Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Becoming X ❯ Vol. One, Chap. Two: Tesko Suicide ( Chapter 2 )

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Tesko Suicide
*Nightmare Begins*
They all sat in the main office. It was dark but she could still see their faces. He sat at the head of the table. His eyes glowed like hot coals in night. He grinned a demonic grin as they all sat down.
She pretended to be looking out the window so she could listen. They all talked fast but she caught every word of it.
“I see,” he was saying. “So we need to sponge out the little cock-suckers!” He paused for a moment then said:
“We'll just send out a hit man to do that job.” “We can just use Sol for the job.” one gangster spoke up. He frowned and shook his head. “They're not worth her time.” he replied.
Then, red locks fell to the cold hard dark floor. They all turned. “I am not some woman to be a killer!!!” she yelled. Then, she stormed away.
*End of Nightmare*
Kim awoke in a cold sweat. Not this again. Why now after so long? What did it want?
Right then, Kim felt something touch her. She quickly jerked her head. It was only Chachi. He was still dead asleep. Kim seemed lost at why he was here. But then she remembered last night. Strangely, a smile came to her face. It couldn't be explained. But she actually liked their steamy adventure last night. The guy wasn't that attractive. He was just an average Joe. He even smelt of booze and cigarettes. But yet…
Just then, Chachi began to wake up. Kim kept quiet. She just watched. This would be an interesting must-see.
Chachi slowly opened his eyes. He saw Kim sitting beside him smiling. “Ohayoo.” his one-night wife said. Chachi eyed her at first. His head was swimming. What happened last night?
Then it hit Chachi! He had nailed this fox! That was a great night in months.
“Hey fox!” Chachi replied. Kim just smiled.
“See you again soon?” Kim asked as she watch him dress. “Maybe.” Chachi replied. Kim's face went flat. “Explain that.” she said flatly. Chachi stared at her through the mirror. “Well,” he began. “You're a woman. And women are something like toys you play with once. But some, you keep playing with for fun.”
Kim grew bitter at that statement. “And what would I be?” she snapped. Chachi turned to her. His face close to hers.
“I'm not telling yet.” Chachi whispered. Kim's anger heightened. She shoved him away, got dressed, and stormed out of the room. Chachi watched her leave.
In truth, Chachi didn't know what he saw Kim as yet. Would he ever find out? As of right now, probably not. But maybe later. Right now, time to be a nobody now. Chachi decided to wait for Kim to return once she cooled down. He didn't know why, but he sat on the bed and waited.
Phone me and I'll hang up
Sick and tired of being bubble gum chewed up
Dark lane bleak house shrinking rose, You're over and out
Tie a cherry bootstring, put your candy teeth in
Choking on a sweet heart, hang up, hang up, hang up
Go on girls—solo
Go on girls—take a chance,
Go on girls—trust it.
Go on girls—the truth is….
“Women as toys!” Kim mumbled to herself as she drove her truck down the street. “Ridiculous!” She should have known! Men were all the same! But yet…
Kim shook her head wildly. “Damn!” she thought. “There should be a law against loving dogs like him!” Then Kim sped her truck up some.
Chachi was about to doze off when the phone rang. He lied still and let it ring. “Moshi-Moshi,” the answering machine said when it cut on. “I'm not in right now. Leave a message after the tone.” Then the machine beeped hard. Moshi-Moshi Sol,” a chilling male's voice hissed on the answering machine. “Or should I say, `Kim'. Anyway, we have found you. We are coming for you, Sol. You know too much to live. We have to kill you. I'm sorry, Sol-chan.” Then the phone hung up. The answering machine light flashed.
Chachi sat up pale. Kim was Sol? Did she even know? And who just called?
An urge rushed inside Chachi. He had to warn Kim. But about what? And why did he care? It didn't matter, Chachi had to save Kim! But where could he look for her? Screw it! That didn't matter now. Kim needed him now! Chachi leapt to his feet and rushed out the door.
Cut your hair, wear a chip on your shoulder
Get ahead, get laid, get it over
Cheap show, back seat martyr's pose, you're over and out
I'm checking out of my senses, buying best defenses
Putting on the trousers, hang up, hang up, hang up
Go on girls—solo
Go on girls—take a chance
Go on girls—trust it
Go on girls—the truth is…
So so… Single… So low… The truth is…
Kim drove on, unaware of her fate. She had calmed down some. Kim was now on the freeway. Her head seemed empty. She began to be lost in her head. A dark forest danced in heavily.
*Flashback Starts*
“Sol is perfectly fit for this job.” one thug said. “Yeah,” another one chimed in. “We can just use Sol for the job.” The others nodded in unison. He frowned and shook his head. “They're not worth her time.” he replied. “She's too pretty for such a bloodbath.”
Too pretty?!? Too pretty?!? She had killed for him for years. Now, she was too pretty for a kill?
Then, her red locks fell to the floor. The men all turned to her. She stood with her fists clinched. “I am not just some woman to be a killer!!!” she yelled. Then she stormed away.
*End of Flashback*
Kim became so startled that she about ran off the road. The woman caught herself in time. Kim panted hard. Her head started to hurt. “Damn!” Kim thought.
Then, she heard someone honk at her. Confused, Kim looked around. A taxi pulled up behind her truck. A man stepped out of it. Kim rolled her eyes as she watched. It was Chachi.
Kim wanted to drive off in a second. But what did he want? She decided to wait and see.
Chachi strolled up to the truck window. Kim turned to him bitterly. “What?!?” she hissed. “Listen to me,” Chachi spoke up. “You are in grave danger. Some guy wants to kill you.” Silence came and pasted. Kim tried hard not to laugh. Chachi caught her instantly.
“What the hell is so damn funny?!?” he snapped. Kim just broke into laughter. Chachi grew pissed. He wanted to slap the board hard.
Kim stopped laughing and looked up. “Real cute,” she said. “Do you really expect me that bull? Though, I have to get it to you. Chasing me all the way to nowhere to play hero. That's kind of cute.” Chachi's anger flared at that statement. He forced open the truck and yanked Kim out of it. “Hey!” she yelled. “Let go, you son of a bitch!” Chachi pushed her against the taxi and trapped her. Kim wanted to deck him.
“Listen tramp!” Chachi yelled. “Someone's out to kill you! Why are you called Sol?” Kim froze hard. Sol. That name brought a pain to her soul. But why? And who was Sol?
Then, Kim jerked her head up. She looked around. Chachi grew concerned. “What's…” he began to say. Kim quickly covered his mouth. “Someone's here!” she hissed. The thug kept quiet.
All was still at first. Kim listened closely. Then, she paused hard. “Chachi,” the broad said in a serious tone. “Back up from me in ten steps.” “Why?” the drifter questioned. “Just do it!” Kim snapped. “Fine.” Chachi mumbled. He stepped back reluctantly.
Kim breathed in hard. She held up hands and focused her energy into her palms. A harsh ray shot out from the bush in front of the broad. Kim grinned. “Sol no bi!” she yelled. A light formed in her hands. The broad shot the light off like a cannon. The sun-like energy flew out rapidly and disintegrated the bush into pieces.
Chachi stood in shock. Clearly, this was not a normal broad. Who was she? What was she?
Kim continued battling the laser cannon gun. Both didn't seem to be giving out. Kim kept firing out her “solar powers”. She seemed weak. But the broad kept fighting. This seemed to go on fruitlessly.
But then, Kim took in a deep breath, held her right hand up, and began chanting. Chachi watched on. Kim grinned again. “Sol bean hemorrhage!!!” she yelled. A light formed around her and swirled real fast. Kim moved forward and shot the light to the laser cannon gun. The intense light blew up and burned the gun to pure ash. Kim smirked. “Eat that, pigs!” she said in a weak voice. Then the broad collapsed to the ground. Chachi rushed forward and grabbed her. He dragged her to the taxi and threw her in.
Chachi jumped in beside her. “Take us to the clinic!” he ordered the driver. Terrified after what he saw, the driver nodded and obeyed in a heartbeat.
You want the day to fit to a soundtrack
Get a story, get a life, and get back
You've got nothing to shout about
You're over and out
I'm checking out of my senses, Buying best defenses
Fired up on free-will, hang up, hang up, hang up
Go on girls—solo
Go on girls—take a chance,
Go on girls—trust it,
Go on girls—the truth is…
So so… Single… So low… The truth is…
So so… Single… So low… The truth is…
You're Over and Out