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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ryuji lay on the ground, trembling. Where did you go, Kasumi? His head was spinning from what he had learned. Kasumi was in danger and he couldn't reach her. Ryuji couldn't get the same image out of his head.

No, please. Don't go.

Ryuji could only see Kasumi's back. Kasumi! Kasumi! She couldn't hear him. His voice got lost in the thick and heavy winds. No matter how far he tried to reach for her, his beloved Kasumi was always out of his reach. Don't go! Don't go! Suddenly, a sword ripped across her back. Kasumi didn't even scream as she fell to the ground in two. A sea of blood splattered everywhere. Ryuji stood with his mouth wide open.

No... His heart sank as Karasu's laughter filled the sky. No. No!

Ryuji pulled his knees to his chest and shuddered. That man is going to kill her and I don't know what to do. I... I... I don't know to do. Mama, papa, help me! Ryuji gulped.


Karasu floated over him in the darkness. Yes, let the poison sink in pet. The man had a twisted interest in his new toy. Jealousy? Boredom? Even he didn't have the answer himself. Still, Karasu couldn't turn away. He looked deep into Ryuji's frightened eyes. Karasu sneered as he cursed himself for seeing himself in this boy.

He is like you in a way.

Karasu gritted his teeth. Quiet.

I'm only telling the truth. But really, what will you do with him?

I have no idea.


Karasu flicked back his long black hair. I can't really say. There is something in him, I can feel it.

Kasumi seems really close to him.

I know.

Hey, maybe you could use him against her.

Karasu's lips curved into a twisted smirk. That's the idea.

Ooo! I love it.

Yes. Karasu continued to watch Ryuji reeling in agony.


On the ground, Ryuji lifted his head when he heard someone shouting at him.


Chapter Fifty-Seven: Turmoil: