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Neon Genesis Evangelion and all related characters, concepts, etc., are property of ADVision and Gainax. I only *wish* they were mine. Let me tell you that up to chapter 24, I loved this Anime, then as so many others it turned dark and painful. I couldn't agree with the ending, so I am re-writing A/Uof my other story to show what I thought would be a different ending to the series where Rei and Asuka lived. Hopefullythe creator of the series will make more movies and hopefully they will give us a more hopeful ending. Thanks to Tex james, and John Brown for pre-reading this revision! If you read the original , this and the chapters to chapter 5 are very similar, but there are definite differences,
and after chapter 5 it will be completly different as the end will be of a different tangent.
Thanks for understanding and I hope you enjoy this story.

Bonds of Survival-OVA

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Chapter #4. The Journey to a new life

A final Good bye!

Shinji's POV:
With the eventful day passed us, we got up in an anticipatory mood.
We had packed the storage trailers that would be pulled by the Quad-trac motor bikes .
Asuka would be navigating us to Nagoya's airport, where the Magi indicated a supply warehouse was located.
We finally picked up the last pieces of our belongings in our apartment, where Asuka and I ended up on the doorway of out former respective rooms. I'm sure she had similar thoughts as I surveyed my now empty room.
I had moved the furniture to the next apartment more as a way for those who followed us to give them the hint that we had been there, and left. But I was not really concerned with that, I was reliving the memories made in this room.
The times where Asuka woke me up, the times Misato made fun of me, the parties in the apartment . . .
Then also came the dark memories. When I first came back from the 12th episode, the horrendous nightmares,
. . . calmed by what I found out later was my mother's spirit comforting me.
The time after Rei . . . died. The wrenching feeling of emptiness, with no tears to show, . . . of losing Rei.
A girl who I knew little of then, but who I appreciate now.
My memories of Misato and Asuka's decent into depression. I shook my head at the horrendous things she had gone through, and the pain it still caused me. I couldn't imagine if she was still thinking of this when I looked across the hallway as I saw those beautiful blue eyes with unshed tears. Without words we made a slow walk towards each other and hesitantly hugged each other. The hug grew tighter without words said.
Asuka finally let go of those tears, and quietly sobbed on my chest as I also cried quietly.
We were suited to be together now, sharing the grief at those hurtful, and dark memories.
Holding each other helped each of us cope with the reality of finally leaving this place.

Then I looked up, . . . and saw Rei staring at us quietly, with her head slightly tilted as Asuka and I held each other.
At first I was going to react normally, which was to try and apologize to her, . . . for her being left out, and not being jealous of my hugging Asuka. But then I looked in her cool crimson eyes.
They didn't have a hint of jealously or anger, but . . . more like curiosity, and empathy.

I noticed this as I felt Asuka looking up at me then turning to Rei, and the look on her face.
"Rei, I just needed, . . . some comfort, since we're leaving this place." Asuka then stopped by Rei.
"It is all right Asuka, I think I understand." Rei then walked closer to us so we were both holding each other and facing her.
"The place where you live, where ever that is, will always remind those who lived there,
of their experiences, good and bad." Rei then came close to us
and hesitantly put a hand on each of our cheeks.
"That is why I accepted the offer to move, and to start new memories with you both."
Rei then moved her arms around both of us and lightly hugged us.
Both of us looked a bit perplexed at our blue haired companion.
Then we did what we thought she want and put one arm each around her.
She stopped and stepped back.
"This is a time for both of you to say good bye to those memories. I'll be down stairs."
She then abruptly left the apartment. We looked at her go and tried to understand what she was trying to do.
I realized later that was just another change in the former first child.
A change for the better in my opinion.

But, then I was preparing to go after, sure we somehow had offended our friend.
But, Asuka grabbed my arm.
"Baka, can't you see, she understands and simply wanted us to have our final moments alone in our home!"
I got slapped on the back of the head. Boy, did that bring back memories.
"Ok , I understand." as I rubbed my now bruised head.
Asuka then calmed down and then took me by the hand, as we moved slowly over every nook and cranny
of that apartment, ending up in Misato's room.
It was now clean, probably for the first time since Misato had moved in.
I had cleaned the room the first week of our stay, yet I can picture the two foot deep mess that surrounded Misato's bed, and how there never seemed to be any article of clothing that I had washed the previous day strewn over various places in the room. I laughed at the futility of that. Then, I was remembered that feelings I had for her.
Whether a big sister, a protector, or trying to be a mother, I missed her terribly.
As if reading my mind I felt a squeeze of my hand as Asuka leans onto my shoulder.
"I miss her too, . . . even her belching and her Hooooorayyy in the morning"
I chuckled and brought my arm around her shoulder.
"Yeah, and her cooking, god I how anybody would put hot curry, . . .on . . . ice cream!

