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Capricious Infection

Act 31: To Awaken

By: Melissa Norvell


David blinked, a little taken aback by Dante's question. A familiar sense shot through his body and he felt warm, like something was tingling his insides. "Why would you ask me that?" After all, Dante was so jealous of Oz he was practically green. How was he supposed to answer that question? It felt like a trap saying one answer or the other.

"Because of what you said before we started to play Twisted Land. Oz is the first person I've seen you that happy around." If there wasn't something between them, Dante would be damned to hell and back. David felt something for him, and he wanted to be clear as to what.

"That's just...I don't know," David struggled with his emotions for a moment, his eyes trembling pathetically behind those shades that were so conveniently working to mask how uncertain and vulnerable he was.

"I sort of feel the same way about Tarvos. It's fucking awkward," Dante turned his head reluctantly to the side as a tiny reed flush adorned his cheeks. Things in their relationship was...complicated.

"It must be for you. Your soul is definitely pitied. You went through a bigger change than I did." At least he was still human. Dante on the other hand, had undergone a complete transformation into an alien species. He had to adjust to a new body, and the revelation that he had started all of the time warps and rips in space. There was always the aspect of Diablo and dealing with a past that wasn't exactly his own. David was glad he didn't have his problems.

"We really haven't talked much since we met the Dius race. We've just been shitting around in our own toilet," Dante sighed, running a hand through his messy, black hair.



"You're not really straight anymore, are you?" If he was showing interest in the reaper and things were complicated than that meant that he liked him in a way that exceeded friendship.

Dante sighed; a deep-set frown plastered his face. "Probably not. I was horrified when Tarvos told me about us, but now I just kind of accept it, and accepting that death has a thing for you takes a lot of gumption. When I talk to him though, I feel something. I can tell that he had feelings for me, and that he probably still does. I don't know if I'll even get used to him molesting me or not but I bear with it. Maybe the old me felt that too. Maybe I was afraid of commitment and used that chaos shit to play off of my own insecurities. I want to borrow your Time Sword sometime, so I can go back in time and punch myself in the face."

"Have you ever kissed him?" David was a little curious.

"I would chop off his lips if he dared to try," Dante grumbled as he clenched a fist tightly. Just thinking about such an action made him want to strange that grim reaper. How he despised the Dius...but at the same time, he longed for his company.

Then a thought came to his mind. That hideous smile with all of those long, pointed, needle-like teeth made him cringe visibly as a look of horror crossed his visage. "Besides, have you seen his fucking teeth? Not what I want to see coming at my mouth ever."

David looked thoughtful as a moment of silence passed between them. Blue eyes stared into orange.

"What?" Dante was starting to get uncomfortable with the intensity that his friend was staring at him with.

"No, I can't ask you that," David turned his head away, looking across the floor.

Now the half-Dius was curious. "Just say it and stop finger fucking my curiosity."

His human turned his head back to him. "Have you ever wondered what it was like?"

A black eyebrow quirked. He couldn't believe David was asking him something like that. "What the hell, David?"

The boy's voice took on a slight nervous edge as he averted his eyes. "If not, that's cool too." When he thought about it that was probably a stupid question to ask someone like Dante. What was he thinking?

Dante yanked his head to the side, a slightly flush stained his cheeks and he felt a rush of emotion bubble up in the pit of his stomach. His chest constricted. "Stop insinuating stupid shit. Do you know how stupid that was? It was rock-hard stupid. It goes beyond a whole new dimension of stupid. It probably has its own paradox of stupid. No intellect could escape its grasp. Meta-stupid. Quasar stupid. Blazing hot mid-day sun on Mercury stupid. It's a primordial fragment of the big-bang of stupid."

Dante continued to complain as David sat up, inching in towards his face. "I want to know if I feel anything from it. I won't sell you out, bro." There was something about his voice. It dropped an octave and sounded low and seductive somehow.

Dante felt himself grow nervous but a part of him was excited as well. "You're fucking serious."

"It's awkward for me, too." There is was. That same low, smooth voice. He sounded like he was dazed or something.

Dante averted his eyes, trying to fight the feelings that were all too quickly overcoming him. Orange pupils looked to his friend, then away and back and forth as his thoughts ran at a hundred miles an hour. Should he do it? Should they cross that line of being friends into something sexual? It was just an experiment, right?

That's what he wanted to trick himself into thinking, but in hindsight David was someone special to him. This was the guy that he trusted with his feelings and his darkest secrets. That's what this was. It was a secret that only the two of them would share.

