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A/N: Here's chapter two! I have almost the whole story written out so I think I'm just going to try and post it all in one go. I'm not very good at taking a break and then writing more. I have a tendency to lose myself in the land of no where's vill. Please leave a review for me!
“It's none of your business what I do with Abby!” Gibbs said raising his voice.
“It certainly is! You're dating me Jethro, not that child down there!”
Gibbs went stony silent and the look he was giving Hollis actually scared her.
“Abby is not a child Hollis. She is an adult and a damn good forensic scientist. I will not have you talking to one of my team that way. Am I making myself clear?” Gibbs asked is a dangerously quiet voice.
Hollis stepped back for a moment looking him over, “Fine Jethro, whatever you say.”
Gibbs nodded his head and flipped the emergency switch back. The elevator arrived back at the squad room floor and they exited to find Tony and everyone back at their desks.
“Just to let you know Jethro, this discussion isn't over. We'll continue it later.” Hollis said walking away from them. Gibbs glared at her retreating back and stormed over to his desk.
“What are you all looking at?! Don't you have work to do?!” He barked at them. Everyone scrambled for something to do as fast as they could. Gibbs sat down at his desk and glared at his computer screen. A few minutes later he slammed his hands down on the keyboard and stood up walking out of the squad room.
“What do you think has the boss so angry?” Tony asked Ziva and McGee.
“Probably something to do with that woman” Ziva said.
“I would have to agree with Ziva on this one. They were in the elevator for awhile. Nothing ever good comes of being in the elevator that long” McGee chimed in.
“Yeah, you're probably right” Tony agreed. Everyone went back to work hoping their boss would be in a better mood when he came back.
Gibbs walked down to the coffee shop needing a caffeine fix after that discussion with Hollis. Nothing made him angrier then when someone questioned his relationship with Abby. It was nobody's business but his and Abby's. Sighing he sat down at a table with his coffee to think.
Tony headed down to Abby's lab to see if she had any idea what the boss and Mann had talked about that made him so angry. Strutting into the lab he looked around for Abby but couldn't spot her right away. Walking further in he noticed the glass doors to her office were closed and figured she was in there doing some work. Strutting over to them he waited for them to slide open before stepping through. Looking for Abby again he spotted her by the ballistic lab.
“Hey Abs. So you have any idea what's got Gibbs panties all in a bunch?” Tony asked.
Abby looked up at him, “Gibbs panties are in a bunch?” She asked.
“Yeah, bossman got of the elevator with Mann and was all kinds of pissed off” Tony explained.
“Then it was probably something that woman said to him. God knows what though.”
Tony laughed, “Well do you want to take a wild guess?”
“Probably something to do with me. His girlfriends don't seem to like me very much and I get the feeling Mann might actually hate me.”
“No one could hate you Abby! You're the lovable lab rat.”
“Thanks Tony but plenty of people hate me. Sometimes it's for the way I dress or where I work. Sometimes it's because I helped put them in jail or someone in their family in jail. There's a whole slew of reasons someone might hate me. Mann wouldn't be the first and she won't be the last. ”
Tony just looked at Abby wondering why her voice sounded so sad.
“What's wrong Abs?”
“Nothing's wrong Tony, everything is just fine.”
“Come on Abby I know you to well. Tell big brother Tony what's bothering you.”
Abby looked over at Tony tears welling up in her eyes. Tony held his arms open and she barreled into him for a hug.
“She's gonna take him away from me and I know it. She hates me and doesn't want Gibbs around me and I'm worried he'll listen to her because he loves her. I don't want to lose Gibbs, Tony.”
Tony was actually stunned by what Abby was saying to him. She thought that Gibbs would choose Mann over Abby? Then is dawned on him, he couldn't believe he hadn't seen it earlier. Abby loved Gibbs and Mann was taking him away.
“Oh Abs, Gibbs isn't going anywhere. He cares too much about you to let Mann tell him he can't see you.” Tony said gently rocking back and forth with her. Abby sniffled and tilted her head, “He already isn't spending as much time as he use to with me. We never see each other outside work anymore. No more take out nights. I can't go over there anymore; I don't want to run into Mann.”
“Wow Abby, you really love him don't you?”
Abby stepped back and looked at Tony stunned, “What makes you think that Tony? Why would you say I love Gibbs?”
“It's obvious Abby. You love him, don't lie to me. I know the truth; I can see it in your eyes.”
Abby's shoulders slumped a little, “Yeah you're right Tony I do love him but I want him to be happy. I know Hollis makes him happy that's why I'm trying to be nice. I don't want her to tell him he can't see me anymore.”
“Even if she did try and do that Abby, Gibbs would never listen to her. Come on when has anyone ever told Gibbs what to do. The man does what he wants and no one can tell him otherwise.” Tony pulled Abby into another hug.
“Don't you have somewhere to be DiNozzo?” A harsh voice came from behind the pair. Tony let of Abby and turned around. “Uh sorry boss was just leaving. How about drinks tonight Abby? After work?”
Abby nodded her head. Tony brushed pass Gibbs and made his way towards the elevator, Gibbs waited to hear the tell tale ding that it was here before walking over the Abby.
“What can I do for you Gibbs? I haven't had enough time to get a DNA match and the dead marines' finger prints are still running” Abby moved past him back into her lab. Gibbs let her pass and followed her. Holding up a Caf-Pow he shook it lightly to get her attention. Abby looked over at him and then the Caf-Pow, making a grab for it she happily placed the straw in her mouth and took a big gulp from it.
“Ahhh caffeine, just what I needed. Thanks Gibbs!” Abby smiled at him. He noticed the smile didn't reach completely to her eyes but let it go. If something major was bothering her she would come to him eventually about it.
“So what was Tony doing down here?”
“Oh we were making plans for tonight. Thought it would be nice to go out for some drinks after work and catch up. We haven't really had the time with all the cases and all his dates.” Abby bobbed her head up and down to some tune only she could hear.
“Sounds nice, anything in particular you guy want to talk about?” Gibbs was fishing for answers and he knew that she knew it.
“Nope, not really just office scuttlebutt. You know who's seeing who, just the latest gossip and stuff. Ziva and McGee might come, you know just hanging out.”
“Ah” was all Gibbs said to that, “Well you call when you get those results in.”
“Sure Gibbs, no problem.”
Gibbs left Abby's lab less than satisfied with the conversation but he was letting it go. It seemed Abby needed to talk to Tony about something and she felt she couldn't come to him about it. Gibbs made his way back to the squad room and sat down at his desk to finish paper work. There was nothing they could do on the current case till Abby got the DNA and finger print results back.
Never Again chapter 2
March 24, 2009