Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ Return to L.A. ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter twenty-three: Return to L.A.:
After four months of pregnancy, Reese couldn't hide it anymore. So she packed up and went back to L.A. Only 2-D, her classmates, and professors knew. When D told Noizchild, Ryan, Crash, and Gina Frary, they weren't amused. "Why did you let her go?!?" Ryan yelled. "Ryan!" Gina snapped. "What?" he hissed. "This will test their love." said Noizchild. "Oh." said the boys.
Although things were fine in L.A., a few obstacles popped up. When Reese's aunt found out, she took her niece to get an abortion. But before the process could begin, Reese chose not to through it. She also found allies. Her twelve-year-old cousin, Katliyn, helped her keep her pregnancy a secret from her other little cousins. She found that she could trust Noizchild, Ryan, Crash, and Gina Frary. She and 2-D kept in contact with each other through e-mails and phone calls.
On the ninth month, Reese grew tired of living in L.A. So she wrote 2-D another e-mail. This is what it said:
Dear sweetie:
I hate here in L.A.! It's boring and everyone in my town is stupid! Katliyn and I are coming back to London.
Love, Reese
This brought joy to his world!
Chapter Twenty-Four: