Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ Ryan Meets Gracie ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter nineteen: Ryan Meets Gracie:
It was a boring day at E.L. (East London) University where Ryan was teaching. He had his eye on the chemistry teacher from Liverpool named Gracie. She was two years younger than him and beautiful. But because he had negative experiences with women, he was scared to talk to her. But that was soon about to change!
It was lunchtime when the incident happened. Ryan was fine until Gracie sat down. His stomach tied up into knots. "Come on, Frary go talk to her." one of the professors said to him. Ryan could barely speak. His throat was so dry. He just shook his head.
One of the ceiling beams was falling loose and it was over Gracie. When Ryan saw this he became worried. He hoped it wouldn't fall. All through lunch, Ryan watched in fear. And then finally, it broke with a snap and fell fast. The professors and students watched in fear. Things would have been terrible for Gracie if Ryan hadn't got up and quickly pushed her out of danger. She looked up and saw Ryan kneeling in front of her. "You…. You saved me!" Gracie exclaimed breathlessly. Ryan didn't know what to say. And from there, a lovely between Ryan and Gracie bloomed.
Chapter Twenty: