Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Love After Impact ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Love After Impact
by: Al-I-Bus

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion is not owned by myself. I am not gonna talk about who owns them cuz I don't wanna.

Background: Takes place after series, but before movie. I guess in an alternate reality. This will be from Asuka's point of view. The next will be from Shinji's. Here it goes.


It must have happened when we were synching. You know what I mean. When we fought the replicating Angel... the one I cut into half, only to watch in horror as it turned into two separate Angels. It was scary then, but now it's almost funny.

I can't believe it....Not with that baka. Anyone but him. Touji at least has a nice build, Kensuke is at least smart. Kaji was at least, shit he was Kaji! But that baka! How... could it have happened? Maybe I shouldn't ask how, but rather why not sooner. It was there, I just never jumped at it, I was scared.

Shinji thought I was asleep that night. When I wandered into his bed. At first I just wanted to play a trick on him, but when he was next to me, his arms wrapped around me, his warm breath tickling the side of my face......That was when I realized how much I wanted him.

I opened my eyes just enough to be able to see him. His eyes were a deep blue, close to brown, but really blue. It was strange that I never noticed that before. Well I sure noticed it then. Shinji...He's alot like his dad, and that's not all bad.

His lips drew nearer to mine, I purposely tilted my head, hoping, praying to God that he would kiss me. I hadn't prayed to God in a while, but I prayed for this. It was almost as if it was destined to be this way.

Then at the last possible instant I got scared. I needed to get him away from me, so I called out to mama. I'm such an ass. It worked though. Shinji backed off, he's such and Angel. Much more of an Angel than that Kaoru.

I can still remember when he almost made me slip and say it. When we were fighting, after the battle. He looked so cute, his hair matted to his head with sweat, his blue eyes shining with excitement. Such a sweetie. So quick! Everything I said, he was right back, well....until I accuesed him of trying to kiss me.

"Shinji I love you." Is what I wanted to say after he admitted trying, but all I could manage was a strangled gasp and: " Mein Gott!" I treated him so bad, but I was baka!

Then I remember when I thought for sure I would have to tell him.

Damn! That was scarier than the thought of plummeting to the bottom of that volcano.

I nearly cried out with glee when he gave me the idea for defeating the Angel. So smart! At least this gave me an excuse to be nicer to him later. Shortly after, though it didn't seem like there was going to be a later. I dangled by a strand. The thinnest of fibers held me dangling between life and death. Then it snapped.

Misato told me later that he got chewed out by his father for three hours because of it. Why did he save me? To keep a death off of his conscience? Or because of me? Would he have done it for Rei? I wonder.....

He jumped into that lava without the proper heat protection. The Type- B equipment saved him, but he must have been in enormous pain. Plus he did some damage to the Eva's armour. His father was mad as hell. Misato just smiled....She wanted us together from the start anyway.

I don't think I want to talk about Kaoru/Shinji/Gendo right now. That was painful to watch. Poor kid. And it wasn't easy watching, I loved him then too. Baka.

If I ever meet that Angel again I'll kill him with my own bare hands. Fucking white haired wonder. He was such an asshole. Kaoru knew what he was the whole time. He knew and he knew what he was going to do to Shinji.

Then He had to choose to be a jerk. The Angel of free will decided that following SEELE was more important than being true to his heart...I mean even Rei has become kinda cool since the end. I'm happy that I can call her a friend.

I hate Gendo. If he wasn't Shinji's dad, I'd kill him..I should anyway. I can't believe how he treated my Shinji. Did I just say my Shinji? Oh well.

Listen...whomever is reading this. Know that I, Asuka Langley Soryou, Love Shinji Ikari with all my heart and soul. Every part of my being screams out to him for love and attention. I want to be a part of him. I don't care about anything else anymore. Simply Shinji.

If you see him....think you could tell him for me? Please.

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