"Fine, just once," he kept his eyes averted, "besides, maybe it'll help me too."

He felt David's hand gently caress the back of his head as they drew into a simple kiss at first. The two of them tried to find their ground, and tried to make things less clunky and awkward as they explored each other's lips. After they were used to it, things got serious and their simple kiss turned into a parting of the lips and insertion of the tongue. Before they knew it, they were both submerged into a passionate French kiss.

Dante paused momentarily before they went back to a simple kiss. The half-Dius wrapped an arm around the human's neck, running a clawed hand through his black hair as they pulled apart. Both of them were lightly panting as they gazed at each other's flushed expressions.

"That was...fucking intense," Dante said between pants.

"You're a good kisser," David complimented.

"Well, did you find out what you wanted to know?"

"Sort of."

"What kind of fly-blown waste of an answer was that?" Dante frowned. What the hell did he mean, sort of? They just kissed for god knew how long, and it was enough for him to get an idea at least.

His friend laid down, his hand sliding down the half-Dius' face. Dante propped himself above the boy with a hand sat on his chest and his elbow on the ground. The human's knee was up, positioned between Dante's legs and the other leg was down. "We should probably stop," David spoke. Even he knew that this was playing a risky game.


"Because...I'll want more if I don't," his voice trailed off. A part of David didn't want to admit that, but he felt he should let Dante know. His friend was addictive, and now that he had tasted him, he would be driven to explore more if they continued and things would escalate from there.

Dante blushed, frustration evident on his face as he teased the boy below him. "What? You like that, you ass honker?"

"I think I found out why I was never attracted to girls. When I kiss you, it's intense. I feel a burning in my chest..." A smile crept to his face. "It's exciting and sexy."

"Do you have to stare right into my fucking eyes when you say that, you dick wad?" Dante's heart fluttered at the intensity of his friend's stare and that stupid grin on his face. Why did David have to be so...sexy?

"It's like, holy shit. I've been gay all along."

"Thanks for the deduction, Sherlock," Dante grumbled lowly, barely moving his mouth.

"You already thought so?" Somehow David was surprised by this. He thought that his facade was virtually flawless.

"I always called you a flaming, cum-guzzling, puke boy who lived in the Queerassic Age didn't I?" Granted, Dante had done so as a joke but this moment only made the joke have relevance.

"Bro, I never know when you mean it or you're just flinging bullshit around," Dante always fucked with him. How was he supposed to decipher his cryptic language of insults?

I'm your best friend, I wouldn't lie." Never had Dante acted more serious than he did at that moment.

"Thank you," the black-haired boy smiled up at him.

"For what? Kissing your yellow-crusted, wart-infected lips?" Dante felt hands behind him once again and his head was lowered down

"You're a fucker," David said, his lips brushing against his friend's as they closed the gap between them kissing each other in a slow, passionate way.

"Seems like that's what you want to do," Dante murmured against his lips.

"No, my insides feel like someone regurgitated them and sowed them back together. Maybe I feel like making out a little, but gay sex kind of freaks me out right now," he wasn't quite ready to go that extra mile, as he was just now exploring his sexuality. David wanted to take things slow before jumping head long into the deep blue.

Dante smiled darkly, " never, you jackass."

"I need to rest anyway, and probably think about some shit." Right now, everything was new and David was trying to get his bearings on what had happened. He had crossed the line and accepting the terms of what he had just done required heavy thought process on what he would do next and how the rest of his life would pan out.

"Yeah," Dante sighed.

Pulling a pillow under his head, David felt a pressure on his hips and yanked his vision back to see that Dante was now straddling him, looking down at him with those bright, orange eyes. His breath hitched in his throat before his spoke in a low, shocked tone. "Dante?"

"Shut up and let's make out," his friend smiled. Maybe there was something he needed to explore as well, and he had to admit that he felt something burning in his loins, a desire and passion that he wanted to explore. His unsettled feelings for men needed to be quelled and decided and there was no better way to do it than to make the best of his current situation.

David's body locked up below him. The human was shocked that he had been the one to make a move, and somehow seeing him there, looking like a fly, snared in the jaws of a Venus Fly Trap made his chest burn and a twisted smile creep onto his face. "Uh...you serious, bro?"

Dante bent over him, hovering over his face as his hair fell around his face. "I want to figure this shit out, too. Besides, you were in that conversation. I feel like a fucking outcast," his once twisted smile, warped into a frown.

His conflicting sorrow and anger was soon quelled by a hand caressing the side of his face, stroking the skin slowly. "This will be between you and me. Nothing bad about experimenting, right?" David's voice was soothing and kind, prodding him in all of the right directions.

"Tarvos would never let me live this down," Dante didn't even want to think about what that reaper would do to him, knowing what he was about to do. He had put up such a resistance to him in the past that if he came out as actually wanting to seek male companionship, the Dius would be sure to remind him of earlier times for the rest of his days.

That's just the kind of person Tarvos was.

"I don't even know what Oz would think," David mused to himself. It wasn't like he ever knew what Oz thought in the first place.

"Who gives a fuck? Don't think about him right now." The last thing Dante wanted to be reminded of was that Time-loving asshole. David held him too highly in his opinion.

"This will be paying you back for saving me," that's what David decided. If he needed an excuse as to what this meant that would be the one he'd use. He then felt arms hook under his back, holding him as the two rolled over and switched positions. Now Dante was beneath him, looking up at him.

"I don't want to crush you with my bony ass," out of the two of them, David was lighter framed and had a less developed body. Dante was more muscular and not so much as thin. His human friend's body was lean and his upper body had developed strength from using a sword unlike Dante who was thin, yet well-muscled.

"I'll always be your friend," there would never be any regrets for David.

"Yeah, I care about your stagnant, douchebag ass, too," the half-Dius smiled warmly at the other male. His emotion bled through to his eyes, which glistened with emotion.

Lying down on top of the horned male, David pressed their bodies together, allowing his hands to roam over his friend's body as they caressed every crevice and curve of his muscle structure. Just then, something popped into his mind that he remembered being explained to him by Oz. "Friends can be in a romantic relationship in your race, right? So is it legit to say I love you?"

"I want to be sure that I can be faithful to whoever I put there," Dante planted burning kisses up the boy's pale neck, occasionally licking his skin, tasting it and adorning it with small nips. "I do love you, though. I always have. You're the best friend I've ever had and you being gay won't change it."

David's hands ran under the black t-shirt that his friend wore; his hands went over his rippled stomach and trailed up to his chest. "I always questioned it, but I never did it. I guess I'm wrapped up in the status quo. It is kinda stupid when I think about it."

"No fucking shit?"


"If I ever want a stratos, I'll ask you first." That would be a promise.

"I'm honored," the boy smiled and actually looked happy and content. It was a rare time that David allowed himself to let loose of his cool guy facade and was able to actually be himself.

Dante continued to kiss down his chest and momentarily pulled away from what he was doing, his lips brushed against his skin. "You better be. By the way, I'm sorry about Ayumi."

David paused, his eyes widened a little and he felt himself overcome with emotion. This was something that had hurt him for a long time. He felt betrayed by Dante over the incident in the past with his classmate, and her death made things a little harder on him. Frowning, his voice took on a sorrowful tone. "I don't want to think about her right now. I feel like shit already."

Averting his eyes, Dante's voice was low. "I feel guilty about it."

"Then make it up to me," there didn't need to be any words for this apology. It needed to be unspoken. It needed to be from the heart. David wanted to feel his apology.

Smiling against his skin, his partner decided that he was right. "I can do that, if you trust me."

"Depends, what do you want to do?" David arched an eyebrow. No doubt Dante had underlying motives.

"It's a sex position called the inversion," his words pierced his friend's ears, causing his blush to return. David's look then hardened after its initial shock.

"I thought I said no-"

"Shut the fuck up and let me explain it to you before you go pissing yellow into chickenshitdom. Now, you fucking lay there and pull your pants off. No way am I doing this shit through jeans. I love my reproductive organs too much to get them pinched off," Dante grumbled. He hoped that David would just go with it and decide to take his pants off without question, then again he knew his friend a little better than that.

"Just my pants?"

"Yes, you dumb fuck," Dante removed himself from his friend's form as David slowly took off his pants. He had no idea where this was going, but the boy felt butterflies swarm in his stomach. Dante then instructed him to lay down with his legs spread open.

As David did so, he eyed the half-Dius suspiciously. "No surprise blowjobs-"

"Fuck you, I wouldn't put that in my mouth if I were drunk, high and brain-dead." How dare he think that's what he was even going to do. It wasn't that the thought hadn't passed through his head during this course of time but now that David mentioned it, he wasn't even going to bother. That killed all of the surprise.

"That's harsh-" David was cut off as Dante climbed between his legs seductively in his red boxers. He made sure that their parts were lined up before he lowered himself onto the boy, only to feel something hard prod him.

Dante punched his friend in the shoulder as a furious look crossed his visage, "you fucker!"

David blushed in embarrassment, the sensation burned his cheeks. "Told you, bro. I'm turned on."

His hands were taken and fingers laced with clawed ones. Their hands were held tightly as Dante continued to explain what they were about to do. He was going to grind against him in a sexual position there was technically sex without penetration. He wanted to make things up to him in that manner. David continued to blush as he felt his friend's body against him.

"Go ahead, I mean, it's like mutual masturbation and stuff." It turned out that it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be, since there would be no penetration. It quelled his nervous feelings down.

"Sort of," Dante agreed. "We both need to take the edge off. Just be quiet. We don't want to get caught." That would be embarrassing as hell. He didn't want to think about whatever was to come for them, nor could even have possibly come up with an explanation as to what they were doing and why.

"If I get loud, just put your hand over my mouth." It would be better than having everyone hear him moaning and yelling. Come to think of it, that would also be kind of sexy having some guy put his hand over his mouth as they screwed senseless.

This was only turning him on more.

Dante began to rock back and forth and the sensation spread throughout his body as their hips ground together. David squirmed beneath him, the burning resonated from his loin and pleasure coursed through his body like vital fluids. He hissed out the word fuck as his breath escalated.

"Fuck the kissing, this shit is intense," Dante replied between breaths as he continued to grind his hips against him at a steady pace.

"Man, I don't think I can last long," David gripped his hands tightly as he spoke through a strained breath. "Where did you learn this?"

"On a website. I wanted to spice up my sex life with this one girl I was dating," Dante explained his method as he continued to grind against him. Prying his hands away from David's he ran them down his own body skinny body and rested on the alien's hips and instructed him to move him however he wanted to. He could be rough as fuck for all he cared; he just wanted David to fuck him.

David continued to move Dante's hips at the same, steady motion. "Damn, this feels good," he purred out as a haze came over him. There was no turning back now. This was going to be seen through to the end.

Dante grabbed the covers in front of him, clenching them tightly in his hands. He then took off the boy's glasses, revealing his vibrant, blue eyes. "I want to see your fucking eyes for once."

David moaned lowly as Dante sat the glasses down and kissed his neck feverishly as he produced a noise of his own. He turned his head, his voice reverberated in the human's ear drum, his voice low and seductive in his ear and dripping with passion. "I never thought I'd like this feeling, but fuck."

"Damn...this can get dangerous," David agreed. "I am definitely gay because I'm thinking that this is pretty fucking hot. I've also come to the conclusion that the male body turns me on. Feeling it against me, and holding it justifies that."

"I've always thought you were good-looking, if any fucks are given." It was something that Dante couldn't deny. David was a beautiful male, a real looker who could catch the attention of any woman from miles away.

David flushed, "well, it's kind of embarrassing but, sometimes I'd stare at you too long. I felt weird as hell but I couldn't tell you. I think I had a crush on you. Like hell I'd ever tell you." It was one of his darkest secrets, and one that he'd never admit in any other situation. In truth, David admired his friend from afar and held certain affection for him that blurred the lines of friendship. However, he knew that his friend was straight and he wasn't planning on revealing that to him at all, but now was a good time for that confession.

"When was this?" Now that everything was out in the open, Dante had questions.

"Back when we were freshmen," David admitted.

"That's when I dated Sayaka. You never seemed to like her." Maybe that was why David didn't like the girl he was dating. Suddenly, everything made sense now.

David moved the half-Dius' hips faster and Dante slapped a hand over his own mouth, moaning loudly and muffling himself before he removed his hand and cursed, "you fucker!"

"Stop turning me off," David grunted in irritation.

Dante jerked his hips and slapped a hand over his friend's mouth as he arched and called out as his voice was quickly muffled. The half-Dius didn't stop there, still irritated, his lust swimming through his head he continued to jerk his hips as David's hands left his hips and his fingers dug into the sheets as he called out with each thrust. A smirk adorned his face. The human was squirming furiously beneath him.

"I want you to beg me to stop," the horned boy smirked.

He continued his assault, jerking his hips against his helpless victim, who was letting out muffled screams of ecstasy as he bucked his body against him. Soon, long legs wrapped around his waist, pulling them closer.

Dante snickered, "you're a touchy little bastard. So sensitive," he teased the boy as he took his hand from his mouth and let him pant.

"I'm close."

"So am I," Dante smiled. "Let's go together."

