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Capricious Infection

By: Melissa Norvell/Revamp

Act 43: Karkatta: Exposed


Tony slowly walked around the shorter Dius, eyeing her with a twisted smile on his dark face. “Alright,” he said in a sly voice, “are you sure about that?”

Karkatta folded their arms over their chest, “like I'm afraid of you.” Tony was just some miserable human. What could he do to them that was so terrible?

“Rah!” Suddenly, he lunged forward and hooked his arms under Karkatta's, lifting them from their crossed position and grabbed the slender alien's chest. Karkatta's eyes widened and a horrified expression lit up across their face. At the same time, Tony's face produced a similar look. “Holy shit! You're a-“

He didn't have time to finish that sentence before he was punched in the face so hard that his body slammed against the wall.

Never touch me like that again!” Karkatta held up a small fist and leveled the boy with a menacing glare.

Ares just stared in disbelief in the background. He couldn't believe that just happened.

Walking over to the tanned boy, Karkatta planted a foot on the side of his face and glared down on him with cold eyes. “Are you satisfied? Tell me lowly human, was that five seconds of bliss worth it?”

“Totally,” Tony groaned as a dull pain crept through his body, “I can't believe you're a girl. You even punch like a guy.” With that comment, the slender Dius stomped on his face.

“You rat-ass pig! Just because I don't have big chest humps or curves doesn't mean that you can say that so openly! How dare you demean me!” Karkatta had never been as angry as she was in that moment. Who the hell did this guy think he was?

“I heard a crash,” Lannad walked into the room as she glanced around in confusion. “Is everyone okay?”

“What the hell is going on, and why should I care about it?” Dante asked in his usual, disgruntled voice. It was probably something stupid, anyway. In fact, he was pretty sure that it was something stupid.

“Well, Tony figured out Karkatta's gender,” Pregmacia clued them in as to what happened.

“He can burn in the seven rings of the human nether region,” Karkatta growled. A thousand showers could never make her clean from that wretched act.

“She's a girl,” Tony said, dazed in a crumpled heap on the ground.

“You are?” Lannad blinked and turned her sights to the androgynous Dius.

“Oh my god! I didn't know it was the world's best kept fucking secret,” Karkatta fumed. “Oh yeah, greatest mystery. What's Karkatta's true gender? Give me a break!” Her hands landed on her hips as she continued to complain.

“You look and sound pretty unisex,” David noted. “You dress like a guy and you have a boy's haircut. Your voice could be a deep-voiced woman or a young male.” It wasn't like it was painfully obvious that Karkatta was a girl. He was pretty sure everyone thought she was male to begin with.

“Assholes,” Karkatta hissed. “I don't even know why you're all so obsessed with it anyway.” Honestly, they had worse things to worry about than her gender. In fact, it was creepy that they were all so transfixed on it.

“Does this mean that you'll actually dress like a girl now?” Tony pulled himself up off of the ground. It would be nice to see her wear a dress or a short skirt.

“Ugh,” the short-haired Dius groaned.

“It would be nice to see you in something like Lannad is wearing,” Tony gestured to the girl who wore a light blue Lolita dress, with short, poofy sleeves. Her sleeves and the bottom of her dress were lined in white frills.

Karkatta glanced to the girl, then turned her sights back to Tony, who was giving her the biggest, cheesiest grin. A stern frown was chiseled on her face, “hell no.”

“But it's so cute,” Tony tried to reason.

“Then you wear it,” Karkatta argued. Even if she were to wear anything that looked remotely feminine, it wouldn't be that.

Tony looked thoughtful for a moment, before his face lit up. “I have an idea. I'll challenge you to a battle and if I win, then you get to wear the dress, all day. If we happen to get caught in battle, too bad. Guess you'll have to fight in it.”

It was the perfect idea, and he'd get to see Karkatta in something nice and gender appropriate. He wasn't going to lose this battle; if it took everything he was he was going to win.

“Is this necessary?” Pregmacia wanted to put her palm to her face. Was this really happening right now?

“None of you have seen me in action yet, so I'd like to try out my skills,” a grin crossed the Dius' face. This little human didn't know what he was asking for, getting into a fight with her. There was no way that Karkatta was going to let him beat her up, and no way that she was wearing some frilly doll dress.

“This will be a sad, demasculinized battle,” Ares knew what Karkatta was about. She wasn't someone to be taken lightly.

“You don't think I can beat her?” Tony was a little offended that the Warrior King thought of him so weakly.

“She's the best Dius warrior female,” Ares decided to make the facts clear, just in case Tony wanted to consider to continue being serious about this.

“She beat both of us before,” Pregmacia added. Karkatta wasn't just some little, gangly woman who held no strength.

“She can't be that bad,” Tony thought they were just exaggerating. Besides, just because she beat them didn't mean she could beat him. He doubted that she was as strong as they made her out to be.

“I'll show you who the superior race is,” Karkatta thought he had some balls to want to continue that little death wish of his. She'd make quick work of him, and make sure he wore the girliest dress imaginable.

Just then, Tarvos walked into the room and looked confused. He had only caught the end of the conversation and it sounded like something was going down. “Do what?”The reaper looked clueless.

“This miserable human decided to challenge me to a duel!” Karkatta pointed to Tony with a stern frown on her face.

“The loser wears one of Lannad's dresses,” Tony told him matter-of-factly.

“Oooh,” Tarvos had a look of intrigue on his face, “I want to see you prance around in a dress.”

“Who?” Karkatta and Tony asked in unison.

The reaper simply shrugged. “Would it matter? The humiliation part is the best!” For some reason, Tarvos was particularly overjoyed about this. Seeing either of them in a dress was enough to titillate his senses.

“I question you,” Karkatta arched an eyebrow. She didn't even want to know.


The both of them stood outside in the front yard. Above them, the skies were tumultuous and gray, signifying that the storm had only momentarily broken. The rain washed air filled their senses as a cold, gentle wind toyed with their hair and loose articles of clothing. Karkatta held two scythe blades on wooden poles and across from her Tony held his battle axe over his shoulder.

“Simple rules, right? If I knock the flower off your chest then I win,” Tony pointed to the flower that was pinned to her loose, striped shirt. It was a large, red rose that sat nestled in the fabric. He also wore one, pinned to his vest. “The same applies to me. The loser wears the dress.”

Karkatta bent her knees and held out one of her weapons, glaring him down. “I got this.”

“Come at me, bro,” Tony charged at the Dius, swinging his axe. Karkatta was quick to defend it by blocking with one of her sickles. Over and over again the sound of metal clanking was heard across the battlefield as they tried to stab each other and pierce the rose on their chests.

Karkatta brought both of her sickle blades down, only to have them blocked by Tony's axe blade. She rolled off of the blade and tried to stab him in the side but he blocked them. The Dius darted back, then attempted to spin kick him, but he blocked her foot. Pushing off of his block, she launched herself into the air and spun around. Bringing down her sickles, she tried to strike from above, but he brought his weapon up and turned the blade flat. The ends of the sickles dug into it and created a screeching noise that assaulted his ears, which caused him to squirm.

“She's good,” David complimented her as their reflections danced on his shades, “and strong, too.”

“She's no pushover,” Oz added. Karkatta was fierce and he expected no less from her.

The two charged at each other, going as fast as their feet would carry them as they thrust their weapons. The two missed and their bodies went past each other. It felt like slow motion to the both of them as their feet hit the ground.

Karkatta spun around with the grace of a ballerina to see Tony coming at her again. He tried to chop her up with his axe, but she turned and ran up a tree as the blade sunk into the flesh of the plant. Pieces of bark flew past his face as the Dius pushed herself from the tree and flipped into the air. She tried to stab him but she was blocked again by the axe.

She darted backwards as Tony swung his scythe again. This caused the Dius to bend backwards, barely missing the blade as she stood on her hands and kicked him in the face with such force that he stumbled back. It didn't deter him for long and soon he was on her again, knocking her sickle out of her hand. He relentlessly struck at her, trying to cut her as she continued to block him with her sickles. When she was close enough, Tony kicked her in the stomach and she darted backwards.

“Take this!” Karkatta shouted as she threw her sickle like a boomerang as it spiraled towards her target. He held up his axe and with a clink, it bounced off and flew up into the air.

"You have no weapons now. Give it up!" Tony demanded as he came at her again. Karkatta dodged, clutching the delicate blossom on her chest, protecting it from being struck. She would have rather had him chop her hand off at that rate. The axe blade grazed her body, getting some of her hair in the process. The few black strands fluttered to the ground.

"Time to lose!" Tony brought back his axe and sent a wave of energy at the Dius. It made contact with her body and flung her off of her feet. Her scream could be heard resonating through the air.

'She's losing,' Ares was shocked that Karkatta went down so easily.

"Can he actually beat her? This isn't like Karkatta at all," Pregmacia figured that she was either rusty or was having a really off day.

"Prepare yourself!" Tony ran towards the fallen Dius.

It was time to end this farce.

Just then, a sickle blade spiraled through the air and struck him in the chest before he had time to react. Flower petals were dispersed through the air and fluttered around as he felt the blade cut him. It bounced off of his body and stuck into the moist earth. Brown eyes stared in shock at the petals on the ground and the slice in his shirt.

"I-I lost," his voice held disbelief. Tony didn't expect to lose like that.

Karkatta crossed her arms and closed her eyes with a resolute smile. "So, ready to look all nice and pretty, you pretentious ass fuck?"

Tarvos began to laugh hysterically. The fact that anyone thought they could beat Karkatta on their own was laugh-worthy but this was classic! Now he'd get to see someone as manly as Tony wear a frilly, lolita dress. "Yesss, put it on and face your misery!"

"Dude, I question your fetishes...in many things," David didn't even want to know.

“It's what he gets for thinking I'm some kind of weakling. I don't put up with that bullshit. Go suck your puss-filled open sores of shame somewhere else. A warrior has to do more than look like they'll kick your ass,Karkatta sneered at him. How dare something as pathetic as him even think to come close to her? She wasn't the strongest female Dius for no reason at all.

“What are you? The goddess of pain?” Tony asked. It was half-way a joke, but in the back of his mind he was convinced that she lived to cause him pain.

“I am no goddess, you shallow fuck. As I have stated before, I am misery and suffering, which is what you should be feeling right now. If so, then I've done my job,” the Dius educated him, “congrat-o-fucking-lations.”

“Aw man,” Tony sighed as he pulled himself up off of the ground. “This is going to suck so hard.” The boy hung his head in shame and retreated into the house to ask Lannad about one of her many Lolita dresses.

A bit later he came out clad in a red and white dress with an abundance of frills that hung around his muscular leg. A look of pure agony was written across his tanned face and a faint blush stained his cheeks. Tony couldn't believe that he had to go around like this in front of everyone. It was drafty and the top was way too tight. How did women even wear things like that? It wasn't only that, he missed his opportunity to see Karkatta look adorable in it.

“Yeah, this sucks every type of cock imaginable,” Tony grumbled as he stood in front of everyone.

“Stop you insolent whining and take it like the testosterone infested male you claim to be,” Karkatta scolded him. There was no honor in complaining about his life choices because a fight didn't turn out the way that he wanted it to.

“It doesn't look good on me,” he continued to complain. Who was going to take wearing a dress with ease unless they just liked cross-dressing?

“Dude,” David walked outside and looked at him with a judgmental visage, “gay.”

“It'll turn your glasses into contacts,” Tony warned and held up a fist. However, it didn't have any effect the other male. Somehow, being in frills wasn't as threatening as it was when he was dressed in leather.

“Still gay,” David doubted a man in drag was going to beat him in a battle. There was no way that he was taking Tony's threat seriously.

“I could say a few things to you, so watch it,” the femininely-dressed boy continued to torment David.

“Shut the hell up. No one cares about this gay thing you speak of,” Karkatta didn't understand any of their conversation. It wasn't like that mattered, the sound of their voices were really annoying anyway.

“You just say that because you don't know what it is,” David understood. Heaven forbid she be lost in conversation.

“Nor do I care about your irrelevant human rubbish,” Karkatta dismissed. Who cared what `gay' was? It didn't mean anything to her. It was surely just a human thing.

“That's very…amusing,” Lannad tried not to laugh at Tony's current situation. To see him in a dress like that was surely a sight.

“Too bad I can barely see it. It must be funny to see Tony in a dress. Tell me, do you feel a draft?” Rezzi added, walking up behind the Lolita. If only she had proper eyesight to enjoy such a spectacle. The blind girl couldn't help but to poke a little fun at him.

“I hate you,” brown eyes narrowed and Tony's lips twisted into a deep frown. Why? Of all people, why did she have to make fun of him? She couldn't even see him. This sucked in the worst kind of way.

Karkatta just had to add in her two cents to the conversation, “and you're a weak douche nozzle who thinks he's hot shit. You'll never get laid.” Crossing her arms, she leaned in and sneered.

“That's what I mean, and I don't see you with anyone. Do you like girls or guys?” Tony didn't even know how Dius relationships worked. Sure, he knew that Tarvos and Ares were gay for each other, but as to what was supposed to be a social norm for them, he couldn't tell.

“What? Who I have a pyrexship with is none of your fucking business,” Karkatta flipped him off. That was a very personal and intimate thing. People in her culture didn't just go up asking about their sectors of love like that.

“You say you hate humans so much,” Tony leaned in with a stern frown on his face.

“What the fuck are you implying?” Karkatta didn't know where this conversation was going, but she was pretty sure that she didn't like it.

The male in a dress wriggled his eyebrows and smiled seductively at her. “You dig me, don't you?” It all made sense now! Karkatta picked on him because she was madly in love with him. She wanted to have a weird, alien relationship of some kind with him. That had to be it.

Karkatta wasn't sure if she should be offended or laugh at his accusations and take them as a joke. “Don't say that to me, especially dressed like that,” she pointed to his get-up. “I could never love anything so weak, pathetic and just…let's just say that there are ten million particles in the universe and they took all of the ugly ones and made one person.” There was nothing attractive about him at all. Why would he even think that he had a chance with her? Tony needed to go and get examined. While she shuddered in revulsion, she could faintly hear David snickering in the background.

“That's fucked up,” Tony was offended, “you're no beauty queen either. You look like a butch lesbian.”

“A what?” Karkatta didn't even know what that was.

“A woman who likes women and dresses like a man,” Lannad tried to clear up the confusion by giving definition to the word.

“What?” Karkatta was still confused.

“You didn't even get it,” Tony thought this Dius was particularly idiotic. Who didn't know what a butch lesbian was? Did she live in a whole all of her life or what?

“Why hasn't your race become extinct yet?” Karkatta seethed. Humans were so irritating.

“I wouldn't say anything,” David decided to join into the conversation. “There are less of you than there are us, bro.” Karkatta had no right to talk with the hand full of Dius she had behind her. Even though the world was ending, there were still a fair amount of humans left.

“I don't even know what to say about you,” she turned to the dark-haired male. “Keep your bullshit, utopic, theories to yourself.” She was beyond tired of hearing him talking about his ideal of a planet where everyone could live together in peace.

“Stop being racist,” David countered. “You say we have to deal with you. Well, you have to deal with us. Get used to it. It's not about what you want.”

“You're a fucking marvelous piece of work,” Karkatta thought he had some nerve bitching at her like that. Who the hell did he think he was? Didn't he know that if it wasn't for the Dius, their race wouldn't even exist.

“Alert the presses, yo,” he shot back sardonically.

“Fuck you,” Karkatta flipped him off.

“Your racism is showing,” David pressed the issue.

“I can't stand humans,” the Dius fumed. “I hope a fucking asteroid comes and wipes you all out of existence.”

“Nah,” the dark-haired boy waved in dismissal, “you don't.” Karkatta was just saying it out of anger. She always said everything out of anger.

“Don't tell me what I think,” the short-haired Dius shot. He didn't know what she was thinking. He had no right to dictate her emotions like that.

“If you're who I think you are, then that's not what you really think.” Even though she couldn't see his eyes, Karkatta knew that he was giving her that look, the look of someone who knew the secrets she'd been keeping from everyone.

“Who do you think I am, pray tell?” Karkatta really wanted to know. He could be bluffing her for all she knew.

“You're the Dius who took the suffering of many races,” David informed. “It's why you're a bitch…but if you did something like that, then you care.” It was all hearsay, but it spoke volumes about her character.

“No,” she denied it with anger in her voice, “I don't. I'm done with you all.”

“Then why are you here?” The male pressed. David wanted her to cave in and stop being so tough. Karkatta had a heart. There was no way that she would continue to put up with them if that wasn't the case. It was time that the short-haired Dius dropped the façade.

“Because the douche monger Diablo destroyed the Planet of Scales and Balance and Calypso went apeshit. I told you, I hate being with her more than I hate being here. Plus, there are a lot of shitholes for Dius here,” Karkatta didn't have a choice but to bear with them all. It wasn't like she was taking a vacation with a lot of close friends and decided to crash in and stay with them. They were all shoved together against their will. None of them wanted to be there. If they admitted that they did, then they were obviously lying to them.

“You care,” David kept insisting that she had a heart.

“I do not,” Karkatta argued.

“This is so humiliating,” Tony sighed as he stood there in the dress.

“I can't take you seriously,” Oz looked at him with a neutral expression. He had the feeling Tony would have ended up in the dress, but seeing him in it was another matter

“I can't take me seriously,” the boy with the Mohawk agreed with him. He knew how he looked, and he didn't want to have added bruises to his shame.

“So what's our next move? We're all here, right?” Ares glanced around to everyone. It was time that they stopped fucking around and got down to business. They needed to figure out what to do about their situation.

“Except the douchebags who work for Calypso,” Karkatta noted.

“Cenobia, Maya, Dredge…Hepesta?” Ares actually didn't know about the last one, but he assumed that she was more than likely on her side.

“Nope,” the short-haired female corrected him, “didn't see her there. I almost thought you'd be with her.” That was strange. Karkatta was confused as to where Hepesta was. It was sort of unsettling.

“I'd rather die,” Hepesta wasn't Ares' favorite Dius. Spending time with her was particularly unbearable.

“Your system is dysfunctional to the core,” Karkatta threw in her thoughts on the subject.

“Oh yeah, Ares, I think you should know that the Cut-Throat Crew are after you,” David almost forgot to mention it to him. It had been a while since he ran into those weird, anthromorphic dogs. Not that he cared where they were, but in hindsight, he still worried about his sister. Why she'd even be on their side was a mystery in its own.

“Must be the Dradel incident,” Ares looked thoughtful. “They can try, I suppose. The Arcane were just another race that was meant to die.” It was no big deal to him. He'd conquered thousands of planets, and theirs was a mere statistic.

“How could you say that?” Lannad didn't believe that any race of people just deserved to die meaninglessly.

“I gave the Dradel to the conquering race for a reason. The Arcane will have to understand that.” If the Arcane would have gotten the Dradel from him then he would have said the same thing about the race of people they obliterated.

“What's that reason?” David really wanted to know.

“The ones who flew Dradel ended up in my Death Factory,” a dark smile crossed his face. The Arcane would have met the same fate as well. Those idiots should have been lucky that they were alive.

“What?” Oz was shocked by that answer.

“Do you honestly think I'd let someone have my technology? This fairytale tragedy isn't all it appears.”

…To Be Continued