Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ I Lied to Her ❯ The Death ( Chapter 1 )

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I lied to her chapter1

2001- 08-21T01:34:00Z

Shinji slowly opened his eyes and looked around the hospital
room. Misato was asleep in the chair next to his bed. As he stared at the
ceiling, images of the night before began to surface, the car, the accident,
and Hikari lying on the ground motionless as he tried to reach her before he
blacked out. Once Shinji remembered why
he was there, he quickly got out of bed and started to make his way to the
door, but he got no more then a few steps before the pain in his ribs became to
much and he dropped to his knees. The
noise brought Misato around from her light sleep and she quickly went to
Shinji's side.

"What are you doing? You have to get back to bed." Misato
said while placing her hands on his shoulders.

"No I have to see Hikari I be sure she is ok." He said trying
once again to get to his feet.

Misato slowly helped the young man to his feet. "Shinji
there is some thing you need to know…"

"Not now I have to see her." He cut her off.

"Shinji she…."
Misato turned her gaze to the floor as the tears began to come. "Shinji she
didn't make it." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"No… it's a mistake you heard wrong ", he said fighting back

"I am sorry Shinji." She said looking in to his eyes.

He dropped back down to his knees as the tears began to flow
freely. "I lied to her!" He began to chat as he punched the floor. Every time
he said that phrase it became louder and each time he struck the ground it
became harder, until there was a faint crack heard in the room. Shinji looked
down at his hand every knuckle was bleeding and he could not move his pinky
finger, but he felt no pain from his hand and he felt no pain from his side.
The only pain he felt was the pain of his heart dying.

He looked up at Misato and mouthed to her, "I lied to her."
Before he fell face first unconscious.


Shinji leaned on the gourd railing of the plateau over
looking Tokyo-3. His mind a was a battlefield of conflicting emotions on
whether or not to leave EVA and every thing came with it behind. Then a voice
came from behind him.

"Ikari?" A feminine voice said.

He slowly turned his head to see the source of the voice it,
was the Class rep.

Shinji turned back to face the city as he said, "I am sorry
I forgot your name."

"Hikari Hokari." She said with a small smile as made her and
stood beside him. "You know its funny I was just thinking about you."

"Really… why you would be thinking about me?" He said in a
monotone voice. His gaze never leaving the city

Hikari was a little taken back by his comment so she just looked
at him for a moment before she answered, "Well you're a classmate and I herd
from Kenskue and Touji about what happened after you fought the angel so I
guess I was a little worried about you."

"I don't deserve to have someone worry about me, I am weak
and a coward. Look at me I'm up her because I can't even decide whether or not
I should run away." He backed away from the fence and sat down on the small
bench. "It would better if I would just die." There wasn't the slightest hint
of anger of sadness in his voice it was just empty.

Hikari looked down at her hands they were trembling, "His
words." she thought "They sound just like what Kinoko said before…" She quickly
crossed the distance between her and Shinji and before she fully realized what
she was doing she gave him a resounding slap across the face. "Don't ever say that! No one deserves to
die!" Her hands were still shaking at her sides as she looked down him.

Shinji looked up into Hikari's he could tell she was on the
verge of crying. "I don't know what to say." He said as he gently fingered the
spot were he had been hit.

But before he could think of any thing to say three men in
black suits came up behind Shinji and said, "Shinji Ikari your coming with

Shinji did not protest he simply got up and started to
follow them to the waiting car. He took one last look at Hikari, her eyes were
still ready to unleash a torrent of tears, but her face had changed it now had
a look of worry along with sorrow. Then
every thing went black and he could see was her face and how it contorted in
pain as the skin was stating to get worn away as if rubbed with sand paper as
the skin started to fall and the blood started to flow he awoke with a scream.


Shinji screamed as he shot up in the hospital bed, beads of
sweat running down his face. As he
tries to bring a hand up to whip his face he realizes there tied to the bed.
This was the last straw.

the top of his lungs as thrashed against the restraints.

Misato had just stepped out of the elevator when she heard
Shinji start to yell. She ran to his room and pushed the nurses out of the way
to get to him. When she made it in side she saw him trying to rip out the
restraints with all the force he could muster. She made her way to his bed and
put her hands on his shoulders and forcefully pushed him down to the bed. She
looked down in to his eye and there was no anger in them just despair.

"Can I leave Misato… please tell me I can leave." He said on
the verge of tears.

Misato looked over to the doctor that had just entered the
room. "Yes he is as well enough, but I am going to prescribe some pain killers
for his ribs and his hand." He said before he told one of the nurses to undo
the restraints.

"Why is he tied up?" Misato asked

"He was trashing around in his sleep, we did not want him to
aggravate his injuries." The nurse said as he finished her task.

The doctor and the nurses left as Misato helped Shinji out of
his bed. Then she left so he could get dressed. After he was finished Shinji
slowly mad his way to the door but before he got there he found something in
his pocket. He leaned his back to the wall and slid down it bringing his knees
to his chest. Shinji looked at the small picture of Hikari smiling and he began
to sob. Misato made her way in to the room and saw that Shinji was crying but
she did not bother to ask what was wrong she just helped him to his feet an
took him home.


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