Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Play it Again Shinji ❯ Part 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Play it Again Shinji
by Ret Nuh
part 4
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“Okay now that you three are all clean, Shinji I want you to turn around and face the wall.”
“Why?” Shinji asked Misato as he was getting ready to walk through the clean room to get to the test plugs that Ritsuko had set up for an experiment.
“Because I said so” She plainly ordered.
“Ok, Ok I'm turned around. Now what?”
“Good. Now girls I want you to walk through the clean room first.”
“HEY” Asuka shouted.
“Hey nothing, now get going” Misato ordered. “And don't either of you even think about turning your heads around.”
“But Misato” Asuka whined only to jump as Misato yelled “MOVE IT!”
Asuka responded with a pout, that didn't work, followed by a string of German curse words aimed at the camera as she walked through the clean room.
Once Rei and Asuka were sealed in the test plugs, Misato had Shinji turn back around and walk through the clean room to his test plug.
“You're no fun.”
“And you're only 14” Misato uncaringly said back to his snide comment.
A little while later Shinji, Asuka, and Rei found themselves floating around in the Geofront's pond while Ritsuko and her crew fought against the angel Ireul who was trying to take control of the base's Magi system in an attempt to blow up the facility.
“So what did you two do last time this happened? I decided a constructive use of my time would be to sleep.”
Both Shinji and Asuka were looking around their plugs to find out where Rei's voice was coming from. Asuka found her walkie-talkie first. “How did these get in here?”
“I asked Kaji to sneak them in yesterday” Rei answered. “So what did you do last time?”
“My usual” Asuka said. “I threw a royal fit, complained about how this was all Shinji's fault, and then sulked until they let us out. How about you Shinji?” a couple seconds went by with no answer. “Yoo-hoo, earth to Shinji.” A couple more seconds went by. “A little warning Shinji. It's not nice to ignore your girlfriend.” A couple more seconds went by and Asuka yelled “Hey baka-boyfriend, the radio is strapped to the back of the chair.”
A couple more seconds went by followed by a “Sorry.”
“Jeez Shinji what would you ever do without me?” Asuka teased him.
“I never want to find out” Shinji said very seriously.
“Ummm… you might not want to flirt in the plugs” Rei told the two of them.
“I don't mind, keep going Shinji” Asuka prodded. Asuka was very proud about how well she had trained Shinji to flirt with her so the more he did it the happier she was.
“But that isn't a good idea” Rei warned but Shinji continued on without listening to her.
“That mean old Misato. I really wanted to see your freckles again.” Shinji told Asuka in a very playful boyish way.
“But Shinji the only place I have freckles is on my….” Asuka's jaw dropped as she realized the answer to her own words. “Why you naughty little boy, you were going to peak again.”
“You peaked last time too.”
Asuka replied a little sheepishly “Well I was curious.” Then in a little more playful tone she added “But if you're a good little baka-boyfriend and tell me how pretty I am some more I might just give you a quick flash of my freckles again when they let us out of here.” Asuka couldn't help herself, she had to add on “As long as I get a little peak to satisfy my curiosity as well.”
Both Shinji and Asuka jumped and screamed in their seats as they were startled by an incredibly loud fourth voice. After some labored breaths both Asuka and Shinji asked in fear “M…M…Misato?”
“Yes Shinji this is mean old Misato and both of you are in deep, deep trouble for that little conversation. Next time you should listen to Rei.”
“Why didn't you tell us earlier Rei?” Shinji shouted.
“I tried, but you were too impatient to talk dirty to Asuka” Rei replied. “If you would have let me finish I would have told you that walkie-talkie's come in packs of two. So there are four all together and Kaji never told me what he did with the fourth.”
Asuka yelled into the walkie-talkie as loud as she could “Kaji you dirty little rat fink.”
“Don't bother yelling at Kaji” Misato answered. “He's too busy checking out the back of his eyelids. And I only grabbed the radio to let you know how things were going, but to my great surprise you two newlyweds were at it again.”
“But it was only talk” Asuka argued.
Misato surprised them when she answered with compassion “I know it was only talk and that you two are pretty good at following the rules, but when you say things like that you worry not only your mothers but me as well.”
“We're sorry” both Shinji and Asuka said together as both of them felt a little bad about what they had done. After everything that had happened both Asuka and Shinji were very prone to guilt trips now.
But what Misato had just said made Asuka think. She had a million questions and ideas floating around in her head, and the fact that her hormones were doing a number on her didn't make them any easier to answer. She made a little request to the other two. “Rei, Shinji do you think you guys could go to another channel? I want to ask Misato some questions.”
“Rei lets go to channel 7”
“Okay Shinji.”
When Rei and Shinji were on a different frequency Misato and Asuka had a long heart to heart about some of the things Asuka was feeling. When she mentioned some of the things she wanted to be allowed to do Misato was very hesitant to say yes. She told Asuka she would abide by whatever her mother told her but warned her that what she was thinking was very risky. And it could lead to some very big trouble down the road if it got out of hand. Asuka said she understood that but this was very important to her. She needed to prove something to Shinji and herself.
After a while of talking they switched over to the other channel to see what Shinji and Rei were up to. “Ok were back now. What's going on?”
“Shinji's feeling sorry for himself” Rei answered Asuka.
“Again? He did that last time.”
Shinji answered Asuka with one word “Freckles.”
Misato started laughing. It was very obvious what was still on his mind so Misato made an offer she already knew the answer to. “If you can convince Asuka's mom to let you see them Shinji, I won't stop you.”
“That would be an interesting discussion” Asuka said a bit on the leery side as she wondered if he really would ask her mother that.
“Not to mention shocking” Rei added on.
Shinji though sat in his plug and smiled. If there was even the remotest chance he could get permission to look at Asuka's freckles he would gladly chance any shock he would receive for asking. Asuka wasn't the only teen with raging hormones around after all.
After Ritsuko had defeated Ireul, this time beating the angel with a good 37 seconds to spare, Misato brought her some coffee.
“I must be getting old, these all-nighters are really rough” Ritsuko told her looking very tired.
“Yeah, but at least you kept your promise again. You did good.” Misato answered giving her a cup of coffee.
“Thank you” Ritsuko said and took a sip. She blinked a couple times and looked down at the cup “You know this is the first time I have ever really appreciated this paint thinner you call coffee.” Misato just let out a little laugh as Ritsuko continued with her thoughts. “The night before she died, my mother told me that the Magi were the three aspects of her life. Herself as a scientist, herself as a mother, and herself as a woman. Those three aspects of her are struggling for dominance inside the Magi. She intentionally implanted the dilemmas of the human experiences into it. Actually each of the three programs are slightly different as well. You know I don't think I'm the kind of woman who will ever have children of my own, so I really don't understand her as a mother, but I respected her as a scientist. However when it comes to her as a woman, I hated her.” After saying that Ritsuko let out a small breath and took another sip of coffee.
Misato looked at her and said “Well you are rather talkative today.”
“About some things” Ritsuko responded.
From the top deck both of them heard a serious voice say “Good work Dr. Akagi. We can always count on you to keep your promises.” Then they watched as Gendo walked out of the room and back to his office.
Ritsuko looked at Misato with complete shock and asked in tired confusion “What the hell was that?”
“Just the commander in a good mood” Misato answered. “He's been like that a lot lately.”
Ritsuko looked down at her cup of coffee and watched the ripple marks in it for a while before saying “For a while now, nothing is the way I figured it would be. But everything seems to be working out better than it should be. It's making me feel lost. Sometimes as I watch what is happening I wonder if I am really needed anymore.”
“Do you want to get something to eat and talk about it?” Misato asked her old friend.
Ritsuko took another sip of coffee and let out a little laugh. “Only if you want to hear some more prattle by an exhausted and confused woman.”
Misato smiled and they walked to Ritsuko's office so she could grab a coat.
When the kids were finally fished out of the pond the girls were let out first, given something to cover up with, and escorted inside. And once they were inside Kaji stopped holding the latch on Shinji's plug shut and let him out. Shinji looked around for Asuka and when he saw that she was already inside he greeted Kaji with a less than pleasant one finger salute. Kaji just laughed at him, threw him a towel to cover up with, and told him to get inside. Though Kaji could sympathize with the boy, a girl's naked body was such a splendid sight.
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The kids were undergoing cross-synchronization tests with Shinji in Unit-00, Asuka in Unit-01, and Rei in Unit-02.
In Unit-00.
“Damn it, not again” Shinji grumbled in frustration. “That's ten times in a row. This has to be some kind of cosmic joke.”
“Oh stop complaining Shinji and lets go again… Paper, Rock, Scissor, GO… I win again! That's twelve donuts you owe me now.”
In Unit-02.
“So what do you think eggshell or mother of pearl?” Rei asked.
“Mother of pearl is nice, but eggshell will go better with the furniture you are thinking about. But if you do go with eggshell you are going to have to redo those kitchen cabinets.”
“I was planning on doing that anyways” Rei said. “They are much too dark for my tastes. I'm thinking about a pastel color with them. Something nice and light, but with a touch of color.”
