Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Play it Again Shinji ❯ Part 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Play it Again Shinji
By Ret Nuh
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While aboard the helicopter on the way to the U.N. fleet Misato noticed Shinji was looking very tired again. He had been like that for a while now and she was growing concerned. This wasn't like him at all, even after the angel attacks when she would have expected him not to be able to sleep he was able to. But now for some unknown reason he seemed tired and sleepy.
“Still not sleeping well?” Misato asked.
Shinji yawned “No, I couldn't fall asleep again last night” and slumped down in his seat.
Misato put her hand on Shinji's head to see if he was sick. His temperature felt normal, but he also seemed to be a bit nervous so she said to him “When we get back I am gonna have Ritsuko check you out. It has been a week since you last got a good night's sleep and I don't like it.”
“I don't want to Misato” Shinji whined and then yawned again.
Misato looked at him and made him a deal “If you go to bed early tonight and get some sleep, I will spare you a visit to Dr. Akagi. Okay?”
Shinji only answered with a nod of his head.
When the helicopter finally landed Kensuke was being his usual otaku self, but this time around he seemed to have a lot more knowledge than before. And despite a mental warning, and knowledge of the consequences he got from Shinji, Touji still wore a cap. And as it was blown off by a gust of wind, he chased it. Unfortunately for him the same thing happened as last time and he got charged a viewing fee from a hot tempered red head. He was about to repeat his actions from last time but stopped from giving her any change as he felt an intense glare was aimed directly at him, and it wasn't from Asuka.
Touji actually chuckled to himself over that. Shinji had been all over the map lately with his emotions and was confused as could be. The reason why was very clear to everyone in the know even without Shinji telling them. And now that reason was standing right in front of them.
After that small display, Asuka introduced herself to the others and said hi to Misato. Misato then introduced Shinji to her and Asuka gave him a quick evaluation and deemed him not her equal, despite what she was told about him. Shinji himself stayed pretty quiet as what he really wanted to say to her was something he knew would have to wait till the appropriate time. And he was praying that time would come quickly, seeing Asuka and not being able to do or say anything was killing him inside.
On the bridge Misato and the captain were immediately at odds over who was in charge but when Kaji appeared Shinji couldn't help but smile a little at Misato's intense reaction. It was a curious mixture of wanting to strangle him to death and at the same time wanting to make love to him till they both dropped. The funny thing about all this was he noticed Kaji's eyes this time around, they were aimed directly at one person and his eyes wouldn't look away from her either. He may have been told to keep his eyes on Shinji by the commander but there was no way that was going to happen. For as long as she was in front of him he was going to look at Misato.
While they ate in the lunch room, Misato was visibly pissed off and practically growling at Kaji. He of course was acting up and feeding off of this reaction. And when he pushed the fun as far as he could and asked “So, tell me, is she still so wild in bed?”
Shinji answered “Yes. But now it's good to have a face to put with the name she moans out in her sleep.” With that one statement Shinji felt he had got back at Misato for every bit of teasing she had ever done to him.
And he did as Misato's embarrassment went way past a red face and straight to purple. She was visibly shaking as she dropped her head to the table. She was reduced to only the most basic of guttural sounds as the ability to speak had left her.
Asuka looked at Shinji with complete shock. She may have misjudged the boy sitting across the table from her. He had more guts than she had given him credit for. That or he was a complete and total idiot. One thing she was sure of though is that Misato was going to kill him for that.
Touji and Kensuke tried to act shocked at the statement, but ended up on the ground laughing. The combination of what he said and the fact they knew he was trying to show off and impress Asuka was just too funny.
Kaji was howling in laughter too. He simply couldn't believe what Shinji had just said. He was now starting to believe Gendo may be right about his son. He definitely would have to keep a close eye on him. And if that meant keeping a close eye on Misato as well even though he wasn't supposed to, that was all the better.
Sometime later, after everyone had recovered, Misato and Shinji were in the hall with Touji and Kensuke. Misato was making up for her lack of speaking ability before as she was going off on Shinji for embarrassing her like that. And she severely promised he would not live to see the end of the day once she got through with him.
Luckily he was saved as Asuka yelled “Hey third child you're coming with me.” Shinji quickly followed Asuka to get away from the irate Misato and like before she brought him over to the transport ship and showed off her Unit-02.
In the hallway back on the flagship Touji and Kensuke were doing their best to hold back their laughter as Misato kept repeating over and over “The kid is important. I must not kill him… The kid is important. I must not kill him… The kid is important. I must not kill him.”
Her rant was interrupted by a loud explosion. Alarms started to blare and Misato knew that could only mean one thing. It was time for Asuka to prove how important she was as Gaghiel's attack took out another ship.
When Asuka originally tried to sync up with her Eva she yelled at Shinji to think in German. He started to kick himself mentally for not having enough forethought to try and learn some phrases ahead of time. So he said the only German words he could remember.
“Strudel, Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Wienerschnitzel.”
Needless to say Asuka was extremely not impressed and growled at him before switching to basic Japanese. Once she did though there was a flood of thoughts and images as Shinji shared his mind completely with her. It took only a matter of seconds, but it felt like a life time to her. As she turned and looked at him with an overwhelmed and astonished expression she told him “First we get rid of Gaghiel, then we talk, okay?”
“Okay” Shinji answered.
They then heard Misato talking to them so they quickly answered her. She was surprised that Shinji was there as well but there was a battle to be had and Misato yelled “Asuka, take off!”
Both of them changed the way the battle was fought this time. And after some showboating Shinji had them purposely fall into the water and get grabbed by they angel as he had a plan.
When in Gaghiel mouth he reached out and asked “Ms. Sohryu, do you think you could hide a S2 organ from the crew?”
He heard a “Yes” as Asuka asked “Shinji what are you planning now? I didn't see this part before.”
“That's because I just thought it up” he answered.
He then quickly informed Asuka of his plan and she played along as Misato came up with her battleship plan. As the battleships started their dive the crew aboard the carrier heard a horrifying and nauseating gnashing sound.
“Wh-what is going on down there?” the captain said as for the first time in his life he felt sea sick.
A huge explosion answered him as the battleships entered the angel's mouth and fired.
When Unit-02 was being reeled back in Asuka giggled “I am never going to be able to eat crab legs again without thinking about this.” Shinji chuckled along with that.
When they got back on the carrier they had to stay in the Eva as the hoist to remove the plug was damaged in the battle. Asuka acted very annoyed about this to Misato, even though it was she who was the one that damaged it.
Misato kidded her “Sorry Asuka, there is nothing I can do till we get to port. Now Shinji don't do anything inappropriate to her in there.” Misato then switched off the com system and smiled deviously.
Asuka looked at Shinji who was still on her lap and said “You do realize if she said that last time, I would have kicked your ass.”
“Yep. I think she is still mad at me about what I said to Kaji.”
“She should be.” Asuka told him and then got up so Shinji could sit down in the seat. She then sat down on his lap and had him wrap his arms around her waist.
They both heard a motherly voice “Don't push it young lady.”
Asuka smiled widely as she responded “Don't worry Mommy, I'm just getting comfortable.” She then looked at Shinji “Do you mind if I talk to my Mommy for a while. I need to sort some things out. If you want you can lean your head on my shoulder and take a nap. I know you haven't slept well in a week.”
Shinji answered her by putting his head down on her shoulder. He quickly fell asleep as the position he was in quickly put his nerves and emotions at ease.
After he fell asleep Kyoko asked her daughter. “So what are your feelings for him?”
Asuka let out a sigh and answered “I don't really know exactly. It-it's all so overwhelming. How do you absorb a whole life in just an instant? And what happened…” Asuka couldn't even finish her thought she was so overwhelmed.
Asuka then felt a warm feeling, like a mother's caring embrace, come over her body as Kyoko continued in her motherly voice “We can talk about it if you like?” With the return of her sanity came the return of Kyoko's motherhood. She would do everything in her power to protect and help her child, be it physically or emotionally.
A smile came to Asuka's face and tears formed in her eye as she said “Do you know how much I have dreamed of hearing you say something like that?”
“As much as I have dreamed of a moment I could help you, Honey” Kyoko answered her daughter softly. She also had to add “But I am not very comfortable with the way you are sitting right now.”
“I am, and it's a bit confusing” Asuka began. “Thinking of Shinji like this is both old and new for me. Even as I yelled and screamed at him last time I never really not liked him. And even after the battle with Areal when I told him I hated him, I didn't mean it. I even offered myself to him a couple times last time, even if he didn't realize it. It doesn't make any sense and on top of that for some reason I have always felt he is the only person that could really understand me even if I said otherwise.”
“There are others if you give them a chance.” Her mother answered her. Asuka wasn't nearly as alone as the girl thought she was. “I will be here for you anytime you need me. Plus you have some good friends, and I believe Misato cares for you much more than you think.”
“I know, and this time I may be more open to them, and I promise I will be very open with you” Asuka paused for a moment. “But there are just some things I feel Shinji can do for me that others can't. When he shared his mind with me he showed me everything, including some things he could have kept hidden, but he… he didn't. Every thought, emotion, fear, dream, nightmare, and fantasy he ever had he shared with me. And for reasons I don't understand, I did the same with him…”
“For reason's you don't understand, or don't want to understand?” Kyoko asked with compassion.
Asuka looked down at Shinji and her eyes started to fill with tears again, this time for a different reason. “I…I don't want to. I'm afraid of letting him get too close to my heart and then him leaving me like daddy did to you.” Asuka cried softly.
Kyoko understood her reason all too well, Asuka was suffering from fear of abandonment. And the girl had every right to feel that way but also there were gigantic differences in the two relationships that Asuka was judging her statement on that her daughter simply didn't know about.
“Asuka you need to listen to me carefully as there are many things you don't know. The relationship your father and I had was one of convenience for him. I thought of him the way you used to think about Kaji, it was never more than infatuation. And the louse took advantage of that. When things started going bad he abandoned not only me, but you as well and I will never forgive him for that. And unlike Gendo he will not get a second chance. But Shinji is totally different. He hid nothing from you, and he hid very little from me as well. And because of that he has already proven to me that I can trust him with your heart. If he hadn't, I would never have allowed him to be as close to you right now as he is.”
Asuka wiped the tears from her eyes and said “He told me I was his one and only. I want to really believe that, but I'm scared.”
Kyoko replied “That is because you are young and inexperienced with true love. You need to stop listening with your mind and start listening to what your heart is telling you. I learned this the hard way, now listen very closely what does your heart say?” Kyoko knew the truth about her daughter, as much as Shinji needed Asuka to stand a chance at having a normal and happy life, Asuka needed him too.
Asuka sat there for a long while and searched her true feelings. There was so much for her to think about and this was something that truly deserved real thought. This was too important for a rash decision and after almost an hour she smiled widely as she answered “That I can trust him, and I know he will love me forever and never leave me.”
“And how do you feel about him?” Kyoko asked again.
“The same way.” Asuka answered very happily but had to add on with brattishness “But don't be expecting any grandchildren anytime soon.”
Kyoko raised her voice and lectured “Watch it young lady, you're only 14 and definitely not even allowed to joke about that.”
“Sorry Mommy” Asuka replied humbly.
“You better be” Kyoko said “You almost gave this Eva a heart attack.”
Asuka giggled a bit and the conversation from then on turned a little less serious as mother and daughter caught up with one another in many aspects of their lives. There was simply so much to talk about that it took almost the whole trip home for the two to finish. And it was just a temporary finish, Shinji wasn't the only person that would never leave Asuka's side, Kyoko was just as adamant about being there for her daughter. Never again would Kyoko allow someone or something to split them apart.
A half hour before they got to port Misato got back on the com. “So what's going on in there?” she asked extremely sarcastically. “Are you two having hot and sweaty sex?”
“No” Asuka answered plainly. “The baka fell asleep.”
With a little disappointment Misato asked “So he didn't try anything inappropriate?”
“Of course not.” Asuka said a bit annoyed at the implication. “I am the great Asuka Langley Sohryu. I can handle a boy like this in my sleep.”
“Then did he get what was coming to him?” Misato asked.
“Yes he did.” Asuka answered proudly, but was also running her fingers through his hair as she said that.
When Misato shut the com off Shinji opened his eyes. He looked deep into Asuka's and whispered “Trust me, you are much more than great and you can handle me any way you want.”
Asuka answered him by wrapping both of her arms around him and leaned in close so he could feel her hot breath on his lips. Maybe it was time for the two of them to try out all these feelings they had for each other.
Or not as both of them then prominently got a huge shock that sent them flying in opposite directions.
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???” Asuka cried out, now finding herself no longer on Shinji's lap but on the opposite side of the plug from him.
“THAT was a warning you two.” Kyoko said “You may think you know everything about us Eva's Shinji, but you don't. There are still some secrets and one of them is both Yui and I can give out shocks to pilots who get a little fresher with each other than we are currently comfortable with. You both need to remember who really is in control of the power here.”
“But Mom…” Asuka tried to argue before being interrupted by a rather sharp voiced Kyoko.
“But nothing. You are both only 14 years old and I expect your relationship to move very slowly. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes Mommy.”
“Yes Ms. Sohryu.”
So instead of a true kiss Shinji gave Asuka a little peck on the cheek.
“That's more like it.” Kyoko said happily. These two people needed to learn how to have a proper relationship first before she was going to allow anything like what they had in mind to happen.
This time as the two left the ship both of them were a little humbled. Asuka because she got in trouble and Shinji because Touji was laughing at him and Kensuke was filming him in one of Asuka's red plugsuits. He had a feeling he was never going to be able to live this down as Misato was there as well and making sure Kensuke was getting everything on tape, while greatly laughing at him.
Shinji looked at her and pleaded. “I am very, very, VERY sorry. Can we please be even now?”
She thought about it for a minute and told him to turn around for her. When he did she gave him a little kick in the ass and made sure that was recorded as well. “Now we can be even, but if you ever link me with that jackass again you will be eating your food through a tube. Got It!”
“Yes Ma'am” Shinji replied with a little smirk.
Later on that day as they were traveling back to Tokyo-3 Asuka sat down next to Misato. “Misato, I was wondering if I could move in with you? I don't really like living alone and the only other person I know over here is Mr. Kaji. And I don't even know where he is.”
Misato grumbled at first “That's not much of a surprise, he can't be trusted. And I still can't believe he ran away like that during the battle.” She then switched back to her normal voice and explained to her. “I don't really have a problem with you moving in, but Shinji is already living with me and I'm not going to kick him out.”
“Oh Please, he is just a little boy. I can handle him.”
“If you say so.” Misato said “But watch out, he has zinged me pretty good a couple times. He's no pushover.”
Asuka got a big grin on her face. “So that's how he knows what you are like in bed.”
Misato's jaw dropped for a second before she warned “Don't you start with me too Asuka.”
“Okay” she laughed “But let's make Shinji carry all my boxes in. That will teach him not to mess with us girls.”
Misato liked that idea very much, but did take a little pity on the boy as she only made him help the movers and not do it all by himself. But she didn't take any pity on him in the house cleaning department. Asuka was not there to help him out, all the chores he had to do before he still had to do now. He lost those rock, paper, scissor games fair and square and the fact Asuka was moving in didn't change a thing in the least.
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While Misato was in the bath Lilith appeared to Shinji and Asuka. The visit this time was serious as she told them “Kaji just handed Adam over to him. Right now Gendo has him locked in a safe in the bottom drawer of his desk. The combination is 25-21-9.”
“Is he still in his office?” Shinji asked.
“Yes. And the rest of the crew has left, so he is alone.”
“Good” Shinji said “It's time for some major changes for dear old dad.”
Asuka then walked over to the bathroom door and asked from outside “Misato do you mind if I do a little shopping? I want to check out the malls.”
“Sure, go ahead. Have fun.”
“I'm going to drag Baka-Shinji along, I need a tour guide and a bag boy”
Misato laughed “Okay, but don't abuse him too much, we still need him to cook and clean for us.”
At Nerv headquarters, while he sat at his desk, Gendo looked up over his glasses as he heard a challenging “Hello Father.”
Gendo gave his son a look of annoyance and answered “I don't have time for your childish games pilot Ikari, now leave.” And he shifted his eyes back down towards some medical documents.
He then heard a young female's voice. “You have more time than you think.”
He looked up in time to see Asuka fire a gun at him. A second later he saw a dart in his shoulder. Another second later he passed out.
When he finally came to he was very groggy and confused. The first thing he saw after blinking a couple times was a fist flying at his face that sent him recoiling to the ground. But as he tried to get up he noticed that there was in fact no ground under him, and in front of him was standing the beautiful vision of the ultimate goal of all his plans. But the ultimate goal was very pissed off and less than happy to see him as her foot was screaming towards his head.
Four hours later Unit-01's entry plug was removed and set down beside Shinji, Asuka, and Rei. Lilith, in her full glory, opened the plug and a bruised and battered Gendo limped out. Shinji held out an open briefcase and Rei gave Gendo and option.
“It's time for you to choose Commander Ikari. Life or Death?”
Gendo silently limped over to the case and picked up the object encased in bakelite. He then limped down the catwalk and stood directly in front of Unit-01 and held it out to her. Yui reached up, took the angel embryo into her fingers, and crushed it. As she did a small cry of pain could be heard. A second later a being of light formed behind Gendo. Lilith looked over at the children and assured them that everything would be ok and not to worry.
A more human version of Adam spoke darkly to Gendo behind him. “You do not deserve the treasures you have been given. But those treasures have decided your fate and you shall be given a chance for atonement. I disagree with this decision, but it is not mine to make.”
Gendo walked back to the children and with a weak and heartbroken voice said “i'm sorry”
Shinji looked at his broken and defeated father and said “Your actions from this day forward will decide your forgiveness.” These words were straight from his mother. Whether Gendo was going to be allowed back into the family was her decision.
Gendo nodded at his son and limped back towards the entry plug. Lilith sealed him back inside and inserted him back into Unit-01.
Adam walked up to the kids and in a soft voice told them “I am sorry about this, but even with me gone they will not stop coming. They are different from Lil and I. They are not true and have no knowledge of what has happened.” He then looked around at the Eva units and back at the children “But I have a feeling they won't be much of a challenge for you this time.” He then smiled at them as he dissipated away. The fact about who he was and everything else was left unsaid. There was so much more going on right now that they simply didn't know about.
When Adam was gone Lilith looked at Shinji and Asuka expectantly. Both knew what she wanted and Asuka told her “Ok, you can go tell Hikari now.”
Lilith spread her wings and was about to take off when Shinji added “In ethereal form.”
This didn't make Lilith happy and she glared at him before returning down to Terminal Dogma.
The children left Nerv together and went straight to the mall as it would look suspicious if Asuka returned home empty handed. At least that's what they told Shinji. Because the real reason for the mall trip was for Asuka and Rei to hash out all of their differences, with Shinji acting as a referee. This scared the crap out of poor Shinji at first when he found out but luckily for him the two girls came to a good understanding. What each girl wanted from Shinji was vastly different so there was no conflict there. There were a couple different issues that needed to be sorted out as well but oddly enough with the Shinji issue being a non issue and the understanding of the situation both girls had now none of those issues turned out to be solvable too. Shinji was extremely relieved at this and didn't even care that he got stuck carrying the bags for two teenage girls on a whirlwind shopping trip.
The next day Asuka made her grand appearance at school. It was a little different from the first time though. First she walked to school with Shinji and it was evident that the two were friendly with each other as she was seen holding his hand. Second she already seemed to have a pre-built group of friends, which confused the class greatly as the class rep and her already seemed like best friends even though they just met. And third, she wasn't as forceful as last time. But none of those changes stopped her from becoming the most sought after girl in school. Many of the boys though were a little disappointed as she spurned them readily and the love notes in her locker were always found in the trash unopened. Plus she was seen from time to time slipping notes of her own into Shinji's locker.
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As Shinji and Asuka walked to school together they saw Rei sitting on a bench looking at something intently, so they decided to see what was up. When she noticed them coming she quickly closed the book and hid it behind her back.
Asuka noticed this and said “C'mon Rei, lets see it”
“See what?”
“What you are hiding behind your back”
“It might make you two unhappy” Rei warned.
“Let's see it anyways.” Asuka answered.
Rei hesitantly took the book out from behind her back and told them to open it up to Chapter 8, section 9. When they did they discovered some candid photos of Asuka that neither one of them knew existed.
Shinji's mood changed to one of displeasure as he asked “Where did you get these?”
“From some first year boy” Rei answered. “He bumped into me while staring at them, but when I picked them up he ran off.”
Just then they heard a voice over their shoulders. “The pictures I took last time were much better than those.”
Asuka reached back and grabbed Kensuke by the throat and growled “Explain yourself stooge.”
Kensuke answered while choking “Th…they're not m…mine.” Asuka relaxed her grip a little and Kensuke took a couple quick breaths before he continued “Like I promised before, I'm not going to take any pictures of you and sell them. I know you would kill me.”
Asuka let him go but demanded “Then who took these?”
Kensuke looked at the pictures closer and answered “My guess is someone in the photo club. The picture quality is decent and the only other people in this school with that kind of camera are members of the club. It's probably another one of their so called fundraisers. That is where I got the idea from last time.”
“Why can't you be the only hentai picture freak in this school?” Asuka sighed as she had a much more important matter by the name of Israfel to deal with than this. “Okay, I except your explanation, but Shinji and I don't have time for this garbage right now. So you and the other stooge need to find these idiots and stop them as penance for last time. And trust me I will be calling Hikari tonight to get a full report. Understood?”
“Yes Ma'am” Kensuke replied and then took off to do some cloak and dagger type of investigating. He stopped quickly though and walked back to them “Ummmmm???”
Asuka started laughing as she knew what his problem was “I have no idea where those two are either.”
“This might be harder than I thought with out my muscle” Kensuke said and then walked off again.
After Kensuke left the second time the three started talking about the real problem they had today.
“So what are you two going to do about Israfel?” Rei asked.
“I'm sure if I went all out right away I could tear that angel apart with no problems” Shinji answered. “But that may raise a few eyebrows earlier than we want.”
Rei asked “Who are you worried about?”
“SEELE” he answered. “If they suspect we know too much or are too proficient they may just try something.”
Asuka added on “We have Lilith keeping an eye on them just in case, but they have too many resources we need at their disposal. So we have to just sit back and let Gendo handle them for now.”
“So what are you planning then?” Rei continued to question.
“As bad as this sounds” Asuka answered feeling a bit frustrated as she didn't really want to do this. “We might throw the first round with Israfel and let the course of events happen the same as last time.”
“That would keep suspicion down but what about others getting hurt?” Rei asked.
Shinji answered this time “Where the fight will take place will be evacuated and closed off so others should be safe.”
“If you want, I could help?” Rei offered but was shot down by a loud “NO!”
And Shinji continued “It's bad enough Asuka has to get involved, I don't want you as well.”
Asuka shot a stern look at Shinji for that and told him forcefully “We are not having this argument again. You will need help with all of this and we are the only two people who can. You don't have to worry we will be perfectly fine.” Shinji tried to open his mouth to argue but Asuka put her hand over it and added “And no more arguing you overprotective baka.” In Asuka's opinion Shinji had picked up some bad habits from his mother, specifically being overprotective.
At Nerv, Kaji snuck up behind Ritsuko and wrapped his arms around her causing her to let out a little gasp of surprise. “You've lost some weight.”
Ritsuko responded with a playful “Oh.”
“You're enduring an unrequited love” Kaji said smoothly.
“Really, you're so sure are you?” She shot back.
Kaji then brushed the side of her cheek and said “A woman with a mole like a tear on her cheek is destined to a life full of heartbreak and sorrow.”
Ritsuko turned her head slightly to look at him. “If you are trying to put the moves on me, I'm afraid you can't. Not while that face is pressed against the glass anyway.” As Misato steamed the glass in anger Ritsuko added “It's been quite a while Kaji.”
“It's been a while alright.” He said with amusement.
“You know, you're not as discreet as I remember.” Ritsuko teased as she noticed Misato coming into the room.
“He ain't never been discreet in his life. You finished handing over Unit-02 haven't you, what are you still doing here?” Misato growled at him.
Kaji looked at her and smiled “Have any good dreams last night, or should I be asking Shinji that?”
Misato's jaw dropped to the floor as Ritsuko got a huge grin on her face.
“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE!?” Misato screamed a second later.
“I have been re-assigned. So I should be around in case you need someone older and more knowledgeable to hold while you moan out in your sleep.” This was responded to by a loud and hard SLAP!.
As Kaji was rubbing his cheek while looking at the wild eyed and angry beauty in front of him, he chuckled “As passionate as ever.” And then left quickly to avoid another symbol of Misato's affection in the form of a fist.
Misato had to restrain herself not to go and chase him down so she could beat the crap out of him. Ritsuko noticed and her reaction to all of this was a little smirk. Misato saw the smirk and warned her through clenched teeth “Not a word.”
“Who me?” Ritsuko protested innocently. “But if you want, I know where he is staying.”
Misato had to walk out of the room quickly when told that. One so she could scream out in frustration, and two to avoid the temptation of finding out. She couldn't trust herself around that man and that was why so was so angry right now.
When the angel alarms went off and the kids were assembled, Asuka complained about having to do this with Shinji as she could handle it herself. She was told no and to stop complaining. Shinji and her were then loaded into their Eva's.
Shinji attacked first with repeated blasts from his gun and then Asuka charged through the smoke and split Israfel in half with a prog glaive. This didn't stop the angel as it revealed itself to be two components and proceeded to throw them around. A N2 bomb had to be dropped on Israfel to damage it enough where it would take a while for it to heal itself.
At the briefing Shinji and Asuka got lectured by Fuyutsuki for embarrassing Nerv. Misato was then tasked with figuring out a solution to the situation. Like before she was coming up blank and eventually turned to Ritsuko for help. Ritsuko gave her a plan but told Misato it wasn't hers and when Misato looked at the disk she noticed it was from Kaji. She wasn't happy, but she was desperate and the Shall We Dance plan was put into play.
It took about a day for Shinji and Asuka to get back in sync with each other and once they did everything was perfect. At least when they practiced alone it was, when there was an audience they purposely had problems. This of course led them to being ordered to practice more. Which was exactly what they wanted as falling down on each other was much more fun now than it was before.
Three days later Hikari, Touji, and Kensuke showed up for a visit. When Asuka and Shinji answered the door in matching outfits the three erupted out in laughter.
“C'mon, it's not that funny.” Asuka and Shinji said in unison.
But the laughter insisted that it was. In fact it was even funnier now than last time, especially since Kensuke had brought his camera with him. Asuka challenged out a couple death threats about taking any pictures but they failed when Hikari grabbed the camera from Kensuke and took them herself. She just thought this was too cute of a picture to pass up.
Misato saw the others there when she walked up with Rei and like last time she explained the situation to the three. She then decided to show the others what she meant and had Shinji and Asuka run through the performance for all of them. Secretly she had devised a plan to spur on Asuka and Shinji's efforts by using Rei, but as the two performed the routine they got it perfect.
“B…B..But just last night you two were falling all over each other???” Misato said in shock.
“We got better” they responded in unison.
Then they repeated the performance again and got it perfect again. Misato just sat there stunned, there was no way they could go from stumbling, bumbling dance partners to perfection in just one night. It was simply impossible.
Rei got up “If you will not be needing my assistance Captain Katsuragi, I will leave.” And she went out the door. She stuck around outside the apartment though.
After the second performance both Asuka and Shinji figured they had made their point and went to change into some normal clothes.
When Asuka came out of her room she announced “I'm going to get something to eat” as she went for the door.
“Not without Shinji” Misato told her.
“Why does that baka have to come with me?” Asuka complained rather loudly. “I just proved we can do the stupid plan.”
“That's all well and good but I'm not going to jinx it” Misato answered her. “You can either take him with you or you can stay here while I make dinner.”
Asuka responded by grabbing Shinji by the arm and storming out the door with him while muttering several curses in German.
When they were gone Misato said to the other three “So who's hungry? I'm cooking.”
The other children quickly made up excuses and ran for the door.
“Well I guess it's just the two of us PenPen.” Misato said to the now distraught and trapped penguin, as he was too slow and the door shut before he could make his escape. “So should we have curry flavored ramen with extra curry or extra extra curry?”
PenPen let out a sad wark that meant nothing like what Misato interpreted it to as she scrounged around for all the extra curry packages she could find. PenPen then began crying over his fate. Not even a retrial of life could save him from the horrors of Misato's cooking.
Rei met up with Asuka and Shinji in the hall outside the apartment. “So where are you two off to?” she asked them.
“To that German restaurant uptown” Asuka answered. “No offense to your local cuisine, but I need some real food. You can come with us if you want.”
“Thanks but no thanks. All that meat makes me queasy” Rei said. “Plus Yui wanted me to watch and make sure Gendo destroys the last of the real research information on the Instrumentality project.”
“That should make Mom happy” Shinji said. “Maybe she will stop hitting him now?”
“You saw that shiner she gave him too” Rei said with a wince as it looked pretty bad to her.
“Yeah, Shinji and I went to check up on the old guy the other day” Asuka told her. “She really clocked him one. During our whole conversation he had an ice pack on his eye to keep it from swelling shut.”
“From the looks of it he was in pain.” Shinji added.
Asuka answered him “Well sometimes love hurts” and then pinched Shinji's arm. “And if we don't get going it might just hurt a little more.”
Shinji got the point loud and clear and they left to catch a train uptown.
