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Capricious Infection

By: Revamp

Act 46: Rebirth


“I would be evurr so purrfectly happy to be a member of your team,” Hepesta smiled brightly at the aspect of being included.

“You're…really different than a Dius. Are you sure you're a Divine One?” Tony wasn't quite convinced of her position. Didn't that kind of position only belong to the Dius? Were there other races that held them as well? Oz didn't explain this very well if that was the case.

“I am the only Divine One that isn't a Dius. I am actually a type of alien called a Purra. We lived on a planet in a galaxy outside of this one. Our race was peaceful and we wurr quite helpful if curring furr the Blood Ruby,” the cat-like alien purred out her words. She considered it a special privilege to be in her position. It was something that had been handed down through her bloodline over the years.

“The Blood Ruby?” Lannad had no idea what that even was.

“Our planet was meeting its end, and an evident implosion of our galaxy. Several sections had already given way to desturrction. We knew our time was here. My job on Kayus, my homewurrld was to purrtect the Blood Ruby,” Hepesta helped shine some light on her home world, the state of her planet and her position.

“How did you get the Blood Ruby?” From what Rezzi heard, it seemed like the gem had a very important purpose. She wondered how it fell into the hands of someone like Hepesta. Just by looking at her, the cat-like alien didn't seem like anyone too special. If anything, she was more normal than most of the Dius she had been hanging around.

“Oz gave it to them,” Tarvos answered her question simply.

“Yes,” Hepesta nodded in agreement, “the Purra served as messengers to the Dius. We purrformed special tasks and we wurr great allies to them. Oz gurranted us the power to purrtect our planet with the aid of the gem.” It was something that the cat alien was very thankful for. Without the help of Oz, her planet might not have lasted as long as it did.

“What exactly does it do…Besides time travel?” David thought that there had to be something more to it than that. Obviously it was really important, but why?

“The powers it possessed helped heal our people from fatal wounds. Its powers were considered sacred, so much so that our people surrched furr all of the wrong reasons. It was known as a power source and I was given the task as care taker and purrtector.” It was her job to make sure that none of her corrupt people obtained the gem for nefarious purposes. Hepesta took her job very seriously, which is why she was in the position that she was in now. Her voice darkened as she continued to speak. “One day, a bunch of black, dog-like creatures showed up calling themselves the Cut Throat Crew. They appeared on the brink of my planet's desturruction.”

Memories of that day came back to her in a torrent of sound and color as the feline recalled the day that changed her life, and the fate of her planet.

The metal of the door caved in with a loud banging noise, it stretched around the weapon it was being assaulted with. It was a display of the raw, physical strength of the one behind the assault. The substance groaned and creaked before the door flew off of its hinges and revealed a burly, black, anthromorphic dog.

Quickly, Hepesta ran over to the Blood Ruby, which was sitting on a pedestal and grabbed the glowing gem. She held it close to her bosom protectively. Her cat-like pupils gazed at the group of dogs as they walked into the room and widened at who exactly they were.

“Olin?” Hepesta was confused and horrified.

`How do you know that?' The gladiator's pupiless eyes narrowed. It wasn't every day that he came across someone who knew his real name. Usually, those that did were close friends or met with an early grave.

“You could say I used to be a fan of yours.” It wasn't a lie, Hepesta liked going to his matches and she had always admired how strong he was. She felt confident in her job at guarding them gem because it could give her an opportunity to be as strong as he was one day.

`Fan or not, we've come for the stone,' Boxcars held out his hand. He was going to give her one chance to hand it over without a fight. If she refused, then he was going to assert his strength on her and she'd see him in all of his glory first hand.

This only made her hug the gem even tighter. “I won't let you have it,” she protested. Even if they fought, he would have to pry it from her cold, dead body.

`You really aren't in the position to decline, my dear,' Diamonds tried to help convince her that it would be better if she cooperated. Thing would get messy otherwise.

“Why are you doing this?” Hepesta wanted to at least know their motives. She didn't understand why they would do such a thing.

`This planet is about to die. You have no use for it,' Hearts didn't know why the girl was so intent on keeping the stone, even knowing that apocalypse was upon her. It was pointless to protect it at this point, and it wasn't like she was proving something integral if she did.

