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Author's Note
This is a revised version of the first chapter. After re-reading the chapter I felt that there needed to be a few changes made. I was originally going to release the revised chapter 1 along with chapter 2, but I figured you guys and girls would like to see it now. Also, to date I only have 3/4ths of chapter 2 done so it should be out, at the latest, within a week and a half. Anyway, to answer a few questions raised in the reviews. a question was raised if this was a Evangelion/Xenosaga crossover. I would say yes and no, I 'borrowed' a few concepts and ideas from Xenosaga, but I am not intending to cross any characters over. Another question was raised if I intended to Shinji the axe in this fanfiction. I don't intend to have more than one OC of mine, and he happens to be the main villain of this story. So you will just have to wait and see as to what I have in store for you.
Last point, yes this is based off of an earlier fanfic of mine that I have deleted off of both my computer and Sorry about that. Anyway I hope you enjoy the revised chapter one, and remember, more reviews I get, the better I can make the story.
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The Angels of Order and Chaos
Second Impact Arc: Part 1 of 6
Chapter One: White Moon
It was bright and sunny day in Antarctica, though it didn't do much to help the freezing temperature. With blue skies and a snow white landscape, a person could have enjoyed the scenery. That is, if they could shake the feeling of doom that seemed to permeate the cold air.
High in the sky at nearly 15,000 feet a plane was flying through the blue expanse. It was an cargo plane bound for the research facilities that were about a 100 miles away. The plane was carrying supplies for the research team that was stationed there. On board the plane were three people, two pilots and a passenger. The pilots were just regular looking people doing a regular job flying supplies for the expedition. Although they don't seem realize that they had an extra person on board the plane.
The passenger in question sat in the very back of the cargo hold taking a nap. This stranger looked quite unusual compared to the average person. He had a small, thin body frame that was currently curled up into a ball. His clothing consisted of a black full body suit, white baggy pants with a belt that had a pouch just off to the side, gloves with a red jewel on top, and finally a unusual orange vest-like shirt that stopped just below the chest. To top it off, he had a necklace that was made with a gold chain and an azure jewel. The blue jewel itself was shaped like a teardrop and had mysterious glow to it.
While the clothing were a tad unusual, the stranger's looks were more bizarre then the clothes. The what was bizarre about his looks was the pigment, or lack thereof. His skin was very pale looking, Like alabaster stone, and he had very long pale blue hair that reached down just above his ankles. Also, his face looked very feminine and was flawless. As he started to wake up from his nap, his eyes opened. The eyes themselves were translucent red that had a melancholic look to them. Despite his unusual looks, he was a very attractive young man and was the epitome of the pretty boy look.
The beautiful stranger rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and slowly stood up on his feet. Surveying his surroundings, he was relieved that he hadn't been caught yet, though you wouldn't be able to tell it by looking at his stoic face. He flicked his left wrist up and a small holographic screen materialized above the back of his hand. Looking at it, the albino decided that he needed to get off the plane now before he could get caught.
Turning to his left, he opened the back hatch off the cargo plane, depressurizing the cargo hold while he was at it. Seemingly unaffected by the air rushing out off the cargo hold and the items flying everywhere, he stood at the edge of the open hatch, looking downward for a safe place to land. Finding such a place, the young-looking albino then jumps out of the plane without a parachute it seems.
Meanwhile, a series of unfortunate events happened inside the plane. First, a sharp item flew around and punctured a hole in the fuel line. Then another item, metallic this time, clashed against the wall where the fuel was leaking, creating a spark which lit up the gas.
As the beautiful stranger was falling towards the ground, he heard a massive explosion above him. Looking up, he saw the flaming plane take a nose dive south. Sighing at this, he then begins to think." It looks as though luck is with me today, or is it ?"
The stranger fell from the sky with his blue hair fluttering in the wind. Like a bomb he fell to the ground, landing on his feet while creating an massive explosion of snow and ice. When the snow settled, he walked out of the crater without so much as a scratch. He than paused for a moment and closed his eyes as if he was trying to make sense of where he was. He then opened the eyes again, standing there thinking to himself.
" It appears I have landed about three miles north of the base. If I hurry, I can get there before they break the Eternal Seal. Before I go though, I need to check the place out."
His eyes then glows brilliant red when he starts to concentrate . His vision turning black for a moment, it cleared up with him looking at the base the ill-fated cargo plane was going to.
" I see, the base appears to be well armed for just an expedition team." He thought. " There are guards everywhere using special detection equipment . It will be extremely difficult to infiltrate the base by just manipulating their perceptions. But if I don't go, Dr. Katsuragi will be forced to make a disastrous mistake. That mistake will destroy everything the three of us worked for, not to mention it will spell the end of we lillum."
He then started to muse about how he got here. " If it wasn't for the Compass of Order and Chaos, I wouldn't have found out about what Seele was up to until it was too late. " He then grew a little irritated. " Seele doesn't seem to know when to quit. I thought they would have figured it out by now after I destroyed their last six attempts at it. No matter, they will fail this attempt as well. I'll see to that."
The blue-headed stranger then started to plan his strategy for infiltrating the base. " Before I left, the readings I got from the Compass indicated that the forced experimentation should begin in approximately," he looked at the holographic computer on his wrist. " 2 hours. Because of time constraints, I better just fly over there. It is far faster and I should be able to cross the long distance in about an hour. Once I get close enough to the base, I can phase out of this dimension. That should keep even their equipment from detecting me."
"Time to go." he said. The unusual stranger then bent forward and unfurled two wings of pure white feathers. Stretching the wings, he then took off flying for the base. After about an hour of flying at low elevation. He finally made it to the edge of the expedition base. He floated down to the ground and his wings disappeared. While that happened, he summoned some of his power and phased from this dimension. Giving a slight smile at his handwork, he then begin to sneak through the base.
Using his clairvoyant abilities, the albino looked around and saw groups of soldiers patroling the base. " Just as I foresaw in the compass, Seele is making sure the scientists work for them while protecting the base. Perhaps I can knock off two birds with one stone." He then walked over to large building that looked like a dormitory.He decided to go through it to search for Dr. Katsuragi. Phasing through the wall, he ended up in a girl's bedroom. Noting that the girl, in the process of waking up, was not Dr. Katsuragi, he started walking towards the wall on the other side of the room to search the next room over. While walking, somebody startled him by saying " Hello there."
