Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 9, Chap. 53: Final Party ( Chapter 53 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Final Party

Choko had one more plan to make this a memorable summer. Best way to do that? Throw one more party, of course. Her plan began with a text.

Party night! Meet up at the pool @ 7.

Choko smiled at her handy work. Perfect! She went out grocery shopping seconds later.


7:00 p.m.

Choko waited by the pool. She went all out for tonight. As soon as the first person walked through the glass doors, she planned on turning on the paper lanterns and the music. Choko covered her mouth as she squealed. Calm down! They aren't even here yet! The woman took a deep breath.

Right… She looked up when she heard footsteps. Hal looked around at the dim set-up.

“Uh… What is this?” he asked. Choko grinned as she flipped the switch. The brightly colored paper lanterns lit up the pool area.

“Welcome!” she exclaimed. “You have arrived at Fuji Apartments' End of Summer Bash!” The pool boy gave her a strange look.

“Huh?” he asked. Choko leapt to her feet, arms out.

“Relax, take a swim,” she said. “Just enjoy tonight.” The landlady sat back on her beach chair.

“Okay…” Hal mumbled. The residents all showed up one by one, rather confused. The music pounded through the big black and purple speakers.

“Welcome!” Choko greeted them. “Enjoy this lovely sendoff summer.” She walked over to the refreshment table.

“You've got sodas, pizzas, ice cream, and other good stuff!” She walked over to the pool. “Enjoy a swim in our beloved pool! Just have fun!” The tenants stared blankly.

“Come on!” Choko shouted. “Live a little! Summer will be over soon! At least try the pizza!” Hallie dropped her shoulders.

“Well, I am a bit hungry,” she muttered. The tomboy walked over to the food table and picked up a slice. Choko watched intently as she took the first bite.

“How is it?” she asked. Hallie nodded as she ate.

“Good?” her aunt asked. Her niece nodded while eating. Choko clapped her hands together.

“You heard the girl!” she said. “Help yourselves! Eat! Eat!” Uneasy, the tenants each took a slice teriyaki chicken pizza. Just as Choko hoped, the pizza was all it took to liven up the party. Choko smiled as the chatter became swallowed into the music. Reggie kissed Heather on the cheek over a bag of chips. Evie sat on Jack's lap as he played his guitar. Hallie and Dustin talked near the pool. The boys ate, swam, and danced to the music. Choko sat back in her chair as she realized something. I'm going to miss nights like this. They are going to leave me. She sighed and shook her head.

It can't be helped, I guess. Choko rose her glass. “To summer!” She laughed before finishing off her drink.

I Won't Give Up That Ghost