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Chapter 2

"This is an outrage!"

Shido listened to his uncle's rant about him kissing another guy. It was just to let the public, know that he wasn't available because he didn't want money grabbers. It was all over the news and he made sure that they took lots of pictures. They just want him because he was the son of a rich and powerful man. He didn't want them because they were all the same. Shido wanted to say that but he wasn't in the mood. It was amusing to see his uncle rant and suggest to throw him out of family and how much of a disgrace he is. Looks like his dear old uncle still wants him dead or out. He opted for the former. His uncle didn't like him.

"Please Kazuya calm down I'm sure there's an explanation to Shido's actions," his father reasoned.

'Heh, he got you there uncle,' Shido thought cruelly.

"I would always have reasons as to what I do. And I did this because I didn't want those money grabbers to hang all over me and try to charm me like they do to you," Shido explained, "Though they do prefer me better because I'm younger."

"Yes, of course. Well I hired another bodyguard for you."

"Is it another one of uncle's recommendations? Last time I checked they kicked the bucket way too early in their lives."

"No, this time I hired him myself. I'm sure you've met Hiroshima-san." Shido looked in mild shock as Cain stepped through the doors. Now he knew why he was there last night.

"Hiroshima-san I apologize for my son's actions last night. He doesn't tend to think before he acts." His father said and sent a disappointed look in Shido's direction.

"It's quite alright," Cain, said evenly, "I am after all his bodyguard. I was just protecting him."


It was night and Shido was thinking. Usually he'd be asleep by now but he had a sinking feeling that he was being watched. Okay it could count as paranoia but this also happened when he was about to be killed. He lied down on his stomach. His hand under the pillow in case something does happen. He felt the gun with his finger ready on the trigger. He had a feeling that he was going to be killed tonight or at least someone would attempt to kill him. And here it comes. A wind sounded in his quiet room from behind. He felt the safety shut off and he moved. Shido had his gun pointed at his attacker and vice-versa. Of course he was shocked twice that day as he saw Cain standing in front of the bed pointing a gun at him too, silencer attached. He let out a small grin.

"So my dad wants me dead too?" Shido asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Were you the one who killed all of them?" Cain asked. Shido glared.

"Didn't someone say to you before, never answer a question with a question?" Cain equally glared back.

"Didn't someone tell you never to take another's life because it's not yours to begin with?"

"Just answer. Does my dad want me dead too?"

"No, he's just starting to get suspicious of your uncle. He thinks that he wants you dead." Cain explained and put his gun away. Shido did the same thing.

"You know, I could have you arrested for attempted murder?"

"There is no proof of a struggle. So you have no evidence."

"I could just use my dad's influence."

"Yes, but I doubt he would believe you because he's doubting you also. You're a very interesting target for me Tatsuhiko-san," Cain said as he took Shido's chin in his hand and leaned in.

Shido glared at him with the fact that their faces are only a couple of inches apart. Cain leaned down and closed the distance between their lips. Shido tried to push Cain off but found that the other man was stronger. After a few seconds he gave into the older man. Who was a great kisser by the way, in Shido's opinion. Cain pushed him down on his back. They broke off so they wouldn't faint.

They took a few seconds to catch their breath before Shido pulled down the blond for another mind-blowing kiss. They rubbed their clothed bodies together trying to relieve some of the created friction between them. Soft moans filled the quiet room. They flipped over with Shido now on top.

"I hate being the lesser," Shido commented.

"Is that so? Well neither do I," Cain said and sat up abruptly.

He pulled Shido up for another kiss and manipulated the lavender-haired individual to straddle him. He was never one for being taken, except on special occasions. He trailed his hands up along the other's sides and under to touch the soft milky flesh. Shido ground his hips against his bodyguard feeling the hard-on the other was emitting. Both of them were panting for breath as their pace grew fast.

A knock interrupted their little episode. They stopped and looked towards the door. Shido clutched tightly to Cain's clothes. He was still hard and he needed relief. This interruption was making him even more frustrated. Cain flipped Shido on his back with him hovering over. He nipped on the neck before pulling away.

"You better answer that," Cain said before leaving out the window. Shido growled in anger. 'How dare he leave me like this!' He thought bitterly. He needed relief and whoever the hell is on the other side of that door was going to get an earful of his bitching. He calmly trudged to the door doing his best to cover any evidence of what situation he was in and opened the door. It was his father. He wondered what the hell his old man wanted.

"What?" Shido asked annoyed.

"I was just checking on you," his dad answered.

"Oh, well I'm okay. Is that all?"

"Yes, sorry for disturbing you. Oyasumi nasai." His dad said before walking off. Shido didn't bother responding. It's not as if his dad heard him. As he thought about it he felt somewhat relieved. He was thankful for that. He went back to his bed and lied down. He needed to go to sleep. Tomorrow he planned to visit Riho and Yayoi and bitch at them for ditching him. They were so getting an earful.


Riho and Yayoi were introducing their new recruit in their business. Surprise, surprise, it's someone with a sarcastic sense of humor. Her name is Guni. She was just asking for a job so they gave her one since they decided they needed to make a trio. Guni new much about their merchandise down to most very detailed information. That was pretty helpful. Now maybe Shido won't steal from them anymore. But since he pays them a lot of cash for nothing, they let it go.

Yayoi was looking over hidden records of anything and everything. Speak of the devil, Shido just walked in looking rather pissed. He walked up behind Yayoi to look over what she was doing when he saw something. She knew he was behind her and didn't say anything. Anyways she was reading over this interesting file she found.

(A/N: Most of this stuff typed next is false. So don't believe anything that you find unfamiliar.)

Name: Hiroshima, Cain

Age: 29

Birth date: 1975, September 7

Blood Type: AB+

Occupation: Assassin

Info: ………..

(A/N: You people can put in whatever you want. That's the end of the information.)

"Why that son of a bitch," Shido growled out. Yayoi turned in her seat to face him.

"What's the matter? Afraid you'll get targeted by this cutie??" Yayoi said teasingly.

"No. I'm already targeted by this 'cutie', as you put it."

"Oh really? Well then it just makes it more interesting. So what are you going to do? Kill him like the rest of the others?"

"I'll do that later. But first, I want to have some fun."

"Oh my, Shido. I never knew you go for your own team and after all this time too. The ladies must be devastated." He heard a familiar voice say from behind him. He looked behind him to see Riho and a very familiar person. The smug look gave it all away.

"Guni? Is that you?" he asked clueless. Guni growled in annoyance and walked up to him. She took the clipboard and smacked him over the head. Surprisingly it didn't knock him out.

"Of course it's me you idiot," she said roughly smacking him again just for fun.

"God dammit would you stop that?!" he exclaimed rubbing the ache in his head.

"Oh common Shido. With a pillow you wouldn't complain."

"That's because it is soft. This is hard." He stated grabbing the clipboard from Guni's hands and hitting her over the head twice.

"Damn woman hater. I can see why you're a fag."

"Look if I hated women I wouldn't be talking to you now would I?!"

"I hate everybody and I'm talking to you right?!"

"Yeah so? You have no choice but to talk to someone!"

"Well ya? Shows what the hell you know!"

Yayoi decided to interrupt before things got further.

"Ahem," she caught their attention, "I see this is a very amusing reunion but can we get down to more important things for example, protecting this asshole from getting caught for murder?"

"This guy killed people?" Guni asked surprised.

"Yeah what about it?" Shido commented back.

"I was just asking butthead. No need to go ballistic on me. So what how do you take care of 'em?"

"Just wait and see my old friend."


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