“Then definitely go with eggshell” Kyoko told her. “You know Rei you really have a talent for interior design.”
“Thank you Ms. Sohryu.”
In Unit-01.
“You don't think he will really ask, do you?” Asuka asked.
“I'm sure he will.” Yui answered. “I have seen his thoughts and I know what he wants. He will get told no of course, but he'll try.”
“The baka's braver than I thought.”
“It doesn't help any that you encourage him with your flirting, which both your mom and I want you to stop.”
“So no more talking about that?”
“Not for a couple years, no.”
“Okay” Asuka said with a pout. “But I did want to ask you something else. It's something I already talked about with Misato and my mom. Both indicated they were uncomfortable with it but they didn't say no.” Asuka then flashed a mental image she had of a very important upcoming date to Yui. Asuka knew she had to wait patiently as Yui had to seriously think about this for a while before she could give her an answer her.
And after a while Yui whined “But he is my baby.”
“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Shinji is no baby” Asuka giggled.
Yui grumbled a little bit and complained “You know, it's just as hard on us Moms when you guys grow up as it is on you.” She then let out a long and frustrated sigh as she knew she had to answer Asuka's request. “Let me state for the record that I agree with your mother and Misato on this. I am horribly uncomfortable and very worried that this kind of thing could be habit forming and lead to trouble, but I am not saying no. Just be extremely careful, things like this can easily get out of hand and go further than you want them to.”
“Thank you Mrs. Ikari.” Asuka answered very happily as it was something she desperately, well at least as desperately as a 14ish year old girl in love with a boy can be, wanted. “I promise I will try not to go too far.”
Like any good mother Yui was fretting her decision. She just didn't want her baby to grow up and what Asuka had planned was very grown up. The frustration transferred all the way to her outer façade and if you looked at Unit-01 at just the right angle you could have sworn it looked worried.
The children were switched around with Asuka in Unit-00, Rei in Unit-01, and Shinji in Unit-02.
In Unit-00.
“He lost 50-2?” Asuka gasped at Shinji's bad luck.
“Yup, I even tried to lose on purpose a couple times. But I just couldn't seem to.”
“Maybe he's right about it being a cosmic joke?”
“I didn't think so at first, but now even I wonder. Oh and could you tell him sorry for me. I really shouldn't have laughed at him.”
In Unit-02, Shinji didn't even get to ask the question before he heard a very loud and clear “NO.”
“But I didn't even get to ask the question yet.” Shinji complained.
“It doesn't matter, the answer is NO” Kyoko admonished.
“You can zap me real hard afterwards.”
“Give it up Shinji.”
“But I can't. Those freckles are too tempting.”
“Don't make me do it” Kyoko warned.
“You are going to have to, because I'm just going to keep asking” Shinji said and then braced himself for what was coming. But what happened was not what he expected.
“I trust you.”
Shinji winced and tried to ignore what he had just heard. “I didn't hear that.”
Kyoko responded in a very honest voice. “I trust you Shinji Ikari. I trust you will protect my daughter's virtue as well as you protect her heart, body, and soul.”
Shinji slumped in his seat and whined “Crap, I lost again.” Kyoko started laughing at him. The boy had a nobility streak in him a mile long now and she knew it was her trump card in these matters.
In Unit-01.
When Rei synched up she felt a sudden warmth surround her. It was like nothing else she had ever felt before in her life. She heard two very soft but emotion filled words. “My Daughter.” Rei started to cry softly as she realized the feeling she was having was that of a loving mother holding her child. This was something she now couldn't live without.
Up in Gendo's office Kouzou and Gendo were sitting around playing chess.
“What's with SEELE?” Kouzou asked as he moved his rook. “They actually appeared happy for once.”
“I told them we were 2% ahead of schedule on HIP.” Gendo replied as he moved his knight to take the rook.
“And they bought it?” Kouzou said as he made a counter move with his queen.
“They must have, because even Keel switched out of monolith mode when I told him that.” Gendo said as he blocked Fuyutsuki's move with his bishop.
“What about the other project.” Kouzou countered as he moved his queen to a different spot.
Gendo sat there for a minute before answering. “One plug is ready and I have given SEELE enough information for their needs, but I still hate the idea.”
“But it has to be done. Both Yui and Rei told you it was okay, so you have to accept it.” Kouzou told him and smirked as he took Gendo's queen.
“I closed central dogma for a reason, and I want nothing more to do with it” Gendo proclaimed. Then he looked at the board and noticed not only was his queen gone, but his king was backed into a corner and surrounded by hostile pieces. “Crap, I lost again.”
It was very late at night and most everyone was gone when Rei walked quietly across the cat walk and looked up at Unit-01 with needing eyes. There was a flash of light in Unit-01's eyes and a couple minutes later Gendo crawled out of a plug.
“What are you doing here?” he asked. “It is a school night and you should be asleep by now.”
Rei asked quietly “Is it okay if I talk to mom some more?”
Gendo couldn't resist the look on her face and smiled at her. He put his arm around her shoulder and guided her over to the plug.
Before he shut the hatch Rei asked “You're not mad at me for taking time away from mom are you?”
Gendo looked at her pleasantly and answered “No. You have every right to be with her too. Besides she was whupping me in cribbage and you saved me from another embarrassing loss. She was about to double skunk me again.” He then shut the hatch and Yui had the machines insert the plug into her.
On the bridge Gendo decided he was going to wait for Rei to finish her talk with Yui so he could give her a ride home. He didn't like the idea of her walking around the streets of Tokyo-3 alone so late at night.
While he sat there reading one of the many Magi system manuals Lilith appeared beside him. “Are you sure you're the real Gendo?”
Gendo chuckled and told her “That woman always was a good influence on me. That's one of the reasons I love her so much.”
“Awwww” Lilith cooed and then teased “Gendo and Yui sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”
Gendo stopped her with a very sad “I wish.”
Unbeknownst to Gendo everything he said and done did not go unnoticed by Yui. This was definite progress and she was happy with it.
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Gendo was fast asleep in the helicopter as Kouzou and he flew over the lake created by the Sahaquiel explosion. They were on their way to yet another pointless meeting. Everything they were going to say was complete and total bullshit. But surprising to them as long as they used phrases like “Ahead of schedule, under budget, and progressing nicely” everyone was satisfied. The mindless bureaucracy and singled minded hope of those involved was astonishingly dense.
`Fools. Complete and utter fools. I can't believe I once thought those old geezers were cunning.' Kouzou thought for a second and then went back to reading his book A Soliloquy of Life. He had to stop after a couple pages due to the sappiness. `What the author do? Suck the sap out of every tree in a hundred acre Maple forest, boil it down to a pint, and pour it over the pages.' He then went back to reading the story because he had to find out what happened next, even though it sucked ass.
The kids were busy cleaning the classroom when Hikari pulled Asuka out of the room to ask her a question.
“You aren't going to ask what I think you are?” Asuka said with a little snippiness.
“No” Hikari snipped back at her. “I already told Kodoma to tell her friend to back off or get stepped on by an Eva.”
“Good” Asuka replied. “So what did you want to ask me then?”
“Do you and Shinji want to go on a double date with Touji and me to the amusement park this weekend?”
“That sounds like fun” Asuka said but added mischievously. “But we need to go during the day as I have very special plans for one of the nights.”
“Ooooo… special plans” Hikari said with her eyes lighting up. “Does it have anything to do with that quasi-anniversary you two have coming up?”
“Yes. And this time we will do it right.” Asuka said with authority, but then started to space out as she thought about what was going to happen. Hikari had to give her a little poke in the shoulder to snap her out of it.
Inside the classroom the others were cleaning when Rei griped “Stop staring at me! You're going to make me self-conscious.”
“Sorry, but you do that the same way as mom would” Shinji said as he watched her ring out a wash cloth. He then received a broom to the head for his lack of helping out.
“Get back to work momma's boy.”
“I am not a momma's boy” Shinji challenged back.
“Yes you are” Rei interrupted confirming Touji's earlier statement. “But considering our Mom is a thousand foot tall Eva that can rip an angel apart with her bare hands, that's not exactly a bad thing.”
Shinji thought about what Rei said for a second and decided she was right. He was a momma's boy and more importantly, he didn't have a problem with it.
So when Asuka and Hikari came back into the room Touji started teasing Asuka about dating a confessed momma's boy but she responded to him with a “Duhh… And what's wrong with that? I'm a momma's girl, so we match.”
Before the teasing got any further Hikari interrupted and informed him of her plans. “By the way Touji, I want to go out on a double date with Asuka and Shinji this weekend to the amusement park.”
“Cool” Touji replied but was then accosted by an upset Kensuke who reminded him. “You said you were coming with me to the Mortal Combat 10 tournament this weekend.”
Touji looked at an upset Kensuke and back at a smiling Hikari “Ummm… Sorry Kensuke.”
“I can't believe it” Kensuke cried. “You know Touji it's better to be a momma's boy than a whipped dog.”
“I'm not whipped!” Touji yelled out loud causing several of the other students in the classroom to laugh “yeah, right.”
