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Capricious Infection

Act 32: Ares' Wrath

By: Melissa Norvell


The massive, black factory loomed high in the darkened skies, occasionally illuminated by the stray blast of magic from the massive war below. It stood as a dark giant among the other war ships that flew through the skies, and on the edge of the floating fortress, Sawtooth stood, gazing at the sights down below, his true visage left to mystery by the massive bird head that covered half of his face.

Sensing a great wave of anger wash over him, he turned his sights to Ares, who wore a mixture of sorrow and anger about his presence, including the look on his face. Turning from the railing, he faced the Dius. "What's wrong, Warrior King?"

"Why did he have to bring him up here?" Ares grumbled, vexed at the mere presence of that Diablo reincarnate.

"You must really hate him." While the observation was obvious, Sawtooth threw it out there for conversational purposes.

"That's a nice term for how I really feel," Ares clenched his clawed fist and bore his teeth in revulsion. Everything about both Dante and Diablo was enough to set his blood ablaze. If he had the right mindset, he'd blast them where they stood in an instant.

Sawtooth cocked his head. "What happened between you two anyway? If you don't mind telling me."

After thinking for a few moments, Ares decided that it wouldn't be so bad to confide in the bird suit. After all, they'd been partners for a while now and barely spoke at times. It would be better to confide in someone who had no biased opinion on his past, so why not? "As the Warrior King, I embody the physical valor and success in war. Fear and terror were etched into my DNA and I was a dangerous force. Oz has always been proud of me, then again I am his technical second offspring. I was not created; I was actually birthed into the world. He called me insatiable in battle. That's why my name is Ares. It means bone, curse, ruin, imprecation...My intelligence, physical strength, resilience and prowess is unrivaled even by Oz himself." The Dius smiled to himself and puffed out his chest in pride. "I met Diablo in the meeting hall. As one who controls war, I need no fixed alliances, just as Tarvos and Diablo were not supposed to. Our race was in war with the Diodes, whose planet was recently conquered by us. I overcame them easily, even though their race was far superior to the Dius by light-years. However, after many sweets of the sun, being a unified nation under Dius law, they were secretly building up a vicious counterstrike. Their plan was to conquer the race who once had been their captor."

Memories began to well up in his thinking organ, filling him with nostalgia as the past repeated itself in the confines of his inner workings.

Oz faced the Warrior King, his arms behind his back and that ever-serious expression adorning his features. "Ares, I know you won't let me down. I am counting on you to battle for the Dius side in this war. You're a critical piece in the victory over the Diodes."

Ares closed his eyes and smiled with confidence. "Of course, Oz, my loyalties lay within these boundaries. After all, you are my birth well bringer. I wouldn't think of putting your name to shame."

The two of them traveled down the long hallway and made their way outside of their headquarters, which was a large, dome-shaped white building with round, submarine windows and long, tubular connections that looked like walkways.

Diablo smiled wickedly beneath his robes.

Tarvos cackled. "Fun shit! Fun shit! I can't wait to bathe in organs, sweat and blood."

"It will be interesting indeed," Diablo folded his well-built arms over his chest. His ragged, black cape waved around him, the ripped bits accented his muscles and fluttered across them like the light touches of fingers along his white skin.

"It'll be another victory for the Dius race, plain and simple. I'd be a fool to let a race we conquered conquer us back." Ares said as he walked over to the two Dius, who had awaited him out on one of the massive patios of the establishment, comprised of a blue, round rock.

"I plan on wreaking a little havoc. Remember, we are ever present and we don't take sides," Diablo's words were filled with the uncertainty that was his element.

Tarvos grinned wide, his typical look of instability inhabited his features. "Being a heartless bastard is a breeze. I have no soul."

"I'll remember you said that if we ever come to blows," Ares remarked. Since the three were each volatile, it was effective to gather data on his unstable allies as well. He wasn't about to trust either of them as far as he could throw them.

"That would be a fight I'd love to be in. I'll kill you slowly and painfully, then claim and humiliate you as you die in my sweet arms," Tarvos caressed his scythe like a long-time lover, gazing at it with romantic, half-lidded eyes, as if to mock the Warrior King.

"I'll come back to life and make you watch as I cut you up limb by limb. That way you can't fight back as I rip your guts out," Ares shot, and if Tarvos had ever planned on doing what he said to him, he would do more than make sure he went through with it.

The reaper merely beamed with happiness. "That would be amazing!"

Ares sighed in exasperation and slapped his palm to his forehead. "I don't understand you."

"He lives in his element. Nothing wrong with that," Diablo agreed with him. Now it was two against one in the fight for idealism.

Ares leveled the two with a look of unamusement. "It's humiliating to like that."

"It's exciting to be overpowered. I wouldn't know how to act if I couldn't fight back. I'd probably be pretty fucking useless," the reaper had said it as if he were going to engage into some exciting act of procreation, rather than die a horrible, shameful death.

"Of course I do. There's no meaning if you don't fight for it," Ares couldn't agree with his conflicting views.

"I like your style. You're an interesting man, much different than that well bringer of yours," Diablo sat a hand on the Dius' shoulder, hooking his arm around the Warrior King's back as he stood close to him.

"War is my specialty. I have a thing for chaotic battlefields. Carnage is a dish best served warm; to savor all of the raw emotion and intellect you place in it." That was the philosophy of the great Warrior King.

Diablo leaned in close to him, his voice lowering an octave. "So, you have a thing for chaos."

Ares frowned, flushing a slight gray color, "fuck off."

"Chaos is the true element of war. For a war to even start, chaos must be present," Diablo backed away, throwing out his arms to either side. "We three symbolize the very trifecta of what war is truly about."

"Death, chaos and war itself..." Ares trailed.

"We live for that rush. We share common attributes, but we have vastly different personalities," Tarvos noted that the three of them were easily distinguishable for holding such commonalities.

"Is that why you're always around Diablo?" Ares had wondered that for a while. Those two were stuck together like Siamese twins. Was it because they held a symbolic relationship via their elements, or could it be something far deeper than he knows of.

"I'm attracted to him, but we do work side by side. Death and chaos cause each other to happen. We're a good team," the reaper smiled, with no shame in his game. It was just as he said; death and chaos went hand in hand.

Diablo's smile widened. "Living on the edge is a grand thing. You should try it, instead of being so stuffed up and regulating yourself to being a sorry ass crusader." He honestly didn't see what the big deal was about serving that asshole, Oz. As long as Ares was under his feet, he would always be kept in check. An element was no good if it couldn't exist as it wished in its purest form. It was merely a waste of talent and energy.

"How dare you mock me! I don't have to be a festering, necrotic zit on the asshole of Dius populous to have pride in my position," Ares took a great deal of pride in what he did, and he wasn't about to let someone like Diablo reduce him to nothing verbally.

"If you want to be a filthy, pathetic, piece of rotting mind flesh," Diablo shot, attempting to place another verbal strike on him.

"Ugh..." Ares rolled his eyes and groaned. He didn't have time to argue with people like Diablo, who generally had nothing good to say about anyone. He was just your typical run of the mill asshole.

The Dius of chaos stepped closer to him, closing the space between their faces. "Come on, you like the feeling."

Black eyes trailed to the grim reaper. "What about you, Tarvos?" However, he had disappeared. "Where did he go?"

Diablo leaned in closer. "Why does it matter?" A clawed hand shot from beneath its tattered home and caressed his face sweetly. "Come on, Warrior King; give way to the destruction in your blood pumping organ. Your true desire is to be on the battlefield, fighting to your blood organ's content and crushing your opponent. That's what makes you happy," Diablo cooed as he ran his hand over the Dius' well-built chest, caressing his muscles with his fingers. "It's your deepest desire. Your body aches for it like our race's desire to reproduce." His hands traveled lower as he felt the Dius' muscles jitter below him. "You can feel it, can't you? The desire to give in, the desire to lose control."

Ares growled in repulsion at the other's advances and smooth, sexy tone. He glared defiantly at Diablo. "You piece of shit. I'll shit kick you into the ground."

Diablo pressed their bodies together, but Ares stepped back into the wall behind him, caging himself in. Brilliant. That was just as he had planned. "That's what I'm talking about. That's the festering anger I want to see from you." His hands ran back up his stomach, then to his chest, neck and rested back on his cheek. "Give in to your desires and I'll make you a god among men."

"I care nothing about that. Get your fucking hands off of me and get to the point. If ignorance were disability you'd get full pension. You're being dull with your cliché promises of domination." Honestly, if he were any more poetic, Diablo would be a run of the mill villain on top of being a run of the mill asshole.

"What will make you see my point?" Diablo was amused.

"You'll have to make me listen to your shit-stained ideas. I'll never belong to you," Ares shot defensively. If Diablo thought that he could own him, he was definitely off his rocker.

Diablo's smile widened. "What if I claim you in every way imaginable?"

