Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Lullaby ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3

Cain waited patiently for Shido to walk out of the shop. Besides he had all the time in the world and he was just doing his job. He'll kill him later. That is, when he had his fun. After the episode last night he wanted more. He wanted more of the lavender-haired beauty. He would've killed Shido last night but he was rather surprised when he found him not sleeping and carrying something he isn't supposed to. Things just clicked when he stared straight into the sea green eyes. He looked so much better in person than the picture.

He blew out puffs of smoke as he waited for the other. Apparently it's been a while since he saw Shido enter there. Though he was rather surprised that the son of a powerful politician would be hanging around here. There's a first time for everything. After about another hour of spying, Shido walked out of the store. He threw the cigarette on the floor and dissolved it with his foot. He began to follow his target.

Shido wasn't one for being paranoid. Though the feeling always came. He stopped and took one glance behind him to see nothing except other people walking his way. He didn't know any of them so he shrugged it off and continued to walk. He needed a drink. Instead he just went home since he didn't want to go anywhere for the rest of the day. He still had that feeling that he was being followed. So he slipped into the nearest alley and waited until that feeling went away.

Unfortunately there was something else in that alley. Shido's arm was seized and was easily held captive. He cursed softly under his breath. As he looked at the person in front of him he became immediately annoyed. It was just Yayoi's old boyfriend you didn't get the message the first time. He wasn't even dating her, they were just friends. Shido just sighed. Sometimes some people are slow in getting the message.

"Look, I told you already that we are just friends and nothing more. Besides even if I was involved with her she would probably come and kick your ass," Shido said. Apparently this guy didn't know who he was.

"I don't believe you," the guy said, "My sources say that you two were actually involved." Shido sighed exasperated.

"God dammit! Don't you get it yet?! We're not even in a freaking relationship! Get it through your thick skull!"

Shido obviously made a mistake and felt a fist slam against his stomach making him hunch over in pain. 'Shit that hurt,' he thought as he tried to think of a way out. If only the two weren't holding him so tight he'd be able to get out. He awaited another blow but it never came. He looked to notice that the guy was knocked out and Cain stood in his place.

"I see, you do get into trouble a lot," Cain commented.

"Shut up," Shido said in annoyance before knocking out the two guys holding him. "What are you doing here?" Shido asked bitterly.

"Doing my job. I doubt your father would be happy to know where you go." Cain answered.

"Yeah, well it doesn't matter. He cares but it's not like he's my mother."

"Well are you ready to go back? Or do I have to carry you back myself?"

"Go to heaven."

"I don't believe in that heaven and hell. But if they actually existed I don't think that I'd actually go to heaven."

"I didn't mean it that way I meant F--- off and die."

"Well that's nice. But I guess I'll take that as a yes."

Shido gave an uncharacteristic screech as he was hoisted over Cain's shoulder and was being carried back. Shido protested the whole way and noticed that he saw Guni along with Yayoi and Riho taping the whole thing. He swore he was going to get them back.


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