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
Misato Katsuragi was a beauty to behold even at the age of fourteen. She had long purple hair that fell to her lower back, and her skin tone had a healthy color. Her clothing consisted of at the moment, a full black bodysuit that accented her growing curves and a purple jacket to go with it.
She was taking a nap at the moment when she heard someone walk into her room. Groggily sitting up from her bed, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked around the room. Incidentally, her eyes fell upon the stranger that had just walked through her wall. The stranger was probably the most beautiful thing she has ever seen with her teenage eyes in her life. " Damn. He's gorgeous. He's even prettier than I am. I've never seen someone of his complexion before, I wonder how he got his hair to be as long as that." Misato wondered. As she looked closer at him, she started to see something way out of the ordinary. The albino appear to be translucent as though he were a ghost or something, and she had just seen him walk through her wall. " Huh? Why can I see through him. Is he a ghost or something ?" She wondered. " He looks so sad." Filing this in her mind, she decided to chance it and see if she could talk to him.
" Hello there." Misato said to the stranger. The startled albino turned around and looked at her with a very rare look of surprise etched on his face. " What in the hell?! How can she even see me ? Its not possible! No mere human should even see me!" he thought. Misato looked at him weirdly and was wondering why he didn't speak. " Hello." she said again. The stranger, seeing that remaining in the realm of imaginary numbers was useless at the moment, phased back into normal space and walked up to her bed. Misato then said, " Who are you ? I haven't seen you before around here."
The strange male didn't say anything and continued to stare at her, apparently in deep thought. Misato started to get a little irritated that the intruder appeared to ignore her, so she decided to get his attention. She got onto the foot of her bed, sat up on her knees, and flicked him on the forehead. "Ow !!" he said while rubbing his forehead. " What was that for ?"
" You wouldn't answer me so I decided to take some action." Misato said. " Now that I got your full attention, let us introduce ourselves. I am Misato Katsuragi. What is your name ?" she asked the stranger. The stranger in question looked at her for a moment or two and then replied, " I am called Chaos."
" Chaos ? That's one weird name. So may I ask why are you in my bedroom ? Are you some kind of stalker coming to take advantage of my young nubile body ? Not that I would mind in the least, especially with your looks." Misato said as she winked to the stranger now known as Chaos.
Giving her a weird look, the person now called Chaos was wondering where she got that line of thinking. Then he registered in his mind that Misato's last name was Katsuragi. Remembering the readings from the Compass, he knew that Dr. Katsuragi had a daughter. " I'm apparently very lucky today." Chaos thought, " Apparently this is his daughter. Perhaps she can help me find him."
" Is Dr. Katsuragi your father ?" Chaos asked Misato. Misato looked away for a moment with a pained expression and said, " Yes, he is. Why do you want to know ?" " Is he here just for him ? Why? Am I just to be ignored ? Everybody doesn't want to know me. Even papa just ignores me now."
Misato felt the familiar heartbreaking feeling creeping up to her heart. Her father appeared to value his research over her and her mother. He had hauled his family away from Japan after receiving notice of an expedition to the antarctic, tearing her away from her friends and most of her extended family. Beforehand, even when Dr. Katsuragi was sometimes held up with his research, he would always make time for her and her mother. Now she didn't get to see him but a few times and those few times he ignored her while he chatted with his co-workers about his research. She began to feel hatred creep into her heart for her father, his research, and the bastards that sent him here to begin with.
Chaos observed her for a moment while thinking to himself. " This girl appears to be in much pain. Even though I need to get to the site where the seal lies as soon as possible, it is also my duty to help this girl as well. Then there is the fact that she was able to see me even though was in the realm of imaginary numbers. This presence...I have sensed this before. Where have I sensed this...?" Deciding to check up on that later he then decided to help the young girl sitting before him.
" Tell me, what pains you so ?" he asked the young girl. " " Huh?" she said, confused as to what he meant. Chaos then looked at her with his red eyes as if he were staring at her soul and said, " A young girl like you shouldn't look so sad like that. If you talk to me, I might be able to help you
Misato looked at him for a minute, unable to believe that a complete stranger would want to know what was hurting her. At first, she wanted to tell him off for sticking his nose into her business, but then she realized he wasn't ignoring her and was actually acknowledging her as a being. So she told him about her father and her relationship with him, how she was dragged away from her friends, and about being treated as virtually nonexistent by everybody but her mother. After she got through explaining everything to him tears started to fall from her eyes.
She turned around quickly to hide the tears, embarrassed that she just opened her heart to this stranger. " What is it about Chaos ? I just met him but it feels as though I can tell him anything." Misato wondered. Chaos, sensing her emotional state, said to her, " Tears cleanse the soul. They bring up that which torments you and washes them away. You don't need to be embarrassed about it. Just let yourself go. Nobody will tease you for it."
Misato took his offer and began to cry her eyes in front of Chaos. After a while she stopped crying and looked up at the albino. Chaos then offered her a tissue in which she blew her nose on. After she settled down, Chaos looked the clock on the wall and noticed that he had not much time left before the experiment began.
Turning around at Misato, he asked her, " Misato, do you know where your father is ? There is an urgent matter that I need to talk about."
" I think I know where he is approximately due to Adam's energy leaking through the seal I placed on him long ago. But I am not that familiar with this base, therefore it would be prudent if Misato were able to help me. Also, I may be able to help Misato if they decide to bring insurance to force Dr. Katsuragi to began the experiment." Chaos thought.
" Yea, I do. Why would you want to know, senpai ?" Misato said, looking at him though as if he were the best thing to happen to her.
" Senpai?" Chaos thought, " Your father is involved in a experiment that will have dangerous repercussions. I need to stop that him at all costs before a very bad thing happens. Also, don't you want to confront your father as to why he ignores you?"
" Papa always chose his research before me. Sometimes I wonder why I was even born." Misato said to her new senpai.
" No parent ever truly hates their children." Chaos told her. " From what you told me, he doesn't appear to be type to just up and hate his only daughter for no reason. Perhaps he has been trying to protect you from something."
" Wh-What are you saying?" Misato asked Chaos
"Your family may actually be in a lot of danger than you realize. So, will you help me ?" Chaos asked her.
Misato stood up and paced around the room for a second while thinking. " What does senpai mean when he said that my family may be in danger and what does that have do with papa's research? Come to think of it, the guards around here have always been armed to the teeth."
The more Misato gave that on this, the more frightened she became. What was the purpose of the guards? And why did her father bring his family down here. She thought at first that it was because he didn't want be away from them for a long period of time. But that was shot down when he started to ignore them, it seemed.
