Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ Poor Little Princess ( Chapter 57 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sayako looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Is this what has become of me? She tugged at her skirt and apron.

She used to live the good life. Her mother and father spoiled her to no end. They lived in what could be considered a castle that overlooked the sea. Every summer, Sayako would play on the beach every morning. Her father watched her from under the big red umbrella he set up on the sand. In the water, the little princess would turn around and giggle.

"I love you, Papa!" she would say. The man would laugh over his pipe.

"How much?" he asked.

"This much!" little Sayako would say, holding her arms out wide. The little girl looked like a doll in public. The servants dressed her up in cute and pretty dresses. She wore different colored ribbons in her ponytails. Her parents were proud to talk about their daughter when she came up in conversation. Sure they were rich, but they always made time for Sayako.

"She's such a pretty child," their friends would say.

"We know," her mother said. Sayako's parents worked to give her the best of everything. They saw her as the perfect little princess in their eyes. Anything she wanted, she had to have. They showered her with love and gifts. The little heiress was in the spring of her youth up until she turned eighteen.

That year led her down a grim turn. It started when her mother died on the way home from a New Year's Eve party. The fancy car slid on an icy bridge and crashed into the guard way. She remained in a comma for close to a month before she was declared brain dead. Sayako's father had to make the hard decision to pull the plug. He had a hard time telling his daughter that her mother was never coming back. Sayako looked at him with big eyes.

"What do you mean?" the little girl asked. Her father tried not to cry in front of her.

"She's not coming back, baby," he said. "Mama's dead." The little girl's eyes welled up.

"No..." she whimpered. Tears ran down her cheeks. Her father pulled her into his arms.

"I'm so sorry, baby," he whispered. Sayako's misfortune increased after her mother's funeral. By the time she was twenty, her father got ill and died. Just last year, Sayako lost all of her money covering her father's medical expenses. When she lost her house, she ended up wandering for months. Eventually, the former heiress found herself at the Water Hole and had get a job as a maid to pay for boarding and food. She didn't have many skills going for her. Her family's servants did most of everything for her. Sayako didn't get along with her coworkers or her boss. By the time she turned twenty-three, Sayako had all but given up hope.

Then she heard about the Cove.

Maybe it could help her get back some of her lost fortune. Tonight, Sayako looked around at her small room. She couldn't stay in this dead-end hell anymore. The chambermaid shook her head, frowning. I can't take this anymore! She ripped off her uniform and changed into her street clothes. One argument with the boss in his office later, and Sayako was free. Now to latch onto an unsuspecting party to help her regain her old life.

Chapter Fifty-Six: Poor Little Princess