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~Inside Kiss Me café~
Donghae and Yunho were waiting patiently for their server to come take their order. Yunho quietly observed Donghae who was staring absentmindedly at the clownfish swimming in the mini aquarium and was pondering if it came from the East Sea.
Yunho who couldn't help wondering whether something was troubling his dongsaeng asked, “Donghae!~ What's wrong?”
“Oh hyung, something's going on, and I don't know what to do,” Donghae responded sullenly.
~In the Super Junior dorm~
“Come on everyone, it's starting!!!” Leeteuk yelled.
Heechul, Hankyung, Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Kibum, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon, and Shindong hurried toward the TV room and scrambled to find a place to sit. Ryeowook and Yesung took their designated places next to each other on the loveseat, pushing poor Kyuhyun onto the floor. Kangin tried to be selfish by taking the armchair for himself, but Leeteuk, being the leader, would not stand for it.
“Oy, Kangin, go sit on the floor,” Leeteuk ordered.
“I'm not moving,” Kangin said obstinately.
“Fine then, I'll just sit in your lap,” huffed Leeteuk. He plopped himself down heavily onto Kangin's thighs and nearly jumped to the floor when he felt strong arms encircling his waist.
“Crazy raccoon,” muttered Leeteuk to himself while trying to hide his rapidly spreading blush.
Heechul and Hankyung quickly claimed the pink bean bag chair and grabbed their favorite camel plush. Heechul subtlety tried pulling Hankyung into an embrace, but Hankyung was oblivious because he was distracted by the large red bow on the camel. Instead, Heechul resorted to throwing their New Blood brand blanket over their bodies.
Siwon sank into the SM-monogrammed couch followed by Eunhyuk and Donghae flanking his sides. Kibum managed to squeeze himself next to Donghae on the couch, leaving Sungmin and Shindong to join Kyuhyun on the floor.
The opening sequence of Intimate Note began to play and the members all fixated their eyes on the TV to watch the most recent episode. Halfway through the show, the Miss Intimate competition took place. Shouts of “Yeppeo!~” fill the air as Eunhyuk graces the stage with his womanly presence. He was dressed in a dark blue, silver flower-embroidered qipao with a beige shawl thrown over his shoulders, while holding a parasol gracefully over his head.
"Wow, Eunhyuk is so gorgeous, thought Donghae while sneaking a glance at the object of his thoughts.
“See, I made that happen,” said Leeteuk smugly.
“Psh, just wait until I come out, I'm so much prettier,” Heechul gloated.
“Of course, honey. You are so gorgeous.” said Hankyung with his adorable accent on the English.
Heechul rewarded him for the statement by wrapping his arms around his lover's waist and leaning into him.
Sungmin entered the stage unnoticed except for the obvious puking face by Hankyung. The reaction the third contestant's entrance elicited was quite the contrary for it was none other than beauty queen himself, Kim Heechul.
"See, I told you so,” said Heechul, smirk apparent in his tone.
“Yes darling, but remember, I did your makeup,” Hankyung replied, while sending him a seductive look. The rest of the members managed to ignore the blatant flirting until Heechul tried to drag Hankyung to their shared bedroom for unspeakable purposes.
“Whoa, wait a sec, I'm not done watching this yet, it's too funny, just be patient. We have the whole night.” Hankyung said suggestively, winking with the prowess of seasoned wink king, Nichkhun. This action earned collective groans from the other 11 members, save for Heechul, who was blushing profusely.
Sudden roars of laughter filled the room as the last, but not least (ok, maybe the least pretty) contestant made his flashy entrance on the stage. Kangin shook his head at his appearance on the screen while complaining furiously.
“See, this is why you are the man in our relationship,” Leeteuk whispered into Kangin's ear, unnoticed by anyone else.
“It's all Stupid Kyu's fault. I would have looked much better if you had done my makeup,” replied Kangin, in a voice much louder than a whisper, gaining many suspicious glances.
“Shut up Kangin, the part where we start dancing is coming on.” Kyuhyun barked irritably.
The talent section of the competition ended with a bang as the four contestants plus Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Hankyung began to dance to their hit Sorry Sorry.
Wham! The red heart-shaped pillow sounded sharply against the side of Sungmin's face.
“What was that for?!” Sungmin yelled angrily wondering why he was being assaulted by furniture. The only response he received was a heated glare from the culprit Yesung who was clutching the nearly sleeping Ryeowook to his side. He turned to the TV to see what the commotion was about while asking Leeteuk to rewind, and on came a clip of him running his hand down Ryeowook's leg. He bowed his head sheepishly to hide his apparent embarrassment at being caught red-handed.
The final scenes of the episode passed and the Super Juniors boys found themselves bored out of their minds, except for Ryeowook who was sleeping peacefully in Yesung's lap. Now, that their entertainment craving had been satisfied, it was time to answer the rumbling sounds of their stomachs.
“I think we should order some pizza,” Shindong suggested politely to Leeteuk.
“No way, we should go out and get Korean BBQ,” Baby Kyu whined impatiently.
“You would want to eat that, silly Bar-B-Kyu,” Sungmin said sarcastically.
“Bar-B-Kyu? Since when did that one join the list?” Kyuhyun questioned, with a piercing glare aimed at Sungmin.
“Since just now,” retorted Sungmin, followed by the quick motion of sticking out his tongue.
While the members were arguing about what to eat, Heechul sent stealthy looks from Hankyung to their bedroom door, over and over until Hankyung finally got the message. The two lovers both crawled silently to their door, slid in, and locked it before anyone could notice that they were gone. On the other hand, Yesung was trying to covertly signal to Siwon that he needed help taking Ryeowook to bed. Siwon soundlessly acquiesced Yesung's request, but, as he was getting up from the couch, the sleeve of his soft, beige SPAO-brand cashmere sweater was grabbed by an eager prankster.
“When you carry Ryeowook to the room, wait until Yesung sits down, then put Ryeowook on top of him.” Eunhyuk said mischievously. Siwon winked his approval toward him and continued on his task.
Siwon followed Eunhyuk's suggestion like a good dongsaeng and waited until Yesung had lain back comfortably against the headboard of the bed before placing the peacefully snoring Ryeowook atop Yesung's outspread body, preventing any of the older man's movement.
“H-hey, Siwon, how do you expect me to sleep like this?” Yesung stammered with an embarrassed blush creeping over his face.
“I don't” Siwon chuckled darkly as he strolled proudly out the door, sharing a knowing look with Eunhyuk, before heading to his room.
“Bye guys, I'm off to bed. I have church early in the morning tomorrow.” he announced before shutting his door with a firm thud.
“Well, since everyone is slowly disappearing, Kangin and I are going out.” Leeteuk informed the remaining 6 members, though Shindong really didn't hear anything, as he was already deeply engrossed in a Tekken match on the TV.
“To where? For how long? What time will you be back? And who's in charge?” Kibum asked relentlessly.
“Are you coming back with food? And where are Heechul and Hankyung?” Alien Kyu inquired hungrily.
“None of your business. That's up to me. Never, god-willing. Sungmin's in charge. Better question: are we coming back? And they're… never mind. Now, we're out, try not to make trouble while we're gone.” Kangin stated finally and grabbed Leeteuk by the wrist and dragged him away.
Leeteuk, the always- concerned mother, just had to make sure that his precious children would be content while they were gone.
“If you want to order food, use the money in the drawer. Don't open the door to strangers, don't answer the phone without checking the caller ID and, Shindong, don't bully baby Kyu. And remember to brush your_” Leeteuk-mama was cut off abruptly as Kangin finally succeeded in getting him out the door and shutting it firmly.
Since there really was nothing better to do, unless anyone wanted to watch Shindong get his butt handed to him by the computer, maknae Kyu, former maknae Kibum, and never maknae Sungmin entertained themselves by playing a game of Candy Land.
Donghae and Eunhyuk, now left alone, looked at each other questioningly, wondering what to do now…