At the restaurant Asuka greeted the hostess in German and placed an order right away, also in German.
“What did you order?” Shinji asked curiously.
“Just what you deserve.” Asuka cooed back.
A little bit later the waitress brought them a bratwurst and wienerschnitzel platter with extra sauerkraut. Asuka made sure that Shinji had a double helping. The irony of this was not lost on Shinji but an interesting thing happened, he found out he liked the food. This was a good thing as he pretty much realized they would be going to that restaurant quite often from now on. For dessert Asuka ordered two apple strudels. One for her to share with him and another one she had boxed up.
On the way home they stopped at headquarters. Rei was sitting in Gendo's chair leaning back and staring at the ceiling when the two showed up. “Even though it doesn't mean anything anymore it is a pretty picture.”
Shinji took a look up “It's a bit complicated for my tastes. Where's the commander?”
“He finished shredding the last of the documents a half hour ago. He's in Unit-01 right now having another discussion.”
“I sure hope he has some ice around here” Asuka laughed. “He might need it again.”
Rei answered with a little giggle as she opened a modified drawer in his desk that was full of ice packs.
“Smart move Gendo” Asuka said and handed Rei the take out box.
Rei asked cautiously “It's not something with meat in it, is it?”
“No, it's just a German dessert with apples, pastry, and some frosting” Asuka told her. “Try some its good.”
Rei tried a piece of the strudel. It was a little sweet to her but not bad and she ate about half of it while talking with the two of them. She left the rest for Gendo as she figured he would need something sweet as there was no way he was getting anything remotely close to that from Yui.
Shinji and Asuka spent the rest of the week practicing and doing everything in unison, making Misato regret ever thinking this was a good idea and cursing the name of the man who thought it up in the first place.
The night before the battle Asuka reminded Shinji that Misato had night duty.
“So that means we're all alone tonight” Shinji said mischievously but with a touch of nervousness. This was Asuka he was spending the night alone with after all.
Asuka responded by picking up her futon and dragging it into her room. Then she picked up his and dragged it right next to hers.
At the door to her room Shinji stopped. “What about the walls of Jericho?”
Asuka answered sweetly “Those walls crumbled a long time ago.”
She then invited him to crawl into his own bed and she did the same and they fell asleep right next to each other. Nothing risqué happened or anything like that, just simple close companionship was enough for now. Even though they knew they would be alright tomorrow both were still just a touch nervous about everything going smoothly.
During the night Asuka got up to use the bathroom and when she came back she fell right next to Shinji, on his bed, and he woke up to find his face very close to hers. He leaned in closer but stopped just millimeters away from her lips. He then heard a gentle voice.
“Turning down a second chance?”
Shinji answered by closing the distance between the two and giving her a sweet little kiss on the lips. Asuka responded with a little moan and Shinji wrapped his arm around her as she tucked her head into his chest where she fell back to sleep. Shinji was in absolute heaven. As not only did he score a kiss but now he had his red headed beauty snuggled into him. He did not want this embrace to ever end and was disappointed when he felt himself drifting off to sleep.
The performance the next day was 62 seconds of absolute perfection, followed by a loud explosion, and Israfel was no more. When the smoke cleared and the crew saw inside the crater they saw Unit-02 was in a dip position while Unit-01 was holding her, which was a bit of improv by the two. Both Eva's then stood up and took a bow.
They heard over the intercom system “Very good you two, now stop showing off and bring the Eva's back in.”
When Shinji and Asuka got out of the Eva's they said in unison “Was that perfect enough for you Misato?”
Misato picked up on the obvious sarcasm and answered back sarcastically herself as she met them on the catwalk “Yes it was and we all thank you.”
“Well you should, we only saved the world from destruction.” In unison again.
“Very funny. Now go get changed for the briefing.”
“Okay” they said together and headed off for the locker room.
Back up on the bridge Ritsuko and her crew were going over the data from the fight when Ritsuko teased Misato. “Trouble with the kiddies?”
“They have been doing that total unison bit for a day and a half. Every word out of their mouths is the exact same. It's driving me nuts.”
“I warned you they would be trouble from the beginning” Ritsuko said.
“You say that about all children” Misato answered and then smiled “Isn't that right Maya?”
Maya looked up from her screen nervously “Huh……Ummm… what did you say? I was busy working.”
Ritsuko got up and grabbed Misato by the arm and dragged her away while exclaiming “We have a briefing to get to, now stop bothering my tech crew.”
At the briefing they went over the battle and both Shinji and Asuka stood up and took another bow, much to the dismay of the grown ups. When told to knock it off by Fuyutsuki they both rolled their eyes at him and sat back down.
The briefing itself was rather quick and after it Fuyutsuki had a few things to say to Misato. “Those two are becoming quite disruptive and disobedient, I expect changes Captain Katsuragi.” Fuyutsuki lectured her.
Misato's temper was extremely short right now and she shot back quickly and harshly “If you think raising two teenagers is easy why the hell don't you get off your damn soapbox and try it!”
“That's enough from the both of you” a stern voice from a dark area of the room commanded. “The primary goal of our objective was achieved. Unit-01 and 02 pilots will remain where they are at.” Gendo then got up and left the room through a side door where he met Rei in the hall. “Tell Shinji and Asuka to please stop the unison act. Misato is starting to get edgy.”
Rei handed him another ice pack and giggled a little as she went in search of the two to deliver the message.
Gendo looked around after Rei left to make sure he was completely alone. He then placed the ice pack on his balls and whimpered out in pain as last nights discussion with Yui had ended with a rather serious exclamation point.
When Rei found the two and told them what Gendo said Shinji just stared at her for a second.
“Something wrong with that?” Rei asked.
“No” Shinji answered with a mixture of dismay and happiness. “But that sounded like something a father would say.”
“That's what you wanted, wasn't it Shinji?” Asuka asked.
Shinji got a little smile on his face as he answered “Yes.”
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Shinji was walking down the sidewalk looking at a piece of paper with directions scribbled on it when a hand reached out from a store and grabbed him, pulling him inside.
