Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Play it Again Shinji ❯ Part 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Play it Again Shinji
By Ret Nuh
Part 6
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When the angel alarms sounded Gendo ran up to his station. Since Misato was still gone it was up to him to give out the orders. And he was very much looking forward to it after Misato stole his chance with the Bardiel battle. But before he could even give out his first order Asuka and Rei both yelled “Launch Us” from their Eva's.
On the surface Asuka grabbed her positron rifle and took a pot shot at Areal to get the angel's attention. A bright beam of light shone down and engulfed Unit-02 in a brilliant brightness.
“Rei go down to Terminal Dogma and retrieve the Spear of Longinus” Gendo ordered. But Rei just rolled her eyes at him and grabbed the spear out of one of the weapon silos next to her and threw it to Asuka. “How did that get there?” Gendo asked confused.
Ritsuko looked up at him “Misato had it put there before she left. She already drew up a battle plan and explained it to the kids so sit down, shut up, and let the girls handle this.”
This hurt Gendo badly and he started to sulk in his chair. He wanted to be back in charge for once.
When Asuka got the spear in her hand she stared up at the Angel “So you think it's funny to fuck with little girls minds. WELL MIND FUCK THIS ASSHOLE!!!” and she launched the spear at Areal.
From her balcony Misato watched as a gleam of silver streaked towards Areal and destroyed the angel. “Atta girl Asuka.” She then felt a pair of hands caress her naked form from behind.
“See I told you, you had nothing to worry about.”
“I know” Misato said softly. “But I just had to make sure.” She then felt herself being guided back into the apartment by a pair of talented fingers. “Kaji!!! What have I told you about sticking strange things in there.”
“But I haven't heard you scream yes enough times yet.”
Misato giggled “Kaji you are insatiable” and then let out a gasp as he pinched a very sensitive part of her.
“Only when it comes to you” he answered and started to ravish her body with kisses.
The answer to Kaji's proposal was repeated many, many times by Misato that night as Misato had no problem screaming it out and Kaji never got tired of hearing it.
As the battle was happening Yui was having a very hard time keeping Shinji grounded. His plans were to rip Areal out of the heavens and drag it to the ground where they could beat it to a bloody pulp. But this plan didn't sit too well with the others, so he was told “No.” That didn't mean he wasn't going to stop trying though and even the shocks Yui gave him weren't deterring him as he kept trying to get out there to do it. She even caught him attempting to extend the Eva's wings against her wishes a couple times. But as much frustration as Shinji was causing her she sort of understood why he was doing it. Shinji was worried that Asuka was going to get hurt out there again.
After zapping him again she yelled out over the intercom system “Gendo Ikari this stubborn headedness of his is all your fault” and a small bolt of electricity shot out of a terminal near Gendo and sent him flying out of his chair.
While shaking his head to clear the cobwebs out Gendo wondered out loud “How'd she do that?” The only response he got was laughter from Ritsuko.
When Rei was coming back in Ritsuko noticed Asuka was walking away from the base. “Is something wrong Asuka?”
“No. I just need to run a quick errand, I'll be back in ten minutes.” The communication to her Eva then cut off.
Gendo was just getting back up into his chair when he saw this and asked “What is she doing?”
“Anything she wants too from the looks of it” Ritsuko answered. “It's not like we can stop her.”
Asuka carefully made her way through the city to an office building in town where she had her mom help her make a call.
“Hallo Mr. Yen, this is Miss Asuka Langley Sohryu. I called earlier about the apartment you have up for sale.”
“Ah yes” Mr. Yen replied. “While I agree on the price I still need to hear from a parent or guardian before I can agree to this deal.”
“Ok, here is my mommy.”
“Hallo this is Ms. Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu. I am Asuka's mother.”
“Pleasure to hear from you Ms. Sohryu, when can I expect you to come in and finalize the deal?” he asked.
“There is a slight problem with that” Kyoko informed him and then told him to look out the window of his office. His jaw hit the floor when he did as he was staring right into the eyes of an Eva. “I am sort of one with this Eva and suffice of to say it will be a little difficult for me to be their in person. So I will be sending my daughter over in my proxy. Is that ok with you?”
He only responded with a bewildered “uh huh…” as he wasn't going to tell that giant red thing outside his window no.
“Gooood. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.”
Mr. Yen was then disconnected and he watched as a giant red Eva nimbly made its way through town. He slumped down in his chair after that and said “I really need to find a new city to work out of.”
When Asuka got back she wasn't even able to get out of her plug before Shinji jumped in and wrapped his arms around her.
“I'm sorry about last time” he cried. “I promise I will never do it again.”
Asuka scooted over in her seat and wrapped her arms around him too. “I know you won't and I wasn't punishing you. I just needed to handle that one by myself. But to make it up to you I got a big surprise so meet me outside the locker room after you get cleaned up.”
Shinji was trying to get Asuka to tell him the surprise as she led him to a certain place. But when they got there his mood instantly changed and he said nervously “I… I don't like this place.”
“Neither do I” Asuka answered him. “I said some horrible things I didn't really mean last time we were here and I can't tolerate that a place like this still exists.” She then led him over to the exact spot she sat before when she told him she hated him and had him sit down beside her. She could tell Shinji was uncomfortable but she assured him that what she had to tell him would more than make up for it. “Shinji how would you feel if a really hot girl moved into the apartment next to you?”
“You're the only girl I care about, so it couldn't happen” he told her.
“Really…” Asuka said with a big smile and whispered her secret into his ear.
“But how?” Shinji said with wide eyes.
“Mommy said I could” Asuka answered.
“W- where did you get the money from? Those apartments cost a fortune.”
“Let's just say ten years worth of back child support, with interest, tends to add up.” Shinji began to smile widely as she continued to explain. “Poor ex-daddy had to pay up or mommy was going to go over to Germany herself and stomp his house flat, with him in it.” She then looked at him and added in a very cute voice “Aren't you going to greet your new neighbor now?”
They had to stop halfway through their greeting session as it was getting a little too intense for them to handle as Asuka's body was begging her conscience to let Shinji's hand move from the small of her back downwards. Shinji wasn't any better as moving his hand was a top priority, but that stupid pesky voice in his head wouldn't let him do it. And when they got up Shinji had to rearrange his pants a little. Asuka didn't know if she should tease him about it or act on it so they both walked away from each other for a minute to get a hold of their selves. There were very many rules about this sort of thing so they decided to quit before it got too far. Plus they had to go to Mr. Yen's office to sign some paper work. Maybe after that though they agreed they could meet their new neighbor again for a while. Better yet maybe they could greet each other in the new apartment, that could be all kinds of fun.
Gendo was walking into his office when he saw an ethereal being standing there waiting for him with a peculiar look on her face. “Something tells me my day isn't over with yet, is it?”
Lilith just looked at them and shook her head no.
Three hours later he was holding a meeting in his office. The attendants were him, Misato, Kaji, Ritsuko, and Maya. First he apologized to Misato and Kaji for calling them in but since he told them it was important and about Asuka they didn't mind. They needed a bit of a breather and some food anyway. Ritsuko and Maya though were a little confused on why they were there but Gendo told them this meeting involved them too.
“As you guys can guess Asuka was not happy with our plan” Gendo began. “So she did something about it.”
“I don't like the sound of that” Misato sighed. “What she do?”
“She bought the apartment next to mine” he answered.
“I don't know all the specifics, but she found the money to do it somehow” Gendo replied.
“Well that's just too bad for her” Misato pointed out. “There is no way I will let her live there by herself.”
“That was my initial reaction as well” Gendo replied. “But there is now a complication.” He then looked over at Ritsuko. “This is in no way your fault, but when you promised to do everything you could to bring back Yui and Kyoko, Asuka got it in her mind that it would be soon.”
“But I explicitly told her it might take a very long time, if it is even possible at all” Ritsuko said.
“She believes in her heart that it won't” Gendo replied. “And her mother refuses to crush that hope.”
Misato let out a frustrated sigh as she knew how Asuka's mind worked. The connection between that apartment and living with her mom had already been made. And Kyoko was right about her decision to say yes as saying no would crush her hopes and send the message that she wasn't going to be coming back. “So what are we going to do about it?”
Gendo looked back at Ritsuko and Maya. “First I am approving your two girls request to sell off your separate apartments and move in together.” And with a devious voice he added “I even have the perfect apartment in mind.”
“Not a chance” Ritsuko told him. “There is no way in hell I am going to play wet nurse to a bunch of teenagers.”
Gendo let out a little laugh “Don't worry, I wouldn't torture you like that. I just wanted some people I can trust to live on the floor. I will even give you the apartment furthest away from them.” Gendo then turned his attention towards Misato and Kaji.
Kaji started laughing and said “I think I can guess who is moving into the other apartment.”
“I am still not able to be around as much as I want to be” Gendo said. “Kyoko, Yui, and I would be honored if you two could continue to keep an eye on them for us.”
Misato answered “Of course I will. Those two mean very much to me.” She then looked over at Kaji “Plus now we have room to start a family of our own.” This caused Kaji's jaw to drop a little and as he looked around the room he saw a bunch of people smirking at him.
Gendo offered him a little friendly advice. “While the conception part of making a family is extremely fun, watch out for the mood swings afterwards. They can be a killer.”
It was probably a bad thing that the only two people to laugh at that joke were Kaji and Gendo.
After the meeting Misato told Kaji she would meet him back at home. She needed to find the kids first and tell them what was going to happen with the housing situation now, along with a couple of other things. The least of which being a grounding for a certain young lady that went behind all their backs. But as Kaji was about to leave he saw Ritsuko sitting in the lounge with a cup of coffee and a somber look on her face.
He walked up behind her “Don't worry, I promise we won't ever ask you to watch them.”
“Huh…. Oh that's not a concern” Ritsuko replied. “I have no problems with where Maya and I will live. I am even considering asking Rei to help me decorate the place.”
“So what's with the forlorn expression?”
Ritsuko looked up at him “Can I ask you a question?”
Kaji pulled out a chair, turned it around backwards and said “Shoot” as he sat down.
“Were you really surprised when Misato brought up having kids?”
Kaji let out a little smirk “Didn't believe my little act did you?” Ritsuko shook her head no. “To tell you the truth I'm a little apprehensive about it, but I know Misato is ready. She's so happy taking care of Shinji and Asuka and I kind of enjoy it as well. I like the feeling I get when I give Shinji helpful advice. Maybe it's time for me to take it a step further and give advice to my own son or daughter.”
“So you and Misato are really bound for family life” she sighed.
“Looks that way to me” Kaji smirked. “Why, is something wrong with that?”
“No, not really” Ritsuko said. “I'm happy for Misato.” She then took a sip of her coffee and noticed Kaji examining her with his eyes. “Stop it, you know I don't like it when you do that.”
“We're not talking about Misato and I, are we?” he asked offhandedly.
“Knock that psychological spy crap off. I can rip you to shreds any day of the week in that department.”
“I don't doubt that” he responded. “But I may just be talking to you as an old friend.”
Ritsuko stared at him for a second and then buried her head in her arms. “Why the hell does she want children? I can put up with the snideness and petty bickering from her mom, being ostracized from her extended family, I can even stand having to go golfing with her father. But children, no way.”
“Why are you so afraid of children Ritsuko?” Kaji asked, but as he did he heard a slight noise and felt an extra presence. He held up one finger and stopped Ritsuko from answering that question for a second. This was a good thing for her as she didn't really have an answer to the question. He got up and walked towards the door to the lounge area. He quickly reached around the corner of it and grabbed Maya. She let out a little scream of surprise while he told her “Never try to spy on a spy Maya.”
“I… I just want to know why?” She said softly.
He led her over to where he was sitting and had her sit down. “Then you should be the one to ask her” Kaji replied and then left them as this was a serious issue between the two of them that they had to figure out for themselves.
Asuka was in an incredibly good mood on moving day and the first thing she unpacked from the boxes was a sign she had made earlier that day and hung it up on one of the bedroom doors. It said “Mommy's room” in very decorative letters. Yes it was a bit childish but considering how much of her childhood she missed out on due to everything you could forgive her. The second thing Asuka did was lose that good mood as she noticed Misato walk up and hang a sign of her own on the front door that decreed “Shinji may not enter this apartment without adult supervision.”
Misato then turned around and walked back to her new place to finish unpacking her own stuff. Before she got there though she said “Get your mitts off that sign Asuka.” All she heard in response was an arrogant huff. “If that sign is taken down or that rule is broken this little compromise ends instantly.” Asuka stood there for a second with her hand on the sign. Misato began to turn around and Asuka quickly let go. “That's a smart girl.”
Asuka slammed the door shut and stomped her foot while screaming “Why can't everyone just mind their own damn business and leave us alone?” She was answered by her door opening back up.
“Because we care about you.”
She then felt someone hug her from behind. “Let me go. I'm still angry at you.”
“You know why I did that, right?” Misato asked serenely.
“Yes. But I'm still allowed to be pissed about it” Asuka whined.
Misato gave her a little kiss on the head “You do promise to obey my rule?”
“Yes” Asuka whined again. Misato let her go and she started to walk out of the place but Asuka grabbed her arm. “Shinji is bringing up the last of my boxes and I was kinda wondering…..” she looked down at the floor and blushed a little.
“You have been around me way too long” Misato laughed. “Ok I will allow one kiss to christen the place, but that's it.”