“It's my job to purrtect this stone until I die. I was even given divine powurrs by Calypso herself so that I could care for this stone. I will absolutely not give it to you under any circumstances,” Hepesta stood proud with a resolute look on her visage. She didn't care if her planet was doomed, or if she would die as well. She was going to fulfill her position with the Dius. Above anything, she didn't want to die in regret.

`Then I shall take it from you,' Diamonds was tired of her stubborn nature. Instead of perishing with the rest of her kind, he was going to give her an early death.

“Just try it!” Hepesta maneuvered her body into a fighting stance. She bent her knees slightly and clutched the gem in one hand while showing her claws on the other.

Diamond pulled out his sword and tried to cut her, but she extended her claws and blocked his blade single-handedly. Hepesta pushed against it, trying to keep the blade at bay.

“Good show,” the English accent of her foe intoned, “but it won't help you now.”

“The hell it won't,” Hepesta growled and shoved his blade back. She swiped her claws at him, trying to cut him across the chest before he blocked her move with his sword again. The two weapons made a loud clanking sound as they clashed. She kept trying to strike him, stabbing and slashing with her claws as each move was met with one of his own.

The dog alien stabbed downward and Hepesta jumped out of the way, barely clearing the blow as she flipped over his head and landed behind him. She turned and tried to stab him in the back but he was able to counter her by turning around and meeting her claws with his blade again.

Below them, the ground shook as a violent earthquake hit. Debris fell from the ceiling around them and hit the floor in a rumble. Destruction was in their wake and the world was falling around them.

`What's going on?' Clubs turned his head, looking around as pieces of the ceiling rained down around him.

`We have to hurry and get this job done. This planet is falling apart,' Hearts had a dire expression. If they weren't speedy about this, they were going to succumb to the same fate as the planet.

Diamonds held out his sword and commanded a Time Rip to spring forth. The magical portal ripped through space and time and appeared behind Hepesta. The cat alien turned around to see a mass of swirling colors that held all the brilliance of a kaleidoscope. The force of the vacuum pulled her in before she could even think.

Weightless, she fell through the void of swirling colors, tumbling head over feet as she clutched the gem in her hands tightly. More than anything, she would protect the stone, even if all that was met on the other side was her eminent destruction.

White light consumed her form, bathing her in brilliance as she felt herself hit something hard. It was so jarring that it beat the breath out of her, and she lay on her side panting. Her claws weakly held the gem as she felt blade of grass tickle her exposed skin.

Above her, birds flew from their trees in droves making loud chirps as they momentarily covered her in their shadows. She slowly sat up, pain resonating through her form as she looked around in confusion. “Where am I?”

She had been on their planet ever since that day, and she had been keeping her precious stone safe since then. Hepesta pulled the gem from her hoodie and presented it to the group. It was a deep red and as big as her hand. It was a perfectly cut stone that shimmered, even in the dullest of light.

“You know, the Cut Throat Crew are going to follow you to hell and back when they find out you got that,” David hated to be that one guy who shit on a good story, but he knew that if she didn't know that fact she needed to get schooled on it. They were on this planet, and whether or not Hepesta was with them, they were definitely going to meet again.

Hepesta turned to him and Oz and frowned. “I'm aware. I was hoping to hang around you all. I could use the help.” In all honesty, she was afraid to be alone knowing she could encounter such problems.

“You mean you need bodyguards,” Ares folded his arms over his chest. He wasn't stupid. He knew very well what she had planned for them.

“In a way,” Hepesta admitted. “I can fight, but I cannot match Olin.”

“He's definitely the strongest foe we've had so far,” Rezzi agreed with her. Olin was tough to beat, and she wasn't entirely sure that their little group could even beat him.

“There are more,” Oz noted. “The other Dius have similar powers that people like Tarvos, Ares, Pregmacia, Karkatta and myself possess.”

“I have a feeling it'll get bad before it gets better,” Lannad looked down. Things only seemed to get worse so far. She longed for some kind of light in the darkness.

“It's already pretty bad. As long as that loop stays in place, no one can technically die here.” That was a big problem to someone like Tarvos. In addition, it was a problem to all of them as well. It was why they were able to see Mae like that. Who knew who else was running around just like them?

“Well, then I'm glad that my death factory is still functional. As long as I was able to absorb their bodies before their souls could complete the loop, I kept them dead.” As far as Ares was concerned, he was doing a great deed for the humanity of that place.

“So…We'll have to get rid of the bodies and not bury them?” If what Ares said was true, then Rezzi could only come to that conclusion.

“What do we do? Go around setting them on fire?” David thought about it, and while it was plausible it seemed a little ridiculous. What they if they were immune to fire? That was definitely a whole different set of problems on its own. “Does this mean we can come back, too?”

“If you do, then you'll be turrned against us, too,” Hepesta didn't want the boy to go around thinking that he was immortal. Dying was definitely a bad thing. As soon as the order was restored to their planet, he would die permanently anyway.

“She set up a good plan, that's for sure,” Lannad didn't like it at all.

“Even we could get caught up in it,” Tony didn't want to think about going against any more of his friends. “When Space and Time fight, it's a huge deal. I just don't get why we can't fight back.” Never in his life did he seem as helpless as he did at that moment. All of his efforts just felt pointless at this point.

“I'm not sure how I can fight back at this point,” Oz looked thoughtful. For once, he also felt just as helpless as they all did. He wanted to help. He wanted to say he had all of the answers but Calypso had bested him this time.

“If Space keeps creating, time can't stop it. Space can grow with time even if it's by illegal means. This is throwing the scales off, which is why Unwine will show up,” Tarvos knew what was to come. The Balancer would have to step in to try and regulate the uneven contribution of the elements. Shit was about to hit the fan.

“If Mae is back, then Ringo and Ayumi must be back, too.” It was the only conclusion that Rezzi could reach. When she thought about that being a possibility and having to fight them, it made her heart feel twice as heavy. She hated being in this position.

“Everyone at school must be back,” David was thinking about the sheer volume of his consequences. This was more than bad.

“So, Unwine is going to come here, too? Should be inturresting,” Hepesta knew things always were when someone as eccentric as him was involved.

“Well, we should get back to training. We'll need it if we're going to be killing the fucking immortal,” David's eyebrows creased as his grip on his Time Sword tightened. How in the great blue hell were they going to survive this?

Lannad looked to Tony for a moment before she spoke. “Well, would you like to train with me?” She didn't know if she would oblige, but she figured it was worth asking anyway. She wanted to get stronger, and even if that wasn't the case she needed to. Right now, the priestess couldn't think of a more suitable training partner.

The dark-skinned boy smiled and nodded, “sure.”

“Would it be alright if I stuck around you two?” Hepesta wanted to stick close to familiar faces. The two of them seemed strong. If nothing else, she could watch the two of them train together. She was curious as to what kind of powers they possessed.

“Of course you can,” Lannad smiled. “Besides, you saved my life. You're my hero.” It was the least she could do for someone who cared enough about her to spare her life. Lannad was forever in debt to the beautiful cat alien.

Hepesta stuck her gem in her pocket and held the priestess' hands with a bright smile. “I think we'll be great furrends. We should get to know each other.”

Lannad was the first person she'd met from the group. She couldn't resist wanting to get to know someone who looked up to her so much. Not only that, Lannad seemed like a very nice girl, and she dressed just like a doll! Not to mention, she was absolutely adorable. How could Hepesta resist something as cute as her?

“They're hitting it off well,” Ares commented on the sidelines, where he watched the two girls.

“At least there aren't any problems yet,” David was just happy that something was going well for once.

“That's true,” Ares agreed, “we have too many to count as it is.”

The two males watched as Hepesta, Lannad and Tony walked off together to go and train. They could faintly hear the chatter of happy conversation and giggles from the two girls as they disappeared from sight.

Hepesta couldn't help but have an extra kick in her step as she walked alongside of the two humans. That smile was still plastered to her feline face as she felt her heart beat so much she thought it was going to jump through her chest. It was nice to feel so happy, even if things were falling apart around her.

“This is going to be so exciting! We're going to conqurr and divide!” She shoved her fist up into the air before pausing. Hepesta held her pose for a while before she turned to the two and placed a hand behind her head nervously. “Well, it's hopeful anyway.”

“You sure are fired up,” Tony had to admit, seeing her so happy made him feel happy as well.

“I get excited easily. I'm the last of my race. I have to think about considering this my new home,” Hepesta placed a finger to her lips. In a way, it was like a whole new world for her to get used to and explore. She couldn't wait to see its many wonders alongside of her human friends.

“We want to make a world where everyone can live together- humans, Dius, and other races. We can be our own multicultural planet.” That's what Lannad wanted to do with their opportunity to rebuild, anyway. The thought of everyone living in harmony was nice.

“How will you do that?” Hepesta blinked in bewilderment at that thought of such ideals. “The Dius are really different than you are.”

“We're still working on our differences,” Tony sighed. He couldn't deny that the rift between the two races was a mile wide. “Everyone's so set in their ways that it's hard to come to too many agreements.” It was definitely harder than it seemed in theory. It wasn't like he didn't want to do it, but at times it really was like all efforts to get alone with them would be hopeless.

“They are purrty strange. They aren't anything like me,” Hepesta noted that she was very different as well.

“Is there anything your race does that's weird? I gotta know,” Tony didn't want any more weird cultural barriers. Since Hepesta wasn't the same kind of alien, he wanted to ask her about her culture before things got way too complicated.

“Define weird,” Hepesta didn't know what he meant by that. What she considered normal, he might think is weird. She didn't know much about humans to decide.

“Good point,” Tony held up a finger. She might think some of what they did was weird, come to think of it.

“Well, what can you tell us about your race?” Lannad was interested as well. Hepesta was strange and new, and unlike a lot of the Dius, she was friendly. The priestess wondered what a bunch of cute, cat aliens were like.

“We hunted and ate the raw flesh of many beasts on our home planet. We're carnivorous by nature so we have a select diet. Every morning, we praise our mother sun who rises to shed her divine glow on us, and at night we either hunt or sleep. This planet is also much cooler than my home world. We had very tropic temperatures. I actually had to buy more clothes when I fell here. We never wore much of anything.” In fact, some of them were even known to go naked. Hepesta's race wore the equivalent of bathing suits or underwear most of the time and it was culturally acceptable.

“This might be personal but, you weren't born in any kind of weird way were you?” Tony remembered that the Dius race had a strange upbringing. He wanted to know if there was any kind of weird barrier between them in that regard.

“That's rude,” Lannad glared at him. Just because the Dius had unconventional ways of being born by human standards didn't mean it was weird. Everyone gave birth in different ways. She didn't know why he'd think it was the same for them.

“I was born inside of my mother's birthing organ. I was one of three,” Hepesta placed her hand on her stomach with a small smile on her face.

“You were a triplet?” Lannad questioned.

“All members of our race have twins or triplets. It was rare that one of us had a single child,” Hepesta pointed out a little attribute that was special to her.

“Man, that would be one hell of a fatherhood,” Tony wasn't sure that he wanted to think about having two to three kids all at once.

“Fatherhood?” Hepesta didn't seem to understand the term.

“A male parent, care taker, well-bringer…” Tony started listing off alternate terms until she understood.

“We have no such thing,” Hepesta didn't recognize any of those terms. “We merely have a group that is governed by a set of pridesman. If you wanted to have children then you consulted the pridesman of your choice. Usually, it was the pridesman with the best hunting skills or strength.”

“How many pridesman did you have?” Lannad found that strange. Did they just go up to whichever man was most popular and ask him to impregnate them? That was odd by her customs.

“In a group of forty, there were seven to fifteen pridesmen,” Hepesta answered it as if it were normal and to her, it was.

“So, they all had lots of kids?” Tony couldn't imagine being in a culture like that.

“Yes,” the cat-like alien replied. Now, he was getting the gist of it.

“Lucky bastards,” Tony mumbled. It was like an odd paradise for a guy who was good at what he did. It sort of reminded him of those weird harem movies where a guy just went around having sex with all of the pretty girls and giving them children.

“Tony!” He was pulled out of his thoughts and met with the glaring eyes of the other girl.

Hepesta placed her hand over her mouth, giggling at their interactions. The two of them acted as if they had some sort of special relationship. It was cute. “I guess that's pretty weird considering human marriage.”

“Sort of,” Lannad put her hands on her hips and sighed. She could see how someone like Tony would think the life of a pridesman was just the male equivalent of heaven. Typical male thinking.

“Pridefathers are very loving, even though they are not human married. We're like a big human family. When the pawlings get old enough, they go start their own groups,” Hepesta continued to talk about how her race grew up.

“This is all weird. Dius have two lovers at a time and they hatch from eggs. You guys just do whatever and have three kids at a time,” Tony knew that somewhere down the line, he was going to get his wires crossed on facts regarding the two races. This was all too much to take in, and way too different from what humans did.

“The Dius can have homosexual relationships,” Lannad added.

“I'm telling you, they're hermaphrodites,” to Tony, this only made sense considering the fact that two males could have children.