Chaos, noticing that they have didn't have much time, said to her, " I forgot to mention that the experiment starts in a few minutes. If you are going to make a choice, please do so at this time. "
Misato finally stopped pacing, looked at Chaos and said, " Alright, but we're going to get to the bottom of this mystery. And you're going to help me, alright ?
" We're ? She sure can be a bit pushy at times" Chaos mused as he got up from the bed. " Alright, now all I need you to do is lead me to the site. I am not familiar with this base as I just got here." Misato grabbed her orange parka and put it on. She then looked at Chaos and noticed that he didn't have a parka.
" By the way, senpai ?" Misato asked, " How were you able to travel here in Antarctica without a heavy jacket? Everybody else I know would be frozen stiff by the time they got here."
Chaos looked at her with surprise on his face while he tried to look around for an excuse. " No comment." he said. Misato then gave him a nasty glare.
" Also, you somehow got into my room while my door was locked and you looked transparent like a ghost when I woke up. so how are you going to explain that? "
Luckily for Chaos, or unluckily any way you see it, his senses picks up a bunch of tainted souls heading for this room. He noticed that they were giving off an aura of malice, so he said, " Misato, stand behind me. "
Misato, even though she was confused, obeyed and moved behind him just as the door was kicked in from the outside. Five soldiers waltzed in the room and the lead soldier said, " All right you little bitch, its time you came with us. Now be a good little bitch and give us no trouble or...or...."
Trailing off, the soldier in charge of the squad just noticed the intruder standing in front of the girl they were supposed to bring as "insurance". Interestingly, this was the same intruder that caused the supply plane to crash about a hundred miles outside of the base. The soldiers looked Chaos, Misato looked at the soldiers, the soldiers looked at Misato, Chaos looked at the soldiers, Chaos looked at Misato, Misato looked at Chaos, and the soldiers looked at each other.
The foul-mouthed lieutenant finally screamed, " Kill him!!!" as the soldiers raised their M-16 rifles at Chaos and started firing, ignoring the fact that Misato was in their line of fire. The bullets streaked forward only to ricochet off of an orange hexagonal force field.
The soldiers stopped firing at Misato and gawked at Chaos while he calmly adjusted his right glove. After adjusting his glove, he gave a dark smirk at the soldiers while one of the privates said weakly, " Mommy." Chaos streaked forward and engaged the soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. When it was all said and done, Chaos pulled a dazed Misato out of the room where the bodies laid.
When they walked out into the hall, another squad of soldiers, apparently hearing the gunfire earlier and then hearing the shouts and screams of agony as Chaos beat the stuffing out of the soldiers, marched into the narrow hall single filed, intent on executing whoever tortured their fellow soldiers. Chaos, seeing an opportunity, pressed the red jewel on his right hand. A huge silver handgun materialized into his right hand as Chaos aimed it at the first soldier in the line. Misato, finally breaking out of the dazed state she was in, took a look at the handgun Chaos held in his right hand
" Damn, its huge." Misato thought upon seeing the silver inlaid gun in Chaos' right hand. It looked like a Desert Eagle, except that it was silver with a lot of intricate engravings on it, the barrel was a lot longer, and it had the name 'Heaven's Wail' printed on both sides of the gun.
The lead soldier in the single line squad looked at the gun and said, " Oh shit." as Chaos pressed the trigger on the silver gun. The bullet blasted through the line of soldiers making a hole the size of a basketball before exiting through the flimsy steel of the wall. All of the soldiers fell down as a fountain of blood erupted from the multiple bullet wounds. Chaos then pulled Misato, who was again stunned from the blast of the gun, towards the door of the dormitory. Misato, finally recovering, looked at Chaos and said, " What the hell was that ?!"
Chaos looked at her and said, " Me field testing a new toy." leaving Misato to fume at his back while he was trying to find a way through the base.
Misato gave a look around the place and said to Chaos, " The dormitory is north of the site where Papa conducts his research. If we run along the fence to south, we should be able to get to the site quickly."
Chaos nodded and turned to go. Misato grabbed his arm and asked a question she has been dying to ask for some time now, " What are you?" Chaos turned and looked at her and said " I will explain later. Those soldiers that came through the door were supposed to take you as an hostage."
" Why would they take me as an hostage?" Misato said, " It doesn't make sense unless...oh no."
" Yes, the reason your family was 'relocated' here was probably to give your father some incentive to work." Chaos told her.
Misato suddenly felt the cold sensation of fear creep into her body when she realized something. " My mother! If they came for me they will also go for my mother. We've got to help her!"
Chaos looked away at the site for a moment using his clairvoyance abilty before turning to Misato and said,
" They have got your mother at the site. They have also begun the preparations for the experiment. If we don't go now, you and your family will die; not to mention the rest of Lilith's children."
Misato then nodded to Chaos and said " Alright, let's go." They began to run towards the site as more questions began to swirl around Misato's head. " What did he mean by 'Lilith's children' ? How the hell can he shoot a gun that huge without his arm blowing off. What kind of a force field was that ?"
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
The excavation site where the duo was headed is a huge hole in the ground where the research team is currently at. While the hole in the ground is not all that unusual for an excavation, what lied beneath it is. Underneath the snow and ice that comprised the ground lied a massive cavern that appeared to be spherical in shape, as if it were manmade. And what lied in the center of the cavern was a giant being. This giant being was huge in terms of size. It was lying face up with a huge spear sticking in its chest through a sphere. In addition, underneath the giant was a huge magic circle. The circle itself had ancient words carved into the ground.
Observing this site was a small team of researchers led by the renown Dr. Katsuragi. Dr. Katsuragi and a linguist, who was part of the research team, were desperately trying to translate the words on the ground inside the circle while the rest of the team was preparing for the operation to take place.
"Sir, we are still trying to translate the words inscribed in the ground. Is it okay to perform the experiment
now ?" asked the linguist.
" It's not as if we have a choice." Dr. Katsuragi said. " The Committee is pressing us quickly to have this operation done now."
" Damn jerks." thought Katsuragi, " They keep pressing for this damn experiment to be done no matter what the damned risks are. One false move and we're through." Then Katsuragi thought bitterly " They haul my entire family down here just so they can ensure that I work to their damned specifications. Although my family doesn't know it, I didn't have a damn choice in coming here."
Dr. Katsuragi lingered around thinking while the final details for the mysterious experiment was dealt with. For some reason or another, the huge spear in the middle of the giant had pierced the S2 organ. Dr. Katsuragi had been studying the super solenoid organ for some time now. He knew that the organ produced limitless energy to its host, but anything beyond that is a mystery. To learn more about it, they would have to pull the spear out of the giant's S2 Organ in order to retrieve it. But Dr. Katsuragi had a horrifying feeling that the spear was put there to make sure that the giant didn't wake. Dr. Katsuragi had refused to do the operation at first, but when they brought his family into bargain he caved in. As the engineers brought the crane in to pull the red spear out of the giant's chest, he thought back as to why he came here.
When the organization known as Seele told Dr. Katsuragi that they knew where an S2 Organ was, he had jumped at the chance. But when he heard nasty rumors circulating about the organization, he started to back out; So Seele jumped in and held his family hostage. They told him to go to Antarctica and join the expedition there, or his family might have a terrible accident. Stuck with that choice, he opted to go. However, he regrets ever taking this assignment.
Aroused from his thoughts by a scientist with a bull horn signaling that they were ready to began the procedure, he hurried to the platform. As he stepped on the platform, he saw his wife standing there with two soldiers behind her. His face turned white when he figured out why they were there. The committee had brought her here to make sure he didn't chicken out of the experiment. Considering that the soldiers hadn't found his daughter yet, she must be on the run from them.
Looking at his wife, he saw a quiet calm in her eye as well as some fear. " Bastards." he thought. The soldiers had a small gun in the back of her head to make sure the good Doctor followed through with the operation. With a heavy heart, he turned back to the platform to signal the engineers to start.
The linguist knew that Dr. Katsuragi was being forced to begin the experiment. However he had just translated the words on the red circle. It was originally very difficult to translate the words because it was a language not often known to people. It was a form of ancient Hebrew that he had never seen before, but he finally cracked it. After reading the words, the linguist hurried back to the Doctor with his hair standing on its head.
As he was walking towards the platform he noticed the Doctor's wife was there along with the two soldiers. " So that's how it is." thought the linguist, " I guess I better just hand the notepad with the writings over to the doc then. If anything, he'll know what to do."
The linguist hurried to Dr. Katsuragi as the engineers started up the crane's motor. The linguist then gave the notepad to Dr. Katsuragi and took off, probably to not get caught in the events that would follow. Dr. Katsuragi then read the inscription on the notepad which said, " Head my warning, whosoever releases the eternal seal that I have put on the Angel of life, will unleash a curse on all of humanity." Dr. Katsuragi paled at the horrifying words which were on the notepad. Summoning up what little courage he had left, he turned around and yelled at the engineers to stop. The soldiers then cocked the handgun at Mrs. Katsuragi's head.
" Why ?" Dr. Katsuragi said, " I just uncovered some information regarding the seal and we need to do stop the experiment now before..."
" We have explicit orders that state that the operation continues no matter what."
one of the two soldiers said with a sneer, " Now continue, before we splatter her brains all over you."
Mrs. Katsuragi had a tear or two slide down her cheek as Dr. Katsuragi, as well as the rest of the staff, looked on with horror. If they had been paying attention at the moment, they would have heard faint gunshots and shouts far above them.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Chaos and Misato were currently racing towards the huge hole where the entrance to the White Moon was located while bullets, rockets, and everything else but the kitchen sink was being thrown at them. Chaos, meanwhile, was loading another clip into his silver gun while Misato was dodging bullets left and right. His gun loaded, he took a look behind him and noticed a Comanche helicopter behind them. Misato took a look behind her as well. Not watching where she was going, she ran right into a light pole and fell down with little penguins circling her head.
" Misato, please get up now." Chaos implored her, to which she mumbled " Wow, all those cute little penguins."
Meanwhile 3 squads of soldiers with 3 Comanche helicopters, along with a couple tanks or so surrounded the intrepid duo. Chaos and his companion, who was currently knocked out, had their backs to the barbed fence.
" Hmm...It feels as though the research team is down in the White Moon while most of the military strength is concentrated up here. If I do this right, I can eliminate most of the opposition up here making it far easier to get to Dr. Katsuragi as possible." Chaos thought.
He looked down at Misato, who was clinging to his leg while mumbling something about a fresh cold beer, and thought to himself, " She's knocked at the time being which means I can use that technique." He then looks up at the soldiers, " I do not want meaningless bloodshed, but they won't let us leave here alive. I can sense their dark intent. I hope this works, just because I have an S2 organ doesn't necessarily mean I can use the technique. Ever since I lost my power, I..." Chaos narrows his translucent red eyes at the soldiers who were taking aim at him and thinks, " No time to think that, If I don't stop the experiment soon, It isn't going to matter much as to what will happen to me."
The Major in charge of the military forces yelled at Chaos, " All right you sorry son of a bitch, give the girl to us and surrender and your life will be spared, don't and..." He trailed off when Chaos started to glow with a blue aura. His hair stood on its end when he looked in Chaos' eyes and saw that they were glowing brilliant red as well. " What the hell." were his last words before everything went white.
Chaos felt the power of his S2 organ flow through him as he chanted, " Unleash thy power, stars that gives light and grant death to the wicked." He raised his hand skyward and yelled, " Divine Star."
A ring of blue light shot upward from his arm and traveled to the sky. The ring of light then created three rings of white magic circles that were stacked from top to bottom. In the middle of the bottom circle a bluish white ball of energy was formed. The ball of energy then shot forth small beams of light towards the ground creating massive amounts of destruction wherever they landed.
All three squads of soldiers, the tanks and the helicopters, as well as most of the base were decimated on impact. When the dust finally settled, what was once the base for the Katsuragi expedition was nothing more just devastation as far as the eye can see
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
In the White Moon, everyone looked up as a huge sound of an explosion was heard. The remaining two soldiers that weren't above ground were unsettled to say the least. Dr. Katsuragi said " What the hell is that ?" as one of the soldiers radioed out.
Not getting a signal one soldier turned to his partner and said, " Something must've happened."
" You think ?" said the other soldier sarcastically.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Misato was having a nice dream about penguins, drinking beer, and driving when she was suddenly woken up by the sound of the explosion. Sitting up from her pain induced slumber, she was wondering what alarm clock her parents got that was that loud, and why was the ground so cold. As her mind was slowly recovering Chaos looked down at her and said, " You're finally awake. Have a nice nap ?"