When Shinji brought up the last box Misato pointed at the sign and stared at him until he knew she was serious. He wasn't happy about it but nodded his head yes when asked if he would obey it. She then said she was turning her back for ten seconds. She took a little peak after five and smiled at the sight of the two kissing. Seeing these two teens happy was a sight that lifted Misato's heart. Like her much of their lives had been misery and loneliness, now they all had a chance to break away from that old way of life.
It was one o'clock in the morning and Asuka was still unable to fall asleep. She tossed and turned in her bed for a little bit more and then got up. She looked around her empty apartment and into the empty room she had reserved for her mom. Everywhere she looked the apartment was empty. There were only things in this place, not people. She started to feel alone and that was one of the worst feelings in the world to her. Loneliness was one of those things that could bring out those inner demons that made her life so miserable before.
Her search for something to make that feeling go away was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Who… who is it?” Asuka asked in a very unsure voice. When she heard “Me” she quickly threw open the door and pulled Shinji into her arms. “How did you know?”
“Know what?” he asked. She answered by hugging him harder and not letting him go. Shinji had enough brains to figure it out. “I don't like to be alone anymore either” he answered. “So I sort of thought….” His statement was stopped by a little “Ahem”
Asuka opened her eyes and saw Misato standing behind Shinji. “I'm really sorry” she said. “I didn't mean to break the rule, but I…..”
“But you felt scared and alone” Misato finished for her. Asuka nodded yes. “I figured you would.”
“Then why did you let me move in here by myself?”
“Because you needed to learn that lesson on your own” Misato told her.
Asuka let out a sigh. “You know me too well.” Misato smiled at her. Asuka turned her head and looked back into the empty apartment “This place isn't home yet, can I move back in with you?”
Misato smiled even more “I already have a room ready for you.” She then tapped Shinji on the shoulder “You can let go of her now.”
“Nope” he responded. “I like this.”
“So do I” Asuka said and laid her head down on his shoulder.
Misato raised her voice “Need I remind you it's 1:30am and you are both supposed to be sleeping now?”
“No” they both sighed sadly. Misato stood there for a second longer and the two let go of each other. She then escorted Asuka to her place and told Shinji to go back home. He stood there for a minute longer until Misato shut the door and Asuka was no longer in sight. He was already missing living with her.
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Armisael transformed from a double helix into a single strand and shot straight for Unit-00 as she tried to attack. The angel was stopped short of its goal as the other end of it was grabbed by Unit-01. Unit-02 then lunged at the flailing end trying to get Rei. With each of their ends firmly in their Eva's grasps Asuka and Shinji backed away from each other stretching the angel straight. The angel tried to infuse itself with the two Eva's holding it, but was overpowered by two more dominant and protective souls. If the angel could have it would have been screaming in pain. Rei took out her prog knife and raised it over the center of Armisael. She then thrusted downwards at the angel's core, but stopped short of the goal.
“What's wrong Rei?” Shinji shouted.
“Nothing” Rei answered. “But this is too easy of a way to beat this one.”
“Just stick to the plan” Misato commanded over the intercom.
“No” Rei said. “This angel needs to be punished. It needs to be….. humiliated.” Rei had a lot of pent up emotions surrounding this angel that she just couldn't ignore. She then looked at the video screen of Asuka. “Have you ever jumped rope?”
“What???” Asuka answered surprised at the question “Of course I have. Every little girl has jumped rope before.”
“I never did” Rei responded sadly.
Asuka looked at her and took some steps closer to Shinji. She then started to swing Armisael around in a circle.
“What are we doing?” Shinji asked confused.
“Get with the program baka-boyfriend, we are going to jump rope with Rei” Asuka told him.
“Ummm….. Ok” Shinji responded still confused but also starting to swing his end around as well.
Rei got a big smile on her face and for the first time in her life she got to jump rope. She was pretty good at it too. This was a very odd sight to see but it was also kind of cute in a strange macabre way. Well except to Armisael, the poor angel was completely at the mercy of the Eva's in control of it and if that wasn't bad enough it was really starting to feel sick and disoriented due to all the swinging around.
On the control deck not everyone was happy to see what was happening. “See, look at that childness” Ritsuko said.
“Well they are children” Maya pointed out.
“Even so they should act more dignified.”
“Like you did at that age?” Maya said.
“Exactly” Ritsuko responded.
“And look where that got you last time” Maya said looking directly at her. Ritsuko opened her mouth to retort but was at a loss of words.
Misato noticed and laughed at her “She has you there.” Ritsuko responded with a look of scorn directly aimed at Misato.
After using Armisael as a jump rope for a while Asuka started squirming in her seat. Shinji noticed this immediately.
“Arg stupid plug….” That is as far as she got before she saw Unit-01 rip the angel in half, tripping Rei up in the process.
“What did you do that for?” Rei demanded as her Eva was now lying on the ground.
“It was trying to hurt Asuka” Shinji cried out.
“No it wasn't you overprotective baka” Asuka yelled. “I was complaining about my plugsuit giving me a wedgie.”
“Oh… “ Shinji replied and looked down as he blushed. “Sorry.”
“Yeah, whatever” Asuka said shaking her head. “Since it's dead now we might as well go in.”
Unit-01 then went over and helped Unit-00 back up and they started to head towards the base. “Oopps forgot something” Rei said. She then walked back over to the angel and looked for a part of it. When she found it her Eva raised its foot and she heard a loud “NOOOOO” as it came down and destroyed Armisael's core.
“I wanted to study that!” Ritsuko shouted.
“Sorry” Rei giggled back.
When the three got back to the base Rei quickly noticed that unlike Shinji and Asuka, her elevator was not going down. “I said I was sorry.”
“Your mom is a kind and understanding woman Rei. But I am not. I'm a jaded old hag like my mother.” Ritsuko explained to her. “So sorry isn't going to cut it with me. You now have to do a special little job for me.”
Rei was starting to feel uncomfortable. She then noticed she was given a set of directions from Ritsuko. After following them she found herself right in the middle of a golf course. Rei looked around confused and asked “Ok I'm here, now what?”
The response she got was a couple different voices. Ritsuko was telling her to stomp it flat, Maya was pleading with her to leave her daddy's golf course alone, she heard Gendo and Fuyutsuki telling her not to do anything, and she even heard Kaji laugh “There goes our tee time.”
Rei was completely confused, she didn't know who to listen too. So she asked the one person who could help her out the most. “Mom what is going on?” A warm feeling surrounded her and all the other voices went away.
“Unfortunately honey you got caught up in a lovers quarrel between Ritsuko and Maya. And as for the guys, they have a ten o' clock tee time tomorrow on this course. They were planning on talking to Maya's dad while playing a round.” Yui told her.
“So why am I here then?”
“Because Ritsuko is acting like a child herself. Why don't you come back in now” Yui told her daughter. “I think Asuka wants to go shopping for stuff to put in her apartment.” Rei's eyes lit up at that and she quickly headed back to base. Buying stuff was so much fun.
