Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Becoming X ❯ Vol. One, Chap. Four: Becoming X ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Becoming X
The sun began to rise the next morning. Chachi walked through the hospital quietly. His guard shift was over. Usually, the man was just a drifter again. But now. But now. Now, he had another duty.
Chachi came to room 817. He slowly opened the door. Kim was awake already. She was sitting up in bed looking out the window. Her profile was just as smoking as ever. Chachi stepped forward and cleared his throat. Kim looked up at him.
Chachi: Good to see you awake.
Kim looked away.
Kim: Am I still just a woman to you?
Chachi smiled.
Chachi: No.
Kim turned back to him.
Kim: Good.
Chachi stepped close.
Chachi: Why was that thing after you?
Kim looked away again.
Kim: I don't know.
Chachi: Oh.
Kim just looked out the window again.
You can keep breathing,
I only fall when you are near me
Incomplete, I only when can hear me,
Keep dreaming can't wake up until I'm sleeping, Lost on me,
Close to something I'll never be
Close to something I'll never be
If I just stay here, close my eyes can you still see me?
Obsolete, very nearly something to see
Still see me, I can't wake up for sleeping
Incomplete, very nearly something to be
Chachi: So what are you going to do now?
Kim still looked out the window.
Kim: I don't know.
Chachi: That machine's maker will be after you again.
Kim: I know that.
Chachi: So what are you going to do?
Kim: I don't know.
Chachi stepped forward.
Chachi: Let me protect you, then.
Kim tried not to laugh as she looked at him.
Kim: You? I can take care of myself, arigato!
Chachi: I know that! But who's going to care for you when your power runs out?
Kim: Don't baby me! Why do you care so much?
Chachi paused. Why did he care so much? Was he in love with Kim? That couldn't be, could it?
Chachi: I don't know why I care. I just feel like I have to be with you somehow. Just take me with you, please?
Kim looked out the window again.
Kim: Fin. But we will need money and a car.
Chachi: How do we get those?
Kim turned to him.
Kim: I all ready have that figured out.
Very nearly something to be
You can keep trying; drown in sleep to be flying
See for Mils, something that I wanted to be
I can't wake this dream, prototype ends up has been
Incomplete, the consequence of something to be
Close to Something I'll Never Be