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The crew began to head with Kameko in their group. At first, the girl didn't seem to certain about this. She could already hear them whispering in her head. Her aunt kept a little smile on her face the whole time.
"This will be good for you," she said after Kasumi persuaded her to let the girl come with them. The voices in her head said otherwise.
She's trying to get rid of you, you know? One less mouth to feed. She'll be free from you.
Kameko shook her head.
No, that can't be it. She wants me to get better. She wants this for me.
Do you really think that?
She paused at that thought. The girl felt her spine tremble as she tried to regain control of her mind.
Oh come on now! Don't scare the child like that!
Hey, I'm only telling the truth.
Why must you be so depressing all of the time?
I'm only being realistic here.
Kameko looked from side to side.
Being scaring our keeper?
Only telling the truth.
Not like that, you weren't!
When has her aunt ever liked us?
Kameko tried to take in deep breathe to calm herself down.
See now? You're scaring her!
Why would I be? She should be used to us by now!
You still freak her out!
Kameko breathed harder as she began to lose her grip on herself. Stop. Stop, please.
See, look? You all are freaking her out now.
Kameko clenched her small fists. This was her reason for leaving to the Cove. She needed this out after so many years.
Silence, all of you! Get back into your rooms and leave the keeper alone until she sums you!
Yes, my lord.
She felt a hand on her shoulder. Kameko whipped around to see Ryuji smiling at her.
"You look nervous there," he said. The girl nodded at him a bit.
"This is the first time I have ever left home," she lied. He gave her a little smile.
"It's okay," he said. "You have us to help you out when you need it." Kameko forced herself to smile for a little bit.
"Yeah," she said. I really hope so... They remind her that they will always be there until something changes.
Chapter Twenty-Four: House of Souls