“It's about time you got here third child, I have been waiting for fifteen minutes.”
“It would have been easier if the directions weren't a mix of English, German, and Japanese.” Shinji said a little mystified he had managed to find this place at all.
“Oopps” Asuka responded to him in a very cute way causing him to forget what he was just talking about.
Shinji looked around for a second and noticed he was in a women's store. He got a bit nervous around all the frilly things and asked “W-what am I doing here?”
“Well last time I went shopping with Kaji” She said. “This time I wanted to go shopping with you.” She then led him through the store to the swimsuit section and proceeded to pick out one in particular
“Remember my physics lesson Shinji?” She teased while waving the swimsuit in front of him.
“You saw my fantasies, you know exactly how well I remember that suit and that lesson.” Shinji said turning a bit on the red side.
“Why do you think I'm buying it again you silly boy?” She answered and gave him a little kiss on the nose.
Shinji responded by turning a darker shade of red while also getting a huge grin on his face. That flirtatious side of Asuka really affected him as he was finding out. It was a good thing he liked being affected though as when Asuka was happy she was more prone to being like that around him.
When Misato got home from Nerv that day she noticed Shinji and Asuka watching TV. That was pretty normal for the two, but Asuka wearing a swimsuit wasn't. `She is so not going to be happy when I tell her she can't go on her school trip' Misato thought. `Maybe I'll wait till dinner.'
Eventually it did get to dinner time and Misato said very carefully “Umm… Asuka. I hate to tell you this… but we can't let you two go on the school trip. We might get an angel attack and we can't risk you being away.” Misato cringed at the expected fireworks.
Asuka instead just looked up at her “I know. Shinji said this would probably happen.”
“Wait… if you already suspected you weren't going to be allowed to go, why in the world did you buy that swimsuit and why are you wearing it now?” Misato responded while raising her voice at Asuka.
“No reason, I just felt like it” Asuka said egotistically. “After all if you got it, flaunt it. And you know Misato you have some pretty good assets yourself. I bet if you showed them off a little more a certain male spy might notice.”
“Just what are you insinuating!” Misato screamed.
With a big smile on her face Asuka answered “Shinji was right. You do talk in your sleep.”
Misato instantly turned red in anger and embarrassment. She grabbed a bunch of beers from the fridge and stormed off to her room.
“I pushed that a little too far didn't I Shinji?” Asuka asked as she looked at him. She was only trying to tease Misato, not make her mad.
Shinji simply nodded his head yes. Asuka let out a large sigh and then went to apologize. She knocked on Misato's door and entered her room “Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.”
“You know how much I hate being linked with him” Misato responded while nursing a beer.
“I know” Asuka replied. “But why do you hate it so much? Did he really hurt you that bad?”
Misato took a few more sips of her beer before answering “He wasn't the one who did the hurting.” Asuka responded with a confused look and Misato added “It's complicated. And I don't really want to talk about it. It's really better off forgotten.”
“Okay” Asuka said understanding that Misato may not have been ready to talk about it yet. “We can talk about something else, can't we?”
Misato looked at her for a second and answered with a smile “Yes we can. First off let's talk about where you got that swimsuit, I kinda like that style. Although I usually go with something that doesn't have so much bulky fabric as that one.” The rest of the night Asuka spent having a girl talk with Misato, trying to strengthen her bond with this woman she admired and cared about much more than Misato currently knew.
As Shinji and Asuka said goodbye when their friends left on the class trip both were a little sad. It would have been fun if they both could have gone with them, but they knew they couldn't.
“I guess we'll have to settle for the pool again” Asuka said as Shinji and her watched the plane take off. Shinji nodded his head in agreement sadly. He would have much rather been lying out on a tropical beach with Asuka than sitting around a boring old pool. It was thanks to that thought that missing out on the trip was much more of a disappointment this time than last.
After the two left the airport they took a train to Nerv. It would be some time before Sandalphon would be discovered and Asuka planned to spend as much of that time as possible lounging around the pool as a substitute for not being able to lay out on a beach in Okinawa.
Asuka went to the locker room to go get changed but when she came back out she found Shinji was once again sitting at a computer studying.
“What are you doing Shinji?” Asuka asked. “Our grades are a lot better this time, you don't need to be studying. Why don't you come play with me in the pool instead?”
Shinji answered “Your grades are a lot better, and most of mine are okay, but I'm still having trouble with physics.”
Asuka looked at him funny at first but then got a large smile on her face. This was about to become a very fun situation again. And she highly doubted Shinji wasn't going to be any fun this time.
“That is exactly why I am having troubles” Shinji exclaimed. “Every time I see a question about thermal expansion, my mind spaces out and I can't think of anything but your lesson.”
“Well I guess I will just have to repeat it then” Asuka said leaning down in front of him and placing her hands on her breasts. Unfortunately the second she did that a stern voice startled her.
Shinji looked up and Asuka turned around quickly to see Gendo standing there. “Neither of you two are ready for those kinds of lessons. Now why don't you let Shinji do his homework Asuka.” Gendo then walked over to one of the lounge chairs, sat down, and started reading a newspaper while keeping an eye on the two.
“You're no fun” Asuka yelled at him.
“And you are only 14” he replied back unsympathetically.
Asuka huffed and then went to put on some scuba equipment she had dragged out to the pool. Rei, who was relaxing on a lounge chair beside the pool, decided to join her.
A little while later Gendo looked over the top of the paper only to see Shinji staring at the two girls having fun in the pool. He had a miserable expression on his face. It was like he was missing out on something very special. Gendo decided to maybe let up a little “Okay Shinji, you can join them. But I expect to see those physics problems your mother wrote up done and on my desk by the end of the day.”
“Thanks dad” Shinji said and then took off towards the locker room to change into his swimsuit so he could join the other two.
A couple of days later, after Sandalphon was discovered and the magma dive suit was being made, Gendo was once again reading the paper in the pool area keeping an eye on the kids. Rei was lounging in a deck chair by the pool and Asuka was teaching Shinji how to scuba dive.
