Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ First Night In ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Who will we all meet on the path to our goals? The Water Hole has connections that could help travelers on their way to their goals. There is a particular hotel where this happens.
The Coyote is where the travelers meet up and sometimes form a party or a rivalry. Ryuji learned that and formed the latter. The sun had began to set on that particular day. Kasumi made the arrangements to stay in the Coyote for the night. Hisako practically flew over the moon.
"Finally!" she cheered, "We get to sleep on sheets again!" Coni barked at his master's excitement. Ryuji pretended not to show his enthusiasm.
"A bath would be nice," he mumbled to himself.
"Excuse me?" Haruko asked. Her brother shook his head. Kasumi hurried over to the group in the lobby.
"Here are your keys," she said as she gave the girls and boy their room keys. Everyone took their keys and looked at them. Ryuji's lips curved into a smirk.
"Sweet!" he called, "I got a room on my own."
"Can Coni-kun stay here too?" Hisako asked.
"Yes," Kasumi answered. The dog girl patted her pouch on the head.
"Did you hear that, Coni-kun?" she asked him, "You get to stay!" The dog barked excited. Ryuji rolled his eyes. Whatever,he thought.
"The rent is free of charge for the night," Kasumi explained. The group looked up at her with wide eyes.
"Are you serious?" Haruko asked.
"Yes," Kasumi said with a nod.
"Wow!" the older sister gasped, "How did you manage that?"
"I told them you were new to this inn," the other woman answered, "The owner of this inn gives a free first night to newbie travelers."
"Nice!" Ryuji said. The crew turned in for the night in their rooms. Ryuji unlocked the door to his own and grinned at the inside. This room could be compared to an actual hotel suite. His bed was big enough to fit the whole crew in. Dragon decorations invaded the whole wall. The ceiling had been painted black and gold. The carpet looked like a sea of grass. Cool breezes filled the room. A large window stretched from wall to wall. The boy walked over and saw the Water Hole and landscape beyond the gate. He could see the people walking around in the coming night.
"Whoa!" he gasped, "Nice going, Kasumi-chan!" However, he paused when he heard a shuffling noise above his head. The boy whipped around and prepared to fight.
"Who's there?!?" he snapped. Ryuji looked up to see a face watching him in the ceiling vent above. The eyes of the face widened in shock.
"Oh shit," a girl's voice muttered.
Chapter Thirty: First Night In: