Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Play it Again Shinji ❯ Part 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Play it Again Shinji
by Ret Nuh
Part 3
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Shinji was on the phone with his dad.
“Hey dad.”
“What do you need Shinji?”
“The school wanted me to tell you that a career guidance counselor would be coming to my school.”
“So do you know what you want to be when you grow up?”
“Ummm… not really” Shinji answered. With everything that was going on right now it wasn't something he put much thought into.
“Do you know if you want to go to college?” Gendo asked.
“Asuka says I have to. And to the one she is going to go to.”
“So did your mom actually. Why don't you set up a meeting for Thursday at 3:00 pm and we can talk about what we need to do.”
“OK dad” Shinji answered but then got cut off. He looked over at Rei and Asuka “Well I guess it's time to go crawl around Nerv for a couple of hours.”
“But I know the way” Rei said.
Shinji shot her a dirty look and then smiled mischievously while saying “Hush.”
Kaji ran and dove into the elevator just as it was about to close, only to see Misato staring at the other side of it in shock and fear.
“So what's so interest……”
The power then shut off and an ethereal being walked up to the both of them, placed a hand on each of their heads, and a flood of thoughts and images filled their minds.
“I think you two need to talk” Lilith said and disappeared.
Misato stared at Kaji and Kaji stared back unable to say anything, overwhelmed by all they had just learned. After five minutes of silence Misato slapped him.
“What was that for?” Kaji asked with noticeable confusion.
Misato slapped him again and her eyes filled with tears. “It's next time.”
Kaji quickly remembered his promise to her and moved towards Misato. But was stopped by an outstretched arm.
With tears streaming down her face Misato cried softly “Only if you mean it, and you never leave me again, no matter what I say. I…I am so lonely.”
Kaji responded by intertwining his fingers with her outstretched hand and pulled her close to him. He gently placed his other hand on Misato's chin and lifted her head so they were looking deeply into each other's eyes.
“I love you.” And he kissed her passionately. “And I promise I will never leave you.”
The two locked together tightly and with tears in her eyes Misato returned to him a kiss of longing fulfillment. They savored every ounce of each other's essence as their tongues gently caressed the insides of their mouths. Both of them had wanted this from the second they had seen each other. All the old feelings were still there and both of them now understood each other. They really could make this work and the only thing stopping them was fear and doubts that no longer existed. And as they kissed they both started to get very hot. This had less to do with the temperature controls than it did them. Misato felt Kaji take off her coat and when it fell to the ground with a soft thud she pressed her body up against his. She wanted him to truly know how much she needed him in her life and to show him how much her body still desired him. As she was pressed up tightly against him she could tell he felt the same way.
While the three kids were wandering around the ventilation system Lilith appeared to them.
“Well???” all three said together.
“I just took a little peak, they are in each others arms and kissing passionately.” Lilith said with a large grin on her face as she had to clean up what she actually saw them doing.
“Good” Shinji answered. Asuka then went over and whispered something into Shinji's ear and he looked at his watch. “I guess we can do that. It will be a good hour before dad has everything ready.”
Fifteen minutes later of what seemed to be random crawling around they found themselves in a large area with a door. Rei asked “Where are we going?”
“It's something I need to do” Asuka responded and walked up to one of the doors leading outside. She swung it open, and when Matarael's eye came into view, she gave the angel the finger. Then she slammed the door back shut and told Rei “It's your turn to lead now.”
Rei shook her head in futile frustration and proceeded to lead them the correct way. She liked Asuka very much now but sometimes she just couldn't understand that girl.
While they crawled through the vents and made their way towards the cages Asuka said back to Shinji “Enjoying the view back there third child.”
“Immensely” Shinji answered.
Rei looked back just in time to see Asuka shirk up her skirt a little more and wiggle her butt at him.
“We did not just crawl around all these stupid vents for hours on end just so you could get a peak at Asuka's panties, did we Shinji?” Rei said back to him with much annoyance.
“It's none of your business if we did.” Asuka responded for him.
Rei stopped suddenly, glared at them with malice, and then kicked the bottom panel of the vent sending Shinji and Asuka crashing to the floor below while she jumped down gracefully.
“Oh good the children are here” Ritsuko said as she saw the children fall out of the ventilation duct in front of her.
Both Shinji and Asuka were greeted by shocks when they synched up with their Eva's. Shinji for looking up Asuka's skirt and Asuka for hiking hers up so he could.
“How did you know?” both children asked while grumbling at getting caught. Their moms seemed to know everything, including things they didn't want them to.
Rei answered for Kyoko and Yui. “Eva's have extremely good hearing and they probably heard everything you said in the ducts.”
Both Asuka and Shinji blushed deeply as they stuttered “E-e-e-everything???”
They were answered by two authoritative voices “Yes. Everything.”
“You know, you could have said something earlier Rei.” Asuka said with embarrassment.
“Yes I could have, but it is funnier this way.” She shot back as they started crawling through the launch tube tunnels.
“It wouldn't be funny if you could be zapped” Shinji said.
They then heard Lilith talking to them “Oh she can get zapped, but she hasn't done anything to deserve it.”
Yui added on “Why can't you behave better like your sister?”
Shinji grumbled “It's hard to get in trouble when you don't even have a boyfriend.”
“HEY” Rei yelled. “That's mean.” And Shinji promptly got shocked again.
“Apologize to your sister” Yui told him.
“Sorry Rei” Shinji said humbly.
“Okay were here.” Asuka announced “but only two of us are needed this time.”
“So who has to sit out?” Rei asked.
With a devious little smile Asuka said “There is only one fair way to decide.”
Ten seconds later Unit-00 had scissors, Unit-02 had scissors, and Unit-01 had paper.
“You lose Shinji” Asuka said.
“So I did” Shinji answered and gave his gun to Asuka. But instantly afterwards he jumped out of the tube, spread his AT field, and blocked the path of the acid so Asuka could get set up for the kill shot.
As she blasted away upwards and eliminated Matarael she yelled “Shinji Ikari when we get home, you are so going to get it!”
With Matarael dead and gone the Eva's were crawling back to the holding bay.
“But Asuka, I thought that's what the loser had to do.” Shinji said trying to explain himself.
Asuka wasn't buying any of it as she fired back “Shut up Shinji, I'm still mad at you.”
