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She had just lost her parents then. The only living relative she had left was an uncle who took her in with open arms. However, he was old-fashioned. He believed that women belonged in more traditional roles and should be home makers and should work in the kitchen and cleaning the house. That's how he cast her. She didn't really complain. He gave her a roof over her head and plenty to eat. Yet, deep down she wanted to learn the skill of martial arts. The older she grew, the most the desire fired beyond her control. She believed that to be a lost cause because her uncle wouldn't teach her.
However, that hope lit back up when he took on a new student.
Kasumi remembered that summer dream just like she relived it ten minutes ago. She was hanging laundry out to drink that morning when she spotted a handsome older boy walking up the dirt road. Curious, she raced down to see what he wanted.
"Can I help?" she asked the simple young man as he approached the house. He lifted his rice hat and glanced down at the fourteen-year-old girl looking up at him.
"I'm looking for the Umaki Dojo," he said, "Is this the place?" Kasumi gave him a rather proud smile.
"Right this way, follow me!" she said. The girl led him up to the house. She would later come to regret doing so years later.
"Uncle!" the girl called once they reached the house, "You have a student here!" The old man lifted his head from his paperwork and looked at the doorway. His facial didn't change.
"What do you want, boy?" he asked. The young man stepped forward.
"I want to learn how to fight!" he said aloud.
"Is that right?" he asked. The young man sank down to his knees before him.
"Please teach me!" he said aloud. The uncle rose to his feet.
"Are you sure about this?" he asked.
"Yes!" the youth yelled. The older man lifted his head to look him in the eye. He spotted the same determine in him that he had when he was younger himself. Maybe he could be the right one to carry out this legacy his brother left him. The uncle's face didn't change.
"What is your name, boy?" he asked.
"Seita," he said, "My name is Seita."
"Seita, huh?" the master said, "Get up, go clean yourself, and follow me." He turned his attention to his niece. "Show him the way to the washroom," he said.
"Yes uncle," she repeated. Kasumi turned her attention to Seita.
"Come with me," she whispered. The seventeen-year-old boy followed the girl out of the office and down the hall. With each step, that girl began plotting a way to finally learn martial arts without her uncle. First, she would see how he faired against her uncle. Kasumi glanced over her shoulder at him.
"Are you good at fighting?" she asked.
"I believe I am," Seita replied.
"Is that right?" she asked.
"Of course," he said. Kasumi smiled to herself.
"You know you'll have to fight my uncle, right?" she asked, "Think you can handle him?" Seita pressed his lips together and nodded.
"Yes," he replied.
"He's really strong," the girl replied, "Think you can handle him?" The man tightened his resolve.
"I will do anything it takes to prove myself!" he said. Kasumi smiled at this declaration. All she had to do was just watch him fight.
"Well then, I wish you luck," she said. They came to the bathroom and the girl pushed open the door.
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Past I