Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ I Lied to Her ❯ Funeral /Arrival ( Chapter 2 )

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It was a beautiful day

2001-07- 17T03:59:00Z

It was a beautiful day. It was not to hot, there was a crystal
clear blue sky with a few puffy white clouds slowly making there way across it.
It was the kind of day Shinji Ikari loved, but now would loath for the rest of
his existence.

The sun shown brightly on the small gathering of family and
friend around the grave of his beloved Hikari, but Shinji was not with them. He
watched the funeral from afar. "How can I show my face around them after my
failure." He thought to himself as he scanned the crowd. His eyes fell on the
young face of Kodama Hikari's younger sister. She was holding to her older
sister arm. , Nozomi Hikari's older sister just looked strait ahead with an
emotion less gaze.

Shinji remembered the first time he met the two. Hikari had
invited him over for dinner. It was pleasant evening. Kodama took Shinji
quickly asking him dozens question of no real importance. Later that evening
Kodama had persuaded Shinji to play a
board game while Hikari and Nozomi cleaned up.

"Well what do you think of him?" Hikari asked with a smile

"Hmmmm…He is to quiet; I don't trust him. Its always the
quiet ones you know." Nozomi answered.

"Nozomi!" Hikari said with a frown, "Shinji is nothing like
that he would never do anything to hurt me."

"If you say so but I am going to keep my on him." She said
in a skeptical tone.

Just then Shinji walked in to the kitchen and asked, "We're
done out here, what would you guys like to do?"

Before he got an answer Nozomi motioned for Shinji to come
near her. When he got with in a foot of her, Nozomi looked at him with narrowed
eyes and stuck her finger in to his chest and said, "Now listen, I am only
going to say this once, if you ever do any thing to hurt my sister they will
never find you body. Got it?"

Shinji was stunned and he could was nod. "Good." Nozomi said
as he put arm around Shinji's shoulder and led him out of the kitchen in to the
living room.

After that night Shinji spent a lot of his time at Hikari's
Even though most of the time he was there he ended up being persuaded by Kodama
to play a game of some sort, but he never minded, he actually enjoyed it. Some
times he would end up spending more time with Kodama then with Hikari when he
was at their residence. After a while he grew a little protective of the girl.

Shinji was brought back to the present as he took another
look at Kodama's face. It once and a look hope in it, now it was just sorrow
and heartache. He looked away as she began to cry.

As the funeral ended Shinji pulled a small orange container
out of his pocket and took one of the painkillers in side. Shinji picked up the
small white rose he had brought and made his way to the grave. He knelt down by
the headstone and dropped the rose to the coffin. He whispered, "I Love you."
Before he kissed the head stone and backed up so the workmen could fill in the

He stood there for hours after the grave was filled in. Just
as he was about to leave he heard footsteps approaching. Shinji turned around
to see Nozomi and Kodama, before he could speak Kodama ran to him and put her
arms around his waist in a clumsy embrace, she was soon followed by Nozomi. The
three stayed in that embrace for a moment or two comforting each other if only
a little. Nozomi stepped back for Shinji while Kodama stayed by his side holding
his hand.

"I think Hikari would want you to have this Shinji." Nozomi
said in as she pulled something from her pocket.

Shinji looked down at the small gold locket that Nozomi had
handed to him and with a sad smile said, "Thank you…Well its getting late, I
will walk you home."


Shinji looked on nervously as Hikari opened the poorly
wrapped birthday present. When she saw the small gold locket she quickly gave
Shinji a warm embrace.

"So you like it?" He asked sheepishly

"I love it sill…" Her body began
to spasm in his arms as a hundreds of gash's appeared all over her body and
blood spilled to the floor.

Shinji shoot up in his bed his shirt plastered to his body
from sweat. Shinji stood up and as he exited his room he kicked the small waste
basket in frustration because he knew he would not be getting any sleep

"You ok Shinji?" Misato asked looking down the hall

"I am ok." He said as he made his way to the kitchen and sat
down at the table across from Misato.

"Another nightmare?"
She asked with a worried expression.