“So am I” Rei added on as she was the one who got left out of the situation totally. Lately she really starting to feel like a third wheel in all of this and she didn't like that.
Both girls then switched off Shinji from their communicators. Shinji though was smiling. “You're okay, right mom?”
“Already healed and fine. It will take a lot more than that to even dent your mom” Yui responded. “But Shinji you really need to stop doing that, it will only get you in trouble with the girls.”
“I know, but I don't care. Nothing is allowed to hurt them.” Shinji told his mother.
“Will you please stop acting like me” Yui pleaded.
“No” Shinji answered “You taught me too well.”
Yui let out a sigh of frustration, but was kind of happy as well. At least what he was doing he was doing for the right reasons.
On the bridge the crew was working feverishly to restore the power. Maya looked up at Gendo and Fuyutsuki.
“Sempai, how can those two just sit there like that, It's blazing hot in here.”
Ritsuko looked up and answered “I have no clue and I really don't care.” She then reached her hands around Maya and typed out some code out on Maya's keyboard. “Try using this code to reroute the power.”
“Th…Thank you sempai.” Maya said while releasing a deep breath.
Ritsuko looked at her and smiled. She then turned to Shigeru and yelled “Haven't you got the cooling system backup yet? We're burning up over here.”
“I'm working on it Ma'am.” Shigeru replied but then whispered over to Makoto “Should I tell her I can't get it back up until Maya has rerouted the power?”
Makoto took a quick look at the two women working very closely together and whispered back “Not if you want to live.”
On the deck above, Fuyutsuki was standing in a bucket of ice water next to Gendo.
“It's hot.”
Gendo, with his feet in a bucket of water as well, replied “Yup” and then opened the bottom drawer of the desk and took out two battery operate fans. “Don't let the others see these.”
“Understood” Fuyutsuki replied as he turned his on. A while later he looked down below at the crew trying to get the power back on. “They can't see the buckets of water, right?”
“Nope” Gendo replied “Now let's just keep looking all calm and stoic.”
“Yes sir” Fuyutsuki responded and put on a face that looked like nothing in the world was bothering him. Both the commander and vice commander were nothing more than figure heads at this point and neither held any real power. All the real power was crawling around in the launch tubes still.
When the power was returning to the base, Ritsuko and her crew were walking around checking on the status of things when they came to the elevator. Ritsuko pushed the up button and the doors opened. They all saw Kaji sitting on the elevator floor with his back up against the wall and his hands wrapped around Misato. Misato herself had her chest pressed up against him, her legs straddled around his waist, and her lips firmly locked with his.
“For crying out loud Misato, you don't know where that mans tongue has been these past few years!” Ritsuko yelled at her when she saw them.
Both of them got up with Misato saying slyly “Oh yes I do and I know exactly where it's going tonight.”
“Sex Fiend” Maya said as she passed them when they got up and left.
Kaji replied smugly “You don't know the half of it.”
Maya gasped at his response and shot him a look of disgust while Ritsuko shot back “Don't get your hopes up too high lover boy, the commander is looking for the both of you.”
Then she and the crew got in the elevator, but as the doors were closing Kaji stuck his foot in the way and the doors reopened. “Misato forgot her jacket” he said and he picked it up off the elevator floor. As he picked up the jacket a pair of black panties was discovered under them. “We were wondering what happened to those” he added on as he snatched them off the floor too. Then he left quickly as both Ritsuko and Maya glared at him with intent to kill looks on their faces.
When the doors finally shut, all four of them could not only easily guess what had been happening in there during the blackout, but they could smell it.
“Have those two no shame?” Maya asked.
“No” Ritsuko answered “Just lots of pent up emotions.” Ritsuko then took a little breath and as the smell of sex saturated her senses she looked over at Shigeru. “Have the cleaning crew fumigate this thing when we get off.”
“Yes ma'am” Shigeru chuckled.
When Misato and Kaji got to Gendo's office Misato said “Kaji has something very important to tell you” before Gendo could even say anything.
“Hold on for a second” Gendo said as he got up and handed a small box to Misato and a check to Kaji. “For your fine work at Nerv you are hereby promoted to Major, this time with a pay increment as well. And Kaji here is your severance check, you're fired.”
“Crap. And I had a big `I quit' speech all ready” Kaji laughed.
Misato quickly snatched the check out of Kaji's hand. “Good, now I can pay off my car loans and repair costs.” She then looked up at Gendo “Since I am a Major now, can I get a personal assistant?”
“I don't see why not.” Gendo replied but quickly regretted it as he realized who she was going to chose, and it was not someone from the secretarial pool.
Misato's phone then rang …..“You are not, it's too dangerous. In fact I don't want Rei to stay there anymore either”……. “Oh, in that case sure. And Shinji, thank you.”……. “I am very happy. Now give the phone to Rei”…. “Make sure those two behave themselves tonight.”… “Bye”
Shinji, Asuka, and Rei were all lying on their backs staring up at the stars while a cool relaxing breeze blew over them and rustled the grass around them.
“It's been a while since I looked up at the heavens and was happy” Shinji said and reached out to intertwine his fingers with Asuka's.
Asuka moved closer to him. “Why are you happy?” she asked softly as she nuzzled her head between his head and shoulders.
“Because I learned that there are people who love and care about me and I can show I love and care about them too.” Shinji replied peacefully enjoying the company around him.
Asuka gave him a kiss on the cheek “I'm happy for the same reasons, but I'm still going to yell at you later.”
“I know” Shinji replied. “But I couldn't stand the thought of you or Rei getting hurt.”
“Baka-Shinji, why do you always have to say things that make me love you and be mad at you at the same time.” Asuka sighed as she nuzzled her body closer to him. Shinji only responded by wrapping his arms around her and holding her closely.
A little while later a cool breeze blew by Rei snapping her out of her deep thoughts. “I think it's time for me to head home.”
Asuka and Shinji looked at each other “Yeah, we should look for somewhere to sleep tonight too. Misato and Kaji need to have this night to them selves” Asuka said.
“You can stay with me” Rei offered. Both Shinji and Asuka frowned at this as her place was less than hospitable. “Don't worry” Rei said. “I moved out of that dump and into Gendo's place a while ago. He spends all his time at Nerv and with mom, so he needed someone to apartment sit for him. And since he didn't like me living at my old apartment anymore he gave me one of the rooms in his place.”
Shinji then called Misato up on his cell phone. “Hi Misato. Asuka and I are going to stay over at Rei's tonight okay?”…… “She moved out of there. She is now apartment sitting for dad”…… “I just wanted you to be happy.” Shinji gave the phone to Rei. “What do you need Misato?”…. “I will, Bye.”
When the three walked into Gendo's apartment Asuka gasped “This place is huge.”
Shinji added “But empty.”
“It's got three bedrooms, one and a half baths, a living room, a dinning room, a fully equipped kitchen, a den, and a study” Rei said. “But the only furniture is what's in my room, a couch, a TV, and a computer. And I am the one that brought in the couch and TV and decorated my room.”
“So dad was a minimalist?” Shinji asked.
“Pretty much. When I got here I found one futon bed and the computer. For silverware he only had one fork, a spoon, a knife, and a pair of chopsticks to go along with one bowl, a glass, and a plate” Rei answered. “Everything else I had to go out and buy.”
“What a waste of a huge apartment” Asuka said and walked over to Rei's room to take a peak inside. What she saw was a fully decked out girls room. “I see you started on your room first” Asuka said with a little snicker.
“Well a girl has to have priorities.”
“I couldn't agree more” Asuka said back as the two went into Rei's room and shut the door behind them as they didn't need Shinji's opinion in a case like this.
Since he was now shut out of the conversation again Shinji decided to check out the fridge. It was full of fruits, vegetables, sauces, and tofu along with a couple different kinds of juices. He moved up to the freezer and found frozen vegetables and vegetarian dinners. Then he moved onto the pantry and found a bunch of instant vegetarian dinners, rice, noodles, spices, and one bag of potato chips.
When Rei was finished showing off her room and wardrobe to an impressed Asuka they came out to find Shinji sitting on the couch watching TV and eating chips. Rei walked up to him and snatched the chips from him. “Figures, the one piece of junk food in the entire place and that's what you're eating.”
“I was hungry” Shinji said. “Where's your phone? I want to order some pizza.”
Asuka flipped off the TV and looked at him. “Maybe later, but first we need to have a little talk about your actions today.”
So for the next hour and a half the two women yelled at Shinji and chastised him for acting like an overprotective chauvinistic Neanderthal. Shinji just sat there and took it. It wasn't really in his nature to talk back and he figured if he just sat there then the girls would be able to get all their frustrations out.
Unfortunately after the chewing out both girls could tell this wasn't going to be the last time they would have to do this. Everything they said was noticeably going in one ear and out the other. The only thing they could do was sigh in frustration as Shinji's new attitude about this sort of thing looked pretty much set in stone. He was simply too scared of losing them to allow them to get hurt in any way. It was probably going to take a fourth impact to change him again.
With that done Rei went back in her room a grabbed her phone. “Now that you have been properly put into your place you can order some pizza, just make sure it has no meat please.”
“Ok” Shinji said as he caught the phone, completely unfazed about what had just happened. He then placed an order for delivery. He used his head when ordering though and got two pizzas. One for Asuka, which had meat, and one for Rei, the vegetarian special. As for him he didn't care what was on the pizza, he just wanted food. He had much more of an appetite now that he wasn't completely depressed almost ever second of the day.
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Maya, Ritsuko, and Misato were all in the control room conducting synchronization tests on the three children.
“The pilots all seem to be bottoming out at the same level again sempai.”
Ritsuko looked over the numbers “That's three points higher than before” she then flipped the com switch “That's good enough for now. Go get changed and then you can leave for the day.”
“They all seem to be doing very well” Maya said.
“Yes they do, but I am a little suspicious about their identical numbers.” Ritsuko responded.
“You're just being paranoid Ritsuko” Misato said and then quickly changed the conversation. “Oh... by the way are you two coming to my party tomorrow night?”
“What party?” Ritsuko asked.
“My promotion part” Misato said proudly. “You know for me becoming a Major.”
“How you got promoted, I will never know…” Ritsuko started to rag on her but got cut off by Misato as she asked. “Are you two coming or not?”
Maya looked up at Ritsuko with a little smile and Ritsuko answered “Ok, we will make an appearance. But I'm making no promises about sticking around.”
By the time Ritsuko and Maya showed up for Misato's celebration, the party was already in full swing. Kaji walked up and put his arms around both women as he greeted them. “Hello ladies, it's good of you to come.” He then yelled to Misato “You can make the punch now.”
Ritsuko looked at him worried “It's not the same punch she used to make in college?”
Kaji just smiled at the two and went to help out Misato.
Ritsuko sighed and looked at Maya. “Watch out, Misato's punch is legendary. It's made out of five different clear alcohols mixed with powdered fruit punch mix. Not one of the alcohols is under 100 proof and what ever you do” Ritsuko couldn't stress this enough “Don't Eat The Pineapple Ring.”
When the punch was ready Misato walked up to them and handed each of them a glass. “Drink up, there's plenty and we can't play the pineapple game till it's almost all gone.” And then the raven haired woman drank her glass in one gulp. “Oh yeah! That's the good stuff.”
Ritsuko braced herself, took a gulp and coughed “Oh… that's Misato's punch alright.”
Maya looked at Ritsuko and then at the glass of punch “Sempai are you sure this stuff is safe to drink?”
Ritsuko took another gulp “This stuff is not fit for human consumption, but try some anyway or you will hurt her feelings.”
Maya took a sip and started choking. Maya was a social drinker at best and she could instantly tell this punch was way in over her head.
As Ritsuko refilled her glass she told her “Don't worry, it goes down smoother with every cup.”
About four hours later Misato poured the remainder of the punch into a small pitcher and put the pineapple ring on a plate where she cut it up into bite size pieces. She then called all the girls over to a table with a bunch of pillows around it. Rei, Hikari, and Asuka sat around one half of the table and an inebriated trio of Misato, Maya, and Ritsuko sat around the other.