Misato slowly got up to her feet and looked around. " What the hell happened here ?" Misato yelled when she saw the devastation that was once the research base. Chaos simply said, " They weren't the type to take diplomacy." Misato looked at him wondering what he meant by that. " Shall we go ?" Chaos asked her. "Yes, senpai." she said as they took off for the hole in the ground
She already gave up on trying to get answers out of her senpai even though she was wondering what had happened. It looked like a war zone and for some odd reason, she knew that Chaos was responsible for it. But it did make it a lot easier to get to the entrance to the huge cavern underneath so she wasn't complaining. But, for some reason or another ever since she smacked into the light pole like that she has been craving beer, not to mention the weird dream she had with the penguins. They finally reached the entrance to the White Moon when Chaos noticed something.
" I see that the elevator appears to have been destroyed. we will need to find another way down." he said. Misato looked at him like he was crazy and said " Another way down ?! Are you out of your mind ?! There is no other way down !"
" There goes an eardrum." The albino thought, " If she is what I think she is, she should survive the way down even without my help."
Misato, after finishing her rant, noticed that Chaos was staring at her with a weird look in his eye. " S-Senpai ?" Misato asked a little fearfully. Chaos walked up to her and said " Do you trust me ?" Misato looked at him and "Yeah." Chaos looked at the hole and remembered that it was probably 2 kilometers down when he was here last time. he then looked at her and smiled for the first time since he came to the base.
Misato was mesmerized by the sight of him smiling so much that she didn't notice him pushing her off the cliff. When she snapped out of it she noticed that:
1. there was an absence of the ground under her feet,
2. Chaos was diving after her,
3. that she was falling down the 4 meter wide hole in the ground.
Predictably, she started screaming all the way down not even noticing the fact that Chaos had caught her with his arms. She finally passed out and went on to dreamland while Chaos just gave a slight sigh.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Dr. Katsuragi had just turned towards the engineer in charge of the crane to issue the order to pull the spear out of the Angel's S2 organ when he began to hear a high-pitched noise coming from above. Evidently it wasn't just in his head as other people's heads began to turn upwards wondering what was happening now. He couldn't see it at first, but as the high pitched noise got louder an object began to appear above them. As he looked closer it looked like a man and a woman was falling. The duo was 100 meters and falling when Dr. Katsuragi could finally make out their figures.
" Oh those poor souls, they must've fallen from the hole in the ground. Wait..." Dr. Katsuragi mind suddenly ground to a halt when he recognized the voice that the screaming belonged to. " Misato !" Katsuragi yelled as the girl in question stopped screaming, apparently passed out from the sheer terror of falling nearly 2 kilometers.
Chaos, using his power, slowed the descent till he touched the ground as light as a feather. Gently putting Misato down to the ground, he thought to himself, " She sure likes to sleep, and scream. I could have used the opportunity to test my theory about her, but i don't feel like losing my ears over it." He looks up at the people on the platform, " I looks a hostage situation. I was right. That must be Mrs. Katsuragi that is being held at gunpoint." Chaos looks at people who appear to be stunned at his appearance. He then locates a man that appears to be distressed. " He must be Dr. Katsuragi. Heh, the Compass of Order and Chaos was right with its prediction about what would happen." Chaos thought to himself.
Glancing at the sleeping beauty for second, Chaos then turned his focus on the two remaining soldiers that was holding the hostage and started walking towards them. Meanwhile, Dr. Katsuragi hurried over to his daughter to see if she was injured. Satisfied that she was unharmed except for small bruise in front of her forehead, He then turned his attention towards the stranger that fell out of the hole in the cavern.
Chaos broke the silence by turning to the Doctor and said, " If I get your wife back safe and sound, will you cancel the operation ?"
" Why ?" Dr. Katsuragi asked. Chaos replied, " I am sure you read the warning on the seal that was placed on Adam, haven't you ?"
After the exchange of words with Dr. Katsuragi, Chaos the continued walking over to the soldiers who were sweating like pigs at the moment. The leader of the two called out to Chaos, " Stop, you bastard. Move and we'll blow her head off."
" Why don't you." Chaos taunted them, " Or is it the fact that she is your only guarantee to get out of here alive ?"
Dr. Katsuragi looked at Chaos in disbelief and said, " Your supposed to be rescuing my wife, not trying to get her killed !!"
"Calm down." Chaos said to Dr. Katsuragi, " I know what I am doing."
Meanwhile, Misato was just waking up from another dream where she was driving down,actually more like racing down, the streets in the city in a blue car with a penguin as a passenger. Sitting up suddenly, Misato bumped heads with her father who was leaning over her. After clutching her heads for a moment, Misato recognized her father.
" Papa !" Dr. Katsuragi looked at her with relief that she is okay. Misato looked around the site and asked,
" What is going on Papa ?"
Dr. Katsuragi looked at her and said, " Your mother is currently being held hostage to ensure that I completed the experiment. But enough about that, who is the boy with you, and how did you escape the soldiers ?" Misato begin to explain all that she knew about Chaos. In the middle of her explanation, her father suddenly looked up and shouted at Chaos. Misato than looked up and saw where her mother was.
Chaos approached the two remaining soldiers calmly, noting that the appeared to be very nervous. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, he said, " Your fellow soldiers have already been destroyed. It would be to your best interest to surrender."
The leader of the two soldiers told Chaos, " You and what army ?" Chaos then decided to put the fear of God in them. He stopped just in front of the idiotic duo and then gave them a smile. It wasn't a happy smile, more like a if-you-don't-comply-with-my-request-I-will-rip-you-apart-piece-by-bloody-pi ece-and-feast-on-your-wimpering-soul smile. And to add to the effect, his eyes begin to glow red like a demon.
Needless to say, not only did it scare the crap out of the two soldiers, but it also terrified Mrs. Katsuragi who fainted dead away. One of the two soldiers then took off like a rabbit to get away from Chaos. It startled the leader of the two soldiers, who thought he had everything under control
" You Bastard. Get back here !!" thought the lieutenant. Feeling betrayed by his underling, he took aim with his handgun, the Desert Eagle. Sensing an opportunity, Chaos activated the small blue energy blade in his right glove. " Lunar Blade !" Chaos yelled as he sliced the right arm of the lieutenant, severing it just below the shoulder and splashing Mrs. Katsuragi with droplets of blood. In a split second Chaos also beheaded the soldier before sheathing the blue blade of energy.
