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-Ten Years Ago-

Kasumi stood in the middle of the village of death and fire. What has he done? This couldn't be the work of the boy that she had come to love. Part of her hoped that this was a bad dream that she could still wake up from. Any hopes of that became dashed when the ashes floated through the wind. They didn't deserve ant of this! Seita held out his hand to her. Kasumi held her hand to her chest.

"You want me to come with you?" she asked. The girl took a step back. "I can't."

"But why?" he asked. Kasumi shook her head.

"You killed them."

"It was all for the sword."

"For the sword?"

"Yes!" The crazed look in his eyes and the blood smeared all over his body did little to ease his crush. Kasumi backed away, shaking her head.

"They didn't have to die!"


"They were just innocent people! How could you?!"

"The sword wanted their blood. I had no choice." A dead mother holding her dying baby lay at his feet. Seita held the point of the sword over the baby's chest. Kasumi wanted to protect the child, but her feet wouldn't give into her instincts. Her lack of ability to move showed when a support beam of their burning house crashed to the ground behind her. Seita stepped forward.

"Come with me, Kasumi-chan!" he pleaded. His lover shook her head.

"You killed them!" she screamed. "You are a murderer!" She kept backing up as he stepped closer.

"What's the matter, Kasumi-chan?" he asked. "Don't you love me?" The girl shook her head as the color drained from her face.

"No!" she wailed. Seita reached out for her.

"Kasumi-cha--!" he shouted. He froze when a sharp pulse jumped within his chest.

"Seita?" his lover asked. The boy sank to his knees, screaming and panting.

"W-W-What's... happening... to... me?" he asked. Kasumi raced over to her lover and mentor.

"Seita?" she asked. She would've been able to help her if she hadn't heard a sinister voice whispering between them.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Seita jerked his head upwards, clutching the cursed sword. He would've slashed her in two if Kasumi hadn't jumped out of the way in time. She took off running into the burning woods. Seita took off after her howling and panting like a rabid animal. It took of all her being not to look back at her crazed lover. This isn't him! Where is my Seita? It didn't matter how many bodies she had to step on, Kasumi didn't want to become another victim of her lover's. In the night of burning hell, she learned the true force of the cursed sword that had been guarded by her family for generations. Until now, she had only heard the stories of what happened to the wielder that couldn't handle such power. Kasumi held her fist to her chest.

How do I lift the curse off of him? She didn't have time to think about that, however. Kasumi could feel Seita's heated breath on her hair. That horrible voice screamed out at her as well.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! It got worse when the voice started to mix with Seita calling out to her.

"Kasumi-chan!" he cried. "Come back! Come back!" He drew his sword above his head. Kasumi dug in her brain for a way to escape certain death. She remembered that he playfully chased her down in these woods on his days off from training. They both knew this path just like each other's bodies. How did I get away from him before? Come on! I've done this many times before! Kasumi shut her eyes as the answer formed in her head. She had only one shot at this. The girl dove straight into the river just before the blade of the sword could bite into her flesh. She ended up letting the current carry her away from the burning remains of her village for the rest of the night.

-Present Day-

Kasumi ripped open her eyes. That's right! It wasn't my fault! The sword took over his mind. She clenched her fists at her sides. I have to get him back or kill him trying! However, she paused when she heard heavy panting behind her. The swordswoman turned her head just as another raging beast stomped towards her. Kasumi shook head.

"You will not take me down that easily, Seita!" she shouted. The woman drew out her sword and charged towards the big, blackened lion-like monster.

Chapter Fifty-Five: Fire River to Resolve: