Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ Murdocís Lady Goth ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter eight: Murdoc's Lady Goth
The next day, Murdoc was looking for the nearest open pub. (Le Rouge was closed on Sundays.) He was walking along when he saw that new pub girl. She had tightly wrapped herself in an old sports jacket. Her long black ponytail swung and bounced as she walked. Murdy decided to follow her.
Once he caught up to her, Murds grabbed her by the shoulder. She stopped in her tracks. "Look! I'm sorry I slapped you. Krissy has yelled at me about it. It won't happen again. You can hit back if you want!" the girl said quickly. "I won't." he said. "Huh?!?" she asked. Then she turned to him. She was stunned. Murdoc just shook his head. "Come walk with me." he said slyly with a grin. Before she could answer, Murds grabbed her by the hand and dragged her with him.
The girl's name was Dolly Biel. She was 33 and she admitted she liked Murds. And all while she was talking, Murdoc grinned. He was having the upper hand in the game.
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