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Bonds of Survival-OVA

Chapter #2: Decisions of Survival

There was a stillness to the atmosphere in the apartment balcony as the three former Eva pilots held each other.
They all had similar thoughts in their minds, comfort and warmth and a bit of apprehension.
Friendship was also beginning to take shape between the three lonely children.
All they knew for sure was that they were alone in the now devastated city of Tokyo-3.
They even were not even sure of the rest of Japan, or the world.
That alone had the effect of keeping them together now, and hopefully for them, from then on.

Shinji's POV

We all agreed then to check the rest of the apartment.
One of the things that we agreed on was that we would sleep in the same room,
more for me being available for them should they need help during the night.
But the feeling I seem to get from them was more like a form of security for them, and myself.

The next day, we finally moved ourselves out of the communal bed we had slept in.
I helped each of them get up as their injuries severely limited their mobility.
As we checked the rest of the apartment, we discovered surpassingly that the lights were working,
and that the water still flowed in the bathroom and kitchen, though there was only cold water for now.
Rei suggested that we should boil water and use it to drink and cook with.
We all nodded in agreement to that idea.
As I help each of them to the room they wanted to check, Asuka checked if there was any food in the cupboards and with the exception of Misato's beer, we had enough for a few days. While Rei, again with my helping her, found that there was enough clothing as long as the girls shared Asuka's, ... and Misato's clothes. Asuka at first furiously denied Rei could use her clothes, but then I promised to find some out in the city for both of them, she recanted with a grumble.
I then suggested that I would go out to find canned food and dry goods as well since we didn't have to keep them refrigerated.
Both girls hesitated for a minute, I surmised because they were worried for my safety,
before Asuka hesitantly then acknowledge that since I was the healthiest, then I should go. She looked down at the floor as she said that, trying to hide her concern. They then agreed to stay put since they couldn't move around very well. After this I took a quick bath, dressed and started for the stairs. But before I made it to the front door, they both called out to me. I turned to look at them.

Both held my eyes in awe. They were like two sides of a coin.
While one was fiery and unpredictable, the other was cool and logical anchor to our ship.
I walked towards them, then stopped just in front of them to look at them once more.
Due to their injuries, the were literally opposites.
Each girls arms that were injured was the opposing arm to the other.
All their wounds were also in opposing sides of their bodies, even their injured eyes were on opposing sides
yet you can see their inner strength show through.
This made me less anxious to leave them alone, but we needed supplies and that's what I was going to go get.
I then became more bold for a minute and hugged them both individually,
first Asuka who after a few moments hesitation returned the hug,
then Rei who seemed lost for a minute until she copied Asuka's actions.
I then promised to be back as soon as possible.
They shook their head, Asuka with her eyes closed,
while Rei looked at me with her piercing eyes letting me know in no uncertain terms
to hold to my promise.
I then turned to go, and then as I opened the door, I heard in unison, "Be careful!". They looked at each other in surprise.
I smiled, then when turned and headed out to the desolate world outside to gather what we needed to survive.

Search and Found

I explored the areas around the apartment building first. but then I noticed something.
the thing that unnerved me was the fact that I was in a large technological city, ...
but there was no noise other than the wind through nearby broken hulks of the buildings.
No noises you would associate with a busy city, like car horns.
People talking and walking on sidewalks, noise from busses, cars, and trucks,
or a Jet airliner's engine from above. All non existent.
But I had to get through this uneasiness so I could go out to find food
to make sure that we could survive.

The first day, I had found mainly canned foods, dry goods, and part of a large department store
with women's clothes still intact. I also found a portable propane camping stove which we had been using since.
I also found first aid kits and enough medical supplies to take care of the girls wounds.
This relieved me to know I could finally change the gauze bandages which had been on the girls for 2 straight days.
Over the last few days their bandage had gotten filthy, so the supplies should be welcomed by them.
I then made my way back just before dusk, and that's when i started noticing the lowering of the temperature.
But I rather enjoyed it since most of my life it had been a muggy, and warm climate I lived in. A touch of coolness should help us sleep tonight. I smiled as I carried on.

When I got home and put the supplies I gathered away, I began my nurse duties helping them change their bandages and
using antibiotic ointment to help heal their wounds.
Asuka was her normal defiant and staunchly confidant self as her bandages were changed,
while Rei passively sat when I changed her bandages.
Both though could not help but wince as their arms were exposed to the air.
The cuts were deep but healing well. Then I noticed something, there was not evidence that the wounds were stitched.
It seemed as if the skin was brought together kind of like a slight cut, and was healing on it's own.
Of course this would leave a noticeable scar down both girls arms for the rest of their lives, but that wasn't what concerned us.
Our concern was on whether they would regain full use of their arms.
Then Rei suggested that "the last time she had a similar injury, it took a month of healing and physical therapy for her to regain her strength in that arm."
But Asuka pointed out that "this was a clear wound right down the middle of the arm, almost splitting it in half."
We then agreed to that they should have full use and strength of their arms within two months.
Their injured eyes though would take longer and what was most perplexing,
was that when their eyes were exposed as I changed their bandages
Their eyes color ... hand changed. Both now had their normal eye color in their undamaged eye,
a deep and glowing Blue, and Rei with her bright Crimson Red.
But their injured eyes both shared the same brilliant color of Green that I couldn't see a difference .
I finally told them of this and I helped them to the bathroom to see for themselves.
As they both looked up they both gasped with surprise, even though I had warned them previously.
Yet, after a minute A smile from Asuka, and a slight smirk from Rei acknowledged to me
that it didn't really matter to them now.
That they could see out of those eyes seemed to be more important than appearance.
I did unnerve me though, as if both shared something that no one else had.
I thought about this as I then prepared dinner for us that night.
What else had changed? Did the girls have more things they shared?
I didn't know, but it would be an interesting two months while they recovered to see for myself.

So during the next 2 weeks I I used the four-wheeled motor bike and went out to find enough food to survive on.
Luckily the sector where we lived still had power.
So, I took a daily trek to the nearest food marts, and supermarkets.
I gathered mostly canned food, and anything that wouldn't spoil over time.
Unless I could cook it back at the apartment! We even had refrigerated food till they started to go past the due date and spoil.

Now I'm sure your curious about this so, I will go over this now! The sleeping arrangements had been discussed first and foremost. Since it was getting cold, we moved all the futons into the same room to stay together and to share the warmth as the weather was getting colder. As the nights grew colder, they slowly but steadily made their way through the night closer and closer until almost every morning I had to nudge them awake either because they sandwiched me between them, or were laying half on either side of me, even though I always insisted to sleep away from them when we went to bed. I still smile though. They're very cute when they sleep. Asuka with a light snoring and a slight bit of drivel out the side of her mouth. Then I turn to look as Rei, who seems to be snuggled up in almost a fetal position, with both her hands underneath her face quietly breathing in and out of her mouth and nose.
Otherwise she did not move a muscle, other than her well regulated breathing.

Finally all pretense flew out the window as the the girls insisted to stay with me in bed as snow began to fall
probably as a result of the Third Impact affecting the weather now.
Normally, I am not a calm and collected person, even though I knew my feelings for them,
I wasn't thrilled that they both wanted to sleep in my bed,
with me in it.

Now you'll say what teenage boy wouldn't want two cute and beautiful girls sleeping with him every night
(You Hentai's can forget about any unclean thoughts)
But they, ... and I seem to need this closeness every night as much as they seem to want it as well.
So, I compromised (More like caved in!) and with the promise of no groping or glomping me and Visa versa.
Plus, Asuka grew angry and promised she was going to use her good arm to beat me with, if I didn't agree.
I finally ok'd the arrangement. Of course I had to lay side by side the futons into the room we shared after the second day,
since I wound up on the floor, between two pushed together twin futons the first night,
so I spent that second day traveling through Tokyo-3's intact furniture stores.
I finally found a queen sized futon which took a trip in wagons pulled by the Quad-Trac, several elevator trips up to our apartment,
as each piece was brought up by me. When I finally moved the old futon beds out, and the new bed in as I collapsed into it,
and fell to sleep right away
Within a few minutes after the girls had seen what I did to get our bed into the apartment,
the girls hobbled over and laid down on either side of me.

