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Another Strange Day.
Chapter 1
Shinji was on his way home after school like normal. But this day he felt a little more lousy then usual. Asuka had been picking on him more then she usually does. He wondered if it was because she got up late or was it because he forgot to bring her lunch to school. As shinji walked home he was trying to think up a way to make it up to her. Then he realized that it wouldn't matter tonight. Asuka was so mad at shinji that she went home with Hikari after school.
As he walked home the more depressed he became. He would be at home by himself tonight. Not only that asuka was staying over with Hikari, but also his guardian, Misato, had to work that night. “Great” he thought, “another lousy day followed by a rotten night.”
When he turned the corner to finish making his way home, he noticed something he hadn't seen before. There before him was a new video store. Now what made this so strange was at that moment in time in Toyko-3 most places was closing and people were moving away. Toyko-3 was in the middle of a war with creatures called angels.
As he looked at the store Shinji noticed the name. Gokuraku. Yeah right he thought. Paradise huh, I might as well check it out. So he walked in. As he looked around he saw a section of tapes that looked interesting. He picked up one of the boxes and looked at the cover. Ai Amano, I'll cheer you up, he read.
Just then the clerk from the store walked up behind shinji and scared him when he said, “you like her don't you?”
Shinji turned and looked at the clerk. Thankfully the clerk was an older gentleman.
“How much does it cost to rent videos?” Shinji asked.
“ The videos are free but only to members. If you would like to be a member here is a membership card.”
“How much is the membership?” asked Shinji.
“ The membership is also free.” The clerk answered, “But you must have a pure heart and sole.”
“And since you are in here you must have met the requirements.”
“ Also,” the gentleman said, “If you wish hard enough wonderful things will happen.”
With this the clerk turned and started to walk away leaving Shinji by himself again.
Shinji looked at the box again and thought “Well I'm a member now and the rental is free I might
As well take it home.