Maya came in and gave a status report to Gendo. “The production of the dive suit is on schedule. Sempai…er Dr. Akagi still says Unit-02 is the best choice for this mission but she can modify it for Unit-01 as requested.”
Rei opened her eyes and looked at the two as Maya said that, and Gendo replied “Understood, carry on.” But once Maya was out of the pool area Rei jumped up and took off, while Gendo backed away through another door. Shinji had already swam to the other side of the pool when he heard Asuka yell.
After an hour long argument Asuka informed Gendo that this was her mission again and he changed the order back to Unit-02.
The situation with Sandalphon started out the same as the last time with Asuka being lowered down into the volcano and entrapping the angel embryo. This was followed by Sandalphon growing and breaking free and thus the battle began. Asuka made quick work of the angel as she let the angel sever only one of her coils and then used the cooling fluid to destroy it. She was planning on a more extravagant and convincing battle but knew at the slightest real problem Shinji would not hesitate to jump in and help her. And this was proven as she was being pulled up faster than expected because Shinji felt the machines were taking too long and he pulled her out himself.
When Asuka was back at the surface and both children were out of harms way, they received sudden shocks from their mothers.
In Unit-02 Asuka got a shock and then her mother told her “That swimsuit is much too skimpy young lady. From now on if you are going swimming with Shinji I expect you to wear your school one.”
“But Mommy, those kinds of swimsuits are the fashion” Asuka tried to answer, but Kyoko shot back “I don't care if that is the fashion, that suit is too revealing and will just get you two in trouble later on.”
“Mom, that's not fair” Asuka whined.
“Sorry honey but that's the way it is going to be, Understood?” Kyoko put emphasis on the last word to stress her point.
Asuka sighed “Yes Mommy” as she realized she wasn't going to win. As Asuka was finding out her mom was a real mom in just about every way, and worse yet she was of the authoritative type. Mommy was the boss here and she had to listen to her. But as much as that meant Asuka couldn't always have her way she cherished it, she needed her mom so much.
In Unit-01 Shinji also got a shock from his mother.
“That is for your eyes going places they are too young for, and also that little stunt you and your dad just tried to pull.”
“I only wanted to protect her” Shinji replied quickly.
“I know” Yui responded. “But you can't do everything for her. She is not that kind of girl.”
“I know that” Shinji said but added on “But I'm not going to stop trying.”
Yui gave him another shock “Stop being so stubborn. I have finally got your father to start shaping up and I will not have you acting like that.”
“Sorry Mom.” Shinji said. “But I can't let her get hurt. She means too much to me”
Yui let out a sigh of frustration. She couldn't really blame him as she was the same way. And she knew the overprotective streak he had definitely came from her. The impact she was having on him was very clear to her. It wasn't exactly a bad thing but she could tell it would get Shinji in more trouble later on.
Misato treated the two to a special treat after the battle was over and the kids were unloaded from their Eva's. She brought them to a hot springs.
While relaxing there Asuka told Shinji “Throw the body soap over the wall Shinji. We ran out over here.”
“Can't I just bring it over personally?” Shinji asked with a mischievous tone causing Asuka to giggle. She quickly stopped when she noticed Misato's curious reaction.
Misato had to look at Asuka for a second longer before she shouted back “Not if you want to see tomorrow.”
A minute passed and Asuka yelled “Hurry up third child.”
“I'm still thinking. It's a tempting offer.”
Asuka laughed “You're incorrigible Shinji, now stop playing around and throw the bottle over.”
Shinji did and Asuka caught it this time. This little interaction helped solidify a current thought in Misato's head. It was time for her to get some of her questions answered so when Shinji went into the bath house with PenPen to give Asuka and Misato some privacy she asked “Asuka, is there something going on between you and Shinji?”
Asuka looked at her and saw the serious expression she had. “I take it I can't yell, scream, and deny my way out of it this time can I?”
“No, I've seen too much. I know something is going on” Misato answered. “First it's the way you drag him everywhere. You don't do that with boys you don't like. Then it was you wearing that swimsuit around him all the time along with the time you spent with him personally at the pool. And now as you were battling that last angel, Shinji was perched on the rim of the volcano with his knife already in hand looking like he was going to jump in after you. Even though I was yelling at him to back off.”
“Yeah I heard. Sometimes he doesn't listen to well” Asuka told her. “He has this stupid overwhelming urge to protect me even though I don't want him too.” The part Asuka left off was that Shinji was that way because he was scared to death of losing Asuka again.
“That would explain the argument Maya said you guys had earlier about this mission” Misato responded.
“H-how did she know about that?” Asuka asked with a sudden bit of worry.
“She said she heard you scream at him, but left when the Commander appeared.”
Asuka breathed a sigh of relief that Maya had not heard more. “It was just a little lover's quarrel” she answered “that's all.”
Misato raised her eyebrow at Asuka's choice of words. “Lover's quarrel. Don't you think you're a little young to be using that word?”
Asuka looked at Misato “There is more to us than I can say, but that is the right word.”
“Be careful Asuka” Misato said quietly as she looked down at the mark on her chest “Sometimes love can leave scars that can't be seen as well.”
“Shinji heals my scars. He won't create new ones.” Asuka told her.
Misato looked at her with compassion “Just be careful, okay?”
“Okay” Asuka replied back in a gentle tone and then asked softly “Why did you break up with him?”
Misato sat there silently for a long while before answering. She didn't really know if she wanted too and she was a bit afraid of the answer. It would mean being very open and honest, not to Asuka, but to herself. “I don't know. Maybe it has to do with him reminding me of my father in some ways. Maybe it was me, or maybe I don't truly know what love is. He was the one that was there for me and I was the one that walked away. I guess I was too scared of letting someone get that close to my heart.”
“So there never was another person?” Asuka asked.
Misato answered “No, and he is the only one.”
“You said `is' Misato. Do you still love him?” Asuka asked gently as she noticed Misato was now staring off into the stars.
After a while Misato answered “It wouldn't matter if I did. It's too late now.”
“It's never too late.”
With a tear in her eye Misato answered “I truly wish I could believe that.”