Rei's Move

The girls physically started to get better. So much so that by the end of the first week, they could walk with me on my daily excursions, though at first, for only a short distance.
Though they really couldn't help me lift or carry anything we'd needed, leaving all the heavy work to me.
Rei had a concerned look, while Asuka smirked a whole lot at me having to be the pack mule while we scavenged the city.
As the day wore on though I and Asuka began to become concerned at Rei's growing apprehensiveness.
Then Finally, after dinner we asked her what was the matter. Well, ok I asked her, Asuka grunted indifferently.
"I do not really live here." was all she said. That got my, and Asuka's clear attention.
Well, Rei, what do you mean by that?" I asked with concern.
Yeah, Rei, what's got you so ... not you?" Asuka said in her usual tone.
Even though Rei had been with us for a week , she didn't want to officially move in.
It took another week by me, and to a lesser extent Asuka to convince her to finally got to her old apartment,
get her things and move in.
This was a tough decision for Rei, as I and Asuka could plainly see as she reverted to her "Old" self
as we made our way back to the Misato's Apartment after we had picked her stuff up.
When we got to the apartment Rei just went in and sat down on the couch with a far off look on her face.
I motioned to Asuka to go sit next to Rei, as I put her belongings in a closet we cleared for her,
plus I put some more groceries away that we had found that day.
I thought that this would be a good opportunity for them to get closer, at least I wished they would.
I sat on the opposite side of Rei, from where Asuka sat. I then began to ask Rei what was the matter.
Then she looked at me with a single tear running down her cheek. This finally got Asuka's attention.
I put my arm around her shoulder and patted her hand. Upon seeing my actions, Asuka hesitated,
then, with my encouragement, she had awkwardly grabbed Rei's other hand
and also tried to comfort her.
I was surprised that she would even care to help Rei, especially with their shared past of hostility and indifference.
But, since we were all alone here she seemed to know that we all were in the same boat.
After a few minutes, Rei finally started to quietly stammer and gather her breath to tell us why she was upset.

"I have not lived anywhere else in my life. I have known no other home. I am having a difficult time in leaving it!"
Rei then cried without making a sound, just two streams of tears running down her cheeks.

Asuka and I exchanged looks of concern and worry. Neither of us had ever seem Rei cry before, at least without some physical pain involved. I had to say something to comfort her, but surprising me, before I could speak, Asuka answered.

"Listen, I have lived in over 12 different places since I was born Rei, mainly because my parents jobs had us constantly moving."

I interrupted her and then asked, "Asuka, What does that have to do with Rei? She hasn't lived anywhere else?"

"Oh, You still are stupid Shinji" (With a smirk on her face, and a rather sharp punch to my arm),
"Let me finish and you'll see how."
(She then hit the back of my head but with considerably less force than before third Impact.)
"Well, where was I?"

"You moved 12 times!" answered Rei catching her breath between quiet sobs.

"Oh yeah, well every time we moved I was scared and I was sad every time.
But, I just kept on going and as you see I am still my superior and ever lovable self"
(Trying to make a joke to lighten Rei's mood).

Rei who looked at her roommate, had stopped crying, and eventually had a small smile knowing the intent in Asuka's story.
To my surprise Asuka smiled back to her "New" roommate. I just sat there taking in they unique site with probably a goofy smile on my face.

After such an unique moment my and Asuka's stomach to that moment to grumble.
We then got up to start preparing dinner, I went over to Asuka, squeezed her hand and whispered "Thanks",
she smiled and nodded. Then she pinched my butt, I turned around and she winked with a wicked grin on her face.
I reacted as usual, red faced and avoiding her, and now Rei's looks as I continued to make dinner.
"Great, now their going to make me their target!" was all I could say to myself

The Next Day

During the night, I kept having that same dream, though not calling it a nightmare, it had many elements of darkness in it.
Grayish skies and a foggy background surrounded him and both girls. Then he was alone staring from that overlook they had sat on after the 10th angel. He saw the hole that was Tokyo-3 and the former Geofront. The sight didn't disturb him as much as him being alone looking over the devastated scene, in a cloudless but gray sky. I woke up worried, but still feeling the warmth in the two sleeping forms on either side of me. I made a decision then, that I would have to discuss with Rei, and Asuka, so I laid down and slept lightly till morning.

The next day After I cooked breakfast I then asked the girls to come back to the couch.
That worrisome dream was bothering me since we woke up in my room a few weeks ago.
I sat between them and I started to vice my concern;
"Rei, Asuka, ... I want to ask you an important question and I want you to be honest, Ok?"
Both of them nodded yes, so, I continued.
" I have been worried about staying here in Tokyo-3."
I hesitated as I saw Rei's look of worry, and Asuka look of concern at what I would say next.
"I don't like it here so near to Nerv, so near to the EVAs, so near to ..."
(I really tried to keep my composure, but tears were forming as I continued to speak)
"where you both died!"

I felt their hands (Yes even Asuka's) go to mine and held them tightly, as I continued,
"I want to move from here, and go as far from here as I can! I want to take you two to a place where you'll be safe, where you won't get hurt, where we could live without worrying about our safety."
(This time I knew it was not me running away, it was me wanting to start a new life and
I was asking to take them away for their physical and mental safety)
There I said it, and then I looked at the girls faces through my cloudy eyes for their reactions.

First was Asuka, who smiled and winked at me which I knew meant a yes.
Rei, who had moved for the first time today, was more hesitant, then she said;
"Where you go Shinji, I will follow." With the slightest hint of a smile on her face.
I felt much better not only for telling them how I felt but rewarded in their support to make this move.
But Rei's hesitant reaction told me to take our time in making our move, so that she won't be as insecure about it.
Now I motioned for them to come nearer and I then detailed a plan.
It meant unfortunately going to what was left of NERV headquarters for supplies and accessing the Magi Computer system.
After discussing the details, we felt very tired and headed for bed.
(It is so comforting to have them next to me every night, I hope this never to changes!)

Revisiting the Geofront

On the following day we made our way toward NERV headquarters on the Quad-trac.
The girls were walking much more but the long trek was still too long for them.
So, I took my time as I was towing the wagon the girls were riding on.
I was as apprehensive as ever, going back to where we all died, and were our friends also lost their lives.
But, we needed to those supplies and use the computer, if at least to find out if it still worked or not.
At most to find ourselves a new place to live.

Rei, who had more knowledge about the MAGI system was to go to the Eva OPS office,
I was to go to the equipment and medical area to get what ever we need to help us on our move
and help us of we get hurt.
Asuka was to go to the weapons locker, to gather various fire arms, from those to protect us
and those to hunt with as we knew that eventually we had to hunt and grow our own food.
By this time I had found two more Quad-trac motor bikes, so getting around the area was easier.
We decide to leave the equipment in the wagons which we found and now had connected to the bikes.
We then returned to the places that we could get to in the Geofront.
Some places could only be accessed simply by crawling or climbing.
We all went first to the Communications Department offices and got a dozen ear-sized comm. links
to keep in touch with each other while in the Geofront, as well if we need them later on our journey.

Within the next several hours we all made our way through NERV headquarters, as we gathered what we needed.
My task made me go through the medical center, and the Central command center located in what's left of Central Dogma.
There, I found myself in my father's office, which surprisingly was still intact.
I knew that Asuka and Rei were nearby as our three objective areas were as well.
Curiosity got the better of me as I wanted to see what my father had in his desk, as it was part of the intimidation he used to frighten manipulate those he thought he could use to help him achieve his goals. I the imagined how the room looked before it was wrecked by Lillith's rise. Then surveying it brought the thought that my father's goals were as broken as the room was. As the back of it had fallen in to the mess that was Central Dogma. I finally moved behind the desk partially covered by the great saphoriphic seal, as it lay in pieces throughout the room.
I Finally got the courage to go through his drawers and files more to find out more as to why he did what he did,
almost killing us and in my opinion imprisoning the rest of humanity in a sea of LCL. My dark thoughts left me as
I did find some pictures of me as a kid, with my mother, though they were hidden behind a picture of
My father and the Sub-Commander.

He lied to me, telling me there were no pictures of my mother. Then I noticed, ... "Damn she really looked like Rei."
Then I slammed the picture on the desk shattering the glass causing me to cut my hand.
but I didn't notice as my anger was consuming my senses.
"Why did you do this to us, one man cannot make decisions for all. Hadn't World War II and other times in our history where dictators and despots ruled. Didn't you realize that it did more bad, than good to the average person. Oh how I wanted to have a simple life, but I was not fated to have that, even now I have two beautiful girls whom I had resurrected for my own selfish reasons,
yet I had brought both of them back, not just one of them. Maybe I wanted ... both of them?" That got me off my rant.
"Or did I really not want to make a choice between them." I laughed.
"Well that was for a later time, and the later I thought, the better."

