Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Young Man: A Neon Genesis Songfic Collection ❯ Sight Unseen ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
This next one talks about finding your religous self even though you lost all faith in everything. Hope everyone likes this one. Imagine Shinji Ikari stressed out of his mind x10 and you'll get the vision in your head.

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Young Man Song 3: Sight Unseen

//Old man comes out of the rain
His heartís as heavy as night
There was a time he was soldier boy
He forgot the times before the war
There was a girl he could have called his wife
But he let her slip right through his hands//

A lonely dark in the city, a twenty-five year old man was walking over to work acting exactly like he doesn't have a simple care about every single thing. Outside you'd look at him, he'd be so focused and so stern he'd instantly act like a hard working person, but inside his heart, he is heavy beyond reason and beyond doubt

Shinji Ikari was once a Nerv boy right up until Third Impact and since then he'd been forgetful about his past and the people who were involved in the past. He only had one friend since the Third Impact, a lover, Asuka Langley Sohryu, one who had been true and faithful to him, she even gave him the option of the marraige, but he couldn't take it due to depression and stress.

//He plays guitar on the corner some
But not enough to be a star
But itís enough just to have some fun
And make some people happy awhile

He's searching for a sight unseen
For what his father has not been
Heís searching for a feeling he calls home//

Now-a-days, he's a violinist for a fancy five star resteraunt which he gets paid pretty good, but nobody ever offered him a symphony job nor did he seek it, personally his job was enough to make him and other people happy if only for a while which is good enough for him.

He had a full blown hatred for his dad and everytime people call him "son of Gendo" Shinji would look at those people with icy cold eyes and would flat out tell 'em he never had a father and would walk away. If you ever wonder if there was any person from the past that he missed, it would be his partner, friend, and secret love, Rei Ayanami. Oh how Shinji loved her, how he dreamed of her every night, and how he would miss her by shedding silent tears in his sleep. What he wouldn't give to have her back even if he had to go to have Rei back, he would take it which he is an inch close to ending it all because he's tired of it all.

//Went to church to pray for a sign
Throw me a rope, Lord, throw me a line
So I can hang on or I can climb
I donít really care

I just want to find my own way
Sing the songs that my guitar plays
Make a child smile, make a daddy cry
Make my mama sing a lullaby//

Ever since Third Impact, he'd been a church goer every Sunday, it was in order for him to get the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost into his life which has worked fine over the years. But one morning, he waited a while for everyone to leave after a sermon was done. Once he had the church to himself, slowly but surely he walked to The Cross and knelt down, but before he said a prayer, he had bawled like baby unto Jesus.

Though it took Shinji awhile to steady his crying, he knew Jesus was an understanding soul. Through his tears he prayed,

"Lord, I can not take this anymore, I have tried to kill myself to join you because lately I've not a reason to live and I want to end it all but it's either you or someone that is keeping me from doing what I do," in midst of the prayer Shinji screamed at the top of his lungs "Lord, if there is something that I need to see, then show it to me, I want to know, I want to know what, and I want to know why, if there's a reason then show it to me."

Right then and there he heard a voice in the church, "Your reason to live is right behind you."

The man turned his head around and caught the sight of a pale white girl with that same blue hair and the same red eyes sitting at the pew.

//Iím searching for a sight unseen
For what my father has not been
Iím searching for a feeling I call home//

You could only imagine how much joy was in Shinji's heart and how much worry and douby; was this real or was this fake? The answer was thrown at him when Rei ran up to Shinji and gave him a big bear hug, a definite indication that she was real and she was back.

"I've missed you so much, Shinji-kun," Rei whispered so soft and so angelic "It's the reason why I'm back because I love you."

"I love you, too, always and forever, Amen." Shinji replied with a kiss.

//Yeah Iím searching for a sight unseen
For what my father has not been
Iím searching for a feeling I call home//

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