Misato announced proudly as this was a game she had personally invented “Thish ish the pine…pine…pineapple game. You can ashk any question you likes. But you have to take a drinks after…afterwards, no wait before, or is it both? Oh well it doeshn't matter. If…if, I love this part, if you don't takesh a drinksy poo, you have to eat a shunk of pine…pine…pineapple. Oh….. And if you don't anshwer a queshtion you have to eat two shunks.” She then looked at the girls “You…Yous can play too, but the punch and pine…pine…pineapple ish only for ush women.”
Looking at how far gone the three women were the girls had no problem with this. They were in fact very happy about not being allowed to drink whatever that ominous red drink was.
Ritsuko looked at the girls, then at Misato, and finally at Maya who was swaying slightly. “You're goings to likes this games. It's funnsy.”
“But sempai (hic…heh,heh) you said not to eat the pine…pine…pineapple.” Maya said gently swaying back and forth.
“I did?” Ritsuko asked confused.
“I think so.” Maya responded and then started pouting “And I… I don't like pine…pine…pineapple.”
“That's okays, I wills eat your pieces fors yous.” Ritsuko answered with a big smile.
“You're so good to me sempai (hic…heh,heh).
Misato took it upon herself to start off and she took a drink while looking directly at Asuka. Asuka immediately felt uncomfortable being the recipient of the gaze as no good could come of it and she knew it.
“Have yous and Shinshi had shex yet?”
“WHAT?!!” Asuka yelled in unison with Shinji, who was on the couch with the other guys listening to a plastered Kaji tell old spy stories, when he overheard that question.
Misato looked over at Shinji “No boysh allowed, now turn around Shinshi.” She then looked back at Asuka.
Asuka was reduced to a state of pure embarrassment and answered with a very soft and quiet “no.”
“Oh, that's toos bad” Misato said dejectedly. “Yoush two would loves it.” Misato then squirmed a bit “And it feels sho good.”
Asuka could only pout at the temptation she knew she couldn't give in to. But lucky for her Misato's turn was over and next it was Ritsuko's. She took a drink and squinted her eyes while looking at Rei. “Is that yous Rei? You seem differents.” Rei smiled at her for that. “HEY.. yous never smiles.”
“Actually I smile quite often, you're just not around to see it” Rei answered.
“Why…Whys are you acting like…like a real girl?” Ritsuko asked getting extremely confused at what was going on.
“Hey, that's another question, and yous didn't takes a drinksh” Misato said to her.
“Oopsie” Ritsuko said and ate a chunk of pineapple.
Rei, who was on the verge of laughter, responded “That's because I AM a real girl.”
“OH” Ritsuko said and took another drink.
Next it was Maya's turn, and as she swayed she asked “Why is the room swaying?”
“Because yoursh drunk, and you forgot to take a drinksh” Misato slurred out.
Maya picked up a piece of pineapple and looked at it distastefully. She then looked over at Ritsuko who opened her mouth and Maya popped it in.
“Thank you sempai (hic…heh,heh).”
Hikari was up next and she asked “Don't you think you three have had enough?”
“NO” they all answered back and each one took another drink.
After a couple rounds the alcohol soaked pineapple ring was gone and all three women were blitzed beyond coherent thought.
It was Asuka's turn and after beating around the bush and getting no straight answers she finally asked “Ritsuko, are you and Maya lovers?” They all pretty much suspected the answer as during the last round Maya fed Ritsuko a chunk of pineapple by holding it in her mouth and letting Ritsuko kiss it out of her.
Ritsuko's eyes were rolling around in her head and she could barely sit up when she answered a triumphant.
Maya looked over at Ritsuko and scrunched her cute little nose at her while saying “Shhhhhh…. That's a secret.”
Ritsuko looked back at her “What's a secrets?”
Maya responded with a “Huh” as she had already forgotten what she was talking about.
Rei helped the two out “That you two are lovers.”
Ritsuko looked at her. “How did yous knows that? That's a secrets.”
Misato looked at both women confused. “When… when did yoush becomesh a leshbian Ritsy?”
Ritsuko summoned up everything she had and sat up straight to give her answer. “I got sick of men. They are all emotionally distant assholes who only want to use me. Then I met Maya. At first she was just my favorite protégé, then she became my good friend. And a while ago after I was used by another stupid man she comforted me. And recently after being ignored once again, and for the last time, I decided all men are worthless scum and I will never be used by one again.” She then looked over at Maya and smiled “She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is my sweet, little, innocent, naive love kitten.”
Maya cooed “Ohhh sempai (hic…heh,heh), I love it when you call me that.” She then touched Ritsuko shoulder and leaned forward to give her a kiss on the cheek but Ritsuko fell backwards and didn't get back up.
Misato laughed “Hah, Ritsy pashed out. Letsh put her bra in the freesher.”
“Let me do it!!!” Maya yelled.
By coincidence Kaji was walking by them when he heard that. He turned and looked at Maya, and with a drunken smirk said “Sex Fiend.”
Maya stumbled to her feet and started poking Kaji in his chest and proclaimed in a drunken forceful voice “I am not buster boy. I am sempai's (hic… heh,heh) sweet, little, innocent, naive love kitten. And don't you forget it.”
Kaji looked down at the cute little woman poking him in the chest and responded “Okey Dokey. But where was I going?”
“To the bathroom” Shinji yelled from the couch.
“Oh” and Kaji continued on his way, only to run into the wall outside the bathroom “Sorry about that…. OH YEAH, well same to you buddy.”
Maya stood there for a couple seconds more poking at air before she collapsed beside Ritsuko.
“I WIN” Misato shouted and danced around in a circle but then proceeded to pass out afterwards.
Asuka got Hikari's and Rei's help and dragged Misato to her bed and covered the other two women with a blanket and put pillows under their heads were they had passed out on the floor.
From the bathroom the boys heard a loud crash. When the boys got there Kaji was standing by the door with a large red spot on his head and a surprised look on his face. “Did you see that, he shuckered punched me.”
Shinji looked at the back of the bathroom door and saw a big dent in it. He just shook his head and had the other guys help him drag Kaji to Misato's room. Kaji passed out halfway there.
After he was deposited next to Misato the party was over. Hikari, Touji, and Kensuke headed for their homes but Rei was really tired and decided to stay the night and crash there. Asuka told her to take her bed as she was going to sleep in Shinji's room tonight. This was answered by a very disapproving look until Asuka promised on her mothers name that nothing would happen. She just wanted to be held for a night.