Touji turned to glare at the other kids but Asuka interrupted the looks he was giving everyone. “Yes you are and you like it.”
Touji glared at her but then looked down at the ground. His lack of a comeback confirmed she was right. But Hikari made it alright as she gave him a sweet peck on the cheek to remind him of just who was holding that whip. Asuka rolled her eyes at the two and continued on, this time going after Kensuke. “Besides Kensuke if, and I greatly stress the word if, you can find a date for this weekend we can make it a group thing.”
“Like hell am I going to subjugate myself to being under the thumb of a tyrant” Kensuke shot back.
Asuka and Hikari both looked at him with amusement “I take it that's a no.” Asuka said.
“Correct” Kensuke replied. “I am going to do what I said I was going to, unlike a certain wuss I know.”
“Wuss, I'll show you who's a wuss.” Touji shouted feeling he had to prove he was still a man and took off after Kensuke who ran out of the classroom hurling insults about how whipped Touji was at the boy.
This time both Asuka and Hikari rolled their eyes. Asuka then turned her attention to Rei. “The offer stands for you too, but I doubt you will have any trouble finding a date.” Rei dropped her washcloth back into the pail at that and took a step back.
“What you haven't noticed yet?” Hikari laughed with Asuka adding “You are a certifiable grade A babe.” “And trust me the boys have noticed” Hikari finished.
Rei started to get very embarrassed and responded back meekly “N- no I'm not.”
“I'll prove it.” Asuka said and announced to the class. “Rei needs a date for this weekend, any takers?” Every boy in class, except one, immediately looked up and was more than ready to volunteer until the certain boy who didn't look up dropped his dustpan causing a loud CLANG to be heard.
In a deeper than usual voice “Sorry.” Every boy in the class immediately turned back around and shirked a bit before they went back to their cleaning tasks.
Both Asuka and Hikari glared at Shinji and were about to go yell at him for screwing that up, when Rei stopped them and pulled them aside. In a quiet voice she said “Thank you for the offer, but I'm still figuring myself out right now and am about ready to date as Shinji is to allow it.”
“Sorry about that then” Asuka said humbly. “But if you want you can still come with us.”
“No thank you. I was planning on being with mom this weekend and I have my big remodeling project I am working on right now” Rei said politely.
“Really, what are you doing?” Hikari asked.
As Rei explained how she was changing things around and what she wanted to do to the apartment the other two girls listened intently. They both had seen what she could do and were very interested, and a bit jealous as she was way more talented at decorating than they were.
Near the end of the school day Hikari and Asuka cornered Kensuke. “All joking aside, you can come too if you want” Asuka offered.
“Nah” Kensuke answered. “I have been practicing for two weeks for this tournament and I really want to go.” He then looked at the two girls who had unusual expressions on their faces. “But that isn't what you cornered me for, is it?”
“You heard about the dust pan incident, right?” Hikari asked.
“Yeah, what about it?” Kensuke answered.
“What does it mean?” Asuka asked him.
“Other than there are a lot of sad boys in the class right now” Kensuke laughed. “It was just simple guy talk. Basically Shinji was saying stay away from my sister or else. And since he is a pilot of an Eva, they have to listen.”
“What the hell is that baka thinking?” Asuka fumed.
“He is just thinking like a brother. It's pretty normal. Isn't that right Hikari?” Kensuke said looking at her. “It's actually one of the reasons she likes Touji.”
Hikari blushed a little and nodded her head in agreement “That's just the way brothers are Asuka. They like to protect their sisters.”
“And anyways Shinji's not the one a boy has to worry about” Kensuke added. “Gendo is.”
Both girls looked at him quizzically and he told them a story he had learned through a little computer spying. “This didn't come from me and if anyone asks I don't know anything. But when Gendo came to meet with the guidance counselor about Shinji and college, Rei was with them. Apparently the meeting was about her and college as well. And when the meeting was done, Gendo and Shinji were in the hall making small talk with the counselor while Rei got a drink from the fountain. As she was drinking one of the boys in this school noticed her and was checking out her ass pretty intensely when Gendo noticed. This may just be an exaggeration but from what I learned the kid pissed his pants and ran home screaming for his dear life. And that was just from the look Gendo gave him.”
Both girls were a little surprised as they had not heard this story before and Asuka added “That does sound like something Gendo could do. Both Shinji and he have incredibly intense eyes that they know how to use in a situation.” Asuka then remembered something else she had learned and it now made perfect sense. “Plus from the rumors I heard from Shinji, Gendo freely gives up his time with Yui whenever Rei wants to talk to her. Then he waits till she's done and gives her a ride home afterwards.”
Kensuke thought about what Asuka just told him and said “You know I pity the poor bastard that is crazy enough to ask her out. He's going to be ripped to pieces by those two”
And that is not the worst part” Asuka added with a smirk. “Yui is the overprotective mother type.”
“Now that's scary” Kensuke laughed.
At Nerv Misato, Maya, and Ritsuko were in the control room talking while the kids underwent some more synchronization tests.
“So which dress are you wearing?” Ritsuko asked Misato.
“Oh, for tomorrows wedding. Well, I wore the pink suit for Kiyomi's wedding, and the dark blue dress for Kotoko's…” Misato answered.
“There's that orange one, you haven't worn that one lately.” Ritsuko offered.
“Well…. The orange one. There's a reason I haven't worn it” Misato said kind of embarrassed.
Ritsuko teased “It's too tight.”
“Yeah, thank you” Misato grumbled and then took a deep breath. “Maybe I should just buy a new one. Man all these weddings are killing my bank account.”
“Tell me about it” Ritsuko said. “We have been to so many showers, I am broke.”
“Just remember to set a little money aside, you never know when you will need it” Misato said with a little smile.
Ritsuko switched on the intercom “Okay guys were done, you can take off now.”
“Thanks, bye” Shinji said with Asuka adding “See you later.”
Ritsuko then turned her attention back to Misato. “Please tell me you are not talking about you and that louse.”
“He's not a louse!” Misato yelled.
“Really, what's his job then? And don't tell me he's in intelligence, he doesn't have any and I already know he got fired” Ritsuko quipped at her.
“He's got a couple of jobs. One he is my personal assistant.” Both Ritsuko and Maya rolled their eyes at that. “And two he watches the kids when they get home from school.”
Ritsuko looked over at Maya and told her “Schedule a pregnancy test for Asuka on my calendar.”
“Yes Ma'am” Maya replied with a giggle.
Misato though bursted out “Just what are you insinuating!”
“That he is probably giving Shinji pointers on how to do it to Asuka” Ritsuko joked.
“WHAT!!!” Misato screamed again.
“You're right Misato, I am not giving Shinji and Asuka enough credit” Ritsuko said as an evil smirk appeared on her face. “Those two are much more responsible than their guardians, change the pregnancy test to Misato. After all there has to be some reason why she can't fit into her orange suit anymore.”
“I AM NOT PREGNANT!” Misato yelled. “I just eat too much junk food and that suit is only a little snug around the hips right now. THAT'S ALL!”
“Yeah, right” Ritsuko said in an extremely sarcastic and non-believing way.
“Fine if you want to play rough, I can play rough” Misato challenged. “Maybe when I was referring to putting money aside I meant for you two. Matching wedding gowns aren't cheap you know.” Maya turned a deep shade of red and looked down as Ritsuko whipped around and glared at Misato. “Put away the evil eyes Ritsuko” Misato told her. “Everyone knows and nobody cares.”
Maya's small voice interrupted her “Not everyone knows.”
Ritsuko put her hands on Maya's shoulders and told her “Don't feel like you have to say anything if you don't want to.”
“It's alright” Maya answered. “I wouldn't mind having someone else to talk to about this.”
Misato pulled up a chair, wheeled it next to her, and sat down. “So who doesn't know?”
Maya looked up and replied in a pained way “My parents.”
“Ohhh… that's a problem.” Misato said sympathetically.
Ritsuko continued for Maya “It doesn't help matters that they are very traditional, upper-class, and feel they have an image to maintain.” Misato winced a little as this was going from bad to worse.
Maya added “I did try to tell them once. But when I told them I was dating someone with an advanced doctorate in the sciences they were both overjoyed and my mom went on and on about how smart her grandkids were going to be and my daddy extended and invitation to join his all male golf club. After that I wimped out and let them believe what they wanted.”
“The worst part about that is I hate golf” Ritsuko said.
Maya lightened up a little bit at that. “You know my daddy will probably have a bigger problem with that than the whole lesbian thing. He has always been the more understanding one.”
“So have you figured out how you are going to tell them?” Misato asked. Maya shook her head no. “You know you will eventually have to.”
“I know” Maya sighed. “But I would rather deal with an angel than have that conversation.” She thought for a second more “Do you think Asuka would let me borrow her Eva for a day? That might help.”
Misato started laughing and told her “I'll be sure to ask.”
The next morning before Misato and Kaji left for the wedding, Misato was talking to Shinji and Asuka. “We will be home late tonight, so we're trusting you two to behave yourselves when you get back home.”
“We will” both replied but Shinji added “And I trust you will keep your promise to us.”