"I'll try," David wasn't going to make any promises. His body did what it wanted to do and at this rate, he wasn't going to stop it.

The two continued to grinded against each other, so much that someone would think that they were trying to make a link through their hips. One of them occasionally jerking their hips, causing the other to slap a hand over their mouth as they moaned in pleasure, writhing and bucking against each other with primal passion. David began to gyrate his hips and Dante moaned, the pleasure was so intense that his toes curled.



"This feels amazing."

Suddenly, Dante took his clawed hand and drug it down the boy's chest, leaving red marks in its wake that caused blood to slowly creep to the surface. David slapped his hand over his mouth, grunting in a mix of pleasure and pain. The half-Dius ran his tongue along the fresh cuts, lapping up the blood as David felt a stinging sensation. "Even if we aren't stratos, we can still do this. It keeps me from the shit going on in my head." Dante murmured against his skin.

"It'll be our secret, locked tighter than a top secret military document," David responded through ragged breaths.

"Only when we need it. Let's not make this a habit."

"Yeah, like when we're super stressed. You know, I didn't even know I was this stressed until we did this." When David thought about it, he really had been going through a lot. His fight with Boxcars, the struggle with his sexuality, and all of the events that came about to produce the apocalypse, having to kill to survive and move around, not to mention training with Oz and the use of the Time Sword. All of those things put a lot of stress on him and he hadn't realized it. He merely adapted in order to survive.

"Speak for your fucking self. I felt like everyone hated me," Dante still did. He had gone through such radical change, and when he truly thought about it all he did was screw things up for everyone.

David gripped Dante's muscular shoulders and kissed him, moaning into his mouth as they both shuttered against each other. The boy pulled away, a string of saliva trailed from his mouth to Dante's as they panted heavily, their mixture of hot breath beat against each other's faces.

"Fuck...I forgot you were hurt..." Dante said lowly in nearly a whisper. This whole time he had been going at it like an animal, never realizing that Lannad's healing hadn't completely made him better.

"I can't feel it that bad now, though I'm afraid to move." To be truthful, David was caught up in the moment as well and forgot to mind his injuries. He hoped that he didn't hurt himself more than he already was. He was lucky that Lannad knew healing magic or he would have been in worse condition from his earlier fight with Boxcars.

"We should clean up," Dante suggested that they do that before they decided to fall asleep or got too comfortable.

"In a few minutes, I think it's still coming out."

Dante frowned. "I didn't need to know that."

"So..." David looked thoughtful regarding Dante's transformation. "Is your like...a weird color or something?"

"Since my body is human, I doubt it." That was his way of saying no.

"It'd be weird if you were like, full fucking Diablo and you had alien parts." When he thought about it, that sort of would have been sexy. Then David could have had the experience of some kind of weird means of procreation. He was fascinated with the Dius race and the fact that their culture was so different than his. To him, the experience was something he wanted. It was taboo, and sexy.

Dante was unamused. "No it wouldn't. Keep your fucking fetishes to yourself."

"What do you guys have? I mean, down there." Now he was curious.

Dante blushed and jerked his head away. Like he was going to dignify him with an answer. "I don't fucking know, ask Tarvos, I'm sure he'd tell you about his weird ass genitalia. I just have normal, human stuff."

"I'd totally sex you up as Diablo." David smiled and now that his face was free of those shades, Dante could see just how impish his expression was.

"Diablo would use you, just like he did the others." That wasn't sexy at all. It would only be an experience of self-indulgence. That was toxic. Why would he even say that?

"I'll write that down in my notebook of things I'll try to give a fuck about," David shrugged nonchalantly, as if it didn't even bother him and in truth, it didn't.

"Should have fucked him in the Null Zone."

A smile crept to David's face. "I'd totally blow him."

"Stop it!" Dante shouted in anger. "I don't want to hear that! Not from you, not after this...because mental images."

David waved in dismissal at his friend's fit of frustration. "Okay, okay, enough bullshitting. Let's clean this mess up."

Dante agreed. Whatever made him get off of such a ridiculous subject. He began to pick up his pants as he tried to rid himself of the mental images that crept into his mind with clarity of him performing a certain sexual act to his former persona, Diablo.

After they had managed to clean up their mess and change into more suitable clothes, David exited the room, shutting the door behind him and turned to see Oz, staring at him with a serious expression plastered to his face.

"Hey, what's wrong, bro?" David questioned with the arch of an eyebrow.

"Can we talk, just you and me?"

"Sure, what do you want to talk about?"

...To Be Continued