We both broke down laughing hysterically.

It took about two more minutes for us to calm down.
By then, Rei came back to the apartment looking at us with that slightly confused look she gets when she is perplexed. That look made us both start our laugh feast over again. Rei now looked even more confused.
She brought us a few glasses of water to help us calm down. Asuka and I then got up and toasted with our glasses of water.
I then said in a loud and clear voice,

"To Misato Katsuragi, where ever you are, thank you for your friendship, you drunken parties,
your famous saying, "Anything's great with curry!". And also,. . . thank you for being our guardian,
our friend, our foster mother." I was now shedding tears again. My throat caught when I said,
"Why did you have to give your life for us Misato, Why?" I started to break down
"for me and Asuka,." I looked at Asuka as she was tearing up again!
"We love you, and we miss you so much. Please if you can hear us, come back and follow us to Nagoya,
and be our guardian, . . . no . . . our mother again." We then took a minute to calm down.
Then I finally said, "We clicked glasses in your honor, and toasted our friend, guardian,
and the mother you wanted to be for us."

After a minute Asuka then added,
"I know that you tried your best, Misato, even when we had treated you like crap" She shook her head.
"Even when I treated you like crap. I'm sorry for that Misato, Yeah even the Great Asuka Langley Souryu
can admit when I made a mistake. Boy, I bet your rolling over . . . where ever you are huh, Misato-chan!"
Asuka was then smiling even though a stream of tears was running down her cheeks.
I held her hand and squeezed it with mine.
"Asuka, I know she does, I just hope she doesn't fall off when she rolls!" I said making Asuka laugh and cry at the same time. She held on to me leaning on my chest as we made our way out the door. Rei followed and we both looked back to see her quietly raise a glass to our friend as well. It seemed she finally understood what we had gone through in leaving that apartment.
Rei then shut the door, and per my instructions put the key card above the door jam just barely sticking out.
Only one person knew the way we hid an extra key card for emergencies.
I just hoped she would be back to retrieve it. Even though the power was off, the symbolism should still tell her
that we were there, and to search for us. Just to be sure, I had left in the refrigerator, a note to Misato
on where we were going and to invite her to Nagoya to live. I hid it behind her favorite six-pack of beer.

One final act before we go

As we were getting our gear ready, Asuka sent me out to get some more cold weather jackets and long underwear for all three of us.
I didn't understand why we needed more Clothes, but she whispered that she and Rei had to go to the Nerv infirmary.
When I inquired why, She said it was a female problem that i had no reason to ask about.
Of course that was accompanied by a slap on the back of my had as I made my way out towards the only sports and camping store all the way across the part of Tokyo-3 still standing. It would take two hours for me to return. I pointed out to Asuka that we would be late getting started, but her stern glare was enough for me to get going and not argue.
Again The girls informed me much later on what really happened those two hours.

Auska's POV:

How I got talked into this waste of time I don't know. But Rei wanted to get that portable biological scanner in Nerv's Infirmary. I knew she'd bother me with looks and guilt unless we did this, so i OK'ed our little trek and sent Shinji to get more cold weather clothes for us. He put up a bit of a snit, but i put him in his place and he got going pretty quick as I and Rei waved bye to him.
After he left we took on of the spare mini-trucks we found and headed back to the rubble of the Geofront.

After we made our way to the infirmary, we had to clear some more fallen rubble till Dr. Akagi's old office.
Rei said she thought that one of the scanners was there, with several more in the now flattened part of the infirmary.
"So, this is our only shot in getting one of these right?"
Rei answered simply with a nod in the positive.
After using some broken metal pipes and some leverage we finally opened the door. Our injured arms were fully healed, but that didn't make the labor any easier.
After a few minutes again clearing some more rubble, Rei finally found one kept underneath Ritsuko's desk.
She grabbed it and we both made our way out of the infirmary, and the Geofront.
As I got in the truck, I turned to see Rei looking sadly at what remained of the Nerv headquarters.
I got out of the truck and approached her.
"Rei, we need to leave and scan you before Shinji gets back to the apartment."
She didn't answer as I came up beside her. I noticed her watery eyes. Then It hit me, she had lived all her life, no, lives here. Just as leaving the apartment affected us, leaving the Geofront, and Tokyo-3 was now affecting Rei equally.
I then did surprise myself when I put my arm around her back.
I held her as she kept on looking at the remains of what was her life.
Finally, her head lowered and I heard her sigh. Then she looked at me nodding to the truck. I squeezed her once then let her go and we both walked to, and got into the truck.
As we drove away, I said, Now begins the rest of you life Rei.
She shook her head no. Then she grabbed my hand and said,
"Asuka, it is the beginning of the rest of our lives." She then looked into my eyes with her red Crimson ones.
"I will never be alone like I was. I hope that you understand what I am saying, . . . and asking."
I nodded my head, knowing that she needed my assurance that I would be there for her as her friend.
(Me, her friend?!?!?. But, . . . it was true. with all we had been through, we three should be friends,
not just because we had similar experiences, but also because of where, and who we came from as well.
I then, headed the truck away from Nerv, and towards our apartment.

It took only a few minutes for Rei to prep the scanner and explain to me how to work it.
Since the mini-truck had a flat bed, and we knew it would take Shinji another half hour to get back, we did the scan in the garage.
As I started the scan, I was careful as Rei directed to concentrate on her abdomen, in the areas she had indicated.
I was looking in the flat screen part of the scanner for the pear shape that would indicate a uterus, and within a few seconds, it appeared on the screen. With a smile, I told Rei, "I have found your uterus, Rei. now for those tubes and the ovaries." Rei nodded trying to keep still as I then searched for her fallopian tubes and then her ovaries.
I almost jumped as i found the first tube and Ovary, I then held my breath as I went to the side opposite of where I was looking and scanned that area.
"Rei, they're both there, the tubes and the ovaries, you have all you plumbing.
I jumped up and down as Rei had finally shown some emotion as a small smile registered on her face.
Then Rei asked me to push a button on the scanner wand. A needle came out the end, and before I knew it, Rei had taken the wand and stuck herself with it.
"REI, what the hell are you doing you Baka!" I yelled as she withdrew the needle with a sample of her blood.

"The scanner has a sample test module built into it. I also know that this scanner was used on you and Shinji before."

I then remembered, "Yeah, now I remember this contraption in our medical exams." I nodded.

"Wait, then it can do a quick DNA scan, can't it?" I asked as Rei nodded again.
"Then, Why Rei?" She looked down after she had started to process her sample in the automated system on the scanner.
"I want to be sure that I do not share enough of my DNA with Shinji, what would change my relationship with him."

There it was, She just admitted to me what I had suspected, and I think Shinji may have known, That Rei and Shinji may still be related.

I knew now, Rei was hoping that her physical changes weren't the only ones that happened after Third Impact.
Part of me hoped that she would be related. The same place in my mind that kept reminding me how much of a baka Shinji is, or How Rei is a doll.
But the other part, the part that I have been listening to since I returned told me that It would hurt Shinji if Rei was his sister, or worse. It also made me hesitant to say that I would be sad for Rei as well. I knew that this test wasn't just for Rei's sake but all of our sake. So, I waited in silence sitting next to Rei as the test was being completed.
Then the internal printer started and spewed out several pages of data that contained various names and the percentage of compatibility to Rei's DNA.

As we both read the papers two things became apparent!
First Rei was not a close match for Shinji's DNA, only 5% compatible.
But what came out next stopped both of us cold.
A 95% match with . . . Misato Katsuragi?!?!?!?
i sat down thumping my behind on the ground in shock. Misato's Rei's closest relative. So much so she'd be considered Rei's mom!
"Whoa! That's just not possible?" I said out loud, and not thinking again of what Rei felt.
But she answered immediately after.
"I agree, I am confused at this compatibility with The Major." Rei then sat down on the flatbed of the truck and was lost in thought as Shinji finally arrived.
We heard a gasp as Shinji was shaking and pointing to Rei, who due to the test was in her underwear.
"What's going on here girls?" Shinji looked at us with a mix of concern and confusion.
I answered back, " I told you it was a female problem. Now go et the clothes packed into that wagon and we'll be ready to go in five minutes. Shinji didn't find out til we had made it to Nagoya what had happened.
So that question hung between us till then as neither I or Rei told him anything. And being Shinji, he didn't recognize the scanner, till much later in the trip.


Shinji's POV:

We made our way in the Humvee with the snow shovel on it front, towing supply trailers and the quad-trac motor bikes slowly through streets, weaving our way through the rubble and abandoned cars.
After about Two hours of driving, we made it out of the city proper, and made it to the near by National Highway
We then took it and headed to our final destination, Nagoya.

Why Nagoya. Well there was a huge Nerv supply warehouse there,
and also there was a certain place my teacher had told me about before I came To Tokyo-3
This place would help us to relax and to have a cozy place to start our new lives from.
Hopefully we planned and prepared enough, but I had a nagging feeling that we had overlooked something.
And for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it was.
But I didn't want to worry the girls, so we finished packing in silence.
So I kept my mouth shut as we loaded and secured the storage trailers.
we then took one last look around the area. The city we had promised to defend lay in ruins, and empty of any people.
We sadly turned around knowing that the life of suffering for us was over, and we looked down the road ahead, leading hopefully to a new path for the three of us.
As Asuka took a circular path out of the city, I rode beside Rei's bike not just to help calm her from the rough week she'd had, but also to reassure her of this move away from the only real home shed ever known.
She gave me a slight smile, but her eyes showed apprehension fear.
Asuka saw that also, slowed down to take a position opposite me and told Rei as we rode,
"Don't worry, Rei-chan, how can you go wrong with me in the lead and Shin-chan right beside you?
What could be better!" This made for a truly wonderful sight.
A smile ear to ear on Rei's face, and not just to me, but to a equally smiling, and surprised Asuka.
Later on, as Rei finally calmed down and concentrated on her driving. I later thanked Asuka-chan and told her how proud I was of her with what she said.
Finally, how much she helped Rei with her pain this week. "I am seeing the real Asuka I have come to respect ,. . . and cherish!" I then leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, which caused the bikes to wobble, but Asuka soon had it back straight with a very red blush spreading through her face. Wow, getting her to blush was getting to be more enjoyable as we made our way towards our new home. Now I just need to keep my bike straight too!

*********************************************************************** ********************************

After two days driving;

We slowly made our way into a campsite area on the outskirts of Mt. Fuji, which rose majestically before us.
Most of the countryside had grown fallow and it showed us that we didn't come back right after Third Impact occurred.
The only thing that really told us that it was three years since it happened was the date the Magi had provided. But that really couldn't be trusted simply because they hadn't been maintained through that time, so it could be three or thirty years. But with most food spoiled except those freeze dried or canned, we agreed that what the Magi had said, was in fact accurate.
After we made camp and started a fire, we settled down to a quiet evening. I had to take a quick walk to relieve myself and also to allow Asuka to help Rei with her special problem. After that, we got ready for bed.
Now of course we knew that we were probably the only people on the Japanese mainland. But that didn't rule out some desperate newly emerged soul seeking out our campfire and coming to take something from us, or even harm us.
So I slept towards the entrance of our tent and had the girls sleep at the far end, away from the door. All of us had a side arm next to us, just in case. We had practiced earlier that day more to make sure if someone was out there, that they knew now that we were armed.

As I purposely stayed awake as the girls slept, I took to look at them highlighted by the moons light.
Rei still looked almost ethereal, like she could sprout wings and fly away. I remembered back when the clones were destroyed by Dr. Akagi. I felt a sudden shiver as their images filled my head. I remember the Doctor telling me of Rei's origins. I thought about this some, then remembered that she now looked different. She had a darker complexion.
More like a normal girls. Her eyes were now almost Purple, not the crimson red they were before.
Even her hair was a darker shade of blue, almost purple as well. I decided that when we get to Nagoya,
I will ask her for a blood test, not just to check for disease, but to see if her DNA still partially matched my own.
(Little did I know that This had already been done!)
It gnawed at my heart that she could still be related to me by blood. It would change our relationship.
And that was something I could not think of right now. But I know soon that it would have to be addressed.
It was good that we had agreed to not become one till later. But I would miss our kisses the most.
But that was for later, not now. I then looked at Asuka trying to drown out the conflicting emotions I had for Rei.

Asuka was also being framed by the moon's light. The contrast was striking. She was like a firebird flying out of it's roost with powerful wings and claws, yet the gentleness in her features as she slept was comforting for me to see.
Then I remembered how she died. At the hands of those ugly MP Evas. They literally tore her unit apart.
Since she was synched at the time, they tore her up too. She experienced all that pain and torture.
I couldn't bring myself to look at what was left . Not just because I was fighting as well, but I just couldn't see her like that.
The video feed was hard enough. Then Rei sacrificing herself and her soul as she became part of Lillith.
My heart breaking at the thought of her uniqueness . . . gone. I shook my head and tried to ge some sleep,
but still that uneasiness kept me up for most of the night.

I had pledged my friendship to both of them, . . . and they accepted it without reservations.
But, before when we were fighting the angels, that friendship and the girls acceptance
was the farthest thing from my mind.
I didn't really care for anyone, I knew to a certain extent, so did the girls.
But we had one thing in common, ... we were lonely!

Now, we had each other. I realized that we were happy now, together.
While before us was a struggle to live. (Yawn.)
Now we were starting a new life that we controlled, and had a future where we didn't have one before,
and no control to our own lives. Now I had . . . love, pure and simple. (Yawn.)
I just . . . hope . . . that we . . . make it! (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

These were Shinji Ikari's thoughts as sleep finally claimed his tired and restless soul.

*********************************************************************** ********************************
Sniper's Eye

We broke camp and were on the road by sunrise. The going was slow due to the fact that when we got near a large city we had more abandoned cars to weave through thereby slowing us down.
Over the next two days we had to do this over and over again. Finally on the third day out of Tokyo-3,
we made it to Nagoya. Our goal had been reached.

To my grateful relief Rei had finished her period, so I thought that was over.
Then the next day, Asuka's started and when she had hers, well lets just say she was very . . . Impatient to say the least.
For the next few days Rei, and especially I took great care not to ignite the volcano known as Asuka Langley Souryu.
Luckily we had started to make some good time and with my handy manual gas pump we got from the Geofront,
we had no problem getting gas. Though it was still chilly, the snow had evaporated for now as we trekked.
We had been making good time. That is until we reached the outskirts of Nagoya.

It seemed that someone didn't want us to go into the city, because a sniper was taking pot shots at us!
We had gotten to the outskirts of Nagoya, when several shots careened around us, causing jump off the Bikes
Though many of the shots had been over our heads, we kept ourselves low, as we drove behind some taller buildings to hide ourselves from the shooter. So, we had to drive around the area that this sniper was in.
But luck was with us as we ran into an abandoned police station where their SWAT type unit had housed their equipment.
There we found many of the various weapons that Nerv had also when we had commandeered supplies
before we left Tokyo-3. We then found a set of very interesting weapons, Laser targeted Sniper rifles.
Asuka smiled that devilish smile and a shiver went down my spine when Rei exhibited her small smile as well.
With Asuka's mood and Rei's calm and calculating demeanor, the sniper never had a chance.

A few hours later as if rekindling old skills, Rei zeroed in on the sniper on top of the tallest building in Nagoya.
We had taken the rifles we found in the police station, and stored our bikes and wagons there. We made our way carefully toward the office building that the sniper was. With our comm-links we got from Nerv, the girls each took
a position where they had a clear view of the Building from opposing sides. I was the bait, as I stayed near the area that we were first shot at. I ran through the area where The sniper took some shots at me. The girls zeroed in on where he was. Suddenly from two different positions away from the center of Nagoya came several shots directed toward that building.
I looked with my rifles telescope where I saw several shots hit into and around a particular window.
Rei said she then casually put a bullet in the arm.
With several other shots fanned around him by Rei, we effectively chased him down the building as Asuka,
who also had a high powered laser targeting rifle, had fun at chasing the retreating sniper down the building with bullets nicking his feet, and slamming in and around his head.
Much of her natural pent up emotions (Due to a certain time of the month) were directed out at this fool and thereby letting Rei and I off the menstrual hook, so to speak. That left the part of Nagoya open to us and we resupplied with needed items including food, water and some more warmer clothing.
A few days later after we resupplied in Nagoya our bike caravan, we then camped out inside a deserted hotel and planned a ride around The city to find out if the sniper was alone, and also to find the airport where the Magi said the supply warehouse was.

Shinji's POV:
We made their way through the deserted city. Though there were many cars around, and shops seemingly open,
not a soul was around. Here it seemed the whole city's population simply didn't want to come back.
Not a soul was seen, not even that stupid sniper! We made our way to the building indicated on the computer printout map as the one housing the supplies we wanted and a computer uplink to the Magi.
After securing our bikes and provisions, we three armed children made our way into the building .
A short time later they found the terminal and with their portable generator powered up the computer,
and linked with the Magi.

The Magi still had their sensors and cameras working. But only in the areas unaffected by Unit-00's explosion nor Lillith's assencion. The Magi then could only scan those areas and those were empty of life.
But a certain camera was revived by Rei for me. It was a view of the beach were we awakened.
What was also excellent about this camera was that it could move and zoom in and out

With the appropriate keyed commands, the camera zoomed and panned up then down the beach.
"Rei, can we hook up a video DVD recorder to this terminal and be able to come back and check on the images."
I asked the only one of us who had enough experience with the Magi to answer my question.
"I believe so Shinji-kun. I can even take this microwave repeater and have the video signal sent to us as long as we're within 50 kilometers of this building."
"Wait, you mean we could be, say 25 kilometers away and you can rig it to a monitor where we're at and we'd see this same signal?" asked a doubting Asuka.
"Yes, Asuka, Dr. Akagi did the same when Shinji-kun and I fought the fifth angel." answered Rei.
"How?" was all Asuka said.
"I can instruct the Magi to activate all working Nerv satellites orbiting the earth. When we set up the uplink, and connect it to a monitor, we can access the Magi through it, as well as receiving the video signal." Rei then stared at her companions as they digested all she had said. Remember Rei doesn't usually explain many things in detail, so this was different for her companions to grasp.
"You mean, unless we lose the signal from the satellite, we don't have to return to the city?" Asuka asked.
"Except for supplies, yes." Rei replied
"Good, then when we're home we can keep an eye on the beach." I replied. Then Asuka gave me a look of confusion.
"Wait, Shinji you said, that we're not home yet?" Asuka was now steadily getting angry at me.
"Ah, well this place I was wanting to take you two to, is about 13 kilometers outside of Nagoya
in the direction of Kyoto-2." I was smiling while my hand was holding the back of my head.
Asuka then walked up to me, grabbed my collar and said, "WHERE?"
"The Awara Onsen, between Nagoya and Kyoto-2." I said quickly, gasping as Asuka finally let go of my collar.
"And why this particular Onsen? Asuka was asking me, still unervingly close given her current temperament.
"Because there's ample water, and places where a new home could be built, or we can take over one there.
The area hasn't been affected as much by the blight we saw around Tokyo-3, and I just wanted a place we can be close to civilization, but have our privacy." I shut my eyes and got ready for the slap that was sure to come.
But, it never came, instead, I peeked with one of my eyes, and saw a calm Asuka and Rei now standing next to her.
Rei finally spoke, "Was that your intent, Shinji-kun. To have us isolated. Why?"
Yes, Shinji, why?" Asuka said with a bit more sternness in her tone, now crossing her arms around her chest.
I looked down at my feet, then I got the courage, and told them the truth.
"I wanted to take you away from where I felt you two might be hurt." I sighed then added,
"I don't want either of you to suffer what you had to go through again." (I looked up to see their eyes.)
"I simply wanted to protect you both." I looked back down nervously, then back up again.
"But, if you want, we can stay here, or go anywhere you guys want. I just want to go wherever you want."
I put my head down again and waited for their response.
This time it wasn't a verbal answer. Both of them took one of my arms, and hugged me together.
After a few moments, Rei finally said, "You did all this . . . just to protect us?"
Before I could answer, Asuka added,
"Shinji, Don't you know that life will have its times of joy, and pain as well." She looked at me knowingly.
"Let's see this place you want us to live in, and we'll tell you then. Is that OK with you Rei?"
Rei answered her. "I will go wherever Shinji goes, as I assume you will as well."
"I knew that would be your answer, Rei, But we'll work on that blind obedience issue you have."
Asuka then winked at me, knowing what she was talking about.
I understood their answers as a yes. So I pulled up a map on the terminal and showed them the information I had gathered from the data Rei had pulled up earlier, while in Tokyo-3.
After seeing what I had based his decision on, They simply led me back to their bikes to bring them into the warehouse and resupply for the run to the Awara Onsen. That night we made camp inside the warehouse.
As the light left the sky we had eaten and set up a infrared grid courtesy of Nerv's security office, and found a suitable set of futons, which we laid next to each other and got ready for bed.
As soon as Rei entered the security code the grids came on and the motion sensors were activated.
We felt secure in our bed for that night, but it wasn't what scared us
That night, our dreams gave us enough to keep us busy!

*********************************************************************** ********************************
As the children dream, they have nightmares which make them relive horrendous events in their lives.
But, finally, the trio arrive in the Awara Onsen and start their new lives, a fight for survival, and an awareness of each others feelings..
In Chapter 5: Nightmares!