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Chapter 4


Shido glared at the ceiling. Apparently he was grounded, if you wish to put it that way. He was confined since Cain, being the oh-so-honest person he is, told his dear ol' dad where he was wandering off to. He cursed Cain in every possible way in many different languages he knew, which were only two. But that wasn't important. Shido was on constant watch 24-7. Bodyguards were going everywhere with him, but not when he's in the bathroom. That'd be just sick.


Cain was nowhere to be found and he didn't like this one bit. He wanted Cain as his only bodyguard so he could kill him instantly before this whole thing goes up in smoke. Shido turned to his side facing the window. If only they weren't nailed or bared then maybe he could've gotten out. But his dad was smart seeing as he used to do it in his younger years.


"I know you're awake," he heard someone whisper in his ear. He turned and tried to subdue the intruder but found himself pinned down on the bed. And it was unsurprisingly by the person who put him in solitary confinement. He glared as his captor.


"Get off me Cain." He stated angrily trying to push the older man off. But none of his attempts would do. "What the hell are you doing here?" Shido asked completely annoyed.


"You wanted me here," Cain simply said before getting off.


"No I didn't. So leave!" Shido yelled standing up by the window and looking out.


Arms encircled around his shoulders. He growled softly in annoyance. He was going to have some fun but considering something else he thought he might as well kill him right now. Shido slowly reached in his pocket for his knife that he hid incase. He heard a safety go off from a gun. He mentally cursed and wondered why he didn't do this earlier. The cool metal was against his head.


"You know, I wonder why I haven't thought of killing you earlier," Shido said.


"You were bored?" Cain said.


"Yeah. So what are you going to do now?" Shido said oh-so-calmly than one would in his position.


"Easy. First I'm going to have my fun then kill you."


"Funny I was thinking of the same thing."


Shido quickly got out Cain's grasp and pulled out a gun of his own. Apparently they were in a stalemate. It would seem that none of them had the upper hand but Cain had something up his sleeve. To quickly for Shido to notice, his gun was thrown far away from him and was being pinned to the bed. Cain casually placed the gun on the nightstand.


'Oh shit,' Shido thought. Though he wasn't afraid, as he should be in a situation like this. He struggled for all he's worth but wasn't able to successfully get the blond off him. After all he was only halfheartedly into getting the blond off him. He gasped as Cain leaned down and whispered something to him.


"Don't deny it, Shido. I can tell you want this too."


"Well then what the hell are you doing there just talking?!" Shido growled in annoyance. Cain just seems to bring it out of him. The blond chuckled and leaned down.


"Patience, Shido. Good things come to those who wait," Cain whispered in his ear before grasping his chin and giving him a swift, bruising, passionate kiss.


Shido returned it eagerly wrapping his arms around the other's neck. Hands trailed up and down his clothed sides slipping under to tease his soft flesh. His moans were captured in that heated kiss. They continued for a while teasing each other but their rendezvous was cut short as a knock on the door sounded. Cain growled in annoyance. There always seemed to be an interruption in the most inappropriate of times. Before he could get off Shido placed his arms around his neck and held him there so he wouldn't move.


"They'll go away. Just don't move." Shido said, more like demanded. So they stayed like that for a while, hard and unsatisfied. Shido fought out the sound that threatened to come from his mouth. Luckily the door was locked otherwise the person wanting to go in wouldn't find them in this situation.


The footsteps dispersed. Cain leaned in closer whispering in Shido's ear.


"Where were we?"


Shido grasped Cain's front shirt and brought him down for a passionate kiss.




It was morning but luckily the sun never shines down in Shido's room. He made it that way. Anyways, he woke up and looked at the clock to see it said 7:00. He could tell it was morning seeing as how they only wake in the morning except for those nocturnal people who go to work at night. He was about to get up but something restrained him. It was around his waist. Looking behind him he saw Cain still sleeping and had his arm around him.


Shido gently pried the arm off him and stood up grabbing his shirt. He put it on and walked towards the adjoined bathroom. He needed to shower.


Cain woke up a few minutes later to hear the shower running. He wasn't surprised to see Shido not on the bed. After last night he'd rather keep the lavender-haired beauty alive for the time being. He grabbed his clothes and began to dress. Soon enough Shido came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. (A/N: Ppl have your time to drool……………okay back to the story) Cain glanced over and smirked.


"You know if you stand like that for a little longer I don't think I'd be able to control myself," Cain commented.


"Pft, like you could," Shido responded before walking to his dresser and getting some clean clothes to put on.


"I'm not that bad, am I?"


"Fortunately you're not. Now shut up."




Kazuya paced in his office. It has been a couple of weeks since he hired Hiroshima. The job wasn't finished. Shido was still alive and his plans are about to go down in smoke. Since he's the only one that would have a motive to kill his nephew. Though his nephew wouldn't hesitate to kill him. He needed him gone a.s.a.p. He just hoped Hiroshima would actually take care of it.




Shido waited patiently for the girls to come out with his going away present. There was something special he was going to do with the help of his new boyfriend. Free guesses who. Anyways his fingers tapped impatiently on the counter. Finally they came out after successfully finding his order. Yayoi handed it to him as he checked it out for completion and everything.


"If I may bother to ask, Shido, where are you going?" Yayoi asked.


"Oh, you know around. I'll come by here if I actually come back." He answered.


"Yeah, yeah, get moving you fag. Otherwise you might miss your flight with your lover." Guni said making a shooing motion with her hands.


"I'll get going. I just came over to get this and say I won't miss your goddamn sarcasm." He stated before walking out. He waved bye to them, as did they.


The three women sighed.


"Three hundred says he misses his flight along with his lover." Yayoi stated.


"Four hundred says they don't miss their flight." Riho said.


"Seven hundred says that you both are wrong." Guni stated.


"Deal!" They said in unison as they placed their hands on top of each other.




Cain walked steadily among the halls of the building. He was looking for a specific room. He had already forgotten but it'll come back to him somehow. Finally finding the nameplate Tatsuhiko he knocked. There was a muffled 'come in' and he opened the door entering.


There, Kazuya sat on his desk tapping his fingers absentmindedly on the polished desk. He stared at his client.


"Did you do it?" Kazuya asked obviously not bothering to hide the eagerness in his voice.


"Yes. They will not hear about it for a week," Cain said emotionlessly.


"Good, good. The money has already been wired to your account."


Cain gave a curt nod before exiting out of the office. A smirk graced his lips as he continued walking down the hall.




Kazuya waited one week. His eyes turned to the news hoping to see that the task was finished. He was unaware of the shadow behind him. It has been another thirty minutes before the shadow decided it was tired of hiding. Kazuya was still unaware.


"I doubt you'd find what you're looking for, Uncle, I don't think you'd find me in the news this week."


Kazuya turned around in shock to see his nephew still alive and standing right behind him. Shido stood there smirking. He wasn't really fond of his uncle anyways.


"But you're supposed dead!" Kazuya blurted out.


"Oh, that. Well I have a strong will to live. I'm not going to die that simple. He missed. It was nice that you didn't have to recommend him. But I'm sorry to say that it's time to go. Bai-bai!"


Shido whipped out his gun and fired. Kazuya's body slumped over the couch. He left him there. He knew how to clean up. He made sure to make at least everything as spotless as possible down to the very last skin cell. He then exited out with the limo waiting for him. The driver opened the door and he stepped inside. They drove back. No one witnessed anything.




Shido arrived back to his house. He stepped in his room already knowing that something was off. But shrugged it off. Whatever it was he would be able to take care of it. He shut the door behind him and sighed. He was about to plop down on his bed until a voice interrupted him.


"That was quick. I see you don't waist your time talking."


Shido was about to whirl around and face his intruder had he not been pinned down on his own bed. He glared at the amused yellow eyes.


"Cain," he stated accusingly, "should've known. I thought you were Guni or someone."


"I'm someone. But who's Guni?" Cain asked. He wasn't jealous or anything but he did remember him saying something.


"A friend that's way too knowing for her own good. Now get off me so I could change."


"Why's that?"


"So I actually look like I'm going somewhere."


"But you're not."


"No, but knowing my friends they made a bet of some sorts. I'm just betting Guni already won the pot."


Cain walked behind him and placed an arm across his shoulders.


"Come now, the blind and drapes are always closed. There's no need besides there are plenty of things to do tonight," Cain whispered in his ear. Shido grinned.


"Care to enlighten me?"


"No, rather I'd let you find out for yourself."


Shido growled softly in annoyance. He turned around, brought his arms around his lover's neck and giving him a passionate kiss, which turned into a night of pleasure.




In the streets a winner was earning her fourteen hundred reward. Counting it she was grinning like crazy. Her two newfound friends were sulking. Well they should've known that she knew him better than they did.




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