Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ THE SONG OF AN ANGEL ❯ The Beast ( Chapter 2 )

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A point of details: The power of synchronization of Sakura is different from the term used in the anime. Using it, Sakura became abstractly what she wants. Concretely, she can use anything that can be associated with the element chosen. She is also immune to anything the element represents directly or indirectly. Of course, the same power enables her to completely unleash the potential of the element taken.
Chap 2: THE BEAST (Unknown Ceilings).
Inside the entry plug of her EVA-01, Sakura is looking completely flabbergasted at her adversary, the gigantic creature known as 'Angel'. She COULDN'T sense what she sensed. It was an impossibility! It was…an unbalance…
Inside the operating room of NERV underground, Misato and Ritsuko prepared themselves to assist the beginning pilot.
“Are you ready, Sakura-Chan?”
“Misato…Please? ...Tell me you have background music diffused on a parallel channel…”
“Huh? What are you talking about?”
“I'm hearing music here!”
Ritsuko leaned on the consol of her assistant Maya. “Seems there's nothing.”
“Confirm. There is no music diffusion received by the EVA com-unit.”
“And yet, Misato. I am hearing music, like…like a song.”
“Please Sakura, concentrate on the Angel… Remove the final safety lock! Evangelion Unit One, lift off!” The tactical captain then concentrated on the still confused pilot. “Sakura-Chan, think about only walking now.”
But the young girl was not listening to her. She was concentrating on what she could hear. It was so familiar… “No…no…nono…NO! IT CANNOT BE! I…I…I can understand it!”
“Pulse of the pilot is rising… Pressure is spiking! We have the beginning of hyperventilation…captain, she's afraid!”
“Synchrograph is rising also…Now at 50.7%.”
And then the mouth-guard of the helmet of the EVA cracked open and a low growl can be heard as Unit one pointed its finger to the angel.
“I know your name…SACHIEL!” In the cockpit, Sakura has gripped the control handles, righteous fury seizing her.
Ritsuko gasped and on the top level, Fuyutsuki and Gendo jerked. No one is supposed to know this name at this time, especially not a fourteen years old girl.
“You have no right to be here, Angel of Water! Be gone from the corporal plane!”
The Angel seemed to pause and perhaps responded to the EVA.
“What do you mean? It's your sacred duty?”
Once again an apparent conversation is exchanged between the two giants. Low growls for EVA-01 and perhaps chimes for Sachiel.
“The…Trial...of…Man…? IMPOSSIBLE!”
All the control room was gaping at the sight. Their pilot was…dialoguing with the Angel? ...And it seemed to respond? Misato turned to the head-scientist. “Ritsuko! What is happening?”
“I don't know yet but I think she is receiving something through her nerve interface.”
“Doctor, we have a result from MAGI. Each time the Angel seemingly respond, there is a different modulation of the harmonics of its AT field. The modulation return to the default value each time Sakura is speaking.”
“So, it is really talking…”
“…and she is really hearing it.”
“I will STOP YOU!”
Sakura squeezed the controls and begin to move… Well, trying to move is more exact.
Ritsuko watched with pride as the machine she helped to build took its first firm pace. “It 's walking!”
Inside the entry plug, the young girl was grinning. With the biofeedback controls, she could feel the EVA walking as if it was her own body. “Yeah…! Oops!”
Unfortunately, no matter the degree of synchronization, piloting an EVA is like having a new body. The gravity centre of the robot was different from the one who pilot it. The EVA snatched its foot and fall on its face.
Misato began to panic. “Sakura-Chan, come on! Hurry up! Stand up as soon as possible!”
“I'M DOING MY BEST! Oh! Shit!”
Sachiel has approached the one who wanted to stop him. It was not the will of Heaven therefore it will not be! He lifted up EVA-01 by the head and grasped EVA's left arm tightly. Sachiel then used one of his celestial powers to boost significantly the strength of his arms.
The waited but unexpected amount of pain made Sakura grabbed the corresponding arm and keened under the perceived injury.
Misato tried to help her charge. “Sakura-Chan, keep your head. It isn't your arm.”
Ritsuko turned to Maya. “How is Eva's protection system?”
“The signal doesn't work.”
Makoto, a male operator reported “Field has not been developed!”
It was a catastrophe for Ritsuko. Without an AT field on its own, EVA-01 was defenceless. “It won't do?!”
Under the formidable pressure, the armour of the left arm finally broke then it was the arm itself. Sakura arched back under the sharp and acute pain.
“The left arm has been damaged.”
“The circuits have snapped.”
“Sakura-Chan, escape it!”
Still held by the head of her EVA and paralyzed by the pain, Sakura could only contemplate the gathering of energy in the weapon on the palm of the Angel.
An energy lance began to batter the helmeted head of the EVA.
“The front area of the head is cracked!”
“The armouring won't stand any more.”
All the status monitors passed on the reading `EMERGENCY' as the energy weapon finally pierced through the head and nailed the unit on an adjacent building.
Shigeru, the colleague of Makoto winced as his status monitor flashed red. “Head damaged! Damages unidentified!”
“The nerves for control are snapping one after another.”
“The pilot does not respond.”
Misato screamed. “Sakura-Chan!”
Sakura opened her mako green eyes on… “…An unknown ceiling…” Great, she was now channelling her twin brother Shinji.
In an advanced looking darkened room, Keele Lorentz, the most powerful member of the mysterious SEELE is contemplating the situation. His cybernetic goggles are flashing with data. “The second coming of the Angels…It's too abrupt.”
Another member illuminated in yellow light pursued. “It's the same as fifteen years ago. A disaster always comes without any notice.”
The SEELE member in red light looked up from his rapport. “It may be fortunate for us from the view that our prior investment came to nothing…”
Another member in blue light continued. “Things have never turned out yet. If it is useless, it's wasted.”
The member in yellow turned to Gendo. “That's right. As for the measures with the Angels which have been known commonly now and the information control, NERV must cope with them appropriately and abruptly.”
Gendo replied under his crossed hands. “The matters have been done. Feel easy.”
At the centre of an explosion crater, a big tent was dressed. The entire zone was corded by danger signs. Inside the tent, Misato clad in a protective suit was changing the television channels to see the official news.
Zap. `The Government announcement on the state of special emergency yesterday says this morning…'
Zap. `In this incident, …'
Zap. `The U. N. forces in Japan…'
Misato was fanning herself and looking rather dejected at the news feed. “The announcement was 'Scenario D-22'. The facts were hushed up again.”
Ritsuko, also clad in a protective suit, turned to her friend. “The people of Public Relations Department seemed to be glad because they got things to do at last.”
“They seemed very optimistic.”
“Well… The truth is that everyone is afraid.”
“Of course! You saw what happened! It's a miracle there have been so few exterior witnesses!”
In the holographic communication chamber, Lorentz was finishing the session. “That's all what it is.”
The last member in green of the assembly turned to Gendo. “But, Ikari-kun, NERV and EVA…you can use them in better ways, can't you?”
“The costs of the repairs for Unit Zero will be the ruin of a country. We are fortunate that Unit One was undamaged in the first battle.”
“I heard that you gave that toy to your daughter.”
“Human, Time and Money… How much will be spent by you and your daughter for your satisfaction?”
The red member looked from a report marked `Top secret, human complement project, top-level executive council, 17th interim report, human complement committee, project outlines for fiscal 2015, summary'. “Moreover, you have another job to do, don't you? Human Complement Project, this is what you must do at the top priority.”
“That's right. That project is the only hope under such hopeless circumstances, for us.”
“Anyway, although Angels came again, it can't be allowed that the project will be behind schedule. As for the budgets, we'll consider them.”
“Well, the committee will take over now.”
“Ikari-kun, thanks.”
“Ikari, you can't go back.”
“I understand.” Gendo said. “Humans have no time.”
Sakura stood with a rather ripped school suit nearby the windows, sheathed Katana in her right hand. Her skirt was cut on the side, revealing her tight. A darkened patch was around the large hole on the right shoulder vest. She was contemplating the interior of the Geofront and examining her left hand. She turned to a hospital bed being passed by a medical team.
She smiled as she saw Rei on the bed. The unique eye blinked as the two girls examined each others during the brief passing.
Misato and Ritsuko were going back on the truck parked to the NERV tent.
Misato was glad to be in the interior of the vehicle. “I always think that an air conditioner is the greatest treasure of humanity! It's really a scientific success!”
“Sakura-Chan has recover consciousness after her three days sedation.”
“How is she?”
“No external wounds like EVA. She seemed somewhat confused in her memory.”
“It cannot be… Is it a mental contamination or a consequence of what she used?”
“I heard that you need not worry about it.”
“So… Quite so. Because suddenly that happened…”
“It's no wonder. She was, after all at the centre of an AT field explosion.”
“Mind you, I would really know how she can do all that. Her explanations were rather…succinct.”
They passed a building where a big crane is moving a gun in the form of an EVA-scale automatic rifle.
“If Eva and this city completely work, we'll be able to win.”
“Will you defeat the Angels? You are so optimistic as you were.”
“Wishful thinking is a necessity for a human life.”
“Right. Your optimistic character is a refreshing.”
“See you.”
Sakura was patiently sitting in the waiting room of the hospital wing and smiled as Misato came for her.
They went for an elevator and waited. The doors opened on Gendo. Sakura's face closed as she drilled her feral gaze in the dark eyes of her father. Her knuckles whitened on the grip of her sword. The doors closed as the two said nothing.
Sakura turned to Misato. “Let's take another path.”
As they took an escalator, Fuyutsuki and Ritsuko are looking at them on the security monitors.
Ritsuko seemed worried. “Is it OK that they live together?”
“For Ikari and her daughter, it's natural to be without each other.”
“If anything, it is unusual to live together…is it so…”
Later, Sakura and Misato stood before a man at a model of NERV buildings. Sakura looked perplexed as she examined her residential papers. Misato is the same.
“Yes, her room is located in Block 6 over there. Any problems?”
“Yes, but I don' think you can do anything about it.”
“Are you satisfied with it, Sakura-Chan?”
“Well, I'm somewhat a loner. Any places are the same. And under the circumstances…”
The NERV captain took her decision at what she could read on the face of the young girl. She took her portable phone and gave a few calls. The last was to Ritsuko.
“As I said now, I've decided to take charge of Sakura-Chan. I've got the superior's agreement. Don't worry. I won't have her drunk with my personal reserve.” She promptly pulled up the phone as the response of her friend fused.
“That goes without saying! What the hell are you thinking about!”
“As I expected. She could never understand a joke.”
Misato's blue car, looking better, drove through a tunnel. The captain turned to her passenger who seemed to have managed to obtain a change of fresh school-clothes.
“Well, tonight we're going to do flamboyantly, aren't you?”
Sakura looked up, a little worried, to her legal guardian. “What are you saying about?”
“Of course, it's a welcome party for a new lodger!”
“Oh…Thank you…”
The pair stopped at a convenience store. Sakura watched with dismay at the interesting selection of food by Misato. It was only instant foods, the best example of the convenient but poor meals.
She shook her head. She will not go very far if she let her nourish them with such a diet. Tonight, she let her do what she wanted for the welcoming party then she will hit her in the stomach with all her canons.
As she helped the purple-haired woman with her groceries, she heard an interesting conversation between two housewives.
“Are you also going to move?”
“I had never thought seriously that this city really became a battlefield.”
“My husband told me that our children and I should move for safety at least.”
“Move for safety ...... Even if this is the fortress city, we can't rely on anything at all.”
“The incident three days ago, the mere recollection of it makes me shudder.”
She sighed as she heard the proof of her blunder three days ago and the reminding of the blindness of humanity in the present situation.
The two females regained the Renault Alpine and the car is soon going along the road to the top of a hill dominating the city.
“Well, we will drop in some place on the way.”
“Where are we going? What surprises have you prepared again?” teased Sakura.
Misato giggled. “It…is…a…good…place.”
They were looking to the bright city in the evening sun. Sakura was strangely moved by what she saw.
“Somewhat…this is a lonesome city, isn't it?”
“The time has come.”
Under them, many alarms were raised as powerful mechanisms were activated. The buildings of the ceiling of the Geofront were slowly appearing.
“Wow! Great! Buildings are growing!”
“This is the Fortress City for defence against the Angels: 'Tokyo-3'… Our hometown…and the town which you protected.”
“I'm glad I did it.”
Sakura, still in her black and navy-blue Hakama and Keigoki, launched a kamaïtachi on a log, cutting it in half.
Gendo, in his trademark dark uniform, is looking with his Glare of Doom to the spectator. He goes to push back his glasses but instead put his gloved finger in his nose. In the background, Sakura is rolling on the floor in laughter.
Misato and Sakura arrived to the door to the apartment of the NERV captain. “I think your things have arrived here.”
She was right. Many boxes containing the material possessions of the young girl were neatly packed at the entrance. The Phantom Memories of the Guardian were already warning her that probably everything she had was here. `Very charming of my old guardian. Can't wait to get right of me, huh?'
“Really, I've also just moved to this town the other day.” She opened the door. “Come in.”
Sakura smiled thinly “May I come in?”
“Sakura-Chan, this is your house!”
This time, the smile reached her green eyes. “I'm back.”
“Welcome home!”
Her smile disappeared very quickly and her eyes widened when she saw the… Well, battlefield was the first word that came to her mind. Someone has thrown World War III in this apartment and with biological weapons at least.
“Well, the room is a little untidy… Don't you mind that.”
“…a little…” `She can't be serious? THAT! A LITTLE UNTIDY!'
“Please, put the foods in the refrigerator.”
“Ah, yes.” `I can't even imagine what I'm going to find in it.'
Sakura opened the fridge. “Ice… Relishes… And only beers beverages… How can she maintain her figure with the kind of life she leads? Well, let see the other refrigerator over there…” `Oh yes! The fridge for the penguin. I wonder what it is in this altered reality.'
“Ah, it's OK. Perhaps he is sleeping now.”
“Sleeping?” She focused on the fridge. “I sense nothing in it.”
“Oh? Then he must be wandering around. No problem.”
Very soon, the microwave oven is used to prepare the feast of instant foods and the pair prepared to rip into it.
Itadakimasu! (good appetite)”
Misato quaffed a beer. “Phaaaaaah Kwaaaaaah!! Oh my dear life, I just live for such a time! Ah, don't you eat them? They are rather tasty, although they are instant foods.”
“Oh yes, they are…I'm not just used to such a meal.”
“Aww! Don't be fussy!”
“I'm not. I really appreciate this.”
“Don't you think it's nice, having a meal with others.”
“Yes… Especially with someone you like…”
“Flatterer! All right. Next, we'll decide on the Everyday Duties.” She smirked. “We'll use the fair method of Janken (game of `paper, stone and scissors').”
“Oh no! Not that method! No way!”
“Aww! Come on! It'll fair and fun!”
“Nope! No way. Listen, I'm willing to do all the breakfasts and dinners.” She grabbed the paper table. `Like this I will not finish poisoned by your cooking'. “BUT, we'll alternate the garbage and cleaning duties.” `Since I'm going to do the majority of the work anyway.'
“Aaah! You are no fun, Sakura-Chan. But as for the everyday duties which we've fairly decided, everything is OK.”
“Yes.” `Phew! Dodge the bullet.'
“Well. Because this is your house from today, you can really feel at home here.”
Sakura considered the room. `A home…a real home.' “Yes.”
“Hey! Yes, yes, yes, yes… What a gloomy! You are a bright girl, aren't you?” she messed the thick and shinning black hair. “Pull yourself together!”
Sakura smiled to her legal guardian “Ah ... yes. Thanks Misato.”
“It's OK. Take a bath and wash all the unpleasant things away.”
The Japanese bath has always been a favourite activity for the young Guardian. She has stayed long hours in the hot water with utter pleasure. She opened the door after shedding her clothes. A penguin appeared… She blinked… It blinked…
A nervous twist manifested on the left eye of the young girl. She had understood that. She grabbed the penguin by the back of its portable heater unit and came back naked to the living room.
“What's wrong?”
“What . Is . That!?” She presented the offending bird.
“Oh, he? A new kind, a hot spring penguin. His name is Penpen. He is another lodger.”
“He is a pervert!” She shook the warm-water fowl. “He was leering at me in the bathroom.” `I can't believe he said nice package beautiful! How intelligent is this bird anyway?'
“Really? Well…then…you'd better cover the front.”
Sakura looked on herself. She was really channelling her brother. She smirked and after releasing Penpen, took a pinup pose. “Why, Misato? Are you jealous of my youthful and lush body…?” She laughed and dodged in the bathroom before Misato hit her with the toothpick jar.
`The little minx!' thought Misato. Oh, well. At least, it means that she will get ride of the trauma she endured during the battle.
As she took her bath, Sakura reflected on the past events. “Katsuragi Misato… She is much better in person than what I seen in the anime.” She thought on what she said about bath: `wash all the unpleasant things away'. “But for some, in the bath, more unpleasant things come to the mind.”
In a vast armoured room, an orange EVA is encased in bakelite. The room has been destroyed seriously, probably by the EVA. In the observation chamber, Ritsuko and Gendo are discussing.
“How was Rei? This afternoon, did you go…to the hospital?”
“In 20 days, she will be able to move. I'll get the committee's agreement for making the frozen Unit Zero restart until then.”
“What a pain…they have…”
“There are no other people who can move Eva. As long as they live, I let them do that.”
“Whatever the children think…”
“What is your final analysis for the Third Children.”
“With her collaboration, we have been able to ensure that she is no angel and presented no signs of physical or mental contamination. The analysis of her sword confirmed that it is an authentic Katana made of simple steel: Iron and carbon. In brief, we have been unable to infirm her words and actions so far.”
“I see. She is still on our side. She is still usable and that all that count. Warn me at the first sign of contamination. Continue to analyze her capacities and prepare contingencies in case she decided to no longer obey.”
As she looked on the notification of the moving-in of Sakura in the Tokyo-3 junior high school, Misato is reflecting on all what happened to the Third Children.
“Yes. She had such a bitter experience. I'm afraid that she will get it on.”
Misato decide to take a bath and phoned to Ritsuko.
“Maintenance of her is your job, isn't it?”
“I'm afraid. I don't know for sure how to get along with her.”
“Complaints yet? You declared theatrically that you would take charge of her, didn't you?”
“Shut up!” She hanged up the phone.
“Then I regarded her as my tool. I'm as the same as Ritsuko. Although we defeated the Angel…I don't feel happy.”
Sakura lay on her bed in the room she had cleaned for her. “This is an unknown ceiling, too. It's natural ... because I don't know any places in this city.” She remembered Misato saying `This is your home.' “Why am I here?”
As she contemplated the ceiling, her memory brought her back three days in the past. Her mako green eyes began to glow in the darkness.
The EVA seemed to be defeated by the Angel. Red blood spouted out from the head. In the control centre, all monitors showed `EMERGENCY'.
Shigeru typed wildly on his consol. “Head damaged! Damages unidentified!”
Maya was also having problems. “Trouble with keeping up nervous central activity!”
Misato turned to the young woman. “How are the conditions?”
“Synchrograph has reversed. Pulses are flowing backward!”
Ritsuko tried to save the boat. “Cut the circuits! Stop them!”
“No way. The signal is refused. It can't be received!”
Makoto is dismayed by the results he had. “No responses from the monitoring system. Unable to confirm if the pilot is alive or not!”
“Unit One is totally silent.”
“So much for this time… Stop the operation. Pilot's protection is the top priority. Eject the plug by force!”
“Impossible. It is totally out of control.”
I'm not dead yet!”
The powerful young voice on the radio stopped all the activities in the command room. On the screen, the EVA left eye flashed.
“Eva restarted!”
“No! It can't move!”
Misato looked with awe and fear. “It can't be…”
Ritsuko was the same. “…Berserker.”
“I'm unable to confirm, Sempai. No contact whatsoever with Unit One except audio-only radio channel.”
On the battlefield, EVA roared as her pilot, still in much pain, looked with anger to the Angel. This was it! She was cut off the survey of the control room. Now! She could take action!
Her spiritual power came forth. The true synchronization began.
On a plane of existence anchored to the physical plane by the very body of EVA-01, the soul of a gentle woman was sensing what was happening. On the verge of taking control and unleashed her berserker rage on the Angel, she gasped in surprise as she felt a warm hand taking her left one. She whirled to face a vision she thought she will never touched again.
Sakura smiled to her mother as her power enabled her to reach through the A10 nerve clip in such a manner without enduring a 400% rate of synchronization. She then turned to her left and reached for another hand. The soul of Unit One appeared holding her hand.
The smile of Sakura took on a serene quality as she realized that she could hear now the Celestial Symphony of the Creation. “We are One.”
Fuyutsuki smiled at the scene on the screen. “We'll win.”
The mighty EVA suddenly charged in and hurled the Angel in another building. “Let's dance, Sachiel!”
She jumped through the air and launched a devastating double-hit kick to the top of Sachiel. Back-flipping, Sakura analyzed the situation. She was still in pain and her broken left arm was not a good thing. Still, she was in a better shape than Sachiel.
Misato, what are my weapons?”
“Hum…You have a progressive knife stocked in the left shoulder-pad.”
Affirmative!” Sakura deployed the knife which began to vibrate at high frequency.
As he realized the menace, Sachiel attacked at a distance. His eyebeam splashed against EVA-01. “Useless, my armour is too thick.”
Ritsuko? I think I know where his weak point is. It's the red globe on his chest!”
“Yes but how do you know?”
The symphony… The music… Its harmonics are crystal clear to me…
The EVA charged, determined to bring an end to the conflict. But Sachiel was not without defence. The hexagonal circles of an AT field manifested and blocked the attack of Sakura.
Ritsuko is dismayed as Unit One has failed to deploy an analogue field. “AT field…”
“We can't. As long as the Angel has an AT field…”
“…EVA can't touch the Angel.”
So, it's called an AT field…Nice force field, Sachiel. But I have a suitable tactic.”
Sakura reached for her physical gifts and called on the Phoenix.
“Impossible! The left arm and the head have been restored, including the armour status.”
“Oh Great…My charge is full of surprise.”
“Unit One is also expanding AT field. It is neutralizing the phased space.”
Using her left hand, EVA-01 was penetrating the field of the Angel. The Celestial Songs of the two giants duelled for supremacy, but Sakura was three entities in one. The AT field of Sachiel failed.
“Incredible, it ripped it apart!” Ritsuko was awed and couldn't wait to analyze any fragment of data left.
Misato was clearly afraid of the power demonstrated. “That AT-field so easily…”
It was not finished. Taking the advantage of the opening, the left hand of the EVA grabbed one of the arms of Sachiel and projected him on the ground. The progressive knife was held high.
The knife struck and shattered the red core. The body of Sachiel shook then stayed still.
“Sakura! Are you all right?”
Inside the entry plug, the young girl had released her power on the EVA and was attempting to regain her breath: Quite a feat in LCL. Her voice was slowly returning to normal now that she didn't have to use the Celestial Symphony.
No, I'm notall right…I'll not be all…right for a long time… Don't rejoice yet, it's not…finished.”
“She's right! We are still detecting a blue pattern!”
“Impossible to pinpoint it. But it's near the location of Unit One.”
“Wish me luck, Misato. I'm going to need it. Oh…By the way, doctor, if I make it back, you'll have my full cooperation for examinations and experimentations.”
“What…What are you talking about?”
Sakura didn't respond. She was searching a certain control in her entry plug.
Misato was worried. What was she doing in here? “How is Eva ...?”
Aboard EVA-01, various systems were rebooting themselves.
“The circuits have been connected.” At least, now they were going to know what happened.
“The system has been recovered. The graph is in the normal position.” Maya was relieved.
“The survival of the pilot has been confirmed.”
Ritsuko scowled to Makoto. “Of course, she was just talking to us before. Body Recovery Group, hurry up!”
“Ritsuko is right! Pilot's protection is the top priority.”
“NO! Don't send anyone yet. It's too dangerous! Ah! Found it!”
Sakura pulled the control with a tired smile.
“She…She has just ejected the entry plug.” On the screen the plug was being released from his protective armour. The vents ejected the LCL in emergency and the cockpit opened.
All recorders and sensors functioning, the NERV staff could only look flabbergasted as the young girl went out holding her Katana.
Once again, the sense of reality of Misato took a severe beating as she saw a fourteen years old girl descending a Mecha of 40 metres by jumping down from the openings and gaps of the armour.
“Did we just see her…”
“…jumping down like a cheap ninja on steroids? Yes.” Ritsuko was a scientist. What she was seeing was humanly impossible.
On the ground, Sakura slowly let her senses worked for her. There he was! A mass of blue light motes were condensing into a humanoid form.
“AT field in formation! Pattern blue! I've got it!” Shigeru throw the image of his consol on the main screen.
“They have scale-down models now?” remarked a confused Misato.
Right in front of the young Guardian, Sachiel was creating another corporal vessel for housing his conscience. As she observed her adversary, Sakura prepared herself. She shook her hair of the dried flecks of coagulated LCL and cut with the blade of her sword a side of her skirt. It will reveal her legs and panties at each movement but now she could move without problem.
Sachiel and Sakura observed themselves for a time, then on an unknown signal attacked.
Misato looked as the young girl danced a dance of death with the human-scale Angel. Energy lances and eyebeam were used against thrusts and cuts of a simple steel sword and sweeps of deadly crescent-shaped energy.
The Angel used sheer power to overwhelmed Sakura and trusted his AT field to protect him. The young Guardian used agility and speed as protection. Her attacks have needle-precision and were probing for weaknesses.
It was a duel! Only one could walk away from it.
In any prolonged combat, there is a time when a fighter committed a fault. Sakura overextended a thrust and faltered as she attempted to compensate. Sachiel grabbed the occasion.
“NO!” Under the horrified gaze of Misato, an energy lance punctured the right shoulder of the girl in a spurt of blood.
But this genre of pain was familiar to the young Guardian. She seized the chance: Sachiel was immobilized by the attack. The Katana changed hand and cut through the energy lance. The shock cost precious instants to the Angel.
Using gravity as a helper, Sakura was diving from above, sword pointed to the core in her left hand. The AT field gave all its power to block the deadly attack. In vain, it failed and the soul-blade pierced the core. The conscience of Sachiel was immediately sent to heaven as his vessel began to discorporate.
Blue motes of light began to gather around the young girl. She has won and by winning in personal combat, she could claim the power of the Angel of Water. The very energy of Creation suffused her being and granted her the portfolio of the Third Angel of the Trial of Man.
Sakura smiled as the power manifested by itself and began to sooth her injury. She could already feel the marvellous quality of the regenerative power of an Angel working on her flesh.
Misato was still a professional soldier. She immediately recognized the danger as the broken core began to glow. “SAKURA! LOOK OUT! IT'S GOING TO EXPLOSE!”
“Holy sh…”
The explosion enveloped the young girl in white unconsciousness.
Misato quietly knocked on the door of Sakura's room “Sakura-Chan, may I open the door? You did a praiseworthy thing. You may keep your head high. Good night, Sakura-Chan. Cheer up.”
She quietly shut the door leaving the young girl alone pondering on her conundrum. `I'm not doing it for glory, Misato. I'm doing it for the very motto of NERV: God is in heaven, all is right in the world.'
“The Dead-Sea Scrolls' prophecy…The whole edifice stand on sand…Humanity did not reach its full potential.”
Ending Theme Song
Sakura, who has started a new life apparently obediently to the situations, cannot make new friends easily. But that she is a pilot of Eva makes her a popular person with all the problems associated. The next is "A transfer'. Next time, of course, I'll give you a good service!
End of Episode: 2.