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Abby searched around the smokey room. This was one of her favorite places to find all sorts of bits and bobs. It's where she found that epic wolf skull, the gorgeous black rose pillowcase that was currently laying in her coffin, and, of course, Bert. But this time, she wasn't here to get anything for herself. She spotted a couple boxes thrown in a pile. Weaving around the clutter, she made her way over. Each one was different but the swirly print of "Mythomagic" was printed on every one. So many choices! How could she choose? She started going through and reading descriptions.

"Do you need help?"

Abby's attention flashed to a small, pale boy who looked to be deeply regretting speaking at all.

"Yeah," Abby admitted. "It's for a friend. I am doing this for a local children's hospital. Getting stuff for some of the kids' birthdays. There's a girl that is really into card games like this. Do you know anything about this game?"

The boy hesitated for a moment before slowly opening up.

"If she's a beginner, go for the standard Olympian deck. It provides a good amount of basic instruction and application, sticking to the basics. It doesn't get complicated but still allows the player to make some flexible plays. The hero pack is way more complicated and is harder to customize, though an experienced player can really dominate using them. If the girl loves continuously long math problems, that deck is perfect. The expansion packs are for more experienced players looking for special customizations or who are playing challenges. I'd advise focusing on mastering the basics first, getting used to the standard packs."

Abby smiled. "You really know a lot about this game!"

The boy wrinkled his nose. "I used to play it when I was a kid."

"Well, thanks for helping me, um…"

The boy gave her a look-over. "It's Nico."

"I'm Abby. Thanks a bunch, Nico."

Nico twisted a jar in his hands. "It's no problem."

He shifted and, for a moment, Abby swore she something clipped to his side. It disappeared when he moved to leave. Her gut tingled.

"So, Nico," Abby said, feeling victorious when the boy turned back around to her, "What are you searching for in here?"

Nico lifted a brow and held up the jar. "I'm no longer searching."

Abby became genuinely interested. "What do you use that for?"

Nico's sigh sounded of defeat. "I'm looking for... a friend."

"They're lost?"

"He's always lost," the kid was quick to snark but recomposed himself with another glance at who he was talking to. "More like he's missing."

"And you think Misty's Freeze-Dried Tuna will help?"

His shoulders drooped. "It's a stupid idea," he said.

"Is he a dolphin or something?" Abby joked, trying to perk up the gloomy boy. Of course, you should never feed a dolphin Freeze-Dried anything.

Oddly enough, the boy looked to seriously consider it. "Well," he drawled, "If the shoe fits."

Abby thought about that. She guessed Sister Alba's laugh sounded Dolphin-like, especially when she got a strike. Still, Abby was confused. She jolted as her phone dinged. It was Tim. There was another case. Another body. She had to get back to headquarters.

She glanced back up. "It was good to meet you, Nico, and thanks again for helping me out. I hope you find your friend."

Nico shuffled to the door. "Thanks."

"And by the way, sweet Bomber."

Nico smiled and slipped out.

Abby stared at the closing door. Right there, as Nico left, she saw it. It was slid into a black sheath hanging on his hip. That kid was walking around with a three-foot-long sword!


Ducky stared down at the poor man who now occupied the autopsy table. Gibbs would want answers soon. As Ducky worked on opening the body, he dutifully educated his young assistant.

"…Indeed, if troops would stay long enough in an area, it had the potential to grow into a village. Many modern villages- hold it steady, Mr. Palmer- in the Middle East are there because of U.S. forces. Troops provide protection and also quickly build secure, structured bases. If left- hand me the scalpel- long enough, the local population will start settling down, populating the area, and expand, making a place for themselves to stay. This isn't a new phenomenon. It has been happening- a clamp, if you would- since ancient times. In fact, many English cities are thought to have been created due to Roman Military camps, such as…" Ducky wavered.



Ducky looked back at the tattoo on the victim's forearm. SPQR. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus. Could this man be?

"Doctor Mallard?"

Ducky blinked.

"Oh, yes. My apologies, Mr. Palmer. I was just thinking that- er- you should give these shrapnel pieces to Abigail."

"Now, Doctor? We aren't done with the procedure."

"I can handle it just fine, Mr. Palmer. Don't you worry. You know how Abigail gets. I don't want her rushing to call me for more work."

Jimmy chuckled, and Ducky forced one out, too.

Making sure that Jimmy was off in the elevator, Ducky hurried to his desk.

If his hypothesis was correct…

He went back to the body and made a small mark on the shoulder.

Oh, dear.

He examined the cut he made with the Celestial Bronze dagger.

He would have to tell Jethro. Immediately.


Jethro got off the phone with Ducky. Hopefully, there wasn't anything supernatural related to the victim's cause of death. They would have to prepare for the possibility anyway. He sank in his chair. Wonderful.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spied McGee loitering in the middle of the bullpen. He refrained from rolling his eyes.

"What is it, McGee?"

"Um, Boss?" Gibbs mentally shook his head. Tim really needed to outgrow his timidness. "I just got a new e-mail from- uh- Agent- er- Anne Lima."

Jethro snapped to attention. McGee jumped. "I just, you know, thought you should, well, be aware, and…"

Jethro opened his own e-mail. He had one, too. Jethro guessed she must have sent it to all four of them.

He was proven correct as Ziva said, "Gibbs, I've also been contacted." Tony responded in kind, too.

"McGee," Jethro interrupted the rambling, "Put it up."

"Right." McGee scrambled over and soon had the message up on the plasma.

There was a moment of silence as they all read.

"What do we do, Boss?" Tony asked.

Jethro looked at his team, all eyes on him and ready to follow his orders.

"We have a missing Agent. Find him."