Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ The Song of a lost Angel ❯ Prelude ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer : I own nothing except the concept of the Guardians of Dimensions, `Outerworld', Sakura, Iridia and Baran.
Note: This is an almost complete revision of my story “The Song of an Angel”. I have finally caved in to the threats of my readers. Well, almost caved in. There will be no Mary-sue (I hope) or replacement of main characters in this story. However, it is still a self-insertion.
The concept of my first version was based on an amazing RPG game I played in a convention. My players had been sent to the world of Evangelion as themselves. In here I had the angels cast as real angels of Heaven sent for a premature Trial of Man. The players were all Children and gained the portfolio of the adversary they defeated.
Well, I have been challenged to write a story where a (almost) normal being found himself in Evangelion. Here is the story.
Oh, by the way, if some wishes that I continue the first story, I think I can. They just have to write reviews for that.
I am Baran.
I am an adult male, a little overweight, with dark-brown hair and hazel eyes.
I am working in a hospital.
I am rather proud of my imagination.
I used it to send my RPG players into worlds of wonders.
I also used it to write some good stories on the net, in my humble opinion.
One concept that I used heavily is the concept of the Guardians of Dimensions.
This concept is based on sending my players as themselves with empowered new versions of their bodies into the world they like.
Any worlds selected from anime, books, films or others series is a legitimate target.
The players are sent into those worlds to rectify an imbalance, something that shouldn't be in this world.
They have normally unlimited powers, but the imbalance receive as many powers as they used.
So, much of the time, the players are reduced to counter the imbalance with the very basic powers they have in the beginning.
Sometimes, I even play the game as pure Survival Game, where the players have absolutely no special powers except those they developed, gained or learned during the play.
My game is the very concept of self-insertion taken in a RPG setting.
I am now sitting in front of my computer to write.
This story is a tribute to something, I hope, was the pure product of my imagination.
I really hope it was only my imagination with a bad case of indigestion.
My fingers are trembling as I remembered who it happened.
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Thank you for your reviews and comments of the original story to Dartz-IRL, Kyoshin, HimOnky2012, Katyn 1, Asarganth and KihakukenJounin.