It was early afternoon and Ritsuko could barely open her eyes let alone see straight due to the throbbing in her head when she heard a semi-familiar voice at the door.
“See ya at school tomorrow, bye.”
She then heard Asuka and Shinji say “Bye” back. She turned her head back and saw Maya lying next to her. She gave her a gentle nudge.
“Just let me sleep sempai. I don't have to work today and I feel awful” Maya groaned.
“Sorry Maya sweetie, but we're not at either of ours apartments” Ritsuko said softly.
Maya opened her eyes slightly and winced at the daylight as she looked around “Where am I?”
“Misato's place” Ritsuko answered. “We must have passed out from that damn punch.”
Ritsuko heard Maya urp and saw her stumbling quickly towards the bathroom. She got up and went to help her.
After Maya finished throwing up Ritsuko asked her “Are you okay sweetie?”.
“No, I still feel awful” Maya said weakly.
Ritsuko turned on the shower and helped Maya get undressed. “Now why don't you take a nice long cool shower, that should make you feel a little better.”
“You're so good to me sempai” Maya said as Ritsuko gave her a little kiss on the head when she sat down in the tub and let the water rain down on her.
“And you're so much more than I deserve sweetie.”
Ritsuko came out of the bathroom to find Shinji and Asuka sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee waiting for her.
“You children are lifesavers” Ritsuko said as she sat down and took a sip.
“Is Maya going to be alright?” Asuka asked her.
“She isn't an old pro at drinking like Misato, Kaji and I. So I bet she is probably going to feel rotten for most of the day. But she will get better with some fluids, something to eat, and some gentle care” Ritsuko answered. “Speaking of food, where are Misato's soda crackers? I know she always has some.”
Shinji got up and grabbed one of the boxes out of the cabinet and gave it to her.
“God, I hope this stays down” Ritsuko said as she took her first bite of one. After she took a few more sips of coffee and finished off the cracker she looked at the children with a pained expression. “My head is pounding too hard for me to even put up a charade. What happened last night.?”
Shinji answered “You and the other girls played the pineapple game.”
Asuka added “And we found out Maya doesn't like pineapple.”
Ritsuko let out a painful groan “I take it I volunteered to eat her pieces for her?”
“Yup” both the kids said together.
“That would explain the heavy pounding in my head” Ritsuko whimpered. “But please tell me what else you learned?”
“Nothing we didn't already suspect.” Asuka responded.
Ritsuko let out a frustrated sigh. “For Maya's sake, please don't say anything. She is so sweet and innocent that the truth would greatly embarrass her. She's nothing like her jaded sempai.”
“We understand Ritsuko” Shinji told her. “And we will keep our mouth's shut.”
“Thank you” Ritsuko responded. “But I have one more question. Did I see Rei this morning saying bye to you two?”
“Ummmm…. Are you sure you're not still drunk?” Asuka said nervously to cover up for Rei.
Ritsuko sat their for a moment thinking and then said “Misato and her damn punch. Now it has me hallucinating.”
Shinji and Asuka started to laugh out loud at that, but quickly stopped when they could see it was physically hurting Ritsuko's head.
On a carrier in Antarctica Gendo and Fuyutsuki were staring out a window into the true dead sea.
“I bet we missed one hell of a party” Gendo sighed as he and Kouzou looked out the carrier's window.
“Misato's punch was a legend on her campus” Kouzou replied. “Although from what I learned no one ever could remember what exactly it tasted like. One of these days though I would like to try some.”
They stared out into the desolate red expanse some more.
“I really fucked up didn't I?”
“Yes you did Gendo” he answered his old friend. “But the sad thing is that if it wasn't you it would have been someone else, maybe even me. SEELE would have made sure of that.”
“Yes they would have” Gendo replied in a depressing tone. “Even now I think they are getting a little suspicious. But the false information we are sending them is keeping them at bay.”
“They getting all monolithic at your meetings with you already?” Kouzou laughed.
Gendo looked at him “I don't care who they think they are, but that crap just smacks of disrespect. If it weren't for the money, Yui and Shinji would have pounded them flat by now.”
“Speaking of Yui, how are things going between you two now?”
“Not bad” Gendo said. “She doesn't hit me hard anymore and every once in a while she talks to me normally instead of raising her voice or yelling. She even let me hold her hand for a second the last time.” Gendo smiled as he remembered that part. Even though it only lasted a second, it was like a little piece of heaven to him. He couldn't explain why but that woman had magical powers over him. When she was with him he felt at peace and calm, when she was taken away it was like the world was a worthless place that he didn't want to be in.
Ritsuko and Kaji were sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee while Maya had a big glass of juice and some soda crackers in front of her when Misato got up. She sat down at the table and in a cheerful voice said “Now that was a party.” The other three glared at her and she laughed at them “C'mon, your hangovers can't be that bad?”
Asuka butted in on the conversation “If you hadn't thrown up most of the alcohol in your system a half hour after you fell asleep last night, you would be hung over too.”
“I don't remember that” Misato said looking crossed at Asuka. That girl was saying she couldn't hold her liquor.
“Since I am the one that held your hair back while you puked, I DO.” Asuka was saying that due to the fact, Misato couldn't.
“Oh, thank you then” Misato said and switched her attention away from a mad Asuka over to Kaji. “Who did you get in a fight with? You have a big bruise on your head.”
Kaji touched his forehead “Oww... I was wondering why my head hurt more than normal.”
“You got suckered punched by the bathroom door” Shinji told him and threw some tools down in front of him. “You both lost.”
“Wow” Kaji replied with a small chuckle. “I haven't done that since I was in college.”
A little while later Kaji had a nagging thought floating around in his still jumbled mind and asked Misato “Did I call you my sweet, little, innocent, naïve love kitten last night? For some reason I can't get it out of my head.”
Maya started choking on her juice and her cheeks turned a crimson red. Misato looked at her funny “Are you okay?”
“Juice went down the wrong pipe” Maya coughed back
Misato turned her attention back to Kaji “Sometimes you say the weirdest things when you're drunk.”
Kaji sat there for a moment and pondered those words again. They in no way described what Misato was and he just shook his head in confusion. “I guess you're right honey.”
Ritsuko and Maya both breathed a little sigh of relief after that.
The next day at Nerv everyone was back to work.