Ares narrowed his eyes at the Dius' dark question. "Only pyrex do that. I'd rather pass glass through my digestive tract than do anything committed to you." He wouldn't admit out loud that Diablo was seductive and good-looking, but like hell he was going to just bow down to him like everyone else did. Besides, it seemed like Tarvos had a thing for him, anyway.

"How interesting. If I can show you that bloodshed is worth enjoying, and chaos has its perks would you think about my offer?" Diablo knew that he could win him over; he just had to convince him a little in his own special way.

A black eyebrow arched. "What about Tarvos?"

"Tarvos and I are partners. He understands my needs but it's you I want," his voice had a strange quality to it. Something about it seemed less seductive and more honest than usual. What was he aiming for? Why did he want to peruse him so badly?

"You can try but I doubt you'll be successful." He was damned sure was going to resist.

"Let me take a crack at you, then," Diablo pressed himself into him, sliding his body down his sensually, dragging those long claws down his body, leaving marks in their wake. The Warrior King shuddered and a grey blush airbrushed his cheek.

"Is that when you became pyrex?" Sawtooth inquired after Ares had finished reliving a segment of the past.

"That's when I kicked him in the face and called him a weak-minded gutter slut. I'm not so loose as to let him have his way with me. How classless do you think I am?" Why would Sawtooth imply such a thing? Did he not see he was a man of pride and he thought highly of himself. He was not merely an object to be obtained.

Sawtooth held his hands up in defense. "I didn't mean it like that, sir!"

Ares continued with his story and began to explain things once more, getting his mind off of that wretched comment.

The war had started soon after, and the Dius and the Diodes battled to the death. War flashbacks invaded his mind of himself, running along the battlefields, tearing into the Diode forces as he slashed up their battle-worn bodies and dug into them, destroying them one by one. He tore across one of their chests, filling the dead air with blood and viscera as it clung to his curved blade on a stick. He turned around and decapitated another Diode.

More of them rush at him as he turned around and pointed his blade, uttering the words 'stay in silence' as a large, invisible wave burst through the air and knocked them out with great force, blasting them off of their feet as their bodies were ripped to shreds and fell to the ground broken and torn.

Diablo reached into the chest of one of the Diodes, his hand covered with the slick substance as he grabbed the pulsating organ and ripped it from its casing and squeezed the blood out of it and opened his mouth, drinking the life's essence from his enemy. It ran down the corner of his mouth and down his throat. He turned to Ares, who stood a few feet away and told him that he did a good job.

'This area is pretty well cleaned-" Ares turned and walked towards Diablo. Then he was suddenly pulled into a forceful kiss. The Warrior King's eyes widened as their lips embraced and he could taste the metallic of the Diode blood.

"What the fuck-" Ares cut himself off as he shoved the other Dius off of him.

"Doesn't this just turn you on?" Diablo asked, his voice laced with that sexual tone.

Ares hooked his weapon around his opponent's neck, the taste of the blood still filled his senses, amplifying his own feelings. The metallic taste was like a rare delicacy. Diablo was drawn in, meeting the demented-looking smile that Ares produced. "You know, you might have been right."

"You know it. This is what it's all about. For every justice in this world, there is an injustice. Nothing is without equality. It's why the elements were created. We even the dark and the light." Everything was a set of scales and balances, just as their planet's namesake. It just so happened that the two of them were the on the dark side of the spectrum.

"You're right; I'm truly myself when I'm in battle. The adrenaline and rush coursing through my veins is unbelievable...but now..." Ares jumped backwards, doing a back flip through the air as he landed a few feet away and pointed his weapon at the cloaked figure. "Now the true battle begins."

"This is the battle in which I claim you, Ares. If I win, then I'll have you on this battlefield, covered in blood," Diablo boasted. He could feel his primal urges returning, the most barbaric and self-fulfilling urges. He would not lose this fight.

A dark smirk crossed Ares' face. "If you can, if not then find another pyrex. Now, face the silence!" Ares called out his attack as a large, white beam burst forth from his weapon, consuming everything in sight and wiping the battlefield clean of any litter it possessed. Dust and debris were flung into the air, and a thick layer of smoke rolled across the battlefield. Black eyes scanned the horizon but he saw nothing.

"Tch. Another weakling trembles at my feet," Ares scoffed.

He felt his ankle constrict and to his dismay, looked down to see a hand protruding from the ground as Diablo forced himself out of the ground, busting from it and blasting him with a ball of dark energy that sent Ares reeling back onto the ground. In his shock, he dropped his weapon, which Diablo recovered and threw through the air. It stuck into the ground right beside of Ares' neck as the metal blade curved around him, missing decapitating him by mere inches. At this point in time Ares thanked the higher powers he had given himself a weapon with a curved blade. It saved his life. Before he could attempt to remove it, a foot slammed down on the weapon's handle, drawing a small amount of black blood that trickled down his neck.