The severed arm holding the Desert Eagle fell to the ground, setting off the handgun with a loud bang. The bullet ripped through the fleeing soldiers leg and imbedded itself in the engineer's side. The engineer, who was by now very dead, slid off the seat clutching the gear that activated the crane's hoist. The crane, now active, begin to pull the spear out of the Angel's chest. " Damn." thought Chaos. Stretching out his right arm at the crane, he fired a small bolt of blue energy at the crane, destroying it.
The spear was, luckily pulled out halfway. Even so, Chaos could feel the energy that was starting to leak from the seal. The entire Katsuragi family huddled around Mrs. Katsuragi, of whom Dr. Katsuragi was cleaning the face off. Misato gave her mother and father a family hug while the rest of the scientists looked at them smiling.
" I wonder what happened up there anyway ?" One of the younger scientists said. The elder scientist answered, " I am not sure, but I am positive that stranger was behind it. Not to mention that he and Misato fell nearly 2 kilometers. I pretty sure that the elevator system must have been shot at the time."
The scientist looked at Chaos, " I would like to talk to him as soon as possible." The younger one said, " It looks like your going to have to wait. He looks busy."
Indeed Chaos was busy looking at the partially pulled out spear. He was starting to get a very bad feeling about this. " I can sense the energy leaking from the seal. I should reinforce the seal before its too late. I wonder if I have enough power left to do that."
Chaos looks up at the spear impaling the giant Angel. " It looks like the Spear of Longinus hasn't been damaged. I can reinforce the power on that then. It should compensate for it being pulled out halfway. Chaos then went into deep thought. " I wonder. Before I even came here, when I was reading the Compass of Order and Chaos, the Compass swung very sharply. I also got mixed readings from it. I had a hard time making out Dr. Katsuragi's plight as well as what Seele was up to. The only ones that could intervene in the flow of destiny like that are me and Lilith. I wonder who...?"
When Chaos looked at the seal for a second, the magic circle surrounding the Angel and the spear suddenly glowed for a second or two before going back the way it was. Chaos gave the seal very good, If one could look at his face then it had a look of worry over his normally melancholic expression. " It can't be. because I intervened in this situation, I no longer know what will happen. But if what I saw was correct, then it may already be too late." Chaos thought. He then hurried over to the celebrating family. " Damn, the shift in luck must've happened again."
The rest of the scientists were busy tying up the soldier whose leg has been ruined while gathering up supplies for the journey back. In the meantime, The Katsuragi family was busy reuniting again. " Papa. " Misato said while nuzzling her father's chest. Dr. Katsuragi asked her forgiveness for ignoring her while explaining that the committee in charge of this excavation basically didn't give him a choice and had used his family against him. Misato then gave her father and mother a family hug to which they all responded.
After the group hug, Dr. Katsuragi then asked Misato who the boy really was. She said, " I don't know. He just appeared in my bedroom suddenly when we met."
Dr. Katsuragi forehead had a vein popped out as Mrs. Katsuragi said " Oh my." Misato noticing that her father was starting to get angry said, " No, we did not do anything Papa. So get your mind out of the gutter. Senpai offered to help me find you. In exchange I was to lead him to the entrance of the excavation site.
" Senpai ?" asked Dr. Katsuragi. " Yeah, that's what I call Chaos. He helped me with a lot of things." Misato said. After giggling a little, she then exclaimed, " He's also really cute, and kind, and sexy. I wonder if he has a girlfriend."
Dr. Katsuragi started trembling at the statement. " And to top it off," Misato exclaimed, " He's like a superhero I always read in my manga, what with those superpowers and whatnot." Dr. Katsuragi, noting about Chaos landing on his feet like a feather after falling for 2 kilometers, asked Misato, " About that, what is..." Dr. Katsuragi trailed off when he saw Chaos heading his way.
Chaos walked up to Dr. Katsuragi and looked him. " Dr. Katsuragi, I presume."
" Yeah that's me." Dr. Katsuragi said. Chaos closed his eyes in deep thought for a moment, and then opened them and said to Dr. Katsuragi, " Originally, I came here to stop the operation from succeeding and to rescue you and your family."
Dr. Katsuragi looked at him with gratitude in his eyes." How can I ever thank..." Dr. Katsuragi was interrupted by Chaos, " You should save your thanks, I am not entirely done here." Chaos looks over to the partially destroyed seal. " You should take your family and leave." Chaos said, " I need to strengthen the seal again, and to make sure humans don't come here ever again, I will need to seal off the White Moon."
" I see. By the way, what are you ?" Dr. Katsuragi asked. " No mere human could have done what you did, and not to mention that you seemed to know much about this place as well."
Everyone looked at Chaos expecting an answer while the albino just sighed. " Here we go again." Chaos thought wearily. Before he could find a way out of the bind he is in though, a column of white light erupted from the seal. The massive cavern started rumbling as though it was in a earthquake, while chunks of rocks started to come down on the scientists, killing a few while others were injured. Chaos deflected a few chunks of stone that came with an orange hexagonal force field.
" What the hell is going on !?" Dr. Katsuragi yelled.
" It appears that Adam is waking up." Chaos calmly explained.
" Waking up !?" the doctored yelled again. " Yes." Chaos answered, " It appears that with the Lance pulled halfway out of his body, the S2 organ is trying to reactivate itself."
" Currently he still doesn't have the power to free himself from the lance. If I reinforce the seal now, I can keep him contained, but.." Chaos looked pensive as he looked at his right hand. " At the current amount of energy pouring through the seal, I would have to use the remaining power I had saved for over 2 thousand years. I will revert to an infantile state after using the power of Anima." Chaos thought.
Looking at the fearful faces of the Katsuragi family and dead and dying scientists. " Heh. I suppose I don't have a choice. Lilith and Cosmos both would agree with me on that. Whatever I do, people are going to die. At least I can make sure a few survive." Chaos then makes up his mind as to what to do. " Well, I probably will need to keep a low profile until I can get some of my power back. I think incarnating myself into a Japanese body should do. That way, I can be near the Black Moon when I would finally get some of my power back."
Chaos turns toward Dr. Katsuragi and said, " Please leave. I will attempt to seal up Adam before he can fully awaken."
Chaos turns to walk towards the erupting seal. " What about you ?" Dr. Katsuragi asks. " I will be okay. More importantly, The entire ice cap will most likely be vaporized in the attempt. Please make haste." Chaos answered.