“So how was the party Maya?” Shigeru asked.
Maya looked down and answered “I don't know.”
“I thought you went with Dr. Akagi to it?” Makoto asked.
“We did” Maya answered. “But all I remember is showing up and taking a couple sips of some vile punch. The next thing I knew I woke up on the floor and felt miserable.”
Ritsuko walked up from behind them “That is how a lot of people describe one of Misato's parties. You boys should consider yourselves lucky you had to work.”
“We don't” Shigeru and Makoto grumbled back together.
“Fine next time she throws a party I will let you two go, but don't say I didn't warn you.”
“There is no way it can be that bad” Shigeru said. “Maya's just a light weight, let a real pro at that punch.”
“I am a pro” Ritsuko shot back. “And when I woke up, my vision was blurry, but I swear I saw Rei smiling and waiving while saying bye to Shinji and Asuka.” The other three turned their heads from their monitors and looked at their boss very strangely. Ritsuko just replied to the looks “Misato and her damn punch.”
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
The battle with Sahaquiel went pretty much the same as the first time. The only real difference was that Asuka used the glaive from the Israfel battle to deliver the killing blow. And when she stabbed the glaive deep into Sahaquiel's core, the angel let out a horrifying scream before exploding.
Quite a few of the people on the bridge were holding their stomachs and wishing that they would have hit the mute button on the intercom system before they heard that.
“Oh great” Misato huffed. “Now Shinji's got Asuka making the angels emit those sickening screams of pain too.”
“I really wish she wouldn't have done that” Maya groaned. “I am so tired of feeling sick.”
Ritsuko looked over at Maya who was looking a little pale again. “The main action is over, why don't you go lay down on a bed in the infirmary for a bit.”
Maya responded with a weak “Yes ma'am.”
As she got up Shigeru started making suck up faces at her while Makoto said quietly “teachers pet.”
Ritsuko looked over at the two men and yelled “There is still stuff to be done! Now get back to work!”
This was pretty much the last straw for Misato as she had to excuse herself so she could go laugh her pretty little ass off in her office. Plus down there she would have a much better captive audience to watch her do it. Her personal secretary was extremely good at being personal.
The kids were in the locker room changing when from the other side of the sheet separating the two halves Asuka said “See how easy it is when you let us help you Shinji.”
Shinji replied with an answer grumbled under his breath but the words “handle” and “alone” could be heard.
“What was that third child?” Asuka shot back in a quick and less than polite tone.
“Nothing” he replied and added “You are right” hoping this would stop the conversation.
Asuka could tell she was being patronized and yelled “I'm coming over” while going under the sheet to confront him.
“Wait I'm not dressed yet” Shinji shouted and slammed his locker door.
Asuka looked around for a couple seconds before proclaiming “Our side is better.”
“I wouldn't know” Shinji said coarsely while quickly buttoning his pants.
“Whatever third child. Now put your shirt on, Misato's probably waiting for us.” Shinji just sat there and didn't do anything. “Well what are you waiting for?” Asuka said getting impatient.
“For you to leave, my shirt's in my locker”
“So open your locker”
“Not until you go back to the other side” Shinji protested.
She looked at him funny. “What you got dirty hentai pictures in there you don't want me to see?”
“NO” he quickly yelled, but the blush on his face made her think otherwise.
“Then open it up third” Asuka said as her eyes grew big. “I'm curious now.”
“No” Shinji repeated.
“Because it's embarrassing” Shinji answered. “And anyway you would never let me look in your locker if I asked you, so why should I let you see in mine?”
“Oh no” Asuka said challengingly and then shouted “Rei, you decent?”
They heard a “Yeah” come from the other side.
Asuka walked over to the sheet separating the two halves, reached up, and tore it down. “C'mon third child, lets go” she said and grabbed his arm while physically dragging him over to her locker. She opened it up “See, it's just a typical girls locker. It has my shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotions up here. My makeup over there, my clothes here, a couple books I like to read over there, some girl stuff on the bottom, and a mirror on the back of the door. I even have a picture of my baka-boyfriend I kiss for good luck before each battle.”
Shinji was starting to become red and didn't notice Asuka signal for Rei to sneak past them while she showed off her locker.
A couple seconds after Rei snuck past them and looked into Shinji's locker she gasped “Pictures.”
“I knew it” Asuka smirked.
Shinji looked over and saw Rei looking into his locker. “Don't look in there…” Shinji yelled but then saw Rei reach into his locker and take out a framed drawing he had done. She looked at him with small tears in her eyes. He could tell the picture in her hand meant something special to her. “You like that picture?”
“H…how? It's so beautiful” Rei stammered as a tear trickled down her cheek.
Shinji walked over to her and put his hand on Rei's shoulder. “You and mom look so much alike that one day when I was drawing a picture of her, I drew one of you next to her. Other than some minor physical features, your hair, and your eyes you two are identical.” Shinji then told her “If you want you can keep it. With you around it's pretty easy for me to draw pictures of both of you.”
Rei turned and gave Shinji a big hug “Thank You.” After the hug she walked back to her locker and put the picture of her and Yui standing side by side in it. Now she had a very special picture in her locker too.
“That was really sweet of you” Asuka said and proceeded to push him out of the way so she could see what kind of pictures were in his locker. When she saw she gasped “Mien Gott im Himmel.”
The insides of Shinji's locker were plastered with pictures of friends, family, co-workers, and those he cared for. On the back panel of the locker were the words “Remember Who You Are Fighting For.” With more pictures of Rei, Misato, and drawings of Yui. She then looked at the back side of the locker door and saw the words “And Especially” with many pictures and drawings of her, and only her. Asuka had to take a staggered step backwards at first as she was a bit overwhelmed, but as she continued looking a bigger and brighter smile appeared and her blue eyes began to sparkle and shine.
Shinji on the other hand was turning redder and redder with each passing second Asuka was looking.
As Asuka looked at some of the drawings she noticed one in particular. It was a bit different from the rest. She looked down at her chest and then back at the picture. “The proportions may be a little off on this one Shinji” she kidded as the breasts she was supporting in the picture were a bit larger than the ones in her bra.
While greatly embarrassed Shinji replied “Th- that's g- grown-up you.”