Diablo's eyes widened upon seeing the ink-like substance. "Your blood-"

Ares averted his eyes in shame. "It's hideous. Don't look at it."

"Black as tar, if you ever had offspring, they'd be fucked. Not that it matters, you probably eat your young."

"I don't understand why my blood is this color. Usually, the mutations are all pastels, like Pregmacia's pink blood or Unwine's teal blood." It was an aspect of the Dius that was foreign. The typical color for a Dius' blood was dark blue, but there were mutations in pastel shades. However, his blood did the opposite.

"You're so tainted that it turned your blood to sludge. How amusing," Diablo continued to berate him.

"Go to hell, you hook-nosed, cheating bastard."

"I win this fight. You're tougher than this, however. I think you let me win," Diablo placed his hands on his hips and bent down, leveling his prey with that same, arrogant smirk. "Obviously, you want me to be your pyrex, since you're being so submissive to me. You even allowed me to see your squid-ink black blood."

Taking his foot from the device, he grabbed the weapon and placed the blade under his neck, cutting lightly as black blood traveled down Ares' neck in streams. Diablo watched in sadistic joy, that twisted smirk widened with excitement. "Yes...bleed for me."

"Sadistic prick,"" Ares shot as the weapon was ripped away from him and Diablo drew back, plunging his own blade into his abdomen, causing the Warrior King to scream out in pain.

Diablo kneeled down on him. "Now that you're pinned to the ground, I'll drown you in chaos." The caped figure grabbed his clothes, ripping them off. "Be careful, if you move you'll sever your vital parts of your body and die." His hands ran down Ares' now exposed form and created a set of shackles with dark energy that bound the Warrior King's wrists together above his head. "Now, let's consummate our pyrexship," his tattered cape fluttered to the ground.

"You let him take you?" Sawtooth was a little shocked at that revelation. Ares didn't seem like the type to do something like that.

Ares closed his eyes and frowned, leaning on the railing. "I loved him. I was fascinated by him since that moment we shared outside, and I took his words to heart. Our race is barbaric by natures. Why not play the part? When I acted chaotically in the war, I felt free and I realized that I had been holding back. I owed him a lot, so we performed the mating ritual in the blood of the battlefield. We were an unstoppable team. We decimated the Diode troops and dwindled their numbers significantly. We were close, the best of mates and even after the war we agreed to mate and carry on our lineage, hatching offspring together."

"So, you were going to tie yourselves together by blood, but that didn't happen, did it?" It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this was going.

Ares hung his head. "No...You see, the war was dwindling down and Diablo was receiving orders from Tarvos..."

Diablo passed by, kissing him passionately, as he usually did. It became a ritual between the two to express their feelings with each other in public ways. "I'm on a solo mission with Pregmacia this time around, but I trust you to handle yourself and finish out this war."

"You've both been meeting a lot lately," Ares wanted to write it off as merely being war partners, but he wasn't sure how to feel about that. In truth, it made him a little insecure.

"Just for this mission's sake. Stop being a jealous fuck. There's nothing more detestable than insecurity, especially from a strong warrior like you. Remember, the end of the war is on our lips, and when I come back it should be over. Then we can accomplish our dream of creating the perfect offspring." A warrior that could possess Ares' strength and Diablo's uncontrollable nature. It would surely be a sight to behold, a perfect conqueror and specimen of the Dius race- the ultimate darkness.

Ares crossed his arms and leveled him with a frown. "Just don't die on me. Oh yeah...I love you, you miserable fuck."

"Yeah...I love you too."

"That was apathetic," Ares noted the cold tone that escaped his mate's lips.

"Your orders are to go to the Bridge of Hyran. It's been reported that there are those trying to commit treason there. We want everyone in the area annihilated before they get into contact with the Diode troops," Diablo dismissed the subject and handed out his orders. He didn't have time to explain himself, nor did he truly want to.

"Why would our troops do that? We're winning the war." That seemed a little off to Ares.

"They've been secretly plotting to turn it around. From Hyran Bridge, they can make use of our new technology." It wasn't that hard to grasp. Ares really did need to pay attention to the war at hand.

"New technology?"

"A monstrous canon called Heisson. It blasts beams that steal the powers of anyone that it comes into contact with. Guess who's in the line of fire?" Diablo smirked.

Ares' expression hardened. "Calypso and Oz, they'll be in the middle of it all."

"You should get down there. Why knows what might happen if you hesitate. This can become a hostage situation easily," Diablo's voice turned grim at the mention of possibilities. If they managed to get a hold of Oz or Calypso's powers at all, their race would be doomed.

"I'll make them regret the day they crawled into their miserable existence." That was a promise Ares would make sure to deliver.

Diablo smirked darkly. "Good, go and bathe yourself in sin and destruction. Never forget that you are the force of war itself."


Ares' white cape flapped in the harsh winds as he made his way to the massive bridge, comprised from the finest Dius craftsmanship of wood and iron. He clutched his weapon in his hand tightly. 'Inside of me, rage burns endlessly. Sweet...their blood with taste so sweet on my blade.'

Bolting suddenly, Ares charged into the large group that had been assembled below, consisting primarily of Diodes. "I'll kill you!"

Oz turned, seeing the Warrior King plow towards them at unbelievable speed. "Ares!"

Beside of him, a female Dius stood. She was carrying a large staff with a curved end that contained a large, crystal ball. Her black, long, wavy hair cascaded to the ground as she shrunk back. Her horns was long and jutted up before abruptly curving like the letter C at the top. She wore a teal dress with long layers that were cut like bird's wings. Horror and confusion reflected in her blue glasses that were in frames that had the same wing-like design in the edges. Her maroon lips curled as she spoke. "What is he doing?"

"None of you shall take them from me! Suffer and die in silence!" Ares pointed his weapon.

"No! Stop!" Oz shouted, but he was too late. A burst of white energy erupted from the weapon and wiped everyone out, consuming them in a milky glow. The female Dius managed to put up a barrier with her staff shielding herself and Oz. When the smoke cleared, nearly everyone around them were laying on the ground, dead.

Oz was furious. "What are you doing, Ares?"

"I'm freeing the world of debaucherous life forms. All of you will become corpses at my feet!" Ares charged into the few who remained, killing more and more of them with no discrepancy of who was Dius and who was Diode. "Red. Blue. Red. Blue. Red..." The Warrior King's sadistic laughter filled the battle scene. "So sweet..." His laughter turned hysterical. "So very...." He dragged his blood-stained hands down his face, creating streaks of purple from the combined colors. "Red..."

"He's gone mad!" Oz drew back in horror.

"He must be apprehended. I will not allow him to ruin our possible alliance with the Diode people," the female Dius beside of him frowned. What was Ares thinking? This surely would bring bad name to their people and prolong the war.

"My eyes are clouded in sweet hues," Ares drug his weapon across another Diode, red splattered on the ground. "I love this overflowing insanity. This is the true tone of war. These scars will never heal. My thoughts won't reach any of you. Whose reflection is in your eyes when you stare at this sweet massacre before you? These urges...I've never felt so free. The scars of time are deep, as is the fatal blow. I'll just accept this fate! I'll tear your life apart, bathing in ichor and blood! This is it! This is the true form of battle's lust!" He called out as he continued to laugh unstably. "I'm shaking! Huh?" He stopped in his tracks to see the grim reaper standing before him. "So, you're in on this, too?"

Unlike the many times before, Tarvos wore a slight frown. "I might regret killing you. You're quite sexy ripping people limb from ling but," he pulled out his scythe and pointed at him. "See you when you come back to life." A purple beam blasted forth from the tip of his weapon, heading straight for Ares.

The Dius was bathed in a purple glow as he stared it down in defiance. "Fuck you! I'm not dying yet!" He waved his weapon around and a ball of swirling energy absorbed the beam into it. "Death needs to meet its own demise!"

He would make sure that the traitors paid, even if he had to deliver it to another elemental. Just then, a strong, feminine voice cut through their battle. "I won't allow you to do this!"

Pregmacia swung her axe and a blade of energy spiraled at him with incredible speed.

"What are you, the fucking cavalry?" Ares slammed the end of his weapon into the ground dissipating the spiraling beam as if it were nothing.

Oz put his hand out. "I have no choice but to bind you," he threw his arms out and a circle with the zodiac signs aligning the outside spins and consumed the entire area in a bright, neon yellow.

Ares held out his arms, crossing them in front of him as a black X ripped through time itself and consumed his attack, rendering it useless as he had so many others.

"I've had enough of this! Be gone!" The female Dius' strong voice called out as she pointed her staff. What looked like green film reeling shot out of it, headed straight for the Warrior King, Black eyes widened and a piercing scream echoed throughout the land surrounding the bridge.

...To Be Continued