Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 1, Chap. 2: Pool Dream ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Pool Dream
The woman looked up at Hallie.
“You don't remember me, do you?” she asked.
“No,” Hallie grumbled. The woman drew back with a modest smile.
“I'm your aunt, Choko,” she said. “I met you when you were a baby.”
“Whatever,” Hallie mumbled. Choko smiled.
“Welcome to Fuji Apartments,” she said. “It's not in the best shape, but I love it so.” Hallie didn't look impressed.
“Right…” she mumbled. Choko clapped her hands together.
“Okay, let's get your things,” she said. She headed to the taxi trunk. Hallie watched as her aunt got out her luggage.
“You'll love the residents here,” Choko went on. `They are great people.” Other people live here?, her niece thought. She's joking, right? Choko got out the last suitcase.
“I'll show you to your room,” she said. Hallie reluctantly followed behind. The inside looked much better. The walls could've used a little paint, but clean otherwise.
“This is the lobby,” Choko said. Hallie tried to tune her out. Why does it matter?, she thought. I doubt I'll get Wi-Fi in this hellhole. They came to the elevator. Choko pushed the up button. The girls boarded and rode up the fifth floor looked like a hospital ward.
“You're at the end of the hall here,” Choko said. They came to apartment 520. The plump woman handed her niece the key.
“Here you are,” she said. “This one has a great view of the city and there is a pool behind the building. Plus, it's a ten minute walk from the beach. Enjoy!” Choko disappeared down the hall. Hallie gritted her teeth. As if!, she thought. She unlocked the door and went inside. Not a bad living space either. Almost like a dorm. This could work for her. But still…
Out of boredom unpacking everything, Hallie wandered out to the outside just to see how much shit she was in in this hellhole. She found herself behind the building, heading out to the pool. The tomboy unlocked the gate and went inside. Hallie took baby steps to the edge and looked down in the water. The coolness below slowly drew out a lost calm within her. Almost immediately she forgot about why she was angry at her parents three days prior. Right now, the world fell away from her. It was just her and the cool water below. Hallie sank to her knees and breathed in the moist nothingness.
But then, her reflection vanished in the ripples. Hallie jerked her head up for the cause.
“Hey! Do you mind?!?” she began to snap. But when she found the cause, all of the words in her mouth vanished with her temper. A boy close to her age dipped a net into the pool, gathering up the bugs. This guy… whew! She had never seen a ripped body before in her life. Usually, Hallie ignored shirtless guys. To her, they seemed full of themselves and craved the attention. Not this guy. Just the dark blue swim trunks did it for her, thanks. His abs made her drool. This reddish-blonde boy looked up at her.
“I'm sorry, did you say something?” he asked. Hallie's cheeks burned a fire red.
“Uh…” she stammered out. “Uh… uh…” The boy raised an eyebrow at her.
“Sorry?” he asked. Hallie rose to her feet as if in a daze. She quickly shook her head.
“Nothing!” she blurted out. Then, poor Hallie ran away with a bright red face and a bitch-slapped pride. The boy stared on as the door to the club house slammed shut.
Strange…, he thought. He went back to cleaning the pool.
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