Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ One Day in the Water Hole ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
About ten in the morning, Ryuji and his crew arrived in the Water Hole. Haruko's eyes wandered to her right and left.
"They don't look happy to see us," she whispered.
"It's the tax law," Kasumi told her.
"Tax law?" the sister asked.
"Yes," Kasumi said with a nod, "The chancellor wants more money for his lavish lifestyle, so he's trying to tax the Water Hole."
"But this place should never be taxed," Ryuji said.
"Exactly," Kasumi replied. Hisako looked to her left and saw an old lady closing her booth curtain.
"Will we even get anything from this station?" she whispered.
"There is a way," Kasumi answered, "We just need to get them to trust us." She spotted a chicken ramen bar. "Wait here," she said. The woman walked up and rang the bell. An old man peeked out from the back.
"What do you want?" he asked.
"Seven orders of noodles for my friends and I," the warrior woman said.
"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled. Kasumi turned to the group and signaled them over. Despite being uncertain about this, they walked over rather reluctant. Kasumi kept her eyes on the man in the back.
"How much for each bowl?" she asked.
"Ten coins," the old man said. Haruko was about to reach into her purse when the warrior woman stopped her.
"I have this," she said. Haruko lowered her purse. The other woman took out her own money and placed it on the counter. The old man looked up at the sound of money. Kasumi smirked at him.
"We only have four coins between us," she said, "But I'm willing to barter with you." The old merchant's ears twitched at words as he lifted his head.
"Barter?" he asked.
"That's right," she said, "We are looking for short work in this section of the city in exchange we need information on the Cove and free meals." The old man's jaw dropped.
"Are you mad?!?" he asked, "Nobody has ever found the Cove! I can't believe that people are still looking for that place!"
"It's really important!" Haruko said, "We'll do anything." Ryuji grabbed her wrist in an attempt to stop her. The old man raised an eyebrow at her.
"Anything?" he asked.
"Yes," Kasumi said with a patient nod. A twinkle lit up in the old man's eye.
"Well then, I guess we could work something out," he said with a snicker. Ryuji swallowed at the way he said it.
Chapter Twenty-Nine: One Day in the Water Hole