NiGHTS Into Dreams Fan Fiction ❯ Youko ❯ Chapter 1: Enraged Insanity ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: Enraged Insanity
Reala was gliding through the hallways of Nightmare Castle in search of his new partner, in which he was suppose to look after. The Nightmaren jester then caught sight of Youko, hovering in front of a door which led to Nights' old room when he was still loyal to Wizeman. Reala glided over to Youko and glared at the kitsune. "You shouldn't run off like that." Reala scolded, "Next time wait for me."
Youko responded happily, hovering around Reala, "Sorry, Master Wizeman led me here."
"Wizeman?" Reala repeated with suprise.
"Shall we?" Youko asked innocently, her tails wagging. Reala nodded to the red kitsune as he pushed open the door leading to the sleeping quarters of Nights. The Nightmaren jester looked around the room. It has been a while since he had seen it since Nights betrayed Reala.
Youko asked out, sniffing around, "What's this room? It almost has your scent all over the place."
"This will be your sleeping quarters." Reala replied, "It used to be my brother's."
"The traitor?" The red kitsune questioned with a hint of venom in her tone, looking back to the Nightmaren jester after observing an oddly shaped cape with red and orange stripes that was hovering over a bed upside down.
Reala growled, narrowing his eyes, "Yes."
Youko turned around back to the odd-shaped cape only to stare into the cold, sadistic eyes of Jackle, whose toothy grin widened upon seeing the red kitsune startled by his appearance. Youko gasped with fright before leaping a few feet away from the Nightmaren as she bared her teeth and bristled her fur with aggression.
Reala immediately whipped around to see what was happening only for him to glare at the only Nightmaren psycopath. "Jackle. I thought Wizeman told you to stay in the Soft Museum." He said.
Jackle responded to his ally, grinning wickedly, "He did. But I thought it would be fun to see your new acquaintance that would be replacing your brother. And I thought it would be fun to scare him out of his skin." He then turned right side up.
"And you suceeded." Reala finished.
Youko had somehow teleported herself away from Jackle and has latched herself onto Reala's left shoulder. The red kitsune questioned Reala, her voice dipped with venom after being frightened by Jackle, "What is he? Some kinda freak with a cape?"
"This is Jackle; our mantle. He misplace his brain and we can't seem to find it." Reala replied dully, not really interested in introductions with Jackle, "Jackle, this is our new High-level Nightmaren, Youko. She will be replacing Nights." Jackle blinked his eyes with disbelief at the thought of Youko being a Nightmaren. He observed her for a moment until...
He asked with shock, pointing directly at Youko, "That is the new High-level Nightmaren?!" Jackle then started cackling, much to Youko's utmost dislike, "You gotta be kidding me, Reala! Hahahaaha!! She, a three-tailed furball, a Nightmaren?!! Hahahaha!! By the looks of it, she can't even scare a Nightopian! Hahahahahaha!!"
Reala glared at Jackle until he noticed Youko bristling her fur with rage at Jackle for making fun of her. With a unhumane snarl, Youko swiftly lunged at Jackle with open jaws and latched herself onto the psycopath's face. Jackle yelled out in suprise until he felt rows of teeth painfully sinking into his face. He then urgently started to pulled Youko off of him, feeling her teeth digging into his skin. Finally, the psycopath managed to get the red kitsune off of him and flung her toward the walls.
However, Youko turned her around over as she landed on the walls on her feet and swiftly leaped off them, propelling herself back toward Jackle. The red kitsune soared past Jackle and grabbed hold of his cape and ripped it away from the psycopath to get rid of his only protection. She then launched herself head first toward the psycopath.
Jackle was about to evade the attempt, however, Youko was too fast for him as the red kitsune barreled toward him like a launched torpedo. Jackle yelled again as Youko head-butted the Mantle in the very center of his invisible body, spearing Jackle down to the floor hard.
Before Youko could tackle the psycopath again, she was suddenly yanked away from Jackle by a clawed hand. Reala had grabbed Youko by one of her three tails, pulling her away from the psycopath to prevent her from harming the Jackle any further. Youko was now barking viciously at Jackle like a ferocious dog, baring rows of sharp, glistening teeth. Her slitted eyes were wide open, glaring with vengance as they glowed darkly in purple. Blue claws had appeared on tip of her paws, sharp and glinting.
"Youko, stop this now!!" Reala ordered with a sharp command, struggling to keep the kitsune from attacking at his ally. Youko obediently stopped struggling and simply growled at Jackle, who was trembling in fear. Never had he seen a small creature attack him before, especially if the creature was a High-Leveled Nightmaren.
Reala stated sternly, "Jackle, I suggest now would be a good time for you to return to Soft Museum instead of playing around and insulting others."
Youko leered darkly, her voice now facetious and mocking, "Yeah, go back to the Soft Museum where you belong, psycopath." Her amethyst and faceted eyes narrowed as a wicked and twisted smile was forged on her white muzzle. Her purple eyes were glinting with cruelty and cunning.
Jackle chuckled nervously as he slowly floated away toward his cape and tied it back to his collar, then he hovered to the doorway, keeping a safe distance from Youko as best as possible. When the psycopath reached the door, Youko uttered out a monstrous roar as Jackle yelled out in fear and quickly flew away into the hallway.
Youko then turned to Reala with a innocent smile and said, " that that's over, I'm ready to scare some dreamers, wouldn't you agree?" Reala was suprised at his new acquaintance. The red kitsune was back to her innocent self, which was very, very unusual after being a little monstrosity two minutes ago. Her eyes were once again slitted, making her face look fox-like. She then hummed a haunting tune as she glided out of Reala's arms and out of her sleeping quarters, the flames on her paws flaring.
The Nightmaren jester blinked with shock. "Well, at least, she's not that cute anymore." Reala muttered, before flying out of his brother's old room and into the hallways.