He then turned and said to Misato cryptically " You and I, we will meet again. I am sure of it." Misato had no idea how true those words would be. " Senpai, please be safe. Please." Misato thought as she and her family scrambled towards the only undamaged VTOL helicopter in the cavern. All of the research team was dead because of rockslide, white hop chunks of molten lava hitting them, and because of opening creases in the ground
Satified that they would be okay, Chaos walked over to the erupting seal while removing his gloves. To do this task he set himself upon, he would have to remove the seals he placed upon himself. After removing his gloves, he grasped the blue jewel on his necklace and chanted, " Release from thee, the final seal placed on thy soul." The azure jewel then lost its light as the final seal was released. After he released all of the seals he placed on him, a deafening roar filled the cavern as Adam finally awoke. A giant glowing hand reached out and grasped the Lance of Longinus as Chaos neared the seal.
The being known as Adam sensed an lillum nearby as he tried to pull the massive lance from him. Turning his head, His white eyes rested on Chaos.
" Its you." Adam said, " You were one of those three Angels that sealed me in my own home. For that, I will char your soul in the eternal flames of hell."
Chaos looked up to him and smiled. " No you won't." Chaos told him.The Angel known as Chaos unfurled his pure white wings from his back and brought all of his remaining power to bear. Folding his arms over his chest. He then yelled, " Eternal Seal !" He brought his hands forward while a magic circle formed in front of him. He shot the seal forward towards Adam, who was just about to free himself from the Lance.
" No. This cannot be." Adam cried out with anguish as the seal started to strip him of the power he was accumulating. He then looked at Chaos, who wasn't looking too well himself, and said, " Even though I may be sealed again, I leave upon the human race my curse. Suffer eternally, Anima, in knowing that you and the lillum will die" Chaos retorted, " As long as there is a single human left alive, I will continue to exist."
We shall see, Anima." The vastly weakening Angel said, " We shall see." Chaos widened his eyes when he figured out what Adam has done.
Chaos, feeling very drained, fell to his knees as he started to fade in and out. Before he disappeared completely, He thought, " I see, it happened just as I thought. He will revert himself to an embryo in order to avoid being caught in the entire seal. And to top it off he uttered a demonic curse upon human race At least I succeeded in buying enough time for us lillum. Only Lilith can repeal the curse set upon the humans now." He felt himself fade completely as a loud rage filled roar filled the cavern as white light filled the Room of Gauf.
" Cosmos, Lilith, sorry."
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Dr. Katsuragi and his family managed to get to the VTOL helicopter quickly. After strapping themselves in, they took off and out of the massive cavern. " Senpai." Misato worried, " Will he be okay ? Of course he'll be okay. The hero always comes out okay."
While Misato was thinking, Dr. Katsuragi reached the surface of Antarctica, which was experiencing lightning, heavy winds, and rain. " What the," Dr. Katsuragi wondered, " Strange, It never rains here, much less having a storm. And it looks like a war zone here, Chaos must've laid the smackdown out here while trying to rescue my daughter. I must thank him for this if he's still alive."
" What are you looking pensive for honey ?" Mrs. Katsuragi asked her husband. " Nothing." he answered,
Just trying to get us all out of here in one piece, that's all."
" By the way, the VTOL doesn't have enough fuel to get out of the Antarctic, so we need to use the plane that came into the base earlier today, assuming it wasn't destroyed." Dr. Katsuragi said. " I hate to break it to you papa but, the plane never came in today. I heard some of the soldiers talking about it, seems something happened with the fuel line and the plane exploded." Misato said to her papa. " Damn, this can't get any worse, can it ?" Dr. Katsuragi said.
Just then a lightning bolt hit the right engine of the helicopter, destroying it. The family begin to plummet to the ground as the heavy winds fought Dr. Katsuragi's attempts at stabilizing the VTOL. " I'll never say that again if we get through this alive." Dr. Katsuragi promised himself as the helicopter hit the ground. Lights went out for all three as the helicopter smashed into the ground although it didn't erupt into a fireball, yet.
Dr. Katsuragi was the first to wake up. Looking over to his wife he knew she was dead just from the way her neck looked. She had her body slammed down on the dashboard while her face looked at him, her dead eyes set upon his. Choking back a sob as tears stung his eyes, He then looked behind him. Misato was groaning, which meant she was still alive. But their was a lot of blood on her body, and there was a piece of metal stuck near her stomach running diagonally across her body.
Smelling gas, which wasn't good, he got off the seatbelt he was wearing and then opened his door. Being the one who was the least harmed of the trio, he ripped open the partially destroyed passenger door and took the injured Misato into his arms, dislodging the piece of metal stuck in her. Quickly running from the VTOL that was just crashed, he closed his eyes as the aircraft exploded. throwing bits and pieces everywhere.
Dr. Katsuragi hurried with traumatized Misato over to the partially destroyed supply hanger. Noting the warmth in the air around him, he surmised that the weather conditions were the result of something happening down in the cavern. " I wonder what the hell's going on down there." he thought as he stepped into the hanger.
Dr. Katsuragi hurried over to the escape pod that was built to survive nuclear explosions. Temporarily thanking whoever was listening at the moment, he laid Misato who then looked him, not really understanding what was going on at the moment. Dr. Katsuragi took a moment to look at her face, and then said " At least I have done something right for once. Live on, Misato." closing the hatch to the escape pod he looked down towards his daughter and smiled for the last time. An earthquake erupted around the place as a white column of light erupted from the entrance to the White Moon.
Seconds before Misato blacked out, she saw her father vaporized before her eyes as white light filled the outside of her escape pod. Her eyes glowed purple for a second before they closed as an tremendous explosion erupted, destroying everything in sight except for the escape pod. An enclosed orange hexagonal field protected the pod as it was flown far out into the sea, which was far, far away from the former site of the base.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Finally regaining concouisness, Misato forced open her eyes, At the moment she didn't feel anything. Her whole family died before here eyes and she could feel nothing. Perhaps she hasn't really regestured the events that took place. Opening the front hatch of the the escape pod. She stood up on her own two feet and looked at what remained of Antarctica. She beheld four great wings of yellow energy stretching out as if to cover the sky itself. Still feeling no emotion whatsoever, she decided she had enough of the site and sat back down in the pod. She was about to shut the hatch when she started to hear a song. Straining her ears for a moment, She was able to hear a woman singing.
The voice was beautiful to hear. Misato began to wonder who's it was that it belonged to. As she continued to listen to the requiem, she suddenly began to feel absolute terror. It pierced her stoicism and lanced through her heart. She began to scream and scream in mortal terror. " Mama, Papa, please help me ?" Misato begged. " Someone, Anyone, I don't want to die here." Beginning to sob, She curled up in a fetal position. " Senpai, Senpai." She thought. Trembling in fear, she put her fingers to her ears trying block out the beautiful, yet horrifying song she is hearing. However, she could still hear it in her mind. " Senpai !!! Help me !!!" Misato screamed out in desperation.
The entire escape pod filled with a soft light as Misato felt a gentle hand stroke her face. The song of terror began to cease as Misato succumbed to the light and gentle carresses she could feel on her face. The gentle light left the pod as Misato came face to face with an infant. Other than the fact that the infant appeared out of nowhere, He looked like a normal Japanese child. He had black hair and a healthy skin tone. Apparently sleeping, the baby was wrapped in a light blue blanket.
Gazing in wonder at the infant, Misato suddenly felt very sleepy. She was hoping that maybe, just maybe, this was all just a bad dream, and that she will wake up and be with her family and none of this horror never existed. With that in mind, Misato fell into a deep sleep, clutching the young child protectively to her chest. The infant opened his eyes for just a second before closing them, going back to sleep. However, if you were able to see his eyes tbefore they shut, you would have seen the brown eyes flash translucent red for a second. Both the baby and Misato began a long period of well deserved rest.
To be continued
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Characters introduced in this chapter.
Name: Chaos
Alias: ???
Age: ???
Race: Angel
Nationality: ???
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Birth: Black Moon
Hair: Light Blue
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Red
Cool, calm and collected. His philosophical manner of
speech, combined with his looks and personality gives
off the impression that he hails from an higher plane of
existence. He is a very soft spoken and quiet individual,
preferring to let someone else take the leading role though
circumstances tend to rule against him in that regard.
Apparently knows Lilith, the 2nd Angel, very well. Also
appears to be a being classed as an Angel even though he
referred to himself as a 'lillum'. Also appears to know someone
named Cosmos. Relationship is unknown. Had his power
sealed long ago in an incident with the 1st Angel, Adam. Even
so, he is still capable of a lot of abilities, thinks to his S2 organ.
Also is apparently capable of seeing into the future with an
artifact known as the Compass of Order and Chaos
Name: Misato Katsuragi (teenage)
Alias: ???
Age: 14
Race: Human ?
Nationality: Japanese
Date of Birth: December 8th, 1986
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Hair: Violet
Skin: Normal tone
Eyes: Black
Mischevious, playful, and a bit reckless at times. Underneath
her personality though lies a hurt child. Has perceived her father
as having virtually no interest in her or her mother anymore in place
of his research. Has been forcibly separated from her mother and kept apart
by the military in order to put more leverage on her father. Has formed
a fast bond with Chaos, whom she has a crush on. Currently in hibernation.
As observed by Chaos, she is no mere human. Seems to be able to see into
the realm of imaginary numbers, which no human can do. Also was able to generate
the same energy field as Chaos, which will later be called the Absolute Terror Field,
during times of extreme duress. More will be known about her later.
Name: Adam
Alias: Angel of Life, 1st Angel
Age: ???
Race: Angel
Nationality: ???
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Birth: White Moon
Hair: ???
Skin: ???
Eyes: ???
Current profile is unknown at the moment. Has a grudge against
the lillum, Chaos, Lilith, and an unidentified Angel, presumably a lillum too
Tends to be a rageaholic. More information will be updated as soon as possible
Was sealed for nearly 2000 years before having the Lance of
Longinus pulled halfway out of his S2 organ. Was sealed again
by Chaos in a kamikaze effort. Before reverting to a embryonic state,
he uttered a demonic curse on all of humanity. As to what that curse is,
it remains to be seen. Suffice to say, we haven't seen the last of him.
Artifacts worth noting
Compass of Order and Chaos
Apparently able to see the future, although most details are sketchy
as to how it works. Currently, only the Chaos ring is active.
Lance of Longinus
Most details are unknown. However, The spear is apparently
an Anti-Angel weapon. Was used to seal the 1st Angel
Items worth noting
Heaven's Wail
A pair of anti-tank handguns, two of three handguns in
existence. The sheer force of the shot from one of these
guns can rip through two feet of tank armor. Custom made.
Drawbacks are that no normal human can shoot one of these
and live, and that the bullets have to be custom made
Subspace Transportation System
Details are currently unknown, but appears to be a separate
sub-dimension that can reduce non-living matter to mathmatical
statistics and stored in itself. Means of storing data and retrieving it
is also currently unknown.
Lunar Star
The computer mainframe that Chaos apparently built. Not as
powerful as a certain trio of computers, but gets the job done.
A personal digital assistant housed in a gem. Can accomplish
tasks such as transporting items from subspace, to hooking up
to the Lunar star. Has extensive use of holography.
Terms worth remembering
Most details are currently unknown. A race of beings that are
apparently immortal, although that is not confirmed. What is
known about these beings is that they are tremendously
powerful. More will be revealed later in the series
S2 engine
The super solenoid engine is theoretically an organ that supplies
a limitless source of energy to the angels. It also apparently is
known as the core of an Angel, or an "angel heart". Damage to
this organ is lethal to an Angel, therefore, it is believed to be the
weakness that the Angels have
White Moon
Details are unknown, except that it is an spherical shaped cavern
in the Antarctic that housed the Angel Adam. More will be revealed
Black Moon:
Details are Unknown at this time, except it is the birthplace of Chaos.
More will be revealed later.
Power of Anima
Most details are unknown about this power. Apparently Chaos had
access to this power before it was sealed. An apparent reference to
Jungian philosophy. "Anima" is the theme behind individuality and
the Will to Power. More details will be known later.
Acronym for the Special Theory of Rudimentary. The universe is
believed to be made up of small particles. The "ether" in this story
is the small particles that Chaos warps to produce supernatural
phenomena that otherwise wouldn't be possible.
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Summary of Chapter Two: Aftermath
Misato undergoes psychological torture while she is currently hibernating in the pod with the young infant.
Yui Ikari, and her gang of girls, Kyoko Sorhyu and Naoko Akagi go on a rescue mission to Antarctica.
Gendo Rokubungi gets dragged along by Yui to help out. will they find the sleeping beauty ? And Seele conducts a meeting into how second impact happened. Kiel Lorenz shows up with a mystery guest that strikes terror into the hearts of everyone there. Find out in the next chapter.