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Donghae and Eunhyuk, now left alone, looked at each other questioningly, wondering what to do now…
“So…” Donghae said, trying to break the awkward silence that had fallen.
“I have something to show you, so are you coming?” Eunhyuk called over his shoulder while strolling to their shared bedroom.
Donghae had to think over this offer for about half a millisecond. The choices of “playing Candy land with the kids” or “go to the bedroom to see what Eunhyuk was offering to show him,” what a hard decision. Not. He quickly jumped off the couch and followed his special anchovy into the room.
“A fan gave this to me.” Eunhyuk said excitedly as he was holding up a pink sweater with sections for not just one person, but two: a couple sweater, unmistakably.
“But why does this thing have an extra set of arms? Is it for two people? Donghae, come wear it with me!” Eunhyuk pleaded with his best puppy dog eyes, although Donghae really didn't need any convincing.
Donghae slowly pulled the other half of the sweater over his head and looked down at himself to find a pink heart embroidered on the center of his chest and a matching blue one on Eunhyuk's.
“Let's go look at ourselves in the mirror.” Eunhyuk suggested. He and Donghae then tried to synchronize their movements to prevent tripping over each other over the short distance to the mirror.
Oh man, Eunhyuk looks "Super cute..." Donghae uttered without paying much mind until he realized that he had actually said it out loud.
-------END FLASHBACK------
~Back in Kiss Me Café~
"Wait, you called him 'super cute'?" Yunho asked in a mocking tone.
Donghae blushed an adorable tickle-me-pink color and retorted, "What? You've never called your honey anything like that?"
"Of course I have, and they usually embarrass him a lot." Yunho replied with a smile.
"By the way, how have you guys been doing anyway?" Donghae inquired timidly.
"Oh, we're fantastic. It's nearly our 7 year anniversary." stated Yunho proudly.
"Wow! I'm so jealous of your relationship." said Donghae sadly.
"Hey, just remember, 'Always keep the faith'. He and I went through some rough patches as well.”
~In Japan, TVXQ after concert~
3:00 am- Jaejoong awoke with a start and sat up quickly, panting heavily and sweating profusely. Still disoriented, he extracted himself from the balmy covers and made his way to the bed adjacent to his own.
"Whhhaaaatttt?" Yunho groaned, still half-asleep, in response to Jaejoong's insistent shaking.
"Darling!~(said in English) I had a nightmare about Changmin stealing you away from me!" whined Jaejoong with tears glistening at the corners of his eyes.
"What would ever make you think that Changmin has any interest in me, or that that would ever become an issue?" Yunho questioned.
“Don't you see the way that he looks at you, or how he is especially mean to you?” Jaejoong explained.
“How does that indicate any sort of romantic feelings?” asked Yunho obliviously.
“This is why you're the man in our relationship. You'll never understand.” Jaejoong stated while shaking his head slightly.
“OK, no more talking now, because your shoulder makes a very nice pillow.” Yunho droned groggily as he glomped onto his honey's muscular torso.
“Aww, fine.” Jaejoong conceded.
Well, since he's asleep now, I wonder if Yunho is wearing a shirt? Nope, like I thought. Wow, his face is really warm, and his skin is so soft against my bare chest… So awkward, but I like it. Hmm, I need to go buy a new blender when we get back home. I wonder, if there were a cockroach and I moved, would Yunho automatically wake up to kill it, or would I have to shake him awake? By the way, did we run out of milk at home? I should probably go to sleep now if I want to be able to get up before Yunho to beautify myself, since I can't allow him to see my no make-up face yet. Yeah, sleep time now, but did I remember to turn off all the lights in the dorm…Zzzzzz…
7:00 am- Jaejoong's eyes fluttered open at the sound of his phone vibrating while being surprised that Yunho did not stir at the sudden stimulation.
He stealthily maneuvered himself out from under Yunho and gently placed his head against the pillows. Taking his phone with him, Jaejoong made his way to the bathroom to perform his usual routine of primping before Yunho wakes up and sees his no make-up face.
Suddenly, amidst the process of putting on foundation, his text tone, which was Yunho's "Rising Sun" scream, sounded through the bathroom. In a scramble to turn off the sound before it wakes Yunho, Jaejoong accidentally dropped his phone onto the counter, making a loud clacking noise.
“Oh no, that was louder than the music!” Jaejoong whispered angrily. He stealthily peeked out the bathroom door and looked toward the direction of the bed. Seeing that Yunho was still snoozing peacefully, he retreated back into the bathroom to check the phone that caused his distress.
The text read “Hey, so I heard you guys are in Japan too. I'm here with SS501 on tour as well. So I was thinking that since I'm in the area, let's go some breakfast at like 8. Hyun Joong.”
`Oh, Hyun Joong's here too? I should meet up with him. Though, how dare he order me around?' Jaejoong mused in his head.
“So I'm a woman now? What makes you think that I will just go along with what you say?" Jaejoong typed playfully.
Within seconds, a response arrived that simply said, "Because I said so."
"Fine, I'll go. Not because you said so though, I just really want a danish." Jaejoong huffed back in response.
Finished with his beautification, Jaejoong quietly exited the bathroom. He stole a quick glance at the digital clock on the nightstand and quickly noticed the flashing time: 7:45am. What???? In a rush to be on time for his breakfast date, he hustled across the room, threw one leg into his pants, and hopped out the room and into the other leg.
“Damn!” Jaejoong exclaimed as he realized, already in front of the elevator, that he had forgotten his messenger bag—holding his wallet—in the room. Since he was already running late, he decided against sprinting back to the room, and instead opted for making Hyun Joong pay.
Unconsciously, he reached the sidewalk and by the time he snapped out of his daze, the taxi that had been stopped in front of the hotel eagerly accepted another passenger.
Silently cursing his absentmindedness, Jaejoong frantically hailed another taxi and told him to go to I Am Café. Jaejoong fidgeted impatiently in his seat until the café entered his field of vision. He dashed out of the taxi before it had completely stopped once he looked at his watch and saw that the time was 8:05. As he burst through the doors of the café, a hush fell over the once conversing patrons and the gust of wind that resulted from the harsh opening of the door blew Hyun Joong's bangs slightly out of place. Hyun Joong ceased the incessant tapping of his foot and looked up sharply from the menu that he had read over about 12 times in time to see Jaejoong hunched over slightly and panting with a light sheen of sweat glistening on his brow.
Jaejoong hurried over to where Hyun Joong was seated and placed a hand on the table to stabilize himself and catch his breath.
“Chingu, I'm sorry for being late,” Jaejoong huffed breathlessly.
“Don't you chingu me, do you know how long I've been waiting here?? Well, I do! 6 minutes and 42 seconds according to my watch. That's way too long!”
“I already said I was sorry, can't you just get over it and let me order my danish? I left Yunho asleep in the room, and you know how he is when he wakes up and I'm not there,” Jaejoong pouted.
(*AN* ~blah blah blah~ indicates lines said in Japanese)
“Fine then. ~One Americano please~” Hyun Joong directed at the waiter that was not so stealthily eavesdropping on their conversation but finding to his dismay that it was all in Korean.
“~I'd like a danish and a cap..cappu…~”
“~A cappuccino?~” Hyun Joong supplied helpfully.
“~Yeah, what he said~”
“How can you order what you can't understand??”
“Shut up, I would've gotten it eventually.” Jaejoong grouched.
“Whatever, so how have you been recently?”
Time seemed to fly by as they talked animatedly over their steaming cups of caffeine and the nearly finished danish. Little did they know that while they were peacefully enjoying their breakfast, a distressed Yunho was wandering around the streets of Japan looking for his lost Honey.
“JAEJOONG!!!!! Where are you??!!!” Yunho wailed as he ran frantically asking innocent bystanders about his darling's whereabouts and in his confusion forgetting to ask in Japanese.
Fortunately even in his frenzied state, Yunho was still able to spot a massive group of Japanese fangirls huddled in front of a place called I Am Café and recognized it for what it was: a Jaejoong sighting. Without a care in the world, he shoved his way past the danger zone, and in a similar fashion to Jaejoong, burst through the already abused doors and into the café. What he wasn't prepared to see was Jaejoong talking enthusiastically and full of smiles to an unrecognizable stranger in a blue sequined tracksuit.
In a blind rage, Yunho called out, “Ya!! Why did you leave me again?!” as he ripped off his crimson button-down shirt in a show of passion.
Startled, Jaejoong jumped up from the table and turned to confront his lover.
“Are you an idiot?…What are you talking about? When have I ever left you? And why the hell did you rip off your shirt?? Do you want to die? Don't you see the sign up there? It says `No shirt, no shoes, no service'!” Jaejoong ranted angrily.
“He's right sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave unless you happen to have another shirt with you” The café owner explained calmly.
Slowly sobering up from his trance, Yunho looked around, realized where he was, and looked down at his bare chest. As the embarrassment began to sink in, he attempted to shrink behind Jaejoong, but was coldly rebuffed.
“Oh no, don't you come to me, mister. I didn't take you for the kind of maniac that would rip his shirt off in a public place…twice. And no, don't look at me with those eyes, because I can't help you. I won't give you my shirt and I left my bag in the room, so I don't have any spares on me. You're on your own here, and it serves you right for making a fool of both of us, but mostly just yourself.”
“I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I just saw you talking to another guy, and I guess the alpha male in me was trying to make it clear who was the male in charge here.” Yunho said remorsefully.
The unknown stranger finally decided to make everyone aware of his presence again.
“Here, do you want my tracksuit jacket?” Hyun Joong asked innocently.
“Oh, Hyun Joong, it's you. What are you doing here?” Yunho wondered confusedly.
“You must really be an idiot…He's the same person that was sitting across from me!!!” Jaejoong raged.
“Oh…oops, my bad. Umm yeah, Hyun Joong, that jacket might come in handy at the moment. By the way, it's so stylish, where did you get it?”
“Ah, you see, it was handmade by a master craftsman in Italy who made tracksuits for 40 years, stitch by stitch…” Hyun Joong ranted, going into his tracksuit mode.
Yunho graciously accepted the offered tracksuit and marveled out how manly he looked in it, while he and Jaejoong tuned out Hyun Joong, as he was still going on about his various tracksuits: sequined, flowered, leopard print, studded…the list goes on.
-------END FLASHBACK------