“Their race is very unique. In my race, you either are mahn or pahn,” Hepesta spoke, and the words just seemed like mindless gibberish to the two humans.

“What?” Tony was thoroughly lost.

“I am pahn and you are mahn,” Hepesta tried her best to clear things up.

“Like male and female? You would be female and Tony would be male,” Lannad thought she knew what it meant. At least, she hoped that she was right.

“Oh! I understand, yes!” Hepesta smiled.

“Have you guys ever had interspecies relationships? Like have you mated with other species?” Tony wondered if there were certain aliens who did such things. The Dius were a mixed bag on things like that, some of them minded and others didn't. He could never tell with them anymore.

“Never tarried,” the alien shrugged.

“Seems like there will just be the same old races,” Tony sighed. “This is going to be complicated.” Who even knew if the aliens were compatible with humans anyway in that regard? Maybe their DNA was just too different anyway. At this point, he could only make guesses.

They all had a long way to go, that was for sure.


David walked into Rezzi's living room to find that Oz was sitting on the couch. The alien looked to be drifting off in thought. It wasn't any big deal to find Oz by himself, thinking about things. That seemed to be a pastime for him.

However, David knew that he had been worried lately, especially considering the news that came about recently.

Even so, that wasn't why he was here.

“Can I ask you something?” David was genuinely curious this time.

“Go ahead,” Oz stirred out of his thoughts and gazed at the boy in question.

“This might not be the time but, can I adopt your love sector thing?” It was something he'd been thinking about, and in all honesty, David wondered if it was even plausible for a human to adopt customs from other races but he wanted to try it out.

“You have someone in mind?” That was the only reason he'd ask such a thing, right?

“I might,” David wondered if he'd be offended by that.

“Is it Dante?” Oz had a hunch.

“…Yeah,” he didn't quite know how to answer that. David really didn't want to upset Oz, if that was even possible considering he also had a weird love sector thing going on. He was certain that Calypso was more than likely another lover of his even though the two of them were in a solid relationship.

“I don't mind. If you want to commit to him, then do it. I'm happy being your pyrex. Besides, due to his body integration he cannot reproduce with you anyway,” Oz wasn't worried about that kind of thing. The two of them would always be primary mates, and anyone else that came in second was less important by a harsh margin.

“Humans aren't like Dius. If we love someone of the same gender, we can't have kids,” David didn't know if this was more of a worry or less of one, but all the same. Hell, could he have kids with Oz? He didn't even know, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to find out right now.

“You must care a great deal about Dante,” Oz always knew they were close but if David wanted to take things a step further then they must be more than just human friends.

“He doesn't deserve what he gets. I want to be there for him. He's my bro.” Could David even call hum such a thing now? He really wasn't sure. Dante was far more than a bro. He was now his lover.

“You can be stratus,” Oz would grant him that.

“You'll help me understand this, right?” More than anyone, David wanted his new partner to help him get used to it. He knew that he was complicating things with adding Dante into the mix, but he couldn't deny that he wanted to be polyamorous with both of them. He cared about them both deeply.

“I will,” Oz nodded. “I admit I've never had an interspecies relationship before.”

“Dude, I don't even know where to begin,” David was just going into this blind. Who knew what he was going to encounter with the both of them? It was scary, but it felt kind of liberating as well. He had never felt more honest with himself than he did making the recent decisions he had.

It felt right.

Oz stood up and placed his hands on the boy's hips, giving him a seductive smile. “I do. I'm curious,” he ran his hands up the boy's torso under his shirt. His clawed fingers traced every inch of muscle play on the human's body, “about the human body.”

A small blush stained David's face and he could feel his breathing escalating. “Dude…” Before he could utter any more words, the alien's body leaned into his. David could feel the warm contact between them and he couldn't help but get excited.

“Let me show you a thing or two about our methods of mateship,” the alien's voice was low and sultry.

“This is my first time with a guy, much less an alien,” David wasn't sure of what to do but he wasn't going to stop whatever Oz had in mind. “Are you guys rough? If you are, then can you be gentle this time? My body isn't like yours. I don't think I could handle that.”

He wasn't sure what the Dius did sexually, or even what kind of sexual organs that they had. For many reasons, he found himself to be far more uneasy about this than he was initially. Oz didn't seem like too much of a jerk. Surely, he would be able to guide him through everything so he could get used to…whatever it was that they did to mate with people.

