NCIS Fan Fiction ❯ Never Again ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Abby was spinning around in her chair when she heard the ding on the elevator. Wondering who was coming to visit her now she stopped spinning and looked towards the door. Much to her surprise and disdain is was Mann.
“Hello, how can I help you? I already told Gibbs I didn't have anything yet and I'd call when I did.”
Hollis looked at Abby and stepped further into the lab closing the door behind her.
“I happen to like my door open if you don't mind Colonel” Abby said trying to be nice. She really wanted this woman out of her lab and certainly did not like the look on the Colonel's face.
Hollis looked at her again before opening her mouth, “I think we need to have a talk Abby, woman to woman. No involving Jethro or anyone else, just the two of us.”
Abby raised her eye brows, “Really now?”
“Yes, I think we do. They way you hang all over Gibbs is annoying and rather clingy. The way you dress is inappropriate for the work place and personally I think you only do it for the attention. Also you need to stop flirting with Jethro all the time. He's no longer a single man and it's inappropriate. You also need to stop calling at odd hours, it's annoying. You're acting like a child. No matter what you do or how much you flaunt yourself to him he'll never see you as more than a lab tech. You need to grow up and move on Abby.”
Abby began to laugh; bending slightly at the waste she gripped the sides of her chair, “You came all the way down here to tell me this? Hollis are you that insecure in your relationship with Gibbs that you need to threaten me in my own lab. I like the way I dress, so does Gibbs. The Director has no problem with it. As for the flirting thing he does it right back. But that's beside the point, I don't need to justify myself and Gibbs to you Hollis. Now do me a favor and get out of my lab, you're not welcome here. I really tried to be nice to you but if you want to play hard ball then so be it.” Abby turned back to her computer and began typing; she had dismissed Hollis and didn't expect her to say anything more. Listening she heard the sounds of the elevator and let out a breath she had been holding since she finished talking. Once she was sure Mann was gone she walked into her office and sat down behind her desk and cried. A few moments later she had calmed down enough and decided she was done working for the day and could really use those drink's Tony had suggested. Looking at the clock she saw the time was 6pm. Her tests would be running for another several hours, grabbing her coat and turning off the lights to her lab Abby made her way up to the bullpen.
“Hey Gibbs!” Abby said as she bounced into the bullpen, “I'm done for the night, those test results won't be ready till tomorrow. So I'm leaving and taking Tony, Ziva and McGee with me. We're going out drinking.”
“Alright Abs but make sure you're all here at 0800 tomorrow morning.”
“Sure thing Boss!” Everyone chimed as they grabbed their things. Abby smiled and bounced after them to the elevator. Riding it down they decided to head to a bar around the block from the Navy yard. Once everyone was seated and the first round was served Tony began asking questions.
“So why the sudden need to leave Abby? I mean that's not like you.”
“I need to get out of my lab. After Mann came to see me I was done for the day.”
“What did that woman do Abby?” Ziva asked looking worried.
“Oh nothing much, basically called me a slut and told me to stay away from Gibbs. I laughed at her.”
Everyone looked at Abby shocked. Mann actually had the nerve to call Abby a slut and tell her to stay away from Gibbs. She was stupider then they first thought.
“Wow, what did you say?” McGee asked.
“I laughed at her and asked her if she was really that insecure about her relationship with Gibbs.”
Everyone laughed at that. It was such a typical Abby response.
“She probably thinks she's going to marry him” Ziva pointed out.
“Future ex-wife number 4!” Tony exclaimed.
“A trophy wife, oh how cute!!” Abby sung.
Everyone dissolved into laughter again. They ordered a few more rounds and enjoyed themselves talking about this and that. Abby had a really good time. By the time the night was winding down she was ready to go home and catch a few hours of sleep before having to be back at NCIS. Waving to everyone as she got into her cab Abby called out again, “Beware of the future trophy wife!” That set everyone off again.
After Abby got home she collapsed into bed and fell asleep. The next morning her alarm went off at 6am. Getting up she put some coffee on and then hopped into the shower and began getting ready for the day. Mann's words about how she dressed echoed through her head, smiling Abby made a point to pick out her shortest skirt and a low cut top. Giggling to herself she finished putting on her makeup and jewelry before calling a cab to head to the Navy yard. Arriving at 0800 on the dot she headed to the bullpen first before her lab. Everyone was sitting at their desks already when she got there including Mann. Tony was the first to look up and see her, letting out a low whistle he made a comment, “Looking good Abby!”
Everyone else looked up as Abby came around the corner into their little area.
“Wow Abs, you look great today! Any special reason?” McGee asked.
“Nope just felt like it” Abby chirped.
Ziva smiled at Abby and then rolled her eyes towards Mann indicating to look that way. Mann was looking at Abby with quite the glare, “Isn't that a little inappropriate for work Abigail?” Mann questioned.
“Maybe, but I like the way I look…seems everyone else does too. How about you Gibbs, see anything wrong with what I'm wearing?” Abby asked innocently.
“Nope Abs, think you look great” Gibbs said. Abby smiled and looked at everyone else.
“Is there a particular reason no one is doing any work?” A voice said from behind Abby.
Everyone looked away from Abby and saw the Director standing there looking at them.
“We were just commenting on Abby's outfit Director. How is seems a little inappropriate for work at a federal agency” Mann explained.
Jenny looked Abby up and down and then looked at Mann, “I don't see anything wrong with her outfit Hollis. In fact I think she looks lovely today. Anything special going on Abby?”
“Nope Director just felt like dressing up today.”
“Very good Abby. You'll be heading to the lab soon to check on those results for the case?”
“Just getting ready to head that way now ma'ma.”
“Good I'll walk you there” Jenny said.
Abby and Jenny walked away from the bullpen and down to Abby's lab. After Abby put everything away and checked on her babies she sat down and faced Jenny.
“So what can I do for you today Director?”
“Well you can tell me the real reason you're all dressed up.”
Abby scrunched her nose up and looked at the Director.
“Am I telling the director of NCIS why or am I telling my friend Jenny why?” Abby asked slowly.
“You're telling your friend Jenny why” the Director said.
“Oh well in that case, Hollis `informed' me yesterday that I basically dress like a slut and only do it for the attention. She then told me to keep away from Gibbs.”
“She did not?! That is ridiculous; you do not dress like a slut. How dare she say that!” Jenny said out raged.
“Hey I'm telling you this as my friend not as my boss. It's not that big a deal. I like the way I dress and it's not the first time someone's told me I dress like a slut. Don't worry about it Jenn” Abby said as she gave Jenn a hug. The Director hugged her back and stood up explaining she had an agency to run and should be getting back to her office. She invited Abby up for drinks in her office after hours if she was interested in still talking. Abby smiled and said she would let her know.
Jenn walked out of Abby's lab and right into Gibbs. Gibbs reached out and held onto Jenny's upper arms so she wouldn't fall over.
“Jethro! How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough” Gibbs grunted brushing past her into Abby's lab. Jenn let it go and made her way up to her office. She would let Jethro handle Abby and Hollis as he saw fit.
Gibbs walked into Abby's lab with coffee in one hand and a Caf-Pow in the other. He had heard Abby and Jenn's conversation, he wondered why Abby hadn't come to him when Hollis had said that to her. Standing in the middle of her lab he figured they would need to have a talk.
Never Again Chapter 3
March 24, 2009