Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ THE SONG OF AN ANGEL ❯ THE SONG OF AN ANGEL prelude ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer : I own nothing except the concept of the Guardians of Dimensions, `Outerworld', Sakura, Iridia and Baran.
Note: This is a self-insertion. Sakura is a pseudonym for Iridia Sunheart, my identity as a guardian of dimensions in the background of `Outerworld' when there is a necessity for me to be female. A little anecdote here: The basis of this story has been used in a RPG of mine. The players have positively loved it. I hope it will be the same with you.
I am Baran.
I am a Guardian of Dimensions.
I go wherever and whenever I am needed.
In the infinite of all levels of Existence and all the infinite Multiverses and Megaverses, there is an Entity.
I named her Libra, but this name is one among the infinite.
She chose me on my planet during a solar eclipse.
She sent me in another world to rectify an unbalance.
I managed to overcome the difficulties and paid a heavy price for it.
Libra, then, left me the choice to continue for all eternity or be free of the duty.
I chose the duty.
I am a Guardian of Dimensions.
I am here when there is an unbalance in a world.
Armed with the most basic of powers, I struggled against what should not be here.
My infinite power is in my hand, ready to be unleashed.
But the rules of Libra make sure that the unbalance grew in relation to the power I free.
So, in most situations, I take the hand dealt to me and make the best of it.
Listen to one of my stories.
Listen to the time when I was the only daughter of the supreme bastard.
Listen when I was Sakura Ikari, the Third Children in the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion.