Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ This is war ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Tsunade would be lying if she said the death of her student didn't break her heart. she would also be lying if she said she didn't mourn by herself the loss the pink-haired kunoichi who had claimed her heart. Sakura had been like a daughter to now. Now she was gone. Two swords pierced her heart, by the one named Akasuna no Sasori. This was unforgivable. This was war.

Hinata wept at the bedside of Shino. Kiba stood on the other side of the bed with a grave expression, and Leia was beside Kiba for support. Shino had taken a chidori through his stomach. He had died almost instantly. On the other side of the room Ino was checking Temari's stats, and Gaara sat at his sisters bedside silently. Temari and Leia had been poisoned, but Leia refused to stay in bed when her boyfriend needed her. Ino was silent. She had lost her other team mate, and her best friend in the battle against the Akatsuki. She had never felt more alone in her life.

Shizune, Kakashi, Yumi, and Yamato occupied another room. Sai was in there to keep an eye on them. No one spoke. They were all still tired from the fight, and their hearts were heavy from the loss of their comrades. Tsunade would be in to check on them in a few minutes. Then she would need a mission report. Until then they remained silent. Lost in their own thoughts.

Neji, Lee, and Ten-Ten sat around their sensei's bed. It took a lot to get him this chakra exhausted, and he had really gone all out in his fight against Kisame. None of them had dreamed the Akatsuki was as strong as they were. In truth, the three felt very luck they had not lost a team mate, yet. As selfish as that seemed. Yet, they also ached for their fellow shinobi who did lose a team mate, or a sensei, or a friend. Ino, for example, was now completely alone. She had lost her sensei, both of her team mates, and her best friend and rival, Sakura. Oh, how cruel fate could be.

Tsunade entered Kakashi's room.

"What happened?" She demanded bluntly. Everyone in the room knew what she meant. She wanted all the information they had gathered during their fight.

"We lost four Suna shinobi in battle, and two of our own." Kakashi stated grimly. "It turns out the Akatsuki have four new girls as members. One of them bore the child of Itachi, and they also had a small boy with them."

"He called Sasori 'daddy', but we don't know who the mother is." Yumi cut in softly. Kakashi nodded.

"They're incredibly skilled, and it seems they do know their chakra element. Since the one called Shoto shot fire bullets at me during our fight." Yamato added.

"They have, from what we gathered, one medical nin." Kakashi finished.

"We will be heading back to Suna as soon as Temari can travel." Gaara suddenly spoke up. "We'll prepare Suna for war, and then head to Amegakure to attack. It seems that's where Sasuke and his squad were headed."

Tsunade nodded, "Take Kiba, Leia, Ino, and Shizune with you. Before you head into battle send Kiba and Leia back with the time and day you'll be attacking. I'll prepare Konoha's troops, and we'll attack at the same time from our side. Ino and Shizune, aside from Sakura, are two of our best medics. They should be able to assist you in that aspect."

Gaara only nodded, and with a last look around the room she turned to leave.

"I know your hearts are heavy." The Hokage paused in the doorway. "But you have to keep your heads clear. After all, this is war."