Misato grumbled “Yes, yes, you lousy little persistent punks. I will.” Personally Misato was really hoping they had forgotten about that promise. It was going to make her life a bit harder in the future, at least in her opinion it was.
“It's for your own good” Shinji lectured. Misato responded by sticking her tongue out at them and calling them punks again as she wasn't happy and didn't need to hear that.
Around early noon Shinji and Asuka met up with Touji and Hikari and they all headed towards the amusement park for their double date. Since the lines weren't very long yet the first thing they did was go on all the roller coaster rides a couple times. The boys insisted on multiple trips to prove they were tough, but truthfully it was because they really liked it when the girls would clutch onto them during the big drops. After that fun they walked around and looked at some of the gift shops and side shows. The boys were very good dates as they bought the girls some cotton candy to eat and held their hands while they strolled around. After a couple trips through the tunnel of love, the girls very much insisted on this, they made a couple trips through the tunnel of screams, that was a mutual decision. They then had a nice picnic lunch on the grass while watching a musical group play in the band stand. When they were done with lunch the two couples walked around some more and found a little petting zoo. Asuka went straight for the kitties while Hikari headed for the puppies. And after playing with the animals for a while they split up and each of the guys went to win their girlfriends a memento of the date from one of the carnival vendors. So basically they acted like normal teenagers on dates. The chance for that was finally given to them and they all ran with it.
Asuka saw a large stuffed King doll. It was the lion from Nadia, and that was one of her favorite anime. “That's the one I want” she told Shinji excitedly and he went up to the booth to find out how to win it.
The carnie explained his well rehearsed and simple rules. “It's as simple as can be. All you have to do is knock down targets 1, 2, 3. It's three shots for 100 yen, now lets see if you can.”
Shinji handed the carnie 100 yen and picked up the BB gun. He sighted in the target and took a shot, but missed completely. He grew a bit suspicious. His training had made him a pretty good shot and it wasn't like him to miss a target completely.
“That's one down, two to go” the carnie barked. Shinji looked at the sight on the BB gun and started adjusting it. The carnie quickly noticed and said “Hey, leave that alone kid. I sighted those in myself and I can assure you they're just fine.”
Shinji responded with a “Uh huh” and took another shot. This time he hit the outside edge of the target but didn't drop it. This didn't surprise him and he adjusted the sight again. And before the carnie could say anything he took his third shot and hit the bull's eye, dropping the target.
“Congratulations, you got one. You won your little lady a key chain.” The carnie told him but Shinji politely declined and gave the carnie another 100 yen. The carnie quickly offered “You may be right about that gun, here let me exchange it with another one.” Shinji declined and fired a shot, knocking down the first target. He immediately fired two more shots, knocking down the other two targets. This pissed the carnie off and he grabbed the King doll off the top of the stand and threw it at Shinji while declaring “One prize per couple, now beat it.”
Shinji handed the big king doll to Asuka and she gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for being such a gentleman to her. And as they walked away Shinji chuckled “Who would have ever guessed Ritsuko's endless target practices would come in handy here?”
At another stand Hikari was fixated on a giant cuddly teddy bear so Touji said he would get it for her. When he walked up to the stand, the carnie told him “All you have to do is sink five hoops with five shots, easy no. Only costs 100 yen. You might just win your pretty lady a prize.”
Touji gave the guy 100 yen and took his first shot. He hit the top of the rim, but strangely it went caroming off to the side. He tried it again and got the same results. He then tried a backboard shot, but for some reason both his shots seemed to bounce up and away. Almost like the backboard might have been tilted. For his final shot he went only for the net and swished it.
“Sorry you only got one out of five. Better luck next time.” The carnie chided.
Touji handed him another 100 yen. He then proceeded to swish the first three shots he took. But for his fourth shot the carnie gave him a ball he took out from under the stand. When Touji picked up the ball he could tell something wasn't right and he asked “Could I have one of the balls I just shot? This one feels different.”
“I assure you sir, they are all the same” the carnie shot back acting like he was offended.
Touji though persisted “I want one of the other ones.” The carnie grumbled a couple curses under his breath and gave him one of the other balls, which Touji proceeded to swoosh. The carnie then tried handing him the odd ball again for his final shot but Touji exchanged it once again. And when Touji was about to take his last shot the carnie “accidentally” sneezed. That was followed by a couple colorful curses as he watched the ball sink through the net.
The carnie reached up and ripped the giant teddy bear, the only one he had, off the prize rack and threw it at Touji. “One prize per couple, now get lost.”
Hikari gave Touji a big kiss when he handed her the teddy bear, which caused him to blush a little and lose a bit of his cool demeanor.
With their memento's won and it starting to get late the two couples decide it was time to call the date done and each headed off for their homes.
When Shinji and Asuka got home Asuka went into his room and took out Shinji's cello. She asked a very special favor of him. “Will you play for me?” Shinji nodded his head yes, picked up his cello, and sat on the edge of his bed. Asuka then got up on the bed too. She crawled up behind him and placed her back against his. She then laid her head back onto his shoulder and turned to look at him. “I want to know what you truly think of me.”
Shinji pulled the bow back and let it draw smoothly over the strings producing a low sweet tone. He had a song he had been practicing for a while now. It was one he learned especially to play for her someday and he began to perform a beautiful concerto piece full of emotion and passion while also as gentle and caring as a soft caress. He put everything he had into the performance.
Asuka closed her eyes and let the music carry her off to a different place. Every note filled the room and her soul could feel them all. They were meant for her and her alone. The passion, the gentleness, and most of all the love. She could feel every bit of it. Shinji's playing moved her so deeply she started to cry. And she just let herself cry. It was all for Shinji. He was the special boy in her life, the one she could truly be herself around and not have to worry about appearances. He was allowed to see her cry.
When Shinji played the final note Asuka laid her head back onto his shoulder and in a soft sweet voice she asked of him “Please play it again Shinji. Just for me. I need to feel your love again.”
Shinji responded by giving her a soft kiss on her lips and started over. This time when he finished Asuka's mind was ready. It was time for her to show Shinji how much she loved him. She silently got up off his bed and carefully took his cello from him and placed it in its case. She slipped her hand into his, interlocking their fingers, and guided him out to the balcony where they were bathed in the light of the full moon.
Asuka said softly and still with tears in her eyes “I have always regretted our first kiss. Please let me do it right.”
Asuka reached up and gently placed a hand on his cheek and tilted his head slightly. She then stepped closer to him so their bodies could feel one another as she wrapped her other hand around his waist. She moved her lips close to his and whispered “I love you” emblazing the words onto his lips with her breath. Asuka then closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his. The kiss instantly drew up the strongest emotions in them and as Asuka slightly opened her mouth she invited Shinji to do the same with her tongue.
They both savored the taste, the essence, and the texture of each other. Immediately memorizing every tactile sense of the kiss, but at the same time desperately reinforcing those memories with constant relearning. Both soon showed their emotional immaturity as they got caught up in the thrill of exploring the other's mouth and drank greedily of the other. And as the kiss got deeper and more intense Shinji's hands raised from Asuka's waist to the buttons on the back of her sundress and Asuka's hands gripped the bottom of his shirt. The kiss continued and Asuka started pulling at Shinji's shirt while Shinji undid one of her buttons.
They separated from the kiss and stared at the passion in each others eyes as they opened them up for the other to see. Two pairs of eyes, the color of oceans, wanted to become one and that is what their hormones were commanding them to do. In a desperate quest to feel the other's bare skin against their own Asuka had Shinji's shirt up to his chest and Shinji was working on the third button to Asuka's dress. But something flashed in their minds. The faces of two women, both disappointed, could be seen. Asuka remembered the promise she made to Yui about not going to far with her baby and Shinji remembered the trust Kyoko had in him. Quickly they both let go and retreated away from one another. They realized if they spent one more second in each other's arms, their promises wouldn't be the only thing that got broken this night.
Shinji was breathing very rapidly when he sat down on the end of the lounge chair while Asuka caught her breath in a deck chair on the opposite side of the balcony, holding her legs tightly together to protect herself. More from her hormones asking for their needs to be satisfied than from Shinji.
In between breaths Asuka breathed “Wow… very… intense.”
Shinji breathed back “T- too… intense.”
Asuka breathed back a whimpered “Uh… huh.” Being a good girl and listening to mommy was a much harder thing than she anticipated.
When the two had caught their breaths and their hormones calmed down to a level where they could think clearly, Asuka rebuttoned her dress and Shinji tucked his shirt back in.
Asuka walked over to the lounge chair and sat down by him. “I think I understand why our Moms and Misato were worried. That could have easily went too far.”
“Should we stick to simple kisses?” Shinji asked really hoping she said yes as he would not be able to handle another big kiss right now.
“For the most part yes” Asuka answered, but added “A special one every now and then wouldn't be too bad though.”
Shinji smiled at her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. “But not right now.”
“No. Not right now” she said but had to think for a second before she asked in a very cute way. “But I would like one more little one.” And after Shinji gave her what she wanted she moaned lightly “Mmmm, nice” and pushed him down onto the lounge chair and laid herself down next to him. Shinji wrapped his arms around her and they looked up at the night sky together.
After a little more talking while in each others arms Asuka nuzzled her head in the crux of Shinji's neck and said softly “I like this” and fell asleep. Shinji looked down at her and gently breathed in the smell of her hair. It smelled like sweet roses to him and he said “So do I” as he fell asleep with her in his arms. Their dreams that night were of each other.
Misato and Maya went to use the restroom while Ritsuko and Kaji got some seats for all of them at the bar.
“Scotch, hold the rocks” Kaji ordered.
“Appletini” Ritsuko said.
When the bartender came back and gave them their drinks Kaji downed his right away.
“Need another sir?” the bartender asked.
“God yes, but just get me a beer” Kaji answered.
“Yes sir.”
“So what was that all about?” Ritsuko asked after the bartender left.
“That was for the stars in Misato's eyes” Kaji replied. “I liked it better when she thought weddings were stupid.”
Ritsuko poked fun at him. “Oh is the great Ryohji Kaji afraid of commitment.”
“Just the cost of it” Kaji replied.
Ritsuko took a sip of her drink “You're not the only one.”
Maya then showed up and sat down next to Ritsuko. She looked at Ritsuko's pretty green drink. “What's that?”
“An appletini” Ritsuko replied and gave her a taste. “You like it?”
“Yup” Maya said and when the bartender came back around with Kaji's beer Ritsuko ordered her one.
“So where's Misato?” Kaji asked.
“Still in the bathroom” Maya answered. “She is putting one of the flowers from the bouquet in her hair.”
Kaji dropped his head and groaned a little while complaining “Couldn't one of you two have caught that stupid thing. Now she's going to get all kinds of weird and expensive ideas.”
Ritsuko jeered at the idea. “Considering I know her military background and training, plus she really wanted it, it was way too dangerous to try.”
Kaji took a swig of his beer. “Is it a bad thing if your girlfriend can kick your ass?”
“No” Misato answered as she sat down between Kaji and Ritsuko and showed off the pretty flower in her hair. “But I prefer it when you spank mine.”
The bartender came over and gave Maya her drink “And what can I get you Ma'am?”
“Just a ginger ale, please” Misato answered.
“Yes ma'am.”
Ritsuko scoffed “What, you have something stronger than they allow in your purse?”
“No, just on the wagon” Misato replied.
“You…. You quit drinking?” Ritsuko stuttered as dread came over her face and a smile came over Maya's.
Kaji added to Misato's statement “Shinji and Asuka got sick of her asking if they had sex yet every time she got drunk, so the other day they poured out all the alcohol in the house and told her she had to quit or they would stage a huge intervention involving half of Nerv and the Eva's.”
“You didn't have to tell them that part” Misato grumbled.
Ritsuko pushed her drink in front of Misato “Are you sure you don't want any? You can have mine. It's really good.”
“What's with you Ritsuko?” Misato asked. “I thought you would be happy. You tell me I drink too much all the time.”
“But you can't quit” she said with fear and then clutched her purse while Maya demanded “Gimme them.”
“No” Ritsuko whined.
“You promised” Maya told her as she tried to pry the purse out of Ritsuko's hands.
“I was only kidding” Ritsuko cried as she desperately tried keeping the purse away from the determined cute little brown haired lady clutching at it.
Misato laughed “Oooo... Kinky” as she watched the two women struggle for the purse.
“She wishes” Maya said as she finally ripped the purse away while Ritsuko begged her not to do what she was going to. “I asked her to cut down on the cancer sticks and she told me she would quit smoking when Misato quit drinking.” Maya then took two packs of cigarettes out of Ritsuko's purse, gave them to the bartender and told him to keep them. But before he left Ritsuko ordered a shot of whiskey and told him to leave the bottle. Maya changed the order to another appletini. “Withdrawal's going to be hard enough, do you really want to start if off with hangover too?” Ritsuko just started crying.
Misato put her arm around her “You know what they say, misery loves company.”
Ritsuko looked at her and growled “I hate you.” The others just laughed.
When Misato and Kaji got back home she announced “Were home and I'm sober” but was a little disappointed as she got no response. Misato was expecting Shinji and Asuka to be sitting on the couch watching TV and waiting for them to get home.
“I guess they trusted that you would keep your promise to them and went to bed…..” Kaji told her but trailed off on that last word as when he looked into Shinji's room, it was empty. He shut the door and looked at Misato with fear. Misato started repeating the word “No” over and over in a worried panic but stopped when she saw Asuka's room was empty too.
“You don't think?” Misato said looking over to their room. Kaji opened the door slowly and breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw their room was empty as well. The both of them looked at each other confused.
“It's not like them to leave without writing a note.” Misato said and then tried to call Shinji on his cell, only to hear it ringing on his bed. When she tried Asuka's phone it rang from the same place as Shinji's, his bed. This caused them to start feeling worried again. Finally out of desperation Misato knocked on PenPen's fridge door. He hopped out and warked at her drowsily while rubbing his eyes with his flipper.
With a hint of panic Misato asked the tired penguin “Where's Shinji and Asuka?”
PenPen warked at them and pointed towards the balcony. He then hopped back into the fridge and closed it. Misato went over to look and her heart melted on her.
“That's so cute.” Misato whispered sweetly as Kaji put his arm around her and gave her a little squeeze.
“Those two make a really nice couple” Kaji said. “It's like they were meant for each other.”
“I think they really were” Misato said. “But considering I have a good idea what just happened here this is the last time those two will be allowed to sleep together for a very long time.”
Kaji looked at how close Asuka and Shinji were snuggled together. “Are you sure we should even allow this time?”
“They look pretty tuckered out, so yes.” Misato answered. “Plus I want to show them I trust their promises they made to their mothers and me.”
“To a certain extent though, am I correct?” Kaji added. There were many varying degrees of trust, the level Asuka and Shinji were going to be trusted at was probably not going to make them happy.
“Correct” Misato said. “Starting tomorrow there will be some new rules concerning them and I think Kyoko and Yui have some surprises in store for them.”
“Uh Oh” Kaji laughed.
“Very much uh oh” Misato replied and then threw a suggestive glance towards their own bedroom. “You know I might just know another couple who were made for each other.”
Kaji got her hint very quickly and they both headed to their bedroom. But before Misato got there she took a detour to get a blanket and laid it on the sleeping Shinji and Asuka outside. Then she made her way towards the bedroom. She had a lot of frustration about not being allowed to drink right now so she needed Kaji to help her get over them for the time being.
“What's taking so long?… Do I have to put a gun to your head again?… Open up the door already, these boxes are getting heavy.” Misato sniped at Kaji, who was trying to get them into terminal dogma. She then looked at the boxes she was holding. “Jeez Shinji, why did you have to lose so many times?”
“The stupid card won't work” Kaji grumbled as he swiped it through again.
“What do you mean it won't work?” Misato said and then watched as restricted access popped up on the screen. Misato gave the boxes she was holding to Kaji and grabbed her phone. She greeted the hello she got with a coarse “What's the big idea locking us out of dogma?”
“I didn't” Gendo replied. “Kick the scanner.”
“Kick the scanner” Gendo repeated.
“Okay…” Misato said skeptically and told Kaji to do it. They were both surprised that when he did, the doors opened up on them.
This actually sent Gendo into a rant. “I mean what the hell? Terminal Dogma is only one of the most important areas of the whole facility. You would think SEELE would have sprung some money for a quality job on the place, but NOOO. They went and gave the job to the cheapest contractor they could find, and pocketed the savings. Stupid SOB's. They are the ones that want to turn into orange goo, so why in the sam hell do they need all that money? They should have given it to me. I got much better things to spend it on.”
“Get up on the wrong side of the Eva this morning” Misato kidded as she found his little rant funny.
“No, I just got audited by the budgeting department” Gendo grumbled. “Apparently some of those assholes don't think Rei's remodeling job fits under the kid's cost of living expenses.”
Gendo didn't stop there and continued complaining about a great many things for a while but eventually Misato had enough and said bye and hung up on him.
Kaji was getting impatient and the boxes he was holding were getting heavy so he tried to hurry her along and they both went into terminal dogma and Misato announced “We brought you the doughnuts and coffee you won off of Shinji.”
Inside the very large room with a big cross and a large spear leaning against it, was a pretty angel lying on a giant couch in front of a giant screen TV. “Did he make me the kind with the custard filling?”
“Two whole boxes” Misato replied as the angel got up and stretched her wings out.
“Goodie, I love those” Lilith cooed happily as she dove into her sweets.
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
The kids were undergoing the latest in a never ending series of synchronization tests while Misato, Makoto, and Ritsuko monitored them. Makoto looked up at Misato and said “You're looking pretty worn to the bone Major Katsuragi.”
Misato got a big smile on her face and answered “There's reason's why I'm worn” and she laughed mischievously as she added “Private ones.”
Ritsuko smirked at her and retorted “Kaji's bone.”
Misato closed her eyes and moaned out “All night long, over and over and over.”