“I'll get you used to me first.” Those words were gentle and made him feel a little more at ease. “I'll be tender and loving. You can tell me if I do something that you don't like.” Slowly, Oz removed the human's shirt and stared at him.

David's body was pale, but nice. The boy was developing in all of the right places and his muscles were becoming more and more defined by the day. “For a human, your body is appealing, although you could use more muscle tone.”

“It's not sexy to criticize me, dude.” David's unamused words spilled forth. He wasn't into that humiliation stuff.

Oz slid down him, their bodies rubbing against each other as the alien made his way down to his belly button. His hands followed, grazing over his sensitive nipples as they traced his muscle play and landed on his hips. The alien's moist tongue rubbed against his belly button, prodding at it before he arose, licking up his stomach and chest, followed by his neck and ended its trail on the point of his chin. David couldn't help but shutter and blush as tingles of pleasure went up his spine.

“Okay, okay! I take it back. Holy shit! You made my spine crawl. You're intense and you have way more experience than I do.” It was amazing how much Oz could make him melt by a single action. Even something as small as that sent such massive waves of pleasure through him. Even now, he felt the intensity of that one small move.

“I don't know everything about a human's pleasure center and what turns them on. You can teach me many things,” Oz told him as David's hand ran curiously down the alien's body.

His hand felt the other male's muscles through his shirt. David hadn't noticed how muscular Oz was until this moment. He had always just looked like some skinny kid, just as he did but his muscles were defined. Then again, he really didn't know what he was expecting from an aggressive race of aliens. His hand stopped at the rim of the other male's pants and he stared intently. He wasn't sure if he wanted to reach further or not.

On one hand, David was really curious, but on the other he was afraid of what he would find as well. Blue eyes continued to concentrate, as if reaching down the alien's pants was going to be the biggest decision of his life.

Once he did, there was no turning back.

Oz leaned in, getting close to his face as he let out a small chuckle. “Don't you want to know?”

“I've been curious since it was mentioned,” David took a deep breath and unbuttoned the alien's jeans. He then unzipped his pants slowly. He could hear his own heart beating loudly as the alien's boxers were revealed. He was getting closer and closer to the answers to many of his curious questions.

“Go ahead,” Oz granted him access to his darkest parts as David slowly reached into his boxers. His hand felt the base of some sort of weird shaft. Then, something slippery wound around his hand.

“What the actual fuck?” His voice nearly squeaked the question as he felt the grip of whatever it was that was in his pants.


Oz was interrupted by a scream as David pulled away as soon as whatever it was released him. Oz stood there holding his glasses in one hand with a disgusted expression and David's visage was painted in a mixture of horror and shock.


Upon telling Tarvos what happened, the reaper couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter. “That's funny as shit!” It was the best thing he'd ever heard. In fact, it was the highlight of his day.

“It was…a shock. A big culture shock…” David's words were still uncomfortable as he remembered the appendage wrapping around his wrist.

“You're embarrassing,” Oz muttered and flushed. His arms were folded tightly over his chest and his eyebrows were creased in anger.

“That thing should come with its own warning label,” David should have been told `hey I have a weird penis that grabs people', but nooo. Oz wasn't a considerate bastard like that.

“You should be glad no one was here to hear you but me.” In fact, that's why they had to explain their little story to him. He heard David scream and thought something horrible was happening. Little did he know, he was right but in an entirely different sense.

“Do they all look like that?” David sort of hoped not, but he had a feeling that they did.

“Yes,” Oz muttered lowly.

“Mostly,” Tarvos added.

“Do they all grab you like that?” This was embarrassing, but David had to know.

“They wrap around each other during our mating process, so yes,” Tarvos informed him on what he had to look forward to in the future.

“Oh my god. Your dick has a life of its own.” That was both horrifying and slightly interesting. On one hand, that made things like masturbation seem interesting. On the other hand, he wasn't sure if he wanted a wiggling dick up his ass.

“Yours doesn't do that?” Tarvos was a little curious as to what human genitalia were like.

“No it-“ David tried to explain, but before he could Tarvos curiously reached over and grabbed onto his private area, squeezing it hard. This caused him to scream and shove the reaper off of him. “Hands off my junk, Feely McFondle!”

Never in his life had he felt more violated than he did in that moment. What the hell was this man's problem anyway…besides everything.

“I was just curious. It wasn't very long, and it has some kind of weird sack attached to it,” Tarvos said those thing out loud, as if it were really no big deal at all.

“Dude, stop,” David was more than embarrassed.

“Come to think of it,” Oz blushed a little and held a finger to his lips, “I never did see yours.”

“Well, I can show you-“ David tried to speak again before Tarvos' curious hand attempted to go down his pants. It earned him a harsh slap. “No!”

“I want to see it,” Tarvos was more than interested.

He was a little too interested.

“No,” David's words were stern. “It's fucking creepy. If you want to see crotches, then go watch porn.” He could figure out everything he wanted to know without randomly feeling people up.

“Porn?” Tarvos had no idea what that even was.

“Yeah, you can watch humans mate in different ways,” David made it sound more like instructional videos, but it wasn't far off from the truth, considering humans got different ideas for stuff from them. He wasn't really wrong in that regard.

“You can?” Tarvos was way too interested. “That's so risqué.” Dius didn't have anything like that. Now, he was more curious than ever. He would have to look up this porn later if he was able to.

“Says Feely McFondle the package handler,” David muttered.

“Could have stuck my hand in your pants,” Tarvos pointed out that it could have always been worse off for him.

“If you want to be one armed, `cause I'll cut it off, bro,” David wasn't kidding. He totally didn't mind dismembering someone like Tarvos for touching him there. It's not like he wouldn't have deserved it regardless for what he did in the past.

“Sexy,” the reaper licked his lips, “the more blood, the better.”

“I take it you guys like it rough or maybe you're just freaky,” David wondered if all of them were like this. If they were, then he feared for his ass in every literal sense.

“He's an extremist,” Oz was quick to point out that Tarvos was merely a special case.

“I can be passionate. Sometimes I am with Ares, but there are times when we fight for domination. He's feisty and he likes to scratch the fuck out of me with his claws,” Tarvos openly talked about his sex life. It was nothing he was afraid of. If anything, it was happy and interesting. Intimate moments between he and Ares never got boring, that was for sure.

“I think you just like kinks,” David was pretty sure he was that kind of guy.

“Good choice of words,” Oz added.

“He must be a whip and chains kinda guy,” David made yet another observation.

“I like it when others wear the chains,” Tarvos pointed out the specifics of that kink that he found enjoyable.

“Oh god, he's a dominator,” the human didn't want to know that, but now that he had it both made sense and gave him nightmares.

Oz simply sighed at their antics.

“I like it violent,” Tarvos winked. “If I accidentally kill you, I'll just fuck your corpse.”

“If I die just burn my body, kay thanks. I'd rather not have Tarvos touch me. I actually hope he's joking because that's sick in nineteen different ways,” he hoped to whatever deities existed on Earth that Tarvos was kidding about that. David really didn't want to know about his necrophilia fetish at all, or if he legitimately had one.

“It's not,” Oz knew him better than that. Tarvos was definitely that kind of person.

“Dude, no,” David felt ill just by knowing that fact alone.

“Yes,” Oz was being dead serious and that was the sad thing about this situation.

“I question Ares' taste in lovers.” Then again, David questioned a lot of things Ares did in general. This was just another step into creepy town for him.


Hepesta spun around as her claws made a clanking noise and collided with the blade on Tony's axe.

“You're good,” he complimented her.

“My mother taught me how to fight. It's the first think that you learn.” After all, Hepesta's race prided themselves on being good hunters. This was just proof of her advancement in such an area.

Lannad sat on a rock nearby watching as the two of them trained. “Do you have any magical powers?” She had wondered this since she met her, but had only remembered to ask it now.

Hepesta put force into her arm and shoved him away. “I do, but they aren't good battle moves. I'm the Divine one of Birth. I just have the ability to create life. I don't destroy it.” A rustle was picked up through her sensitive ears and it caused her to turn her head towards the source. “What was that? There's someone purrowling around.”

“You think it's the Cut Throat Crew?” Tony paused and stood still. He felt watched all of a sudden and he wondered if anyone was there, and if they'd make a move on him.

“It's there,” Hepesta's face hardened and she turned suddenly, running at full speed towards a bush with her claws drawn back.

Suddenly, a bright light came out of nowhere and made contact with her body. It hit her so hard that the alien was flung off of her feet violently as the blast dug into her body. Widened eyes stared as the two humans could do nothing to help their new found friend. Tony and Lannad called out her name in vain as her body sailed through the air.

…To Be Continued