This forced Asuka to swallow hard and sit down next to him “Grown…grown-up me???” That boy had some expectations of her obviously, and she was worried if she could live up to them.
“Well, it's just that…” Shinji said while getting more flustered and developing what felt like a giant wad of cotton in his mouth. “I…I noticed, I didn't mean to, Honest….. It's just that when I was folding the laundry a couple weeks ago….” Shinji's voice got quieter and it felt like a desert in his mouth. “Some of your newer… ummm….you know…ummm..…b- br- bras…..were… well…a size bigger.” He squeaked out the last words and sort of hung his head in shame as he thought he was committing a very perverted act towards Asuka again. His thoughts were reinforced by Asuka who was starting to blush heavily. With a very nervous dry gulp he continued “I didn't notice last time, but when I looked at you this time…… I- I didn't mean to…It wasn't really on purpose…. But I- I just…. kinda… noticed…th- they were…. ummm…… b- bigger… too.”
At this point both children were very red in the face and couldn't look at each other. Rei though was giggling to herself as she saw a very embarrassed Shinji and an equally embarrassed Asuka staring at the ground, neither one knowing what to say to the other and both obviously lost as to what was going on. For as lovey-dovey as those two wanted to be Rei could tell neither was remotely ready to handle it yet. She very easily understood why Kyoko and Yui were holding back the reins on Asuka and Shinji.
After a long while Asuka said quietly “I… I didn't think you noticed.”
Shinji replied just as quietly “I- I notice everything about you.” Asuka looked up at him. “I noticed you styled your hair prettier after the Israfel battle.” Asuka began to smile again “And you stopped wearing Misato's perfume after Sandalphon and got that one I like better.” Asuka was starting to lose control of herself. “And after Matarael...” Shinji was stopped mid sentence as Asuka threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.
“I did those things for you Shinji” Asuka cried out. “I'm so happy you noticed.”
Shinji wrapped his arms around her and hugged back. The hug lasted for quite a while and at first Shinji was distracted as a pair of things he had many fantasies about were pressed tightly against him but eventually he noticed something else was happening. Asuka was feeling up his back.
“You feel different” she said curiously and continued to feel him up some more. Shinji was absolutely loving this until Asuka leapt up wide eyed and with a huge smile. With an astonished voice she asked “Shinji Ikari, are you working out?”
Shinji did a total face fault and his cheeks developed an auburn shade again. Rei couldn't hold out any longer and had to sit down because she was laughing so hard.
As the three walked up to the communication room Rei was teasing Shinji by singing. “Shinji's working o'ut … Shinji's working o'ut … Shinji's working o'ut.”
While Asuka was happily singing “My boyfriends going to be a stu'd… My boyfriends going to be a stu'd… My boyfriends going to be a stu'd.”
The torture finally stopped when they got to the room and heard Misato and Gendo talking on a video phone.
“If Kouzou wants to try some of my punch, I think I can arrange another shindig” Misato said with a mischievous smile and then tempted. “Are you going to come? My parties are really fun.”
“I just might” Gendo replied while nodding his head yes. “I'm a bit curious about your punch myself. And back in the day I was known to be able to throw one or two back in a night.”
Misato thought for a second after he said that and added “But this time I'm sending the kids over to your place.”
“Why do we need to go over to Rei's?” Asuka butted in announcing their presence. If there was going to be another party she wanted to go to it.
“Because I think you guys learned way too much at the last one and I'm not going to repeat that mistake” Misato told them.
“I agree with the Major” Gendo said. “So the decision is final.” He gave the kids one of his patented looks to make sure they understood him before he moved on. “Now the reason I called you all here is to tell you good job on the last angel and as a reward you can pick any place in the city to eat. This time Misato, it will be on Nerv's tab.” Misato got a big smile out of that last part.
“We better pick someplace healthy” Rei kidded. “Shinji needs his vitamins.” Misato looked at her funny and Rei started up again “Shinji's working o'ut… Shinji's working o'ut … Shinji's working o'ut.”
Of course this caused Shinji to start getting embarrassed again. If anything was going to be his undoing this time around it was probably going to be this kind of torture. It didn't help any that Misato was a master at teasing him and this material was gold to her.
Misato laughed “Really?” as she was ready to go after him.
“Yup, my boyfriend is going to be a stud” Asuka answered happily.
Gendo was surprised by this though. “I thought you weren't going to tell them that till later Shinji?”
“Asuka kinda found out by herself” Shinji said with a smile that he really should have tried to hide as it alerted a couple parental type warning alarms in the room.
This time Misato's “Really?” was not a happy one and was echoed by a gruff Gendo. “Care to explain yourself son?”
Shinji instantly knew he was in trouble and became very quiet, very quickly. He was determined to stay that way until Misato started tapping her foot and said “We're waiting.”
In a hesitant voice he answered “We were just talking in the locker room and she kind of found out.” He winced at the end. He new nothing good was going to come out of this.
Asuka added on, trying to get him out of hot water, “It wasn't anything bad, it was really innocent. I just kinda noticed.” This backfired on her as it just got her thrown in the boiling kettle Shinji was already in.
“How can you just kind of notice with a sheet strung up between you guys?” Misato asked directly.
Both children answered with a very nervous “Ummm…”
“You didn't go over to his side, did you Asuka?” Misato continued her investigation. “Because young lady, that is strictly forbidden and you know it.
“We were just looking at each others lockers and umm…. well…” Asuka couldn't finish her explanation and started to blush again while staring at the floor.
Misato looked over at Shinji to finish her explanation, but he was in the same state as Asuka. She then looked at Rei, who had no intentions of climbing into the pot Asuka and Shinji were stewing in, and declared “I had nothing to do with this, so leave me out of it.”
This was obviously a classic denial answer so it was clear to the two parental figures that they weren't ever going to get a real answer so Gendo ordered “Misato I want you to set up some tests with the Eva's and the children tomorrow. Shinji, Asuka, I didn't like what I just heard so you two will be grounded till I get back in two days. And trust me, I will be talking to your mothers to find out if I need to extend that time.”
“Yes sir” both replied lowly.
Gendo then returned to a more normal tone of voice “But you can still go out tonight.” His conversation with them was interrupted and the others saw him stumble around as the picture shook. He looked out the window and then shouted out over the ships intercom “How many friken times do I have to yell at you people. Tie that damn spear down when we are in rough waters.” Gendo looked back at the video monitor and said “I trust I can leave things up to you Major Katsuragi?”
