what he wasn't expecting was Audrey and Evelynn to fuse theirs together. Needless to say, Kisame was over powered, and the girls had to dispel the jutsu before he was washed away.

"That's good." Kisame complimented. "You need to know how to work with your comrades as quickly as possible, if you want to overcome and enemy that's stronger than you. Now that you have the technique down let's have a real spar!"

On command Evelynn came at Kisame, pole axe at the ready. She jumped into the air, and was preparing the land a blow on his head. Kisame jumped out of the way, barely avoiding her. She smashed into the ground, leaving a fairly large crater. As soon as Evelynn landed, Audrey was sending her snake mouth at Kisame. The shark-man leaped to the left to avoid it, but it followed him.

'Damn, she figured out that if she held the jutsu it would follow the enemy.' Kisame thought.

He made some hand signs and a giant shark appeared and swallowed the snake mouth. Behind him Evelynn had created her own snake mouth that shot at Kisame and swallowed him up. Instead of dispelling the jutsu Evelynn let it wash Kisame into the lake. The girls had to wait a few moments, but soon Kisame emerged.

"Alright, that's enough for today." He groaned as we swam to the shore. "Let's get back to the base. Now that I know your strengths I can teach you both separately."

-Time skip! With Audrey!-

"You're a long range fighter, which makes most water jutsu's ideal for you." Kisame began. It was a few days since their first training session, and they were back at the lake. "Unfortunately, Evelynn had more chakra than you. So she doesn't need to be around water to make it appear. You, on the other hand, do. Luckily, water runs underground almost everywhere in the lands. So this technique will allow you to access that water, and use it to your advantage. It's the 'rising water slicer' technique. It sends a jet of water slicing through the ground at your opponents. When you master the technique, you should be able to send multiples of these jets."

After his brief explanation Kisame demonstrated. Audrey watched in intense observation as the water sliced through the ground, and finished by demolishing a boulder that was a few feet away. The damage was pretty intense. The ground was almost completely split in two.

"Alright, I think I got it." Audrey nodded in determination. She preformed the hand sign, and a jet of water, though very smaller than Kisame's, shot through the ground. It diminished before it reached the tree Audrey was aiming at. "Damn!"

"It's alright. Now, again!" Kisame barked.

Audrey nodded, and set forth with learning her jutsu.

-Time skip/summary!-

It took Audrey a month to master her new technique. She could now send at least four jets of water at various targets. For Evelynn Kisame had taught her the 'Great whirlpool enfolding' technique. Which was a specialty of Kisame's.

"Since you're best at chakra control, and you can implant your chakra into weapons easily, this technique will allow you to create a giant water vortex around your weapon, and then you smash into in opponent it'll cause massive damage. At least ten times what you already create with just your pole axe and chakra. Besides, you prefer close combat, which makes this jutsu even more ideal." Kisame explained with a grin.

Evelynn worked on her jutsu for two months before she finally managed to hold it long enough to smash into her target, and another month to completely master the jutsu.

"This is a last resort." She panted during training one day.

Nagato observed the two girls carefully. It was amazing really. He hadn't expected the organization to advance in their goals so quickly. Zetsu had given him information that Suna and Konoha were planning on joining forces. Who knew when that would be. As he watched the girls training he couldn't help but smile. War would be upon them soon, and they would be ready.

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