"Yep" He answered with sigh. "What time is it?"

"Eleven-o-clock." She answered before taking a sip of beer.

Shinji let out a small whimper before his head hit the
table, "Just shoot me now Misato, just shoot me now."

"Shinji go try and get some sleep we have to leave early
tomorrow to pick up the second child."

"What why do I have to go?" He said in whiney tone of voice.

"Because you have not left the apartment since the funeral
and…" She quickly shut her mouth after she mentioned the funeral and she knew
that was the last thing she would say to him tonight.

Shinji said nothing he just got up from the table and walked
out to the balcony were he would stay for the rest of the night.


"How is he?" Ritsuko asked over the phone to her long time

"He has hardly slept since the funeral he keeps having
nightmares." Misato said with a concerned tone.

"Maybe you should try some sleeping pills." Ritsuko said

"I don't know he is still young, but he can't keep this up I
will think about it." Misato said with a concerned tone.

"What about the second child? Do you want us to get her a
room in the geo-front?" The Doctor asked.

Misato thought about it for second before she answered, "No.
It might be good for him to have someone else to talk to. Maybe she can get him
off the damned balcony."

"What's he doing out there?" Ritsuko asked

"He just sits out there and stares at Hikari's apartment
building day and night. He only comes in side to eat and use the bathroom."
Misato took a quick glance at the wall clock and she suddenly realized that
they were going to be late for their rendezvous. "Damn I have to go Ritsuko,
bye." She hung up before the Doctor could answer.


Shinji unconsciously clutched the small locket that hung from
a gold chain around his neck as he fallowed Misato on the massive deck of the
aircraft carrier. After a few moments Shinji noticed a red head in yellow
sundress standing in the path.

"Shinji this is the second child Asuka Langley Sohryu." Misato said motioning to the
red head in front of them. "Asuka this is Shinji Ikari the third child."

"Not much
to look at is he." Asuka said moving with in inches of Shinji's face.

Shinji said nothing in response he just
glared at the redhead for a second before he turned and walked off.

looked up Misato with an annoyed expression, "What's his problem?"

"He has not
had the best month Asuka, just go easy on him ok. Come on lets go talk to the
captain." Misato then turned and headed to the bridge. Asuka gave one last look
at the fading form of the younger Ikari before she fallowed Misato.

stood looking at the small picture of him and Hikari that was in the locket. He
then heard foot steps approaching, he turned his head to see the Asuka standing
by him, "Come third child I want you to see some thing." She said with smug

"No that's
ok you go ahead." Shinji replied as he scowled at the young woman.

Before she
could respond there was a massive explosion as one the ships split in two and
sank. As the two pilots looked at the fleet the saw a massive whit shape break
the surface and crash into another ship causing it to spilt in two and sink.

" An Angel
we have to tell Misato." Shinji yelled

"You go
tell her I will go get help." She exclaimed with a fiendish grin.

A few
second later Shinji was in the bridge, "What are we going to do?" Shinji asked.
Before the woman could answer a rumbling was herd form under the tarp on deck a
second later the tarp was in the air and there stood the massive red titan
known as Evangelion unit-02. As soon as the EVA appeared the massive angel
launched out of the sea and strait at it. Asuka barely had enough time puller
progressive knife before the angel touched down one the deck. The EVA struggled
with the beast for what seamed like an eternity before the angel mad a mistake.
It open it's jaws trying to take a bite out of unit-02 and Asuka noticed its
core and drove the knife deep inside shattering it, the beast lay limp on the
deck before unit-02 pushed it over bored.


Back at
port Shinji sat in the back of a jeep waiting for Misato to drive home.

"Well what
did you think? Pretty impressive huh."
Asuka said leaning in to the jeep. She looked the young Ikari up and
down before her eyes fell upon the small gold locket around his neck. "Hey
isn't that a girls locket?" She asked as she reached for the pendant.

slapped her hand away as he growled, "Don't you ever touch that."

intervened before there was a fight. "Hey you two, cut it out. I don't want you
fighting all the way home." With that she started up the jeep and headed for


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