“That's Disgusting!” Ritsuko yelled. Makoto though thought it was funny and started laughing. This unfortunately caught the ire of a very short fused Ritsuko. “What you think that's funny?” Ritsuko yelled at him. Makoto started to roll his chair away from her but she followed him, poking him in the chest with a rather sharp fingernail as she continued to yell. “Being a man you would. Just because you jackasses can swing your thing around in the air, you think you can do anything you want? Well I have news for you, you can't. In this day and age science has made you utterly obsolete. The only thing you scum are good for is jacking off into a cup. And since neither Maya nor I need your pathetic seed for that, maybe I should just neuter your ass right here and now. Maybe then you will be of some use to us.”
Ritsuko was stopped from her rant by Misato who grabbed her by the shoulders, dragged her to a chair, threw a piece of gum into her mouth, and ordered her to chew. Ritsuko started chewing the gum and began to calm down.
From the back of the room Makoto asked very politely “Can I come back now?”
Ritsuko took another minute to chew her gum. “Ok, now you can.”
Misato laughed as she watched him roll back up to the terminal. She then said “Well my job here is done, so I will get back to my mound of paperwork.” But before she left she threw Makoto the package of nicotine gum. “You might want to hold on to these if you don't want to become a eunuch.”
After Misato had left Ritsuko looked over to Makoto and said “Sorry about that, just a little nic fit.”
“That's okay ma'am” Makoto answered. “I quit back in college, so I know how hard it is.”
“At least you are braver than Shigeru, he always runs and hides when I mention the word neuter” Ritsuko snickered.
“That's because he has more to live for” Makoto replied with a little depression.
“Striking out with the ladies?”
“More like not even getting the chance to bat” Makoto replied. “All Shigeru has to do is go to a bar, play some cheesy love ballad on his guitar, and he's got three or four women making eyes at him.”
“So go to the bar with him. He can only take one of them home with him.”
“I would, but I'm sick of that kind of life” he sighed. “I am looking for something more permanent. Someone who, if we manage to survive this angel crap, I can have a family with.”
“You know, there are a lot of women around here you could be looking at too” Ritsuko pointed out.
“Yeah, but they are all interested in short flings. They are too unsure about the future to want to get involved in anything that might actually have a future.”
“I can kind of see their point.” Ritsuko sighed.
“So can I.” Makoto answered. “That's why I don't try too hard. In fact out of all the women I know there have only been three that I have liked enough to think of trying to be that way with. One is way out of my league and taken, and the other two are together.” Ritsuko had to glance at him when he said that, as she knew who he was talking about, but Makoto clarified what he meant. “It was way back when I first got here. You were the hot older woman with brains and power, and Maya is just damn cute.”
Ritsuko thought about this for a second. “You're right about Maya.”
“That's not even the worst part” Makoto added. “When I began respecting you too much to think about you that way, I replaced you with Misato.”
“That wasn't very smart” Ritsuko laughed.
“Tell me about it. Now I got nothing to dream about.” Makoto answered her getting more depressed in the process.
Their conversation was interrupted by a typical Asuka “Are we done yet?” whine.
Both of them looked at the numbers. “Predictable” Makoto said as all three children had identical numbers that were three points higher than last time.
“Too predictable” Ritsuko said and then switched the intercom on. “Asuka, Shinji you can go now. Rei I need you to stay behind for a second. I need to run one more test on you.”
Rei responded with a plain “Yes ma'am” but was not happy about it in the least.
When Asuka and Shinji were gone Ritsuko started asking Rei some questions. “Rei do you know why all three of you always have identical sync results?”
“No” Rei replied plainly. “I was ordered to pilot Unit-00 to the best of my abilities, I am unaware of why pilot's Ikari and Sohryu numbers match my own.”
“Also predictable” Makoto replied.
Ritsuko agreed and asked another question. “Rei, can you explain why your numbers have been steadily improving at a constant rate?”
Rei answered “It is due to our training procedures.”
Ritsuko was the one in charge of those procedures. She didn't believe that answer for a second. She asked her third and final question. “Rei do you know why we lose communication with you three while you guys are in your Eva's on occasion.”
Rei answered “No. It is not my job to maintain the communication systems. I am only asked to pilot Unit-00.”
If that answer hadn't been delivered so plainly, the two could have come to the conclusion that she just zinged them. Both of them looked at the readings she was giving off, including a little lie detector program Ritsuko had thrown together the night before. It said Rei was telling the truth. Ritsuko didn't believe it and flipped on the intercom “You may leave now Rei.” It was becoming apparent they weren't getting anywhere. She flipped the switch back off and then looked at Makoto “Are you thinking what I'm thinking?”
“That our hallucinations may not have been hallucinations after all” Makoto answered.
Ritsuko nodded yes and added “And our glorious computer system can't be trusted either.” That left both people there asking the same question to themselves `Just what in the hell was happening here?'
A while later Ritsuko entered Misato's office with her hand behind her back, in a much cheerier mood, and a less than innocent proposition on her mind. “Hello Misato, nice day isn't it?”
Misato looked up from a mound of paperwork and replied dryly “I wouldn't know.”
Ritsuko continued “I was just wondering since I quit smoking, if you and Kaji did as well. I remember some time back you told me that you and him only smoke after you do it.”
“No you can't bum a smoke off of me” Misato replied. “And anyways we both had to quit as well. Asuka started throwing some major hissyfits that we were stinking up the apartment and more importantly her clothes.” Smoking was never a big thing to Misato so it wasn't worth fighting over with Asuka.
“That's too bad” Ritsuko said. “But that means you probably have some old ones lying around, huh?” Ritsuko added as she suggestively took her hand out from behind her back and put an ice cold beer on Misato's desk.
Misato watched as a bead of condensation slowly made its way down the can. She swallowed and her eyes grew big. At the same time she dropped her hand to one of the drawers in her desk while saying “I…might…have… an…old…one.” Ritsuko stared intently at where Misato's hand was going. Misato herself started to drool a little as a nice cold one would really hit the spot right about now. And it would really get rid of the parched throat she had just seemed to realize she had.
That is when Kaji entered the office, causing both women to jump and scream as he surprised them. He looked at the beer on the desk and said “I haven't had a cold one in a week, thanks Ritsy.” And he swiped the beer off the desk before Misato could and then leaned against the wall. He opened it up with a crisp crack and took a big swig. “Ahhhh… that's good, and quite refreshing.”
Misato looked up at him with very sad eyes and pouty lips. “C- can I have a taste? Just a little one. No one has to know.” She then licked her lips and flicked her tongue suggestively “I can make it worth your while.”
Kaji took another big swig and watched as Ritsuko dived across Misato's desk going for the drawer, knocking over a pile of papers in the process. He walked over to the desk and put the can back on it. As Ritsuko started rummaging through the drawer he spoke up. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves.” He took a final drink and added “By the way Ritsy, Maya has already been through here and Misato, that beer was delicious.” He then turned the can over and showed her it was completely empty. His last line had absolutely and horribly crushed two insatiable wants. He then walked out the door, shut it, and held it closed as the two women started crying out loud and pounding on the door. What he did was simply unforgivable.
A little bit later Maya walked by and looked at Kaji strangely as he was standing outside Misato's office holding the door closed. “Misery and company are having a little sob session” he chuckled. Maya let out a frustrated breath while she shook her head and continued on her way. she knew her glorious sempai was much weaker and more human than most people thought.
Asuka slammed her prog axe into the side of a building and used it to propel herself out of the way of Leliel's Sea of Dirac attack. But when she went to put her foot down on the axe it came down much harder than expected and she kicked the axe out from under her. She was sent falling into the void while she heard “Sorry honey, but Yui and I need to talk to you two.”
On the bridge. “We have lost contact with Units-01 and 02 Major!”
“Rei pull back” Misato yelled and ordered for the power chords to be reeled in immediately. When they were the Eva's were not attached to the other end. But before they could even react Maya started picking up very erratic psychogram readings from the angel. As quickly as the reading started though, they stopped.
“I want a complete analysis of those readings” Ritsuko yelled to the tech crew and all three quickly went to work. In a quieter and more confused voice Ritsuko added “What the hell is going on?”
Misato herself was wondering the exact same thing as the original plans were for a quick defeat of Liliel by Unit-01. All this was supposed to be over with already and everyone was supposed to be safe and sound now.
When Rei was unloaded from Unit-00 she was told to report to Major Katsuragi's office immediately for a briefing. When Rei got there the first thing she told a very nervous Misato was “They are perfectly fine. Mom and Ms. Sohryu put a little plan into effect yesterday and Shinji and Asuka will be back in about nine hours.”
Misato let out a big sigh of relief. “I really wish someone would have told me.”
“There wasn't time” Rei answered. “It was only last night that I found out myself.”
“What were you doing here last night?” Misato asked.
“Having a very long and uncomfortable talk with mom” Rei said with some embarrassment while looking at the floor. “Lets just say those two are about to have a bigger learning experience than expected.”
Misato got a big smile on her face as she understood just what was happening. And it couldn't have come at a better time for the two.
Gendo then walked into her office and noticed Rei was already there. “Have you informed her of Yui's and Kyoko's change of plans?” Rei nodded yes. He then looked over at Misato “Sorry about not telling you earlier but I just found out recently myself.” He looked back at Rei and told her “If you have any more questions and you need an answer from a male's point of view, feel free to ask me. I will help you the best I can.”
Rei got a really disgusted look on her face and shivered “You… and Mom… That's just gross.” And she left quickly.
“What'd I say?” Gendo asked Misato with confusion.
Misato just laughed at him “Think about it, what was your first reaction when you realized the reason your parents knew so much about sex was because they do it too.”
Gendo got a huge shiver down his spine. “I would rather not.”
On the bridge the crew had analyzed the readings they had gotten earlier from Leliel.
“The reason we couldn't understand the psychogram readings at first was because we were analyzing them as a single pattern” Maya reported. “After further analysis we actually found them to be five different patterns.”
Makoto went over each of the patterns. “The first two we were able to quickly identify as Shinji's and Asuka's. The third pattern is completely different from all the others and the Magi system gave us a 0.1% chance that it is the angel's pattern. Readings four and five were listed as undeterminable, but are very similar to the children's. It may be some kind of echo pattern or something.”
Shigeru then went over what the readings were on a time based scale. “At first we picked up only Shinji and Asuka's patterns, but when I slowed it down to a microsecond scale you can clearly see when the third pattern begins to appear. I actually had to switch to a nanosecond scale to monitor the next event it was so quick. For about three nanoseconds the third pattern was very strong, but once patterns four and five entered the third pattern started to disintegrate rapidly over a ten nanosecond period. One second after the third pattern was completely eliminated the readings simply stopped.”
“Show me those ten nanoseconds frame by frame.” Ritsuko ordered.
“Yes ma'am” Shigeru replied and played back the tape. “For the ten nanoseconds it almost seems like four and five are attacking three in some unknown way.”
Ritsuko looked at each frame closely to try and understand what was happening. What Shigeru had just said seemed to hit the nail on the head. But there was something else and she ordered him to loop the last ten nanoseconds and save it to a file for further study. She couldn't explain it but as alien as patterns four and five were they looked eerily familiar to her.
Both Shinji and Asuka woke up to find themselves in a field of flowers with birds singing above them and bees buzzing around them.
Shinji looked over in confusion as he asked “Asuka why are you here?”
“The better question is where is here?” Asuka said with equal confusion while awakening from her daze.
Both of them stood up and looked around only to see the field disappear and get replaced by a classroom setting. And when they looked at each other both of them noticed the other was wearing their school uniform and not their plugsuits.
“Please take a seat.”
“Mommy?” Asuka asked.
“It's time we had a little chat with you two.”
“Mom?” Shinji asked.
Both their mothers then appeared before them dressed like teachers and the two started to get an ominous feeling that they were in for something they weren't going to enjoy. Their feelings were reinforced when they saw the words SEX EDUCATION appear on the chalkboard in front of them.
Most of Nerv was still busy cleaning up after the huge mess that was created as Units 01 and 02 tore open Leliel and emerged from the angel, destroying it completely in the process, when Asuka and Shinji woke up in a hospital room.
Asuka blinked a couple times and asked “Did our mothers just jack an angel and give us a very long and uncomfortable birds and the bees talk while we were inside it?”
“Yup” Shinji answered as there was no other way to explain what just happened. That was followed by a bit of an astonished sigh “I didn't know they could do that.” He then heard Asuka sniff a couple times.
“Yuck, I smell like blood. I call first dibs on the shower.”
Shinji sat up in his hospital bed for a couple seconds and said out loud “Why didn't I think of that last time?”
“Because I am a genius and you're not” came a reply from the bathroom.
“Oh” Shinji replied and turned on the TV as he waited for Asuka to get done.
Both Shinji and Asuka were cleaned, dressed, and watching TV when Rei came in with a cart of food. “I'm not interrupting anything am I?” she joked. Both Shinji and Asuka replied with dirty looks. The last thing they needed right now was insinuations. Rei let out a little laugh at them and asked “You guys hungry?”
Both looked at the trays of hospital food. “NO.”
“I don't blame you, this stuff is disgusting” Rei said as she grabbed a chair and sat between their beds. “So was it horribly uncomfortable and embarrassing for you guys too?”
“Pretty much” Shinji answered with Asuka adding. “It wouldn't have been so bad if they wouldn't have known so much about the subject. That was just… gross…”
“Tell me about it” Rei responded and shuddered a bit. “And it gets worse. Gendo has a standing offer to answer any questions we have.”
Shinji shivered “That's another mental scar.”
On the monitor was a large facility in the middle of a desert with a gapping hole in it and smoke bellowing out. “That's the satellite pictures of our base in Nevada. As of 21:00 hours a large explosion occurred while attempting to load an experimental S2 engine into Unit-04. Since there was uncertainty in the status of the engine the experiment was conducted in the facilities offsite test bay. There was no loss of life, but Unit-04 was completely destroyed. Due to this and other factors Unit-03 will be transferred to us.”
When Gendo finished his report in the briefing room, Ritsuko was twitching with anger. Gendo was hesitant but he did open the floor for comments. Ritsuko bolted up from her seat and started screaming at the top of her lungs. “Uncertainty my ass. I told them the core sample we got from the fourth angel was completely worthless. I sent them report after report after report saying it was too damaged to get a working copy from. But did they listen. NOOO. They had to go and dick around with the stupid thing. Do they even know what could have happened if….” She was cut down in the middle of her rant by Misato as she tried to give her a piece of gum. Ritsuko slapped the gum away from her “I'm sick and tired of that damn gum. If someone doesn't give me a fucking cigarette in the next ten seconds I'm going to kill somebody.”
“I do not believe that would be in the best interest...” Gendo started to say but realized his mistake even before he finished speaking.
Ritsuko's eyes glazed over with pure rage as she turned to face him. Gendo then heard some very good advice from his trusted sub-commander “Run.”
Gendo quickly dismissed the briefing and bolted out the door as Ritsuko started screaming obscenities at him. Both Misato and Kaji jumped up and grabbed her as she tried to give chase.
As Gendo ran down the hall he bumped into Maya. “Lieutenant Ibuki, I do not believe the nicotine gum is having its desired effect. May I suggest switching over to the patch as the slow constant release of nicotine into her blood stream would help curb the doctor's outbursts.” He looked behind himself and saw Ritsuko halfway out of the room while two pairs of arms were desperately trying to drag her back in. He then heard Ritsuko scream “I am going to rip your balls off with my bare hands and shove them down your throat!” and he took off running again.
Maya was extremely confused by this turn of events, but then again things had been very weird for a while now so she just shook it off and headed towards the briefing room. When she got there Misato and Kaji had Ritsuko pinned down in a chair and she grabbed her jaw, opened her mouth, threw a piece of nicotine gum in, and ordered her to chew. “I think the commander was right, I'm switching you over to the patch, these outbursts of yours are starting to get annoying.”
Ritsuko just nodded yes as the gum's affects started to kick in and she began to calm down.
Gendo stopped to catch his breath and straighten himself out on the bridge. Both Shigeru and Makoto turned around and looked at him with extreme confusion. In-between breaths Gendo gasped “How do you work with that woman when she's like that?”
Shigeru laughed a little bit and answered “I usually run and hide when she starts mentioning castration Sir.”
“You're a smart man Lieutenant Aoba” Gendo replied.
Makoto though opened a drawer by his station. It was full of candy. “I give her whatever she wants Sir.”
Gendo walked over and took a look inside. “What's her favorite?”
“The sour skittles, Sir” Makoto answered.
“Very good” Gendo said. “You boys can expect a little something extra in your paychecks this month.” Both Makoto's and Shigeru's jaws hit the floor. Gendo then left the bridge and headed off to his office where he sat down and made a very important call. “I want a crate of sour skittles delivered to my office ASAP.”
“Umm, Sir???” a very confused voice questioned on the other end of the line.
“I do not pay you people to question my orders, now do as you're told!” Gendo yelled.
“Yes Sir.”
Gendo hung up the phone “Nerv Intelligence, now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.”
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Misato was in a large room surrounded by a bunch of holographic monoliths.
“We requested to speak with the pilots of Unit-01 and Unit-02” monolith 4 boomed out. “Where are they?”
“You know they have names” Misato sassed back and continued on. Oddly enough once she learned the truth these old codgers no longer scared her. “Shinji and Asuka are currently unavailable, I will answer any questions you have.”
“Do not take us for fools” Monolith 4 boomed out again. “We are your superiors. You will respect us and deliver us the second and third children.”
“Listen buddy boy #4, respect is a two way street. So either you start giving me some or I walk” Misato said irritably. She then turned around and started to walk out of the room to prove she was serious. And it was apparent none of the guards were even thinking about getting in her way.
Chairman Keel switched out of monolith mode and into his regular image. “Major, we are simply concerned that the angel was trying to reach out to pilots Ikari and Sohryu.”
