Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Lullaby ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: AU-Shido is a son of a very powerful politician. His dad assigns him a new bodyguard, Cain, who was assigned to kill him? Pairings: Cain/Shido Shounen-ai and Yaoi. Rating may change.

Chapter 1

A blond man stepped into the dimly lit office. He was on another assignment. By the way his client sounded he knew it was going to be an assassination. He glanced at the man sitting at the front of the desk. Of course it was obvious, another eliminate the competition. He wondered who'd it be this time.

"Ah you must be Cain Hiroshima (A/N: Since I don't really know his last name I'm just putting one up. So it's just made up. Hiroshima isn't his real last name.) Please sit," the man gestured to the chair in front of him.

"I prefer to stand. I'm sure this won't take long," Cain said flatly.

"As you wish. Lets get down to business. I want you to kill this boy," the man said giving him a photo of a lavender-haired individual with sea green eyes, "His name is Shido Tatsuhiko. I trust you're the best because I've already sent four of them after him and they turn up dead two days after they've met him."

"Why do you want to kill his son? I thought you were going to get someone else."

"There is a reason. But it doesn't concern you. Your payment will be transferred to your account. I trust you'll get the job done."

Cain nodded and walked out. Now on to planning.


Shido was bored. So far his bodyguards have been off and on. Well most of them turned up dead the next day after they were hired. His uncle recommended them. Though some recommendation he started to get suspicious. Of course when the first one attempted to kill him he thought it was a fluke. Then another came, also hired by his uncle, who turned up dead the next day too. Now he knew what was going on. When he confronted his uncle about it he denied it. That was until Shido pointed a gun to his head. Yes the congressman's son knows how to use a gun, though dear old dad doesn't know he can. How do you think he survived those attempted murders on him?

Anyways he got this from a couple of friends of his. They were called sisters but they weren't really sisters. Yayoi was the oldest and Riho is the youngest. (A/N: Riho is not exactly my favorite character in this show. She's so annoying, along with the always annoying little innocent girls in almost every anime show, to me that is. But in this fic she isn't going to be annoying because I'm the author!) Self-defense is the key to survive. Right now he decided that he was going to visit them since he had nothing better to do.


Yayoi examined her new merchandise that Riho carried in. Yeah people its child labor. She looks like one but she isn't, mentally that is. The bell that signaled a customer walked in. She put her stuff away and looked to the shop. Ah if it isn't her favorite customer. Shido walked up to her.

"So what does rich-boy want with us two lovely poor innocent women?" Yayoi said smirking. Shido rolled his eyes.

"Please far from innocent," he commented.

"Fine, fine. So what do you want? Is your dear old uncle trying to kill you again?"

"No, its been a few months usually he just sends in someone the next day one is dead. Though I don't know why he wants me dead, wouldn't he just kill dad or something?"

"You never know with that loony uncle of yours. So why are you here?"

"Nothing, I thought I'd just stop by and say hi. I see that you're busy, I guess I'll just walk out."

"Without even saying hi to me? How rude!" He heard Riho's voice from the back of the shop and coming out.

"Hi," he said casually.

"Jerk. I can see why your uncle wants you dead."

"Riho that isn't very nice. You're scaring off the customers!" Yayoi playfully scolded.

"Like he's a customer, he gets everything for free because the next day something is stolen. So I don't see why he's considered a customer."

"Hmm…and here I was going to invite the both of you to a party. But since I'm not in good terms with you guys then I guess I don't need too." He said pulling out a couple of tickets. Yayoi made a move to snatch it but he put it out of her reach, which Riho took it from him instead.

"Another one of those boring government parties? We couldn't go the last time because we were dressed inappropriately," Riho said.

"Well then dress appropriately," he stated.

"You mean we have to dress up like some stuck up rich person?"


"And why are we going to do this for you?"

"Because you're my friends and I do not wish to have any other women hanging all over me."

"So you want us to be the women hanging all over you?" Yayoi said.

"What do you think?"

"Well then thank you Tatsuhiko-san, I'm sure you'll be paying us?"

"Don't call me that, I'm not my father." He said before walking out after handing them a bunch of money so they could go get the clothes they need and some other things. They both grinned.


Shido looked around. So far there were no signs of Riho or Yayoi. They were either waiting while watching him get tortured or they were just late because of their new shipments. He figured the former. He was so going to kill them when they got there. Of course as the party went on they didn't even arrive yet. So he opted for going outside where he could get some fresh air and smoke a little bit.

When he went outside he saw that a blond man was out there too. He just shrugged and went to the opposite side of the blond. He leaned against the wall and pulled out a cigarette. He cursed as his lighter was busted. He threw it somewhere making it land in bushes. Looks like he's smoking no smoke tonight. Another lighter lit his smoke and he looked up to see the blond man from across the other side. The blond leaned on the wall next to him.

"Thanks," Shido said.

"Welcome," he said.

"So what's a guy like you doing here?"

"Do I need a reason?"

"Fine, shesh I was just asking. So what's your name, if you don't mind me asking."


They continued conversing for a few more hours. Mostly Shido carried on a one-sided conversation with himself since Cain wasn't so responsive most of the time.

"Tatsuhiko-san!" a female voice screeched as she saw Shido. Shido paled. It was another one of his annoying little money grabbers. He pretended not to hear her. He pulled Cain over him and crushed their lips together.

It became silent.


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