After several more hours of searching and gathering, we met up in the parking garage and with a long cargo van,
we loaded all the equipment that we gathered. Then I remembered my hand, and looked down at the various cuts.
"Shinji What the hell did you do to yourself this time?" yelled a concerned Asuka,
with an equally worried Rei came with a first aid kit and treated my wounds.
As they were working on my hand, I could see in both Asuka's and Rei's faces each had an anguished look,
probably the same look I had.
Each of us had to deal with the memories of the past. The friends lost, the dreams shattered, the lies believed, the trust betrayed
I finally put a hand on each of their shoulders effectively pulling them from their thoughts.
I then got into the drivers seat as both of them got into the large passenger seat of the cargo van to get home before dark.
I made the decision to make a quick dinner and then make some non alcoholic beverages and then invited them to the balcony.
We discussed our current situation, and as we spoke, Rei told us of what she had saw and found.

First the Magi had still been functioning, but in a stand by basis. With some quick keyboard work Rei,
using her knowledge gave the Magi some more power from some working reserve systems,
and rewarded Rei with some information. She informed us, that yes, there were others out there, but not more than maybe 200 people around the whole world who came back so far. That didn't surprise us.
Many people who had a sad life probably wouldn't come back. Only those who found life a challenge would return.
She even found that of people in all of Japan, we were the only one who had come back so far..
"Then we need to get inland, and leave some clues to those who we want to follow us!" I stated.

"I would like to point out Shinji, that we might not have a clear path to the inner part of the country,
you might want to plan out our trip." answered Asuka

"We'll need you Rei to find out through the Magi the clearest path to Nagoya." she asked Rei who nodded positively.
Why Nagoya, Asuka? " I asked.
"Because even though it's a city inland from the sea, We can still live a few miles away from it
and keep an eye on what goes on through the Magi."
"How do you know that?" Asked perplexed at how Asuka would know that.
Well, Rei had told me that four other japanese cities had remote terminals for the Magi, and the only one in a city towards the center of Japan was at Nagoya." She finished with that smirky smile that I'd grown to love. I showed the confidence that I admired In Asuka's spirit. I smiled as I said, "Well, Ok, but I'd like to take a look around the city to see if there's anything else we might need to take with us, Ok?"

Now we did find a VTOL aircraft but with just enough fuel to check the city from the air.
Since Rei, and Asuka had training in flying the aircraft, they ended up piloting the craft.
My fear of heights unfortunately kicked in after take-off. After the impromptu chopper trip around Tokyo-2 and 3,
and after I deposited my lunch in several barf bags, I wobbled up our building's stairs supported by two smirking and smiling faces.
"Boy you both a sure enjoying this aren't you," I said to them as my facial colors changed for white to green
"Oh, Whatever do you mean, My Baka Shinji, we'd never be happy if you suffered." stated Asuka (She barely kept a straight face)
"Yes, Shinji, we would not want to see you ill at anytime!" answered a straight faced Rei.
(Having her emotionless mask on, but I saw a slight smirk was there)
"Please, just get me home before I start barfing up my internal organs!" I finally said with a whimper.
They both nodded, and helped me the rest of the way to our home.

It took another week to get all the equipment together.
All three of us had a Quad-trac motor bike which I trained the girls to ride.
Each had two carts connected to each one which is where we hauled with our other equipment, a three person pop-up dome tent,
and supplies to last three weeks. The girls were sufficiently recovered to be able to operate the Quad-trac motor bikes.
So after a filling dinner, and several notes to friends we hoped would come back,
we made our way to bed for our last night in Tokyo-3.

That night almost one month since we returned to this world, we finalized plans
(After a quick remedy for my stomach) for our trip.
Hopefully we won't have any problems getting there. Because of all that we've gone through,
I thought we deserved a break and I prayed that we had a smooth trip there! (I kept my fingers crossed)

--------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Final thought for the night
It had occurred to me as I was trying to get to sleep, holding my two loves, that what I really wanted was to get away from what would be potential centers of a new civilization that may not take to my idea of who, more appropriately whom I love.
So I thought on where we could go near Nagoya, and came up with an idea.
I'll let the girls know tomorrow a sleep finally came to me.

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