Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ It Has Come! ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter twenty-two: It Has Come!:
A couple days after that ardent night, Reese noticed some changes about her. She started getting sick a whole lot. "Am I pregnant?" she thought. Finally after weeks of wondering, Reese went to a clinic and got herself tested. Two days later, Reese got the results back at school. Here is what they say:
To Ms. Ambers:
Your results from the seventh have came in yesterday. You're pregnant...
When Reese read that, she fainted.
"Are you okay, Ms. Ambers?" the nurse asked when Reese awoke. "Yes. I had this dream where I got an e-mail saying I was pregnant..." she answered "You weren't dreaming." one of the professors said solemnly as she handed Reese a copy of the e-mail. She took it and read it to herself. "Where is the nearest phone?" Reese asked. "Just down the hall." the professor answered. "Thanks ma'am." said Reese. Then she got up from the infirmary bed and ran to the phone.
Once she got there, Reese quickly dialed Kong Studios. "Hello?" 2-D answered. "2-D.... I'm pregnant!" Reese wailed. "What?!?" 2-D asked. It took him a few seconds to figure it out. "By how long?" he asked at last. "One month." she answered. Then she burst into tears. "Don't worry." said he. Then he calmed her down. "Thank you 2-D." Reese sobbed out at last. Then she blew him a kiss over the phone, hung up, and went back to class.
Chapter Twenty-Three: