Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Silver Prophercy ❯ The New Vampire ( Chapter 1 )

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Ok this is the first time I have tried a Nightwalker fic. You should know now that because of my strong dislike Riho has never existed in this. I really don't think much of the show has really happened, well Cain does bother Shido and stuff like that, but well yeah that's about it. Oh and I may not have everything right about how they are vampires and stuff, like I might give them a power or something that they do not really have, but I still hope that I stay close to how their characters really are. I hope you enjoy!
Chapter one: The New Vampire
Hunger, cold, and pain, they were the only things that she could feel. She did not know how long she had been out or even who she was anymore, she was tall with long silver hair, silver eyes, and her skin was very pale almost silver, but that could have been from the cold. She was wearing some torn up jeans and a sweat shirt both silver, despite all of the cold.
She walked around the park trying to keep as warm as possible. Trying to remember who she was and why she was out here walking in a park in the middle of one of the coldest nights in January.
She could remember waking up under the gazebo, but that was at the beginning of the night. And she could remember noting before that happened.
Now all she was feeling was the pain, the cold, and the unbearable hunger.
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Shido was walking through the park thinking about the last time he had a case, it had been a slow month, when he noticed the silver haired girl. She was walking around with no real purpose, and he sensed something about her that was different. Sure she was a vampire, but there was something else about her that he could no place. He was walking to her; to ask her what else she was when she suddenly fainted at his feet.
He kneels down besides her to check to see if she is alright.
“Shido what's wrong with her?”
“I don't know Guni. I don't think this girl has fed in a long time, and she fainted from the pain it was causing.” He picks her up and starts to walk back to the place he calls home.
“Shido! What do you think you're doing? We don't know anything about this girl! She could work for Cain! This could be another one of his traps to get you to come back to him. You know he won't stop trying until he has you.”
“I don't think so Guni. Why would he send this girl to me? I'm going to take her back with us. I can't just leave her out here to die. That would not be right.”
“Fine Shido, but when she starts to attack us or tries to get you to go somewhere with her then you will know that I was right.”
Shido says nothing he just continues to walk back to his office/home so that he can take care of this strange vampire girl that has just dropped into his life.