Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ An Immortal Rain ❯ Part 1: Save Me ( Chapter 1 )

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An Immortal Rain

Summary: Shido happens to stumble upon a vampire child and its mother. But then what would the mother want with Cain? Shounen-ai and shoujo-ai Yaoi Yuri (Cain/Shido, Oc/Oc)

Part 1: Save Me

Shido Tatsuhiko sighed. It was another day of nothing to do. The nightbreeds haven't been coming around lately. So he had nothing to do. Yayoi was out on a case that she could handle herself and Riho? She moved somewhere when she got over her crush on him. He was grateful for that. He was going to tell her off himself but she did it herself. He sent Guni to watch her incase something happens.

So he was alone now. Now that he thought about it, he wondered why he ran.

These past few days he's been thinking about the blond vampire and actually second thinking about going back to where it used to be. He was suddenly craving for the thrill of the nights of being chased. It didn't seem so fun after a while. It seemed ever since Cain left him alone the nightbreeds also disappeared and stopped attacking.

He just wished…

A scream interrupted him from his thinking. He grabbed his coat and rushed out finding that he didn't have to go too far. There he saw nightbreeds that were attacking a child. He wondered how was that possible. Nightbreeds usually eat flesh.

Shido immediately went into action.

The kid was immediately cornered after running so long. Of course he could only last so long without his mother there. His mother and him separated so that way the breeds would go to her direction. Turns out they also went after him. The kid bit his finger and fired blood bullets at the breeds and jumped over them. They surrounded him again.

Then he saw a man with a blood sword coming towards his direction and attacked the surrounding breed. After getting it finished the man picked him up and ran.

"Are you okay?" Shido asked the kid while running.

"Yeah, thanks mister," the kid said smiling, "MISTER look out!" he yelled and bit his finger and fired blood bullets again making the breed stop for a while. Shido was surprised that the child could do that so that only left the conclusion. The child is a vampire like him. He wondered how someone so young was able to do that. To him the boy didn't look too old and certainly wasn't too old.

"How old are you?" he asked the boy.

"Oh, my mommy said I'm seven!" the boy answered enthusiastically.

"Where's your mommy?"

"I don't know. My mommy and I got separated when those nightbreeds were chasing us. Hey can I stay with you for a while mister? I don't now where my mommy is and she said she'd find me if I stay in one place."

"Alright, what's your name kid?"

"It's Ryu!"

* * *

It was moonless sky tonight. The woman with long black hair and icy blue eyes ran from her pursuers. It wouldn't help to get caught. She was starting to get tired from running for seven years from 'him'. The advanced nightbreeds that were sent after her were actually as they should be, advanced. They were now smarter and sort of faster.

She turned to hide in the veil of shadows. She knew that if she could keep this up then she could go back and find her son, Ryu. She held her breath as they passed her. As soon as she felt them a distance away from her she let out a long breath. She got out of her hiding place and sprinted. She felt around for her son and he was nearby where they split up. She was lucky for that.

She quickly darted around looking for him and came out empty handed. Then she stopped in front of a building. She read the sign that said 'Shido Private Detective Agency'.

'Shido? That name sounds familiar,' she thought and decided to go check it out and maybe this Shido character could help her find her son or if he saw him around these parts.

She went inside. She looked around and found some sort of directory of the building. She saw Shido's name and immediately went up to the room it said. When she reached it she heard a voice, it was Ryu, her son. She decided to listen in.

"My mom is the best! She feeds me well! She always takes me places almost every month! It's fun," Ryu said excitedly. He did see a lot of places because they were running from 'Him'.

She decided it was time to make her presence known. She opened the door and closed it softly as if it was never opened at all. Years of practice. She stood there for a while and examined the back of the man named Shido. She saw the long lavender hair and recognized where she saw it before. She realized that it was her friend's mate. She wondered what would he be doing here amongst humans.

"Well I see you're enjoying yourself," she spoke up. Ryu's eyes lit up immediately.

"Mommy!" he said running up to her with lightning speed and jumped up in her arms as she hugged him tightly.

"I'm glad you're okay. Thanks Shido-san. I guess I owe you one. My name is Kyoko. My last name I forgot centuries ago," she said introducing herself.

"Well since you know mine I guess there's no need to say it. It's nice to meet you Kyoko-san," Shido said politely.

"No formalities, Shido-san. I don't need them."

"Well then same for me. I don't need them either, Kyoko."

"Yes, well we better be going now. I have something to take care of. It was a pleasure meeting you, Shido." She was about to leave but he spoke.

"You can spend the day here. It isn't too much trouble. I haven't had company for a while. Your presence would be most appreciated."

"But we can't impo-"

"You're not imposing. I'm merely offering. I request that you accept the offer." She smiled.

"Thank you Shido. Though I have to get some food before the sun comes up otherwise my little Ryu here won't have something to feed on for the day. I'll leave him here with you."

She let Ryu down and turned to leave.

"Matte Kyoko, I have some nourishments for you and your son. I have enough for the both of you."

"I don't wish to run off your supply because the human that you feed from doesn't come in time." She said.

"If I have to I will take from someone else." Shido said a bit sadly. He promised he would never harm another human again.

"Shido, you don't get it. Everything lives and does what it can to survive. We are only seen as enemies to humans because we attack them. Just like when a human kills an animal for meat. The animals mostly view humans as also an enemy. When an animal attacks you see them as an enemy, you see them as dangerous. If a tree needed the blood of a human then they would need to kill and the roots absorb it. Everyone does what he or she can to survive until they can't no more. That is how life is. Nightbreeds need human flesh to survive right? It just so happens that humans tend to be the center of attention in the food chain. To us, we need humans to survive because they are a food source just like animals. There is no black and white. There is no good and evil because everyone is good and evil. We're all just a shade of gray.

"Vampires do not kill for fun they kill to feed. Though it may not seem like it but it's true. Human turned vampire regret what they have been doing but they understand how it goes. That is how the cycle of life goes.

"Well thank you Shido I think we'll retire for the day. I suggest you do the same. I doubt you'd be getting some detective work done. They only attack during the night." She left a pondering Shido.

* * *


"Have you found them yet?"

"No, sir but we're looking."

"Well get going! I need her here for my plan to work."

"Yes sir." The henchmen left.

"You can't keep running forever, Kyoko."


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