When Rei got out of her plug she found Ritsuko waiting for her. “Couldn't you have at least left a foot print or two?”
Rei rolled her eyes at the hussy blonde doctor and said “Why should I of?”
“Because I ordered you to” Ritsuko answered.
Maya walked up behind them “Why are you bothering Rei again? This has nothing to do with her.”
“I gave her an order” Ritsuko shot back.
“A childish one” Maya responded. “And why are you trying to punish daddy? He is the only one who accepts our relationship.” This of course led to another argument and Rei snuck off when the two weren't paying attention to her.
When she got to the locker room she saw Asuka and Shinji sitting on the floor outside of it waiting for her. “Do you have a clue what Maya and Ritsuko are fighting about?” Both of them shook their heads no at her. She then looked at the two of them sitting there, they were being awfully quiet “Why aren't you two all kissy face like always after a mission?” Rei switched to a skeptical voice. “You two aren't having a fight too? Because if you are I'm not going shopping with you. I have had enough of being in the middle for one day.”
Asuka smirked at her and gave a glance up at a security monitor that was pointed at the two. “We already got busted.”
“Oh” Rei giggled and then waived at the camera while saying “Hi Misato.”
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Rei was sitting on a bench in a park on the outskirts of the city when she heard a familiar tune being whistled. She got up and greeted the gray haired angel. “Please follow me.”
Tabris stopped whistling and looked at her strangely. “You are not who I was expecting.”
“Well I am the one who is here. Please follow me.” Rei said and then started to walk towards the city.
Tabris decided to follow her since he really had no other choice. And as they strolled through the city Tabris noticed the humans around him. They were all just going about their busy routines, living their own lives, and minding their own business. Tabris smirked “Such simplicity of the mind.”
“Do not underestimate humans” Rei warned him. “Your others did and they paid a heavy price.” Tabris looked at her and continued to smile as he started to once again whistle Ode To Joy as they continued on their way. But the more they walked around the city the more he wondered about what SEELE had told him. This was not a gray cold world full of pain and loneliness like they had said. The people here seemed generally happy.
His thoughts were interrupted by Rei. “What you have been told and what is reality may not be the same.”
“What I have been told and what I believe may not be either” he answered back. Rei smiled at him and continued on with her tour.
After she had finished her little tour she had them stop at a ramen cart. Tabris looked at her rather strangely. Food was not something they really needed so he was forced to ask “Why have we stopped here?”
“Because I am hungry” Rei answered him, although with a hint of attitude as sometimes she got grouchy when she was hungry.
Tabris was having troubles at this point. He was told what Rei was, well at least to the best knowledge of SEELE, but what he was sitting next to was clearly different in more ways than he could tell. Numerous times he had reached out to her mind with his but each time he was blocked. He had to wonder what she was hiding from him.
After they had finished eating Rei finally took him to Nerv. As they were traveling down the escalator Tabris tried a different approach to reach Rei. He put his hand on her shoulder and turned her so he could look deep into her eyes. “We are the same.”
She responded with a slap to his face. “I took you on a tour of the city, NOT a date” Rei warned him. “Next pick up line you use will result in you wishing SEELE hadn't made you a boy.” Tabris took a step back from her. He was enough of a male to know what that threat meant. “Starting to figure something out, aren't you?” she added on. Rei then turned back around and Tabris started to doubt his current understanding of the situation even more. Things were severely wrong with this scenario and he was starting to get the impression that his mission wasn't going to be as easy as he was told. In fact he was starting to wonder if he even had a chance to succeed in his objective.
Rei purposely took him by the cage with Unit-01 and 02 in it. And within seconds he was on the ground screaming in pain while violently shaking his head. It was like his mind was being torn apart from the inside.
Rei let him suffer for a bit before she warned him “Watch it angel boy. The Sohryu's are not big fans of yours. It would be wise not to reach out with your mind to either one.”
Tabris stopped trying to gain control of Unit-02 and the attack on his mind ended. When he looked up he saw four dark red eyes staring back at him. This Evangelion's soul wasn't pacified at all. Instead it was cognizant, along with being rather incensed at the attempted takeover. He grew scared and of it looked over to Unit-01 for help, only to be stuck down again as this Evangelion was just as mindful.
“I don't think mom likes you much either.”
Tabris abandoned his plan of trying to take over an Evangelion as he realized he was simply too weak to handle the souls contained within them and slowly stood back up. He looked at Rei with complete confusion. “How-how are you doing this?”
“I am not doing anything, however if you want answers continue to follow me.”
In the elevator down to terminal dogma Tabris felt he was getting close to something very strong, but to what he didn't know. “We are not the same, are we?” he questioned.
“No” Rei answered. “I'm a real girl.”
Tabris was not surprised but asked “How could you let them separate and defile you like that?”
“I didn't let them” Rei informed him, a bit insulted by the way he said that. “I chose to be.” Tabris looked at her with disgust. Rei just shook her head at him. “A clueless angel is no better than a clueless human.” Tabris was struck by this insult but found he could not fight back. Any attempt he made with his mind was ineffective and now they were starting to cause him intense pain, much like before. He could not understand how he became so powerless.
As the elevator reached the final floor she led him out towards a giant door. She slid her card through the scanner but it rejected her at first. “Stupid piece of junk” Rei grumbled. “How many times does Gendo have to fix you?” She then kicked the scanner and the doors began to open.
Tabris gasped out stunned “Lilith.” A force many times more powerful than him was standing right in front of him. A force he simply couldn't deal with.
After Tabris walked into Terminal Dogma he noticed it wasn't only Lilith that greeted him, but a whole host of other people as well. Asuka made her introduction with a very hard knee to Tabris's stomach, dropping him to the ground.
“That's enough Asuka” Lilith said. “He gets to choose first. If, and only if he chooses wrong will I let you pound on him.” Asuka then felt herself being picked up and set back down in front of Shinji. “You know your girlfriend is a real handfull” Lilith kidded him. Shinji replied by wrapping his hands around her stomach and smiling as he nestled his face next to hers.
Lilith heard “Please don't encourage them” from two people. She giggled a “Sorry” to Misato and Gendo as she probably wasn't helping matters any on the parental aspects of things.
Lilith then moved her hand and a shadow covered Tabris. When he looked up he saw the palm of Unit-00 hovering only inches above his head. If that wasn't bad enough he noticed a dangerous predatory stare from a blonde in a lab coat. This woman scared him more than the Eva. Lilith looked over to her “If he chooses wrong Ritsuko then you can have his S2, Not Before.” Unfortunately for him this didn't change the look on the blonde woman's face. He was her last chance to get to study an S2 engine and Ritsuko didn't really want to loose that chance. She didn't care if anything would come from the research at this point, just the fact that she was denied the opportunity was eating her up inside.
Lilith made her way toward the confused and obviously frightened angel. She placed a hand on his trembling head and a flood of information filled his mind. She then gave him a choice. “You are both human and angel. That is not allowable in this world, you must choose which one you want to be.”
Tabris looked around at the many faces surrounding him. The faces of two women, one redhead and one blonde, caught his special attention. He looked up again at the giant hand hovering above him. He closed his eyes and thought for a minute while silence surrounded him. When his decision was made he opened his eyes and smiled at Rei. “I understand now.” Rei smiled back and Tabris made his choice. He wanted to be human.
A bright light filled the room, blinding everyone momentarily, and when everyone could see again an ethereal being was now standing by a gray haired boy. “Ummm…... well…… This is really awkward, I should go” the being said and started to dissipate away but was stopped by Lilith.
“Before you go” she said and gave the being an envelope. “Give this to you know who.”
The being smiled at her “Not a problem, I have a poker game with him tonight” and then dissipated away.
Gendo walked up behind Lilith “I saw the name on the envelope. There is more to this than we know about.”
Lilith nodded yes. “There is always more to everything than you think.”
She then heard a whisper in her ear. “Why was the i dotted with a heart?”
Lilith got a really guilty look on her face and blushed heavily. “Can we keep that our little secret?” She whispered to Misato.
Misato laughed back a “Gotcha” while winking.
Lilith attention turned back to Kaworu. Most of the others were congratulating him on his wise choice, well except for two who were a little miffed at not getting what they wanted. She spoke up “Karowu, you need to tell them.” This caused Kaworu to instantly get quiet.
“Tell us what?” Asuka growled.
In a very small voice Kaworu answered “When I was Tabris I kind of helped SEELE develop working S2 engines.”
“YOU WHAT?” Asuka screamed. Karowu shirked away from her out of fear as she made a fist, but Shinji grabbed her and refused to let her go until she calmed down.
Gendo, Misato, and Ritsuko were not surprised by this information though. They knew SEELE would find some way or another to complete the engines even with all their setbacks. So they put their counter plan into motion.
Gendo ordered out “Sound the alarms and drop the city. Then flood every entrance but the main east and west ones with bakelite. I want this place sealed tight.”
“Yes sir” the bridge staff replied and took off to complete their assigned task.
He turned his attention to Ritsuko. “How long will it take for you to completely remove our Magi system from the others?”
“I'll have it done in ten hours” Ritsuko promised.
“Good” Gendo replied. “But have the 666 firewall ready just in case.”
“Already is” Ritsuko told him. “I installed it a week ago, it's ready at a touch of a button.”
Gendo nodded his head in approval and turned his attention to Misato. “Automate the external defenses and recall all the personnel into the base. Then bring in all the anti aircraft units and put them in a secure place to prevent an aerial attack.”
“Got it” Misato said and added “Plus I am stationing guards behind every sealed entrance and have two elite squads I trained myself ready for action at the main entrances.”
“Good” Gendo replied. His final attention was turned onto the children. “I want an Eva at both entrances to act as sentinels and also be back up in case the other Eva needs help with the MP Eva's.”
“Trust me I won't need any help” Asuka replied with supreme arrogance. She then felt the pair of arms tighten around her. She let out an ill-tempered sigh “Shinji don't even try to argue with me. We all know I'm going to win.” Shinji turned her around and began staring into her eyes. “Knock it off” she yelled loudly, but Shinji continued to stare intensely. Asuka yelled “No” at him again but then felt herself beginning to crack. She was doing everything she could to stand her ground but his eyes were filled with an intensity she hadn't seen in him before.
“I have to.” Shinji said softly.
“NO” Asuka repeated but this time with a broken voice.
“I have to prove I can protect you.”
“But I don't want a knight in shining armor. I want you.” Asuka said almost on the verge of tears as his eyes were cutting through all her defenses and touching her soul directly. Shinji was too close to her now, she had no way of fighting back.
“It's the only way I can forgive myself” he told her.
“But there is nothing to forgive” Asuka tried to say as a tear trickled down her cheek. Shinji responded by pulling her closer to him and kissed her deeply. Asuka tried to push away at first, but soon found herself wrapping her arms around him and surrendering completely to the kiss.
During the kiss Misato smacked Kaji over the back of his head as she growled “I wonder who taught him that trick?” Kaji simply smirked and thought to himself that this bit of advice may have been his best yet. Took a whole hell of a lot of work to get Shinji to be able to do something like that but definitely worth it. He smirked a little more when he noticed a thumb's up from Gendo. Both of them quickly reverted back to normal as certain disapproving female members noticed them.
When Shinji finally released her from his kiss Asuka had tears streaming down her face. She laid her head on his chest and said softly “Promise me you will be safe.”
“I promise” he answered and kissed her on top of her head.
Asuka then started to traipse her fingers lightly over his chest “I'm asking you this as your lover. Please let me have two of them.”
“Do I have to kiss you again?” he said and tilted her head back up to stare into her eyes.
“Yes” Asuka replied. “But 8 and 11 are still mine.”
Shinji could tell by her expressions and eyes that she needed those two. He didn't want to, but he knew he had to so he relented. “8 and 11 are yours.” Shinji was starting to grow strong, but not that strong.
Asuka smiled at him and leaned in for another kiss but both of them found themselves kissing a hand that ended up between their lips.
“Don't push it you two” Misato warned them. Both of them looked at her and reluctantly let go of each other.
Asuka let out a little pout and stomped her foot “It just isn't fair.”
“Awww, poor you” Misato laughed back.
Asuka replied with a sulking “Hmpff.” While Shinji grumbled about his bad luck.
There was much to do and only a few days to do it in so everyone quickly dispersed from Terminal Dogma and got to work. While leaving Rei looked over at Kaworu. “Love is a little more complicated than you thought.”
He answered “Yes it is, but I think I will enjoy the learning process.” He then looked over and started to gaze at Rei. “We are the same now.”
Rei closed her eyes and shook her head no. “We are similar in background, but that is where it stops.” Kaworu looked down and sighed. But he heard Rei add on “Don't feel too bad angel boy, there are a lot of single girls in our classroom.”
Kaworu began to smile again.
A day before the expected attack Rei, Asuka, and Shinji decided to visit with their friends in the evacuation shelter. When they got there they saw Hikari and Touji sitting together talking to each other. Over in a corner sat a rather bored looking Kensuke and a group of girls. Elsewhere sat a happy looking Kaworu sitting and talking with three girls.
Asuka directed an annoyed glare in the direction of Kaworu “I will never understand what girls see in that ass.”
“He is a nice guy” Shinji tried to tell her but Asuka quickly answered “Please, he is nothing but a hoser.” Both Shinji and Rei looked at her strangely.
“I thought I had heard all of your German insults?” Shinji said.
“It's not German” Asuka answered him. “It's Canadian.”
“But it's still an insult?” Rei asked. Asuka nodded yes.
“You could at least try to let him be a friend” Shinji said with a sigh.
Asuka looked at him with decisiveness “Not going to happen baka-boyfriend.” Shinji just shook his head and the three of them sat down next to Hikari and Touji..
After a while Asuka noticed Kensuke was staring at them. “What's wrong with the stooge? I thought he would be happy to have a girlfriend.”
“He would be if he could stand her” Rei said. “I should have never told him that Taka liked him. They are just so wrong for each other.” Both Asuka and Hikari gave her an odd look. Rei responded with a roll of her eyes “As if. You two need to stop reading things into my words. I just feel bad for getting him stuck with her, that's all.”
“Riiiight” Asuka replied with a little smile.
Rei just stared back at her with annoyance, but was interrupted by Hikari. “He looks so depressed.”
Rei turned to look at him and sighed. “I suppose I should do something.”
“It is your fault” Touji told her.
“I know, I know. But why doesn't he just dump her and be done with it?”
“Because she is a crier” Shinji answered.
“What?” the three girls asked together.
Shinji explained “Every time he tries to break up with her she starts to cry, and then he feels bad about it and recants.”
“That manipulative little bitch” Rei steamed getting up and heading towards Kensuke. The boys looked at the girls for an answer to Rei's outburst.
“It's all an act” Asuka said with Hikari adding “We have seen girls do it before.” Added to the tension was the fact that Taka and Rei did not like each other at all. Taka always accused Rei of trying to steal her boyfriend even though Rei said she was only hanging around with Kensuke because they were friends. This was a very volatile situation and it was probably not a good idea for those two girls to be in the same room together. The resulting fireworks were very entertaining and Taka ended up with one less boyfriend as Rei dragged Kensuke out of the shelter after the shouting match ended. For some reason seeing Kensuke just sit there depressed and doing whatever he was told to really irked Rei.
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ---------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
As Misato headed towards the west entrance she felt two pairs of hands grab her.
“Where do you think you're going?”
“And why do you have body armor on?” She then felt herself getting pulled away.
“Wow you really are getting stronger” Misato said to Shinji and then proceeded to reverse her position, twisting his arm behind his back in the process and forcing him to his knees. She quickly grabbed Asuka's arm and did the same. “Now listen you two. We already know the MP Eva's will come in from the east, so the main JSSDF will concentrate their attack on our west entrance. We need our best soldiers there and I am one of them.”
Both of them shouted “NO!”
Misato forced them to sit down “Don't worry about it, Rei will be guarding the door. I highly doubt we will even see any action.”
“I don't care” Asuka said. “You're staying on the bridge where it's safe.” Shinji finished.
She kissed them both on the top of their heads. “I have no reason to be there. You don't need me to tell you what to do anymore. You both have someone better for that task.”
“But…” they both said together.
“Don't worry” Misato restated. “I will be waiting on the catwalk for you guys when this is all over.” She then released her hold on them. They both turned around and hugged her.
“You promise?” Asuka asked with noticeable distress as Misato was not a person she was willing to lose.
“I promise” Misato answered back. She then let the two go and told them to go get ready for their part in all of this.
As she watched them walk off a tear ran down her cheek under her helmet's visor. “You both better be there too.”
As Shinji and Asuka made their way to the locker room Asuka was still very worried.
“Shinji I know I said I would be watching you…”
Shinji stopped her there. “Protect Misato please. I can't lose her again.”
Asuka nodded yes to that.
Inside the locker room Asuka saw Rei staring at the picture of Yui and her that Shinji had drawn. Asuka sat down beside her. “I need you to do something very important for me.” Asuka told her with worried eyes. “Watch over Shinji for me.” Rei looked at her confused and Asuka told her “Misato will be on the front line of the west entrance...”
Rei understood her and nodded her head. “Nothing will happen to him.”
Asuka started to give in to her worries and asked a near tearful “Are- are you sure?”
Rei answered with a conviction Asuka had never seen in her before. “Neither Mom or I will ever let anything hurt him again.” Shinji had been through too much, he needed to be watched out for just as much as he was watching out for other people.
Asuka reached over and hugged her while saying “Thank you.”
During the hug Rei kidded “You keep acting like this and you might lose that uber bitch reputation of yours.”
Asuka smiled and kidded back “I don't think my future sister-in-law will rat me out.”
“You know you are supposed to stop talking like that” Rei pointed out to her.
“Your mom doesn't mind me saying stuff like that” Asuka declared in truth.
“Yes, but your mom, Gendo, and Misato all do” Rei sassed back.
Asuka responded by giving Rei a devilish little grin.
“You're not going to stop are you?” Rei asked.
Asuka shook her head no.
“Didn't think so” Rei giggled.
After they had changed Rei noticed that Asuka was staring at her locker door. She kissed the picture of Shinji but still looked sad. In a soft and sullen voice Asuka sighed “That wasn't good enough.” She looked at Rei for a second and then at the silhouette of Shinji on the other side of the sheet.
Rei smiled and told her “I won't say a word.”
Asuka then went under the sheet that separated the two halves. She saw Shinji sitting there staring at the pictures in his locker. He looked up at her and smiled “You're not supposed to be over here.”
“But I need to be” Asuka replied tenderly. He held out his arms and she crawled into them. They both then heard the locker room's door open and close as Rei left to give them some privacy.
Even though there was still some time left, Rei figured it would be best if she left the locker room. She didn't want to disturb the two during their emotional time so she decided to go for a little walk around the base to clear her mind. As she passed by Gendo's office she saw someone she didn't expect sitting in there.
“Kensuke what are you doing here? You should be in the shelters with the others.”
“Commander Ikari is letting me hide out here for the time being” Kensuke told her. “He said it was the least he could do since I helped you guys out with your apartment.”
“See I told you, you were his favorite contractor” Rei said and sat down next to him.
“Thanks for getting me out of there yesterday.”
“No problem” Rei answered. “I kind of felt responsible for getting you stuck with Taka in the first place.”
“Don't be” Kensuke told her. “I'm the one who asked her out and there was no way you could have known she would turn into such a manipulative bitch.”
“Sorry anyways” Rei said.
“That's ok, but why are you here? I figured you would be talking tactics with Shinji and Asuka.”
“Those two can `talk tactics' just fine by themselves” Rei said with a roll of her eyes. “They don't need my help.” Kensuke started laughing as Rei continued “I like seeing those two together and all, but watching them make out makes me feel uncomfortable.”
“Makes you feel like a third wheel, right?” Kensuke asked.
“How'd you guess?” Rei said surprised.
“I feel the same way around Touji and Hikari” Kensuke answered. “Why do you think I hang out with you so much?” he teased.
Rei looked at him and teased back “I think you hang out with me because secretly you like to go shopping.”
“Gahhh, don't say things like that. I'm getting teased enough as it is by the other boys in the class for dumping Taka” Kensuke said to her. “A rumor like that would destroy me.”
Rei though continued teasing him “Kensuke likes shop'ing, Kensuke likes shop'ing, Kensuke likes shop'ing.”
“Boy am I glad there is no one around” Kensuke said while shifting his eyes to make sure.
Rei gave him a devilish grin. “Don't worry, next time I sing I will make sure there is an audience.”
“You wouldn't” Kensuke implored.
“If you don't keep going shopping with me I would.”
Kensuke laughed “Looks like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I guess you win.”
“I always do” Rei stated proudly.
Kensuke then sighed a little and looked up towards the ceiling. He studied the picture for a while and Rei just looked out ahead of her, thinking about what was going to be happening soon.
“So are you ready to fight the JSSDF?” Kensuke said with some caution.
“I probably won't have to” Rei replied. “Other than a small commando unit or two they most likely won't send many people to the east entrance. I'm mainly just back up for Shinji.”
“I figured Asuka would be doing that” Kensuke said a little surprised.
“She was going to, but Misato stationed herself with the western force and Asuka needs to protect her.”
“I wouldn't mind protecting Misato either” Kensuke said with a sly grin.
“From the rumors I've heard” Rei challenged. “I doubt even a perv like you could keep up with her.”
“Oh, I wouldn't mind trying” he replied with a little glint in his eyes. “She could wear me out any day.”
“Too bad Kaji isn't here. I'm sure he would be interested in that information” Rei said but then noticed the look on Kensuke's face and realized she said something she shouldn't of.
“So the super spy is missing, is he? How interesting.” Kensuke wondered out loud.
Rei pleaded with him though “Please don't say anything. His mission is top secret and even Shinji and Asuka don't know about it.”
“Ok, I will keep my mouth shut. But on one condition.”
“What is it?” Rei said suspecting something.
“That you watch out for yourself” he replied seriously.
Rei looked at him peculiarly “That almost sounded like you were hitting on me.”
“No” Kensuke answered solemnly. “I just remember what it felt like to lose all my friends last time. I don't want it to happen again.”
Rei looked at the bespectacled boy and smiled. She then gave him a little hug. “Thank you for caring.”
Kensuke returned the hug. “Anything for a friend.”
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
The JSSDF and SEELE tried a computer hack first, hoping to disable the base's Magi system and render the base unable to defend itself. But it failed when they realized that Tokyo-3's main Magi system wasn't even connected to the rest of the network. Next they tried to sneak in through some back doors but found all of them sealed up tight with bakelite. It was then plainly obvious that this was not going to be a surprise attack like they had planned, so they called in their bombers. The planes didn't even get close to the city before a barrage of missiles greeted them. The second wave of bombers quickly turned back when they noticed none of the first wave had made it back, or even got close enough to drop their payloads. Plus with a sky full of parachutes it was pretty hard to fly around.
The General was starting to run out of options and called for re-enforcements. He timed his attacks to coincide with the attack from the MP Eva's in hopes of splitting the Nerv forces that were guarding the city a lot better than he was told they would be. This was just another example of bad planning and misinformation given to the military by a bunch of chicken hawks who had there own alternative goals in mind.
At the east entrance Rei had managed to catch about 20 commandos. It was pretty easy for her to do as they surrendered the second they saw they were up against an Eva and not a small group of guards like they were told. They were all sitting in a circle and had surrendered their weapons when she noticed nine shadows on the horizon. She looked down at them and could see fear in their faces as they watched a very dangerous looking purple Eva walk out to the battle field. Rei could just start to make out the individual MP Eva's when she saw a pair of red wings burst out of Unit-01's back that looked more like hellfire than wings. The giant Eva took off and immediately brought the fight to the MP Eva's.
The General ordered a full strike on the giant red Eva blocking their way into the base. Every missile he had he ordered launched, he had his mortars fire at will, his cannons lobbed their full assortment of barrages, and he ordered his tank battalion to engage the enemy and fire. The explosion was immense, but when the smoke cleared the Eva was still standing there unscathed. The look on its face though had changed, it was much more fearsome, but at the same time almost looked like it was mocking their futile attack.
Beside the Eva shot up a weapons silo and Eva-02 withdraw a giant battle axe from it. She then turned to face the tanks. The tank commander signaled for an immediate retreat but Unit-02 leapt into the path of the tanks retreat and slammed her axe down in the middle of the battalion. The shock wave from her attack caused most of the tanks to topple over. Unit-02 then picked up the lead tank and ripped the turret off of it. The crew found them face to face with a red demon. The tank commander then received a communiqué from Nerv. “You've been beaten. I suggest you surrender before she gets mad.”
“General we have just lost communication with the tank battalion.”
“What about our commando units?” the General ordered.
“Squads A and B have been captured on the east side of the city. Squad C has exhausted their explosives and ammunition but was not able to break through the bakelite barrier.”
“What about the unit with the specialty laser?” the General asked.
“They report it will take another four hours before they break through the barrier.”
“Four hours” the General shouted. “We'll be lucky if we last four more minutes.” Right after he said that he noticed two bright beams of light heading towards them. “Ah shit, we failed.”
Unit-02 put down her positron rifle and Asuka contacted Rei. When the video screen came up she saw a very nauseous looking pilot.
“What's going on? Is Shinji alright?” Asuka cried out.
Rei looked at the video display of Asuka “Shinji is one sick puppy.”
Asuka began to smile. “I want to watch too” she demanded.
“Just a second” she heard Makoto say over the intercom. “Dammit how does Maya work this stupid system?”
After a minute Asuka shouted “What is taking so long?” as she was getting impatient.
“Sorry Asuka” Makoto replied. “It's just me on the deck.”
“Where are the others?”
“In the bathrooms” Makoto laughed.
“I told you he was sick” Rei shouted.
Makoto then got a video feed to Asuka just in time for her to see Unit-01 rip the arms off Unit-10 in midair. Asuka got a wicked little smile of satisfaction on her face as she watched the MP EVA fall out of the sky and crash into the ground. Unfortunately her smile was mirrored by her Eva, which caused many of the captives she had to drop to their knees and try to make right with the almighty as they thought they were looking into the face of death itself.
Asuka watched intently as Shinji tore into the MP Eva's. “That's it. I've seen enough” she heard Rei say and then noticed Rei shut off her video screen of the battle.
“Ah c'mon he's just getting to the good stuff” Makoto laughed back.
“How can you stand to watch this? It's disgusting.” Rei said but at the same time she could see in her other screen a vicious looking smile on Asuka's face as she watched the battle. It was clear Asuka liked what she was watching.
“I love gory movies” he told her. “I have a ton of them on DVD.”
“Do you have any of the old classics?” he heard Asuka ask.
“Yup, those are my favorites. I got all the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Halloween, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”
“Original or new massacre?” Asuka asked.
“Both” he answered.
“Could you bring in the original Massacre the next time you come to work?” Asuka requested. “My mommy loves those old gory movies too.”
“Sure thing” he told her. They both then winced as they saw Unit-01 tear Unit-06 clean in half causing its S2 engine to fall to the ground and shatter.
“That had to hurt” Makoto heard Ritsuko say behind him.
“Maya and Shigeru ok?”
“Maya is sitting out in the hall and won't come in until it's all over” Ritsuko said to Makoto. “And I think Shigeru is still praying to the porcelain god.” She then opened Makoto's candy drawer and took out some sour skittles. “Do you guys want any?” she yelled up.
“Milk duds for me” Gendo answered with Fuyutsuki adding on “Gobbstoppers.” She threw the candy up to them and grabbed a chair to watch the action.
Unit-08 got a little closer to Unit-01 than they were comfortable with. So it was sent flying into Unit-11 with a vicious uppercut. Gendo winced at that as that kind of punch was eerily familiar to him. The others noticed and chuckled at him for it. The force of the punch sent Unit-08 and 11 crashing into the side of a mountain. Unit-01 picked up one of the dropped spears and impaled both of them, pinning them there.
Everyone then heard a Dual voice yell “Now Stay There.” Followed by Asuka saying “Thank you Shinji. Oh and Moron number 7 is trying to sneak up behind you.” Unit-01 reached back behind itself and grabbed the MP Eva unit by its core and crushed it causing the Eva to fall to the ground with a large crash.
Inside Unit-01 Yui was very proud of her son. He was living up to her expectations and protecting those he cared about. Granted she was doing most of the work in this fight, but what she was doing was in response to Shinji's mind.
The General was still sitting on the ground studying his shaking hands when his lieutenant ran over to him. “Nerv is demanding a complete surrender. What should we do?”
The General looked at the two giant craters on either side of the camp and responded in a very annoyed tone “What in the sam hell do you think we should do?”
The lieutenant looked at him dumbfounded. “Regroup and attack?”
“How in all that is holy did you ever become an officer son?!” the General yelled. “Now go raise the white flag before another blast finds it way into the center of this camp.” As the lieutenant walked away the General grumbled “He must be another rich man's son. God help us if he goes into politics.”
A half hour later the only thing left of the MP Eva's was a howling pair pinned to the mountain side with a half dozen or so spears and shredded body parts lying on a pile of shattered cores.
Unit-01 made its way over to Unit-02 “Sorry. I got carried away and forgot which one did what?”
“So you stuck both of them in their eyes and arms” Asuka said with chagrin. Shinji nodded yes and Asuka added “Baka-boyfriend what am I going to do with you?”
She saw a big smile come over his face and then he jumped in his seat while yelling “Ouch.”
“You know, it's not too smart to think like that when you are at such a high sync ratio” She told him. Shinji turned a bright shade of red and watched as Unit-02 walked toward the last two MP Eva's left. Unit-01 then looked down at the captives and placed a menacing foot over the top of them.
The west entrance door opened up and Misato walked out. “No one was hurt and the JSSDF surrendered completely.” The giant Eva moved its foot away and sat down. Misato looked around at all the damage and then wrote something down quickly on some forms she was holding. She walked up to the General and handed him the surrender forms. He looked it over and it was the standard issue forms except for the bottom. He noticed a handwritten clause. Article 74.1.d-The JSSDF agrees to do all of Major Katsuragi's paperwork concerning this event.
The General looked around at all the damage and then asked “All of it?”
Misato nodded yes and said “It's a deal breaker if you say no.”
The General laughed “Oh well” as he signed the forms “That's what lieutenants are for.” Misato laughed as well as she saw a certain one get a look of dread over his face. The General then started reading some of the other information forms Misato handed him. He raised his eyebrow “I may just have to pay Chairman Keel a personal visit.”
“That won't be necessary” Misato answered back. “He already has a couple visitors.”
Asuka was pacing back and forth in front of the two pinned Eva's. “Having trouble deciding what to do with them?” she heard Ritsuko ask her.
“I suppose you all think I will do something so cruel and vile that it will eclipse even Shinji's little display.” She heard a couple “Uh huhs” and “I hope so.” She let out a big sigh and picked up one of the spears lying by her. “Sorry to disappoint you but I just want this to be over with. I have a great life ahead of me and it's time to get to it.” She then raised up the spear and impaled it downwards through both of the MP Eva's cores, destroying them. A big smile came over her face. All the battles were now over with, which meant no more getting woken up in the middle of the night because of an attack. No more idiotic things trying to kill them. No more endless training sessions. No more not being able to go anywhere because of a perceived threat. And best of all no more whole days wasted due to some asinine synchronization test. She was now going to be able to have a real life, something she didn't even know she really wanted before but was very glad she soon would have. As she thought about that she got a little shock from her mother.
“You should listen to your own advice.” Asuka blushed a bit but kept the mischievous smile on her face afterwards.
In an undisclosed meeting room the heads of SEELE were together. Number 4 shouted “This is impossible.”
“The scrolls never indicated this result” 8 said with panic.
“Do not lose faith gentleman” Keel said calmly. “We will find another way.” A small chime was then heard as a bell was thrown down in front of them all. “I see our prodigal son has returned” Keel said standing up. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Kaji. “Betrayal is an unforgivable sin.”
Kaji looked at him and answered on the sly “Do you really think I would come here alone?”
“We let you enter our compound, we know you are alone. Your deviances will not work on us” Keel said egotistically. Kaji just smirked at him and watched as Keel turned to a puddle of orange goo and mechanics in front of him. The others looked over and saw an ethereal figure standing behind the puddle.
It even spoke to them “You gentleman will get exactly what you asked for, but not what you expect.” And one by one each member of the organization was tangified. She passed by numbers 5 and 7 to save them for last after she saw what they were thinking. They needed to be taught a lesson first.
Lilith stood directly in front of the two gentlemen and reprimanded them. “I give you guys a huge break and let you see your hearts desire before being instrumentalized and that is what you think about. You should be ashamed of yourselves.” Both men started to blush and Kaji could guess why.
He walked up to them and said “You know, I found out the answer to that bet.” Both men looked at him expectantly and he said “Ritsuko's true hair color is….” He wasn't even able to finish as Lilith instrumentalized them both in front of him. “Now that was cold Lil.”
“They did not need to know that” Lilith told him while glaring at him. “And just how do you know?”
“I have my ways” Kaji answered smoothly.
“Uh huh” Lilith replied suspiciously. “It better have been through some very old pictures of her.”
Kaji let out a little laugh and winked at her. He then started to walk away.
“I am warning you” Lilith said. “You better keep that secret to yourself if you know what's good for you.”
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