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Kasumi sank down next to a tree, panting. It's happening again! I don't want them to die. I only just met them!

Oh, but they will die, my dear.

 Kasumi jerked her head upwards. "Who's there?" Her eyes darted around for the source.

Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!

The woman broke down into trembling. I am not! It's not my fault!

Why did you let me die?




It's not my fault!

You killed us!


Kasumi put her hands over her ears. She began to see it all in her head again. The screaming rang in her ears. Seita stood over a little girl and her sister before he beheaded them with his sword. The ground became littered with blood and corpses throughout the village. Those who could run away fled without looking back. By the time Kasumi got outside, it was too the late. The little girls lay dead at Seita's feet. He mumbled something that made her blood run cold.

"Seita!" she cried. "What are you doing?!" He turned to her with a twisted smile on his face and bloodied hands. He held out his arms to her. Kasumi couldn't remember what he said that day, but she backed away in fear when he held out his hand to her. She didn't even stick around to see him go into a tantrum.

She buried her head to her knees in present day. It's not my fault! It's not my fault!




Kasumi's tears began to run down her cheeks. She ended up getting dragged deeper into her mental hell. Meanwhile, Karasu came across his second victim.

Chapter Fifty-Three: Kasumi's Hell