Misato turned back around “That's better. No the angel was not trying to reach out to the children. We believe it was using an attack in which the pilots were devoid of all external senses in an effort to produce mental instability, thus rendering the pilots unable to fight. The angel failed in its attempt and was destroyed.”
“Understood Major, you are dismissed” Keel said with a nod of his head.
Misato bowed politely, while saying “jerk” under her breath, and exited the room.
Monolith 3 spoke up “We should not have to placate ourselves just to get answers from these underlings. They must be shown who is in command.”
“You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar” Keel replied. “Besides we will not have to put up with this much longer. The ten billion yen we have supplied to Commander Ikari has pushed up the Human Instrumentality Project by three percent.”
“That is good” monolith 7 said. “But I still think she should have been naked for the interrogation. That may have made her more… submissive.”
Keel looked over at monolith number 7 “How in the world did you ever get on this panel?”
“I married that nagging beast you call a sister” 7 shot back.
“Oh yeah” Keel replied with a chuckle. “I was wondering why you were so eager to speed up the project.”
After school was over Asuka and Shinji went looking for Touji as he had a crucial part in their plans for the immediate future and now was the time to inform him of them. It took them a while of searching before they found him on the basketball court shooting hoops. He wasn't alone though as he was standing behind Hikari and guiding her hands with his, teaching her how to shoot baskets.
“Now just visualize where you want the ball to go and shoot” he told her.
“Uh huh” Hikari answered softly with her eyes closed.
“You know Hikari, it's a lot easier to shoot baskets with your eyes open” Asuka pointed out drawing Hikari's and Touji's attention to them.
Hikari breathed a little sigh and dropped the ball. She then took Touji's hands into hers and wrapped them around her waist. “I know why you are here. Touji is needed for the next battle.” Hikari leaned in closer to Touji and added “But I have a plan too.”
Shinji asked “So what is your plan?” He was a bit intimidated by Hikari right now. It very much seemed to him she was challenging them.
Hikari stared at them intensely and said very seriously “He doesn't get in that wretched thing and you figure something else out.”
The stare didn't go away but continued and Asuka and Shinji could tell Hikari was not kidding around and meant what she said. It was clear, Hikari was afraid of losing Touji again. “Don't worry” Asuka told her. “We have something else in mind.”
Shinji then explained what the plan was. “Rei is allowing us to use one of the dummy plugs and we will be installing that for the start up of Unit-03 instead.”
“After all it is only right to replace one dummy with another” Asuka kidded.
Hikari smiled greatly at the news but Touji frowned at Asuka. “Just couldn't resist adding your two cents, could ya?”
“No” Asuka replied. “But here's the part of the plan where you and Hikari come in. As a way of apologizing for last time we are taking you two out for dinner. Anywhere you like and on Nerv's dime.”
“I know a really good buffet place” Touji answered excitedly.
“You're hopeless Suzuhara” Asuka said.
Hikari turned around and gave him a little kiss. “Oh, he's not hopeless. He just needs a little help from his girlfriend from time to time.” Touji just gave her a little smile and she added “Now why don't you boys go shoot some hoops while you let us smart girls decide on where we should go.”
After much discussion a decision was made and Asuka told them “Let's go to the mall.”
“Why the mall? All they have there is fast food joints” Shinji questioned.
“Well since Asuka has already been to the most expensive restaurant in the city, we decided to go to the fanciest” Hikari said.
“Does that mean I have to get dressed up?” Touji grumbled as he had already been forced to do that on several occasions for various dates with Hikari.
“Yes you do” Hikari answered. “And so do us girls. But since neither of us has anything nice enough to wear to a place like that a trip to the mall is necessary.”
Both boys started complaining loudly at that but were told to knock it off as they had to get new suits as well to match the new outfits the girls were going to buy. After all, if this was going to be on Nerv's dime they were going to take full advantage of the situation.
As Kensuke and Rei passed by a shop in the mall Kensuke noticed two boys getting pinned, prodded, and measured for some suits. He pointed it out to Rei and they went in to check out what was going on. Kensuke walked up to Shinji and Touji, took a couple pictures of them, and started laughing.
“What are you doing here?” Touji grumbled.
“Rei asked me for some help in buying electronics” Kensuke answered.
Shinji laughed a little at Kensuke's comment. “I fell for that one too. So what did you get forced to look at for hours on end?”
“Lamps” Kensuke groaned. “But now we really are going to look at some home theater and audio equipment.”
“You're luckier than me” Shinji said. “I was forced to look at rugs for three hours last week with her and Asuka. And the electronics part turned out to be a two hour discussion on which microwave would look best with the new cabinetry.”
“That sounds like pure torture” Kensuke laughed. “And speaking of torture what's with the monkey suit fittings?”
“Somehow we decided to take the girls to the fanciest restaurant in the city” Touji answered.
“We” Kensuke mocked. Both Shinji and Kensuke looked at him despondently and he took another picture and laughed at them again.
On the other side of the store Rei was talking with Hikari and Asuka as they waited for the boys to be finished with their fittings.
“So why are you dragging around the stooge?” Asuka asked.
“I needed someone who knew about audio and video equipment” Rei answered. “I `m planning to wire the whole apartment with a top of the line sound system and upgrade the TV into an entertainment center.”
“I suppose he would be the person to know about that kind of thing” Hikari said.
“That and he is a heck of a lot cheaper than a contractor” Rei answered. “But he is absolutely worthless when it comes to lamps.”
“Aren't they all” Asuka said casting a glance towards the boys who were now starting to goof around.
When Kensuke and Rei left the shop they continued their previous conversation.
“So have you asked Taka out yet? I heard she likes you.”
“Where'd you hear that?” Kensuke asked with some skepticism.
“Being the quiet one, I hear a lot of things” Rei answered.
“I don't know” Kensuke said with doubt. “She's kinda out of my league.”
“Don't be such a wuss. It can't hurt you to ask.”
“That's your opinion. If I get shot down, Red would never let me hear the end of it.”
“True, but you might just get a date” Rei teased.
“Are you sure you heard right?” he asked now with curiosity.
“Pretty sure” She answered.
“Hmm, I might have to think about that information” Kensuke said. “By the way I know someone who wants to ask you out.”
“Not interested” Rei answered.
“He's a high school senior, and captain of the soccer team.”
“Even if I wanted to, pigs would have to fly before I could get permission to date a guy like that.” Rei said as she could pretty easily guess what her mom would say.
“Now who's a wuss” Kensuke challenged.
“Wuss nothing. If mom didn't step on him, Lil would turn him into goo for cradle robbing.”
Kensuke laughed a little and then asked “Out of curiosity, how does she do that?”
“It has something to do with absolution of your AT field. It's really complicated and boring.” They then walked into the electronics store. “Now go pick me out whatever is the best.”
“Yes Ma'am.” Kensuke answered with enthusiasm as his eyes filled with stars at the huge selection. Working for Rei was pretty fun.
“OK kids I'm off to Matsushiro to help Ritsuko setup the remote operating system for the Unit-03 startup” Misato said. “I should be back tomorrow afternoon, until then Kaji is in charge.” Misato looked squarely at the both of them and warned “Now behave you two and no monkey business while I'm gone.”
Asuka just rolled her eyes and Shinji replied sarcastically “Don't worry we'll behave. Bye.”
Misato looked suspiciously at the two and then over at PenPen. “You watch them too.” PenPen stood straight up and warked while saluting. She then walked over to Kaji and gave him a goodbye kiss and whispered into his ear “Don't take your eyes off of them for a second.”
Kaji let out a small laugh and said “Yes Ma'am.”
A half hour later Asuka and Shinji were sitting on the couch watching TV when Kaji came up to them and asked for a big favor. “I can trust you guys, right?”
Asuka answered with a suspicious and drawn out “Yes” as both children looked up from the TV at him.
“I need to go away for a bit. I should be back before Misato, but I need you guys to keep it a secret.”
“Just where are you going?” Asuka asked suspiciously and reminded him “You know spying is no longer your profession.”
“It's nothing like that” Kaji answered. “I just need to get something important, for someone dear to me.”
“Ok” Asuka answered as she could pretty much figure out it wasn't something bad or dangerous but then she switched to a feigned scared little girl voice. “But who is going to stop Shinji from turning into a lust filled monster intent on ravishing me?”
Kaji answered with chagrin. “Those fantasies better stay in your head young lady. When I get back I will be getting a full report on your two's activity.” When it came to sexuality Asuka was very much the aggressor of the two. You had to watch out for her more than you did Shinji. Not to say you didn't have to watch out for Shinji, that boy was a pushover for Asuka who very much was trying to pick up on her cues about what would make her happy.
“From who? We will be all alone.” Asuka shot back, but her answer came in the form of an ethereal being that appeared beside her.
“Forgot about me, didn't you?” Lilith said.
“No” Shinji answered. “But we were kind of hoping Kaji did.”
Lilith laughed a little and told Kaji “You better get going or you will miss your flight.”
“Flight?” both children asked.
“Shhh” is all Kaji said and then he left. Both children turned to Lilith and asked for an explanation, but all she would say was “It's a secret” while displaying a chestier cat like smile.
(To be continued….)