“Yes Sir” Misato responded as she figured he had to go yell at some people for almost losing the spear of longinus over the side of the carrier. With that the communication was ended and she turned her attention over to the kids. “Now kids, what is the most expensive restaurant in the city?”
Asuka instantly perked back up and replied “Manny's, it's that steakhouse at the Royal Sheraton.”
“Then that is where we're going” Misato said with a smile.
Shinji though was a little worried about Asuka knowing that off the top of her head. And while they were leaving the base Misato whispered to him “Trust me. That look of worry is not nearly big enough.” Shinji could only respond with a whimper and a groan.
Misato walked in on the tech crew and Ritsuko while they were monitoring the kids. “So how's it going?”
“Boring” Makoto answered. “We aren't really doing anything and the kids are just sitting in their Eva's. What's the point of all this?”
“Beats me, I just know the commander ordered it” Misato answered.
“That man is making less and less sense everyday” Ritsuko added. “I swear he is cracking up on us.”
“Well anyways” Misato said trying to redirect the conversation away from a dodgy area. “That last party was so much fun that I decided I'm gonna have another one.”
Maya immediately yelled “NO.”
“Why not, you had fun last time” Misato laughed trying to convince her to come.
“I spent the whole next day feeling like I was going to die.”
“Aw c'mon it wasn't that bad” Misato said with a bit more laughter.
Maya responded by turning her back to Misato and ignoring her from then on. Misato knew there was more than one way to get her to come though so she turned her sights on Ritsuko.
“I can't go, I'm too busy.” Ritsuko responded before she could even ask.
“But I haven't even said when the party is” Misato pleaded.
“I don't care. Whenever it is, I will be too busy.”
“You're no fun” Misato shot back and then looked at the two boys in the room. “How about you two?”
Both of them looked up at Ritsuko like little boys begging mommy for some candy. “If you two are not needed, you can go. But you'll be sorry.” The warning was totally ignored as both of the boys let out a couple all rights and Shigeru pulled out a little black book from his pocket.
Some days later after Misato's last party the bridge bunnies were all together again.
“So how was the party?” Maya asked with a big smile as she added on “I noticed both of you called in sick yesterday.”
“I don't remember much, so it must have rocked” Shigeru replied. “But I think Makoto went overboard.”
“I had just as much as you” Makoto replied.
“Then you're a lightweight” Shigeru laughed. “He spent a good part of yesterday saying the commander was there.”
“WHAT??” both Maya and Ritsuko yelled in unison.
“I swear I saw him.”
“What you do?” Ritsuko said snidely. “Eat the whole pineapple ring?”
“Well at least I only had a hallucination” Makoto said defending himself. “And not a one hour round table discussion with the sub-Commander, Kaji, and a penguin about politics.”
Both Maya and Ritsuko looked over at Shigeru who proclaimed “I don't care what you say, that penguin is smart.” They all started laughing at him for that.
Ritsuko then teased further as she asked “So which of your cheap `ladies' did you bring with you?”
Shigeru sat there for a moment before answering “I don't remember, but I remember she was happy about it afterwards.” The knowing grin on his face after he said that got him a punch in the arm.
Up in the commanders office both Gendo and Kouzou were lying on the floor with icepacks on their head. Each one felt like they had a full blown 3rd impact going on in their minds.
“That woman is certifiable” Gendo groaned as the pounding in his head refused to stop.
“I second that” Kouzou groaned back. “But who's crazier? Her for making that punch, or us for drinking it?”
“I don't know” Gendo answered. “And it hurts too much to think. Maybe we should ask your new friend PenPen.”
“I must have been really wasted” Kouzou responded to Gendo's little jab. “Because that penguin made some really good points while we were talking about world politics.”
“It's never good when animals start talking” Gendo groaned. Kouzou just groaned back in agreement.
A couple minutes later a thought that felt like a falling anvil struck him “Yui is going to have a field day with me tonight.”
Kouzou turned to look at him “Sucks to be you.” Gendo could only groan at his impending doom.
A while later, back on the bridge, Ritsuko and the crew were just doing there usual things when Makoto asked Maya “So what did you and Dr. Akagi do yesterday?”
Maya answered “Installed some new parts into the Magi system and updated the firewalls.”
“Is that All?” Makoto asked with a little grin and put emphasis on the word all.
“That's more than the two of you could do in a day” Maya shot back smugly.
Shigeru smiled as he said “We know, but that means the two of you had some extra free time.”
Maya responded in a very annoyed tone “Shouldn't you be working on analyzing some readings or something and not bothering me with stupid questions?”
“But we just want to know what other `work' you did while you two were here all alone yesterday” Shigeru teased.
Maya started to get very angry and a bit embarrassed, but everything was interrupted as Ritsuko yelled “Damn protocol errors. Maya run to my office and get my backup disks for A-25 through A-27.”
“Yes Ma'am” Maya answered and quickly took off.
Both Shigeru and Makoto let out a little snicker but abruptly stopped as Ritsuko walked up behind them and hit both of them across the back's of their heads, hard.
“What was that for?” Makoto grumbled.
“You know damn well what that was for” Ritsuko growled at them. “And if you do it again next time it will be my foot and your balls.”
“Sorry Ma'am” both replied but began to smirk again.
As she walked away she could practically feel their thought waves. “Are you two that pitiful?” Ritsuko said in frustration. “Fine I will tell you exactly what happened.” Both Shigeru's and Makoto's eyes opened widely in anticipation, but Ritsuko killed their fantasies with a very clear “Nothing. And we never have done it on the deck, or in my office, or in the Magi system, or any other sicko place you two can think up in this geofront. And guess what, we never will. This isn't one of your perverted pornos where girls do sick and nasty things to each other in every conceivable place. This is real life and we are just like any other couple starting a relationship. Is that enough of an explanation for you two?”
“You're a real killjoy sometimes, you know that Ma'am” Shigeru quipped.
Ritsuko just laughed “Awww, did I just crush your perverted dreams.” She then added on as a warning because she knew Maya would be back any second now. “But it's better I crush you dreams than your seeds. Which will happen if you keep teasing her.”