Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ A Life of Endless Nights ❯ The Longing ( Chapter 1 )

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In this story, Shido and Riho can't go in the sun…so please don't say anything about it…thanks. ^_^
The tails of a dark trench coat fly outside of a door just before it closes muffing the sound of the phone ringing inside. Down the hall two figures slip through the building with silent feet pressed to the earth for, it would seem, eternity.
The two figures slip out of the building only to enter the relentless mass pushing and shoving in a futile attempt to get nowhere. They slip through the crowd unnoticed and with incredible speed; seemingly riding within the wind, slipping through the cracks in the crowd easily.
The two speeding figures slip into a door causing a small bell to jingle.
“Sorry, but, we're closed,” says an aged man.
The man walks out from a door in the back and requests to know the business of his two “late” customers.
Shido, the purple haired vampire detective, steps forward and says, “We're looking for flowers.”
The old mans looks toward a calendar on the walls and nods. “Didn't notice the date…” mutters the old man, more so to himself than to Shido or Riho, Shido's red-haired vampiric partner.
“What?” asks Riho.
“Every year you come and you get flowers on this day; why?”
“Memories…” says Shido, his eyes glassing over as he remembers days long past.
Riho looks down and agrees with Shido's strangely distant words. The old man sees old scars in the context of the words and drops the subject quickly.
All three stand still looking at each other for thirty seconds before the old man makes to go into the back.
He returns a minute later holding a beautiful bouquet of deep red roses and hands them to Riho who graciously accepts them and makes to leave the shop. Shido holds out money to the man but the man merely shakes his hand and closes Shido's hand around the money.
“No trouble, good sir,” says the man humbly. “I respect my elders.”
Shido smiles slyly revealing his sharp fangs before shoving the money back into his pocket and follow suit to Riho. Both Riho and Shido deftly slip past the crowds and the confines of the city.
They enter a clearing hidden by ancient trees and walk to its center, which is ordained with a glorious gothic-type headstone on which a statue lies; depicting a vampire drinking the blood of a beautiful maiden.
Riho brushes a few leaves and stray branches from the plaque set at the head of the stone. Tears fall unabated from her eyes as she lays the roses in front of the plaque and whispers a few words that are quickly carried away by the wind.
Shido embraces her tightly as she runs to him in tears. She shoves her face into his chest and sobs uncontrollably. He pets her head lovingly and whispers calming words to her. After she begins to calm he kisses her forehead lightly and she looks up at him with a smile on her face. He wipes the tears from her face and she hugs him tightly before kissing his lips.
“I'm sorry, Shido,” says Riho blushing. “I'm just not as strong as you.”
He shakes his head and she smiles up at him but sees his eyes distance from her, from there.
“Shido?” she asks worriedly.
“…you're so much stronger than you think,” says Shido, more so to himself rather than to Riho. ~ Far stronger than I am; you are ready to live now and forever more in this world of eternal nights. You have always been ready for it, but not I. I just can't do it anymore. ~
Riho starts shaking Shido violently in a futile attempt to facilitate some kind of response. Finally, she smacks him causing him to be torn from his thoughts. He looks down at her as tears quickly form in her eyes. He quickly embraces her, more so in an attempt shield her from the truth of his eyes rather than to protect.
“Wh-wh-what happened?!” yells Riho.
“I'm sorry,” says Shido solemnly. “Please forgive me.”
“You scared me. I thought something was wrong,” says Riho hugging Shido tighter.
“No, nothing's wrong…” says Shido looking out toward the horizon at the rising suns with a twinge of longing in his heart.
Riho looks up at him and is about to say something when she sees an incredible longing in his eyes. She knows immediately what it is that his heart longs for.
~ Am I not enough for him? Do I not bring enough light into his life? Why does he long so deeply to feel the sun? ~ She growls lightly causing Shido to look down at her.
“What is the matter, Riho?” asks Shido.
Riho quickly gets a hold of herself and looks up at Shido with the same loving smiles he gives her.
“Nothing, Aishiteru,” says Riho shaking her angry thoughts away.
“You look as though you are worried about something,” says Shido.
“Am I enough for you? I mean, you don't want something else…do you?” asks Riho.
Shido is taken aback slightly from her words but quickly gathers himself and says, “No, of course not, I want nothing but you. Have I done something to shame you?”
She hugs him tightly and says nothing of what she has seen within his eyes but feels the dragon of her poisonous thoughts swirling in the back of her mind.
“Why would you ask such a thi…” asks Shido instantly realizing that in his weakness, his eyes revealed the longing within his heart. Tears begin to slide down his face and he embraces her tight to his chest. “I love you, Riho.”
Riho returns his embrace and smiles slightly as the dragon settles in her mind. She kisses Shido on the lips and he lifts her off the ground holding their kiss. Both of them smile as he sets her back on the ground. They both wince slightly as the sun reaches them and they begin to feel their skin warm.
“Probably should get home,” says Shido before lifting Riho into his arms.
“Mmmm…” moans Riho smiling as Shido runs toward their building.
They slip into their building with the sun quickly entering the multiple windows adorning the halls. Shido deftly slips in between the many shadows and enter the room they had so quickly left the night before. They slip into a room in the back and quickly disrobe before entering their coffin as light covers it.
“I love you, Riho,” says Shido kissing the back of Riho's neck.
“And I you, my Shido,” says Riho turning around and kissing Shido deeply.
Both drift to sleep holding each other tightly; in body and spirit. Shido lightly brushes Riho's hair out of her face and she stirs slightly.
He smiles and whispers, “I am sorry my eyes yearn so for the sun,” and drifts to sleep; a tear slipping down his cheek.
Riho opens her eyes slowly and kisses Shido's forehead shaking her head and whispering, “You have given me so much, let me give